Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 4 

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#004 has a good ride.

“How is it?”

After the long hair dressing, I was truly amazed when I looked in the mirror. When I took off my glasses and touched my hair, my face that I spent my whole life with seemed unfamiliar.

“Honestly, I didn’t expect it to be this much. Why did you cover up this good face?”

I just smiled awkwardly at Ryu Yeon Hwa’s sincere compliment. I’ve never heard this in all of my life. I’m not sure how to react.
However, I can see why people pay expensive money to come to hair salons. Whenever Ryu Yeon Hwa pinched my hair and touched the details, my impression changed.

“You don’t have to trim it much until the perm is gone, but it’s good to learn these basic things.”
“All right.”

Ryu Yeon Hwa kindly taught me how to use a dryer, apply essence, spray, etc.
If you learn it, it’s a skill that you can use forever, and if a male character who likes to decorate appears in the work, you can use it.
I kept nodding and trying to remember Ryu Yeon Hwa’s teaching.

“I’ll take care of the things you need when you go, so please dress up like this.”
“No, you don’t have to…”
“That’s all included in the cost.”

Then I should take it.
It’s not an additional payment, but it’s measured in the cost considering that in the first place. If you don’t get it, it’s definitely a loss.

‘Just how expensive is this?’

My mouth was itching to ask. Ryu Yeon Hwa seems to have already noticed that I’m not a rich young master, so can’t I ask?

“Unnie, are you done?”
“Huh. Come and see it here.”
“How’s it, totally fit well right? Ha Neul ssi also deserves to be called good-looking. Where did you get this gemstone?”

Kang Ba Da was silent. Obviously, I could feel the way she looked at me through the mirror, but she didn’t even budge.
As I glanced up, I could clearly feel the look of the hardened Kang Ba Da. No matter how blunt the evaluation is, it’s a bit hurtful if you react like that.
Ryu Yeon Hwa also tilted her head in response to her sour reaction.

“What? You don’t like it?”
“No. it’s better than I thought.”
“What’s wrong with your reaction?”
“No, it’s just… We don’t have time, so we’ll go first.”
“Oh, huh. Yeah.”

At the end of the word, Kang Ba Da turned around and left. I stared blankly at the back of it, then quickly rose to my feet.

“Thank you for today, director!”
“Ha Neul! I’m going to get my stuff!”
“I’ll take it next time!”

It’s not like a spray that matters now. I don’t know what happened outside, but the priority is to relieve the mood of Kang Ba Da.

“Ba Da ssi!”

Shortly after I left the salon, I found Kang Ba Da standing blankly in front of the door. She looks back in surprise when I raise my voice.


The condition of Kang Ba Da is strange.
Looking back, she stared me in the face. I thought I was angry about falling asleep, but I don’t think that’s it.

“Do I have something on my face?”

Kang Ba Da didn’t say much to my question. Is there something serious going on between you and me?
Out of nowhere!
Kang Ba Da came before me. She looked closely at my face at a distance that could reach each other’s breath with a little exaggeration.

“What is this? How can a person change so fast? Did you get Botox while I was out? Is this a mask?”
“Calm down for now. Oh, my.”

Suddenly Kang Ba Da began to pull my cheek. I didn’t pinch it very hard, but it was enough for the pronunciation to leak.

“It’s not a mask.”
“It’s definitely not!”

I grabbed Kang Ba Da’s wrist and forced it off. Then this time, she stared blankly at the wrist held by me.
For a moment, I quickly pulled out of my hand, but she looked at me alternately with her wrist. Being embarrassed by this, I carefully opened my mouth.

“…You pinched my cheek first.”
“That side?”
“From Ba Da ssi.”

When the title was corrected, the eyes of Kang Ba Da, which had risen sharply for a moment, returned to their original state. You’re very sensitive about things like this.

‘I’ll have to be careful about this, too.’

If she inadvertently utters random words, and the news goes to her family. I could literally be buried alive.

‘Just in case, let’s talk to our friends.’

If I don’t hear from you for about a week, please call the police. Shouldn’t we at least find my body?

‘I’ll have to let him say hello someday.’

I’ll have to call you at the wedding, but before that, I’ll have to share my connections. Even if things go wrong, your chances of surviving will increase.
In the worst case scenario, we may go into the grave hand in hand, but my friends will forgive me for that.

“I’m sorry for suddenly pinching your cheek. I couldn’t believe it. In fact, even now.”
“I think you’re overreacting.”
“I’d rather be. I don’t know if it’s because my eyes are covered with beans. But that doesn’t make sense, right? Right?”

Is this a compliment or a curse?
It felt strange.
While I was silent because I didn’t know how to react, she nodded to myself and muttered things like, ‘Yes, that doesn’t make sense.’

‘…But that’s a relief.’

I don’t think he’s angry for now. My hair looks pretty good, too, and it’s a lot better than I’ve been worried about.

“But our restaurant reservation…”
“It’s a change of plans. Let’s go buy clothes first.”
“My hairstyle and clothes don’t match at all right now. You won’t even know where the rice goes because it keeps bothering you.”

Kang Ba Da peeping up and down at me. I nodded quietly at the firm attitude as if I would never receive an objection.

“Do whatever you want, Ba Da.”

