Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 8 

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#008 Non-maritalism is completed by marriage.

“Guys, I’m getting married.”

Suddenly, Tae-sik slapped Jingu on the cheek, who was next to him. Jin-gu, who should have been angry and built up his bloodline, grabbed his cheek and said quietly.

“Wow, it’s not a dream.”
“Is this for real?”

Everyone looks at me blankly as if they don’t believe me. If I change my position, I don’t think I’ll believe it either.
I’ve never talked about my girlfriend, let alone getting married. I skipped several steps suddenly.

“What happened?” Let’s hear an explanation first.”

Chul-soo cleared up the situation. Since he was older than us because he did three times, he naturally plays this role often.
Thanks to you, I feel a little at ease. I thought these guys haven’t changed over the years.

“It’s literally. I’ve decided to get married.”
“You? When? With whom?” How?”
“Bite one at a time. One by one.”

When I stared at Jingu without a word, he pretended to zip up his mouth. Thanks to that, the atmosphere became lighter.

“Well, that’s what happened. The wedding is not scheduled yet, and I’ll introduce the other person next time.”
“Are you pretty?”

I posted a picture on my phone. This is a selfie taken by Kang Ba Da and I at a cafe and a set-up shot prepared to show to acquaintances around us.
The eyes of the friends who saw him grew bigger. They looked at the pictures of my face and my phone alternately, shaking their heads in unison as if they were incredulous.

“Criminal punk.”
“How dare a guy who graduated from college in the past seduce a fresh freshman!?”
“That’s older than me. Two years old.”
“How can a baby with no blood on his head……”
“Hey, you crazy guy.”

[Laughing]My friends burst into laughter at my reaction. Meanwhile, they could hardly take their eyes off the picture of Kang Ba Da.

“Give it to me.”

Feeling embarrassed for no reason, I quickly took my phone and put it in my pocket. And yet their eyes remained there.

“Hey, sky.”
“What do you think is the next coin that’s going to be in trouble?”
“Why do you ask me that? You know I don’t do coins even if I die.”
“Did you make a big hit with coins?”
“What’s that?”
“Everything you’re wearing right now is luxury goods. And this woman… No, I don’t think you’re an ordinary person either.”

Jingu shined his eyes.
This guy is usually stupid, but he has a sharp touch in strange places. He is a man who can’t let his guard down in many ways.

You can’t find out it’s a fake marriage.’

I’m sorry to my friends, but it’s also for them. I have faith that you will stand by me even if you know the whole story, but beyond that, it is dangerous.
Just like now. If I suddenly disappear, it’s enough to feel strange. They are loyal people who will take care of my family in case of emergency.

“My girlfriend bought it for me.”
“My girlfriend has a lot of money.”
“How much?”

I couldn’t answer hastily. Come to think of it, how much money does Kang Ba Da have? Do I have to include family money in calculating her wealth?

I should take that out, right?’

It’s not something to inherit.
However, even if I think I’m taking it out, I can’t accurately estimate her exact wealth because I’ve never heard of it.
Looking at the recent track record, I think it’s a lot more than I expected. Anyway, it’s not a question worth asking directly.

“I don’t know exactly.”
“At least. You’ll get a feeling.”
“Do you see the buildings outside the window?”
“What, the street of culture?”

Beyond the window I pointed to was a shopping mall with quite a few people passing by. Although it’s not Seoul, it’s definitely a metropolitan area.

“I can buy everything I see”.

I think that’s enough.
He’s a person who can spend hundreds of millions of won a day shopping. The official stocks I know are enough to say.
It’s rattling!
Chul-soo dropped the chopsticks he was holding. He was so surprised that his hands were shaking.

“Why does such a woman meet you?”
“I guess I’m awesome.”
“Persuasive power…” There is.”

Of course, I thought there would be a reaction to not scold them, but they nodded as if they were accepting it. I was rather taken aback by this.

