Picked It From Different World MTL Chapter 9

First Expedition(2)

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It was a city where man-made explosions had not been heard for a long time. Then, when the bomb exploded there, the monsters around looked at the nest of the monster mouse.

And the monsters that have lived since the days of humans recalled old memories.

Humans are back!

thud. thud.

The monster’s head gradually approached beyond the five-story building in the distance. I was looking at it from the roof, but if it was that high, it was a 7-story monster.

“One extra-large bird at 12 o’clock.”

Kyung-hoon looked at the approaching monster and wrote a note in his notebook.

After the bomb exploded, all the surrounding monsters became bustling.

From screaming monsters to monsters running into the streets. And the monsters coming here.

Kyung-hoon meticulously wrote down those monsters.

The navigation system placed on the railing was displaying the current location well.

Fortunately, the GPS was alive.

Kyung-hoon, who covered the notebook, looked up at the sky. The satellite was still unharmed. Although far away in space, scientific civilization still remains.

He didn’t even know that the world had not yet been completely destroyed.

Kyunghoon put the navigation device he had left beside him in his arms. He brought a compass separately, but thanks to being a navigator, there was no need.

Now was the time to move.

There are many differences from the map of the other world, but the terrain itself was not different.

[Taepyeong-ro 1-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul]

It was the location of the Seoul Awakening Center written on the phone. Near Seoul City Hall. It was 2.5 km north of Yongsan here.

Kyung-hoon looked at the notebook and made a safe route to avoid the monsters. It’s hard to get to far, but being close to the Awakening Center helped to some extent.

Kyung-hoon jumped over the railing carrying a backpack that was more than half lighter.

4th floor rooftop.

If it were a normal person, it would have been a suicide course, but Kyung-hoon stepped on the cracks in the wall and the window and slid down.

He soon reached the bottom and started running toward the north.

He had to get out of this place before the monsters moved a lot.

‘Huh… … ! It’s faster.’

Kyunghoon was startled again by his movements. He was running like a flat road on a rough road full of rubble. Even faster than sprinters.

Definitely faster and stronger than before killing the monster rat. At least 20 percent or more.

‘If you do this, you will become an A-class, and if you are an S-class, won’t you become Superman?’

Kyung-hoon jumped over a wall that was over 3 meters high at once and then continued to move forward.

* * *

In a city where humans have disappeared, an ecosystem of monsters has been established.

A giant monster you’ve never seen before occupies the entire area, and a medium-sized monster under it dominates the streets. Finally, a little monster was nesting in the building.

thud. thud.

A huge monster resembling a carnivorous dinosaur passed over the broken road. The monster walking down the street banged its head in the alley between the buildings and put its eyes on the half-broken window of the building.

But the monster couldn’t find anything, and snorted out a big snort and hurried to walk again.

As it disappeared, the hidden monsters began to move.

A small monster resembling a flying squirrel that had been hiding inside the building spread its cover wide and glided towards the building next door. At the same time, the lizard monster waiting on the wall jumped down from above.

The body of the jumping monster changed from cement color to sunset color.


The monster gliding through the sky could not reach the next building. It was bitten in the mouth of the lizard monster.


The lizard monster landed safely on the floor and turned dark again. It changed the color of its body to match the objects around it.

The monster, which turned almost black, took prey and hid into the dark alley.


However, the monster that had entered the shadow fell to the floor with the sound of steaming cider.

“Why do I have to come to my hiding place?”

Kyunghoon appeared in the dark of the alley. He was wearing a khaki uniform and a light backpack, with a pistol in his hand. Modified K-5. It was the pistol I was lucky enough to pick up the last time I came.

But the pistol was much longer than before. There was a silencer on the front of the pistol.

It was purchased together with the materials for the bombs made in Dongmyo.

‘The performance is surprisingly good.’

It was much quieter than the silencer I used before, thanks to advanced technology. Thanks to this, I couldn’t see any monsters approaching this way.

“How about this?”

Seeing the lizard monster lying on the floor, Kyung-hoon made a troubled expression.

2.5 km to destination. It was a short distance. He had thought he would arrive well before nightfall.

But now the sun is setting. Namdaemun Market signs were lying around where Kyung-hoon was standing. Now it’s two-thirds. Arrived at Namdaemun.

He possessed more than a human’s power and was carrying a weapon, but here, Kyung-hun was the weakest point in the food chain.

Because of this, he had to hide as much as possible and move, and he only came 1.5 km in half a day.

‘I’m sorry, but is this all?’

Although he could see even at night, there was a high possibility that nocturnal monsters he did not know were moving. Moreover, there was not much time left to move between dimensions. He’d rather find a safe place for later.

After contemplating for a moment, Kyung-hoon carried the dead lizard monster on his shoulder. The monster was heavier than the human, but Kyung-hoon wasn’t hard at all.

He entered the building next door.

The building that Kyung-hoon entered was a low three-story building. Probably because it was too low, there were not many broken places. But there were burn marks everywhere.

It looked like it was on fire instead of being broken.

“It’s similar to selling at Namdaemun Market in this world.”

