Picked It From Different World MTL Chapter 8

First Expedition(1)

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The moment the hole opened, Kyung-hoon knew the limit he could move.

“About 40 kg? It’s close.”

There was no way I could take it with me to infinity. It was written on his cell phone that the rating increases as the rating goes up. It seemed like we had to wait for that to take more.

“Huh, then let’s go.”

Kyunghoon took a deep breath and threw himself into the hole.

Upon entering the hole, the hole closed quickly without a trace.

The view in the hole did not change from before. The universe, where countless stars twinkle, unfolded again.

Now I knew that those twinkling things weren’t stars. They were gates to some other world.

‘Calm down.’

Now was not the time to pay attention to that look. Kyunghoon started to ride the flow. A straight line led him to a distant star.

The stars were getting closer. Kyung-hoon, who was looking at the stars, rolled his eyes.

“Isn’t it one?”

The star split in two. No, it looked like one because it was far away, but the two were stuck together.

And the line drawn to the star split in two. There were two places we could go.

‘One of the first underground labs we arrived at. Another big conference room on the ground where you left?’

The moment he saw the two exits, Kyunghoon knew where each entrance was headed.

It seemed that if the entrance was opened from another place, a new entrance was added.

I was lucky. In this way, he could proceed with the plan more comfortably. Kyunghoon immediately decided which way to go.

Kyunghoon flew towards a new exit.

* * *

A black hole appeared in the conference room. A hole appeared on one side of the long chairs scattered in all directions.

Kyunghoon came out of that hole.

As soon as Kyung-hoon came out, he looked around.

‘thank God. It wasn’t as expected.’

A few days have passed since then. There was no way the monster rats were still guarding it.

Kyung-hoon laid down his military bag on the floor, and picked up a long sword and pistol.

First was reconnaissance. Kyung-hoon quietly and quickly crossed the conference room.

Kyunghoon’s movements were very natural. It was worthwhile to work day and night to adapt to his changed body.

The door to the conference room was the same as the last time it was smashed.

Kyung-hoon leaned against the wall and looked into his lobby. The lobby was very quiet.

‘I don’t think it’s on the first floor.’

Or maybe he went out of the building to hunt. Anyway, quiet now was my chance.

Kyung-hoon went out to his lobby with a backpack that had been put down on the floor. And he quickly began to work.

* * *

The monster rat couple was in the rat’s nest on the second basement floor of the building.

The male mouse had no reason to go out to find food because all of its offspring had died, and the female mouse was waiting for the missing bipedal beast to return.

The two mice, who had been waiting for several days, at some point pricked up their noses.

It smelled. The smell of a two-legged beast was coming from the hallway.

It had finally appeared.


The two monster rats came out of the narrowed nest door and started running down the hallway.

It was a spacious hallway, but as a giant monster rat ran, the hallway was full.


The monstrous rats saw the two-legged beast run away at the far end of the hallway. The rats’ feet became faster.

* * *

Kyunghoon went up the stairs as if flying.

Fortunately, the monster rats were in the nest. Had I been outside, I would have had to wait until I came back, so I must say I’m lucky.

I brought a gun to lure, but there was no need to use a gun.

As soon as they entered the second basement floor, they noticed whether they could smell as well as their size.

The fact that they could sniff from a distance worked to Kyung-hoon’s advantage.

Because he gave him time to escape.

Kyunghoon, who jumped up the second floor to the ground in an instant, listened downwards.

Woodang Tang.

I could hear the monster rat just entering the landing.

Is it the hair? Also, the structure of the body of the animals was difficult to understand. I wondered if I could get into the stairway door because it was too big, but it seemed like I got in easily.

Haha, since you can go down the stairs, there must be a nest on the 2nd basement floor… … .

‘I’m following you.’

As soon as he nodded his head and moved again, an alarm sounded in Kyunghoon’s head.

Bang, bang, bang.

‘Why one?’

The sound coming from the stairs was definitely the sound of one animal.

Only one follow? It couldn’t be. Two of them ran down the hallway.

Kyunghoon stopped his steps as he felt the back of his head limp. He focused his attention on his ears. He began to hear all sorts of sounds as he felt a tickling in his ear.

bang. bang. bang.

The sound of a monster rat sprinting up the stairs.


The sound of the lobby door swaying in the wind.

The sound of wind, the sound of flying insects.

Various sounds were heard.

Enhanced hearing.

It was one of the things he had learned through a few days of training after knowing that his body had gotten stronger. In addition to strength and endurance, he had strong senses.

Especially in the case of hearing, it is not easy to live if you normally activate it. And if you focus your mind on a specific area like this, your performance will be even better.

Among the various sounds, a strange sound mixed in.

Whoops, whoops.

wii ing.

low exhalation sound. And the sound that is distorted by blocking the wind flowing through the passage.

All were sounds from inside the broken elevator door in front.

A monster rat was lurking in the elevator aisle. The moment Kyung-hoon passes by, he tries to attack the elevator door by smashing it.

What the monster rats did was more than humans.

