Picked It From Different World MTL Chapter 2

First Visit(2)

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Unfortunately, it wasn’t even a dream, and the phone screen didn’t change.

[Awakened] [Mana Rating: F] [Talent: Dimensional Mover]

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Something seemed to make sense, but I decided to postpone understanding.

thud! thud! ur ur.

A loud noise was heard from the ceiling. Kyunghoon looked up at him, stiffened.

Fortunately, the sound didn’t last long. But the sound did not stop at all.

Dr. Sabak.

A loud noise was followed by the sound of something moving.

Fortunately, