Picked It From Different World MTL Chapter 3

First Visit(3)

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“Ha. Ha. Ha.”

Kyunghoon just laughed.

As he ascended to the surface, he fantasized about it, but he never thought that the ruined Seoul would be visible.

‘Did I even ride a time machine into the future?’

It was the most plausible idea for now.

It seems that one of the many stories of the destruction of the world took place in this Seoul. No, the war with North Korea could have turned Seoul into a wasteland.

However, the scene in front of them did not look like the ruins of war. There were still many buildings that were still unharmed, and even the damaged buildings did not appear to have been destroyed by bombing.

Aside from the war, I had no idea how Seoul had become like this.

Fortunately, this shock did not last long. It was thanks to him that he had developed enough tolerance while coming to the ground.

As soon as he came to his senses, he could discover some puzzling things.

Broken cars, buildings that have not yet collapsed. All of them were a bit outdated in design.

It looked like it was at least 10 or 20 years old. There were also cars with designs I had never seen before, but some of them were models that existed 20 years ago.

Seoul, this city was broken up into a bit strange shape.

But the city was not just empty ruins.


A scream was heard from afar. In the distance, among the intact buildings, the silhouette of a gigantic creature could be seen.

‘A four-legged beast that is at least five stories tall… … . It’s like a dinosaur… … .’

A mouse the size of a large dog had appeared a while ago, so it was no wonder that a monster that was five stories tall appeared.

“Cancer, there is nothing strange.”

Now, it was Kyung-hoon’s complaint.

Anyway, it was a story that it wasn’t safe anywhere else for a guy like that to wander around.

Now I could only see a giant monster in the distance, but it was clear that there were still monsters left in the other buildings that remained.

It was worth moving if the field of view was wide, but in a city full of neglected buildings like this, I couldn’t move.

Kyunghoon stepped back first. He hid behind the broken front door.

It was a dilemma.

He hadn’t even searched all of this building yet. However, it was just as dangerous outside, so it was difficult to know what to do.

It was then.

wing, wing.

The phone vibrated again in my pocket.

‘What happened this time?’

He quickly took out his phone.

He pressed the phone button, and the screen changed.

[The estimated time to activate the trait has come.]

The short text on the screen only made it more bewildering.

Now was not the time to look at the screen.

Good profit!

As he had feared, two large monsters appeared across the road and behind the collapsed buildings.

They were small in size compared to the gigantic monsters that could only be seen in silhouette from afar.

Monsters the size of a car. It was smaller than the monster in the distance, but it was terrifying enough to see right before my eyes.

The monsters that appeared there were very similar to the monster mouse Kyunghoon had killed a while ago.

“I wonder if the guys I caught were bastards?”

Monsters that look like mice. The only monster that appeared this time was several times larger than the monster mice he had killed.

One was the size of a small car, and the other was the size of a small van. Just by looking at it, the male and female were clear.

‘Are you the masters of the tooth marks you saw in the nest?’

It was a mountain over a mountain. Kyunghoon clenched his teeth without realizing it.

Moreover, they seemed to have smelled Kyunghoon. The monster rats sniffed their big noses and growled towards the building.

‘Are they going to get bullets too?’

Kyung-hoon hardened his expression when he saw the two monster mice approaching slowly.

It wasn’t an armor-piercing round used in a rifle, it was a 9mm pistol round. It was not easy to knock down an ordinary bull with such a pistol bullet.

But I just couldn’t afford it. I had no choice but to rely on the firepower of an unexpectedly strong pistol.

Kyung-hoon decided to attack first before they get any closer.

He hid behind a wall and pointed his gun at him. The target is the smaller one. He aimed at the little guy’s head and pulled his trigger.


The gunshots echoed in the distance.


And the bullet bounced off with a spark.

“Damn it.”

The bullet didn’t even hit the monster’s head. The moment the bullets collided, a translucent film appeared again, this time blocking the bullets.

Thanks to that, the shooting seemed to only enhance the temper of the monster rat.

Kyunghoon quickly ran inside. No matter how much he put out an estimate, he had no chance of winning. He first had to find a place to escape.

The two monster mice that were attacked also screamed and ran towards the building.

Even the quiet surroundings of the building began to shake. The sound of the pistol started moving the monsters.

Kyung-hoon ran through the door deep in the lobby. He was passing through the lobby and had his eyes on it.

It’s close to the lobby, and at least there is a sturdy door attached to it. It was the conference room.

Running into the conference room, he closed the door and put the lock on it. After that, he ran to the back of the conference room and hid between the chairs.

Kyunghoon covered his mouth and nose and couldn’t breathe. He could still live if he hadn’t been caught by them.

‘Please go downstairs.’

The moment they went down to the basement, Kyung-hoon was thinking of running out.