“…What’s wrong with you guys?”
“If you think about it, there’s nothing strange about it. Ha Neul was popular when he was a student, right?”
“I’m sure women’s instincts are different. At that time, I thought it was just a flat hit, but when I decorate it like this, it shows that I’m handsome.”
“Well, the symbol as a man is also considerable. “When I first went to the bathhouse, I was also embarrassed…”
“Please shut up!”

These guys are completely drunk when I see them talking nonsense with a serious face. Perhaps because it was an interesting subject, I could feel the eyes looking at this side.
But despite my dissuasion, the completely heated ones even brought out their dark history.

Yes, if you think about it, you could have bought half of them. And yet you followed me around because you liked the sky.”
“Why are you talking about her here?”
“Hey, to put it bluntly, what does he lack? You have a pretty face, you have a lot of money at home, and you study well. “What?”
“You have a weird personality.”
“…Yes, we were actually a little scared, too.”

Baek Jang-mi is a woman who was in charge of the student council when she was a freshman in college. He used to say, “I’m the main character.”
He’s a person with good looks, wealth, and a personality that’s apparent. He was a celebrity throughout the school, and naturally had a good reputation.

“I had a hard time because of him.’

I was bullied when I was a student, so I wanted to do well in college. Her political quality has completely ruined it.
The reason he chased me was probably because he said, “How dare you not like me?” I’m sick and tired of thinking about it now.

“If it weren’t for you guys, I would have dropped out of college.”
“Of course, of course. You should be grateful to us forever.
“So give me some good information. “Did your sister-in-law give you any tips?”

Jingu, who is raising his ears by saying so. It was a Kang Ba Da that was upgraded from Jesu to sister-in-law. It was very interesting to see that.

“That’s illegal, man.”

I dismissed Jingu’s words.
What’s the big deal about illegality in this world where public corporations speculate on illegal land with in-house information and openly join hands with the prosecution to cover up?
I’ve never asked a Kang Ba Da such a thing, and I’m not going to ask it. Therefore, I do not know the advanced information to tell my friends.

“I can help you as much as I want.”

Borrowing the prestige of Kang Ba Da is a completely different matter. Also, even if I tried to do that, these guys would refuse first.
No matter how close they are, they don’t know that money can go wrong in an instant.

“That’s too bad, I was wondering if I could do something thanks to you, Jesu.”
“I gave him a card to have fun with my friends.”
“As expected, my sister-in-law is the best!” Don’t you think so, you guys! Pick up your glass!”

Jingu lifted the glass with a quick lift. He’s easy to understand.
We had a good time talking about this and that after that. It was mainly about Cheolsu, who reminisced about his military or school days, or recently had a first child.

“How is it? Are you tired?”
“Wipe is hard. I’m still working. I only do housework.”
“Baby, think this is heaven.”
“How could it be?”

Chul-soo shrugged his shoulders.
Jingu had an accident with his junior when he was a student and immediately married him. Everyone’s stopped him, but he’s responsible for everything. My son is already five years old.

“Do you know how hard I worked to be here today?” My son said, “Dad, don’t go!” I thought I was going to die trying to hold back my tears.”
“It must have been like that. “Who was the last person who cried a lot after drinking because your son, Nami, wouldn’t play with you?”
“…Let’s drink!”

Like that, empty bottles of alcohol lined up one by one under the table, and me and my friends, who were red-faced, had an informal conversation.

“Hey – Ha Neul!”
“If you have a daughter, please marry her.”
“What the hell are you talking about?”
“If I marry your daughter, my son will have some room. To be honest, I wish my child could live a little more leisurely.”

Jingu dropped out of school to feed his child after marriage. The quality of the job I entered in a hurry couldn’t have been good, and I had a pretty hard time.
He’s the one who works the hardest, but nevertheless he’s the one who can’t see the light. The weight of the horse came heavy.

“Jingu, you punk. You’re drunk.”
“I’m out of my mind!”
Hell, cold water has its ups and downs. My daughter comes first. Ha Neul, you know my wife’s face, right? My daughter must be pretty, too. “If you have a son, I’ll go first…”
“Then the third is with my child…

Friends who agree to marry Jingu’s children first, Cheolsu’s second, and Taesik’s children while chatting among themselves. I smiled bitterly at the sight.