A monster rat was following me from behind, and a monster rat was waiting by the aisle in front.

Had I not known, it would have been a desperate situation, but now it was an opportunity.

Kyunghoon took a deep breath and ran forward.


As expected, as soon as Kyung-hoon passed the elevator door, a monster rat broke the door and jumped out.

It was a sturdy elevator door, but it couldn’t stop the monster rat of that size.


The monster rat flew away with a non-rat scream, but unfortunately, Kyung-hoon was not in front of the monster rat.

“Are the bullets going down below?”

Kyung-hoon was lying under the body of a monster mouse. He was sliding in front of the elevator.

bang. bang.

Kyung-hoon, lying on the floor, shot the monster mouse’s stomach as it passed over it.

puck. puck.

Fortunately, there were weak spots.

The translucent membrane covering the stomach was pierced by the bullet. Blood spattered from the stomach of the monster rat, and two holes were created for the blood to flow through.


Kyung-hoon, who punched a hole in his stomach, got up as soon as he passed under the monster mouse.

He made a hole, but it wasn’t as bad as expected. Moreover, the monster mouse that had climbed the stairs was also coming out of the hallway.

It was time to run away.

Kyunghoon ran to set his feet on fire. He was a Kyung-hoon who could run faster than a human, but the guys who followed him were faster.

As soon as Kyung-hoon arrived at the building lobby, the monster rats that were chasing him were no more than a few steps away from him.

As soon as the monster mice left the lobby, they stopped moving.


There was a strange smell in the lobby. It was a smell I had a long time ago.

However, those thoughts all disappeared when I saw people running away.


Kyung-hoon crossed the lobby and fired at the two monster rats that were twitching.

Of course, he wasn’t as punctured as when he attacked the ship a while ago, but it was enough to provoke the wrath of the two monster rats.


The two monster mice, who were hesitating because of the unfamiliar smell, started running again.

And the next moment, two monster rats passed through the middle of the lobby.

“Good bye.”

Kyung-hoon, who had passed the lobby and stood with his back to the front door, looked at the two monster mice running towards him. He pressed the remote control in his hand.

It was a very ordinary TV remote control.

The TV would have turned on in the other world, but there were no electronic products around here that could be turned on with that remote control.

Instead, the results of a long-running chemical experiment last night reacted.

bang! bang! bang!

Homemade bombs scattered on the lobby floor exploded in response to the signal from the TV remote control.

We didn’t bring much because we had to balance the weight, but it was enough to blow a small house away.

Naturally, the two monster mice were smaller than the little house.



The monster rats exploded around them, and the monster rats screamed.

“Isn’t that just one room?”

Kyung-hoon, who was lying on the floor, kicked his tongue at the screams of the monster mice.

It would have been nice to finish it with a single bomb, but the monster mice’s bodies were very strong.

“Well, Plan B worked out, so it might not matter.”

After the dust that had risen from the explosion disappeared, the monster rat was not seen in the lobby.

Instead, a large hole was drilled there.

The monster mice seemed to have fallen into this hole.

Kyunghoon raised his body and carefully walked towards the hole.

If there was even one living monster rat, I was thinking of running away.

Kyunghoon stood at the edge of the hole and looked down.

Fortunately, he didn’t seem to need to run away.

Downstairs, on the first basement floor, two monster mice were lying face down. Various fragments were embedded in the body of the fallen monster mouse. They were all debris from the lobby floor.

Popping the lobby floor worked.

The explosive power of the homemade bomb wasn’t enough to inflict a fatal wound, but the broken lobby floor created effects like grenade fragments or Cremore’s marbles.

As expected, the shield was not invincible even though it had grown in size. It just got tighter.

“Hey, he died well.”

Kyung-hoon, who had spit the sputum on the monster rats from the dust, shook his hand with a satisfied face.

After deciding to come back to this world, Kyung-hoon struggled to figure out how to deal with the giant monster rats.

At the time, he wasn’t even sure where the monster rats were, and he could have followed after he left the building.

He took such risks, and he could not explore the unfamiliar world.

“You can’t just go through such humiliation and get over it.”

Besides, he was a man who thought he had to pay double what he suffered.

He did not forget his memories of running away desperately.

Kyunghoon took a deep breath and looked down at the monster mice. I’ve already had two experiences. The energy I feel every time after killing monsters.

This time, he was going to feel the sensation properly.

After a while, a dim light flashed from the dead monster rat. According to the cell phone he picked up, it was clear that it was something called Mana.

He felt the energy coming into his body and focused on that sensation.

A strange feeling enveloped him. A feeling as if ascending.

Kyunghoon, who gave a small exclamation, frowned.

Even though all the energy came in, the strange feeling did not go away.

The feeling of being able to do anything. It feels like it can break even a rock. feeling stronger.

It was a different feeling than before.

gong, gong.

And then, the cell phone in this world vibrated.

Kyunghoon pulled out his cell phone from his inner pocket.

A new phrase appeared on the phone screen.

[The grade has been raised. You have reached an E level. Congratulations!]
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