Other monsters were also moving at the sound of gunfire, but Kyung-hoon didn’t know it yet.


Right in front of the door, the sound of monster rats was heard. Unfortunately, the monster mice did not go underground.

And the next moment the monster rats began to break the door.

thud! Wow!

The door that Kyunghoon had blocked was crushed in an instant.

The two monster rats ran into the door and ran forward.

One jumped as if flying over a chair, while the other smashed the chair and ran to the place where Kyunghoon was hiding.

The appearance was hidden, but the smell was unavoidable.

The monster rat ran like lightning to the front of the conference room and put its mouth in the place where he was lying.


The chair flew in all directions.

The other monster rats that arrived afterward also started rioting, and the surrounding area was turned into a wasteland.

The monstrous rats looked like they were about to destroy not only the humans who sniffed, but also the conference room.

But at some point, the two monster mice just stopped moving.

No human form was visible. Neither in the mouth of the monster mouse, between the smashed chairs, nor on the cracked marble floor, humans and Kyunghoon were nowhere to be seen.

The two monster rats tilted their heads, wandered around and eventually descended into the basement.

And after a while, the screams of sad monsters were heard from the basement.

* * *

Turn back time, just before the monsters break into the conference room.

Kyung-hoon, who was hiding between the chairs, felt a strange sensation.

It felt like something was waking up in his own body. He felt as if a new body had been established.

It seemed to have one more eye or one ear, and one more arm.

At the same time, his mind came up with how to use the new organ.

‘It’s crazy, but… … .’

– First of all, call the name so that you can recall the image.

“Creating dimensional corridors.”

-Open space by moving newly created body organs.


A black hole appeared in front of him.

-And he connects the dimension and the line from which he started through the open space.

An imaginary line was drawn into the black hole.

It was a method that was imprinted on his mind for a moment, and Kyunghoon did not believe it, but carried out the method he remembered.

It was a dark and dull hole, but it had a very warm feeling.


At that moment, the sound of a door breaking was heard.

Kyunghoon jumped into the black hole without thinking back and forth.


A black space before his eyes. No, a space full of twinkling stars unfolded.

It was like jumping into space.

The moment he jumped into the empty space, his body began to move along the line he drew. He made his way through the empty space quickly.

He looked back. The hole he jumped into became smaller and smaller and turned into a small light.

And the distant light came closer and closer. Kyunghoon felt like he was flying in outer space.

The destination is almost reached. The light of the destination is now starting to appear as a bright circle.

And a fork in the road appeared.

The circle of destination was not one. The road splits on either side of two closely adjoining circles.

‘Are you going to choose?’

He turned to the one that looked a little brighter. Fortunately, he didn’t go the other way.

He jumped into the light.


full of light

When the light disappeared, Kyunghoon was standing in the center of his bedroom.

Kyunghoon looked around the room. Looking here and there, his own home was clear.

One room in an old and shabby officetel. His own belongings were still there, and traces of his sleep last night were still there. He also saw a can of beer he ate.

He went to the window and looked out. Then he breathed a sigh of relief.

“Sigh… … . as it is I’m fine.”

The view of Seoul from the window was not different from before. Soaring skyscrapers and teeming buildings.

It was a very frustrating sight, but now I am just grateful.

Everything was back to normal.

Seeing Seoul in a healthy state, the events that had just happened before were like a dream.

But he couldn’t think of it as a dream.

The clock on the wall was already telling the afternoon, and I was exhausted and hungry.

In his hands were items that would be taken to the police immediately if caught. A little unusual military pistol.

As he looked into the pistol, other objects flashed into his mind.

cell phone and lighter. and trinkets.

Finally, a variety of sparkling precious metals.

He stared intently at the gold pieces on the desk.

“Really? Isn’t that plating?”

Either way, it didn’t look fake.

The reality is clear, there is a lot of work to be done.

Handling precious metals, and deciding what to do with the things you bring.

and your own body.

But he had work to do before that.

First, he took off all his clothes and tucked dangerous objects under the bed.

After that, he took a quick shower and made cup noodles. When the tension was relieved, I was insanely hungry. He rolled over the cup noodles and ate like crazy, and then immediately fell on the bed.

I was full, but this time I was tired.

It was an adventure that lasted only half a day, but it was not usually a difficult adventure for him, who had become entangled in society.

Kyunghoon fell asleep immediately after hearing the news from the next room as a lullaby.

[This is an overseas topic. Today is the news of a wild boar that came down to the city center and was shot and killed. It is said that a giant boar, several times larger than a normal boar, appeared in the Paraguay capital and caused a riot. The wild boar did not even nod to the police’s gun, so it is said that the military and police commandos were dispatched to deal with it. Next news… … .]
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