Burnt clothes and toys on the floor. Various accessories were rolling around.

take it, take it

The building was not empty. Little monsters with membranes between their legs were flying through the hallways.

But, perhaps because of the lizard monster that Kyung-hoon was carrying, no one approached him. They were just sneaking around from afar.

As he looked around the building, he laid down the corpse of the monster in a corner at the end of the building.

‘It was like a bookstore.’

Half-burned textbooks, reference books, and magazines were scattered across the ruins of the shop.

Kyunghoon looked through the scattered books and his eyes lit up. He picked up a half-burnt magazine.

[Monthly Awakened Magazine]

It was the Awakened Magazine!

Kyunghoon quickly glanced through the magazine.

Strong gloves.

A necklace that warms the body.

Weapons and armor with various special abilities.

As I turned the pages of the strange advertisements, there was an interview with one person.

Unfortunately, the back page of the interview was burnt and not left behind.

Kyung-hoon checked the rough-looking face and read the interview.

The face-to-face interview was conducted normally.

self-introduction and career. surrounding stories, etc.

It was an ordinary interview, nothing special, but the subjects interviewed were not ordinary.

Kyunghoon checked the sword on his waist. A beautiful pattern caught my eye.

[Mana Item Producer Hyung-Min Ahn]

It was he who made this weapon.

-Ahn Hyeong-min: When the monsters first appeared, we were dealing with conventional weapons.

– Reporter: That’s right. It was only then that the existing weapons were sufficient to deal with it. Rather, were the Awoken not the problem back then?

– Hyung-Min Ahn: Haha, it was. It was a time when the Awoken were rather treated as mutants. Everyone was hard.

-Reporter: But those days didn’t last long. It soon became difficult to deal with with normal weapons.

-Ahn Hyeong-min: Well, I could fight with heavy weapons, but the damage was no joke. In particular, the aftermath of the battle in the city center was enormous.

-Reporter: Awakened people also came forward, but the effect was not great.

– Hyung-Min Ahn: It was only then that they became stronger and had unique abilities. There was no way to break through the strengthened shield.

-Reporter: Right then! Item makers like Hyungmin Ahn appeared.

– Hyungmin Ahn: Haha, I was lucky. It was thanks to the help of the dimension mover and the mana stones in the monster’s body.

‘Dimensional movers and mana stones?’

Kyung-hoon looked at the back story, but unfortunately the rest of the interview was scorched and smashed, so it was not easy to recognize.

Kyung-hoon licked his lips in regret. He would have liked to have had a little more content left.

But even this was enough to be grateful for.

Now he would know what to look for in the monster.

And it became clear to me that the changes in the world on Kyung-hoon’s side were progressing similarly to this side’s.

In addition, it is necessary to hide what has awakened now… … .

Kyunghoon, who had a serious expression on his face, soon relaxed his expression. He looked at the page with the advertisement with a curious expression.

“If there are even advertisements, wouldn’t there be a shop selling mana items?”

It seemed that when I arrived at the Awakening Center, I had to search all around. There must be at least one such shop around the center.

Kyung-hoon took out a plastic pack from his backpack, put a magazine in it, and sealed it. He thought of going back and taking a closer look.


Kyunghoon sat down on the floor. In front of him lay the corpse of a monster that looked like a lizard.

Kyunghoon took a dagger from his waist and took a deep breath.

He was thinking of dissecting it from the moment he brought the body anyway. He wasn’t an expert, but he had to check what kind of bastard they were.

Moreover, he knew what to look for thanks to the magazine. He had to find a mana stone.

“It’s nice to see snow even when it’s dark.”

The sun was almost setting by now.

Kyung-hoon pierced the monster’s body with a dagger. Because he was already dead, the shield didn’t appear.

Scratch, scoop.

Kyung-hoon moved the dagger and dissected the body.

He pulled back his skin and pulled out his intestines.

Time has passed. About an hour after the dissection, it was completely dark outside.


At that time, the phone vibrated, but Kyung-hoon ignored it.


Eventually, he was able to discover what was called Mana Stone. A small jewel was embedded close to the heart.

As soon as Kyunghoon saw it, he knew the mana stone. Because it looked exactly like the jewel in his pistol.

After Kyung-hoon took the mana stone, he took a picture of the dissected monster corpse.

After he was done, he barely checked his phone.

[The estimated time to activate the trait has come.]

He already knew when the alarm went off.

Time is shorter than before. Obviously, the higher the rank, the shorter the activation time.

Kyunghoon picked up his luggage again. He had no intention of spending the night in the city from his first trip, although he never reached his destination.

Kyunghoon immediately made a black hole and jumped into it.

* * *

After Kyung-hoon disappeared, small monsters with skins endlessly flew into the Namdaemun Market building.

The monsters resembling flying lizards ride out of the city on the morning updraft and return to their nest in the night breeze.

Tens of thousands of small monsters filled the building, and other monsters slowly moved away from the building.

And the lizard monster’s corpse left in the place where Kyung-hoon was was soon left with only bare bones.

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