Yes, the guest is the king.
Instead of taking her to the destination she wants, I get paid accordingly. All you have to do is not get lost in the middle.

“Then let’s go to the parking lot first.”
“Yes, I will.”

After that, we drove together to the department store.

“…It’s a good ride.”
“Right? I custom-made the sheet myself.”
“Are you originally interested in cars?”
“Not really. As soon as I saw Scarlett, I got hooked and recognized her.”

For your information, Scarlett is the nickname of the car we are riding now. That’s how much you care about your car.
It costs about 160 million won just by using cans without any options. It’s the dream of all Capourers, Porsche 911.

It’s obviously a full option.

Porsche is a well-customized brand that is said to be “making my own car.”
If you add that many options, your belly button gets bigger than your belly button. There was an example right before my eyes.

Is it going to be 300 to 400 million won altogether?’

As soon as Kang Ba Da starts its engine, Scarlett responds vigorously with a ‘roar-!’ The sound still lingered in my ears.

‘It’s pie in the sky.’

It is impossible to operate such a car even if it is paid twice as much as 5 million won a month. It’ll be hard to pay for the maintenance.

“Would you like to drive yourself?”
“Can I do that!?”
“Wow, that’s the most intense reaction I’ve ever seen. I heard you were a driver in the military, so you really like cars.”
“Ah ha ha haha.

I threw up my mind without realizing it, so I turned my head out of the window in shame. I have liked cars since I was young.

“It’s just a decoration for me.”

I’m sure he will, too. I’m thinking about going out of the house once a week or not. It was a serious waste to run your own car.
Whenever I write a new article, it is only a small joy in my life to shop for children, saying, “If this work becomes a hit, should I buy this?”

“Hmm, but I can’t do it either.”

Suddenly, Ba Da shook its head.
I felt a bit disappointed inside. If this was my car, I would never leave it to anyone else, so I fully understood her changing her words.

“It’s okay. This is too much for me…”
“No, it’s not like that. Ha Neul ssi, you stayed up all night last night, right? I fell asleep at the hair salon earlier.”
“I can never allow drowsy driving. So make sure to come out in full condition tomorrow. I’ll let you drive yourself then.”

Is she an angel?
A halo seemed to emanate from behind Kang Ba Da. I can’t believe she’s handing over a foreign car that you can’t even lend to your family.

“You promised me.”
“Yes, I promise.”
“You don’t know this either?”
“No, that’s not it… “
“Then promise me quickly. I.”

Kang Ba Da led me by the hand. So we promised each other on our little fingers.

‘…I feel like I’ve become a child.’

When was the last time you hung your finger? Maybe ‘Little Kim Ha Neul’ should come out again. I think the girl I met at the playground was the last one.

“What did I promise then?’

It’s been so long that I can’t remember. It won’t matter much. Maybe he made a common promise when he was young, saying, “Let’s get married when we grow up.

“Shall we get off now?”
“Oh, yes.”

I shook my head lightly to shake off my thoughts. It’s not polite to think of someone else in front of you.


I parked my car and entered the department store, and suddenly the staff came out to meet me. I was wondering what was going on.

“Oh, Chief Park! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you.”
“Thank you for remembering.”
“Of course I remember. Thank you for your hard request. Everyone is having a hard time because of us.”
“No, we get that much bonus. Rather, it was harder to pick out because it was overflowing with volunteers, so please use it comfortably.”

At the end of that remark, other attendants, including a person named “Director Park,” bowed down in unison. I’ve never received a folder greeting before.

“…I don’t think I’ve seen this in a drama either.’

My brain, trained with a wide range of inputs, also gave up on understanding the situation, so I only managed to take a step along Kang Ba Da ahead.
Then three attendants followed me. He seems to be looking at this side continuously while maintaining a certain distance to see if there is a fixed distance.

“Ba Da ssi, are they…?
“Oh, Trinity members assign entourage. They’ll carry the luggage for you.”
“I see.”

For the time being, I was convinced.
I also investigated ‘Trinity Members’ while using chaebol products. It is a special grade that only a few people are given in consideration of their performance and status at the department store.

“But why aren’t there any customers at the department store?”
“It’s supposed to be a department store holiday today. But I asked the director to open it for me.”

I see.
You often use the word “I paid the rent” when you do this. My rent alone is too much for me, but she uses the department store like her own.

The top 1% are responsible for 30% of total sales.’Dunnie…’

I was a little embarrassed by the scale of different dimensions. If this situation were written in a novel, how would the readers react?
[Does this make sense?] [You don’t even do research?][Writer, you’re so unrealistic]][It’s not open-minded, so it’s hard to concentrate]I’m sure there will be comments like this. In reality, much more things happen than novels.
Perhaps, if you want to write this scene in a novel, you may need to downgrade it to the public.

“What are you thinking about?”

This natural expression.
There are no lies or pretensions.
To be sure, Kang Ba Da has no idea what he has done now. She has lived in a world where this is ‘natural’.

He lives in a completely different world from me.’

You have to be careful and careful.
If her world and mine collide, this one will disappear without a trace. Knowing that, I smiled softly.

“It’s nothing. Where shall we start?”
“First of all, perfume! I’ve picked a few. It depends on the body scent and time. Let’s experiment with various things while shopping!”

Kang Ba Da running forward like a very excited child. I walked slowly, looking at her back.

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