“I’m not going to have a baby.”
“Are you crazy!?”
“Why! Why the hell!? You don’t know, but your sister-in-law’s genes should be handed down to generations!”

Because it’s a fake marriage.
Of course, I don’t know what will happen if the plan to make Kang Ba Da a real lover succeeds. But wouldn’t it be hard to have a baby?
I’ve never heard of Kang Ba Da, but I chose a fake marriage because I wanted to live comfortably in the first place. I don’t think I want to raise a child.
Of course, I can’t say that openly, so I slightly twisted the subject.

“No, don’t you usually stop me from getting married?” But why are you telling me to have a baby first, Seong Hwa?”
“Ha Neul, you were a non-maritalist, weren’t you?”
“Yes, are these people who know that?”
“No, I think the more people like you, the more you should get married. Because non-maritalism is completed by marriage.”
“If you get married, you’ll be able to confirm that you’re not wrong.”

Cough cough!
Everyone who was listening to Jingu’s story burst into laughter. Shortly after, they looked around as if they had promised each other.

“Hey! How happy is your marriage.”
“Since I have a child, my mindset has changed.”
“Sure, of course.”

Except for Jingu, two people exchanged glances and nodded. Jingu, who saw this, raised his voice.

“Hey, you dishonest punks! You guys just agreed with me and laughed!”
“Hey, cover his mouth!”
“If you’re going to die, you die alone, you crazy!”

[Laughing out loud.
The laughter of four people filled the bar.
* * *

“…Are you having fun?”

After finishing all his work, Kang Ba Da lying on the bed kept glancing at his phone.
I gave her a card because she said she was going to meet her friends. There was no contact until quite late, and there was no payment text message.

“Why don’t you call her first?”

The nanny, who had been next to her since she was very young, advised cautiously.
There was a small smile around her mouth. This is because it was my first time seeing this even though I watched Kang Ba Da for a very long time.

“So cute.”

When I get home, I’m just looking at my phone all day. When asked by implication, he shook his head, saying, “It’s nothing,” but he looked like a girl in love.

“Wouldn’t it look like I’m hanging on too much?”
“Men often don’t know unless you tell them directly. Sometimes you have to make it obvious.”

I’m not really a girlfriend.
Kang Ba Da swallowed a horse and buried its face on the pillow.
No matter how busy I am, I think I can at least give you a message.Even if I go, it’s a business relationship, so I wonder what they expect.
In the end, I even thought I was stupid to feel sad about nothing.

I should’ve put it in the contract.’

Contact me once an hour.
If I had such a thing, I wouldn’t have to wait like this. I wonder if Kim Ha Neul really doesn’t have any feelings for herself. As time goes by, I feel depressed…
The vibration rang while I was thinking. Kang Ba Da, who raised his head, quickly checked his phone.
: Sea, see you!
: [Pictures taken with friends]: I’m going to send him away and bark!
Ba Da burst into a small laugh. As soon as I saw the message with a strong smell of alcohol, the surprisingly gloomy feeling disappeared.
In particular, the photos taken with my friends were shaking so much that it was difficult to recognize them properly, but for some reason, the face of Kim Ha Neul, who was smiling brightly, caught my eyes.

“Did you get a call?”
“Yes, but it’s a very mess.”
“Totally. I’ll have to tell you to drink only in front of me.”

I hope other people don’t notice how cute I am. I want to know only myself forever.
Kang Ba Da checked the picture again. Shortly after, only the part where Kim Ha Neul’s face was taken was enlarged and saved.

“You’re a cute person.”
“Yes, very much.”

Kang Ba Da, who felt better for no reason at the nanny’s words, hummed and typed.
: Get home safely.
Kang Ba Da is very satisfied with his chic reply. She finally pushed her phone and got ready to go to bed.

“Hurry up and sleep, too.”
“Yes, sleep comfortably.”

a silent nanny
In the quiet room left alone, Kang Ba Da slowly closed its eyes.

‘…I still have three days left.’

She felt that the weekend she promised to meet Kim Ha Neul was too far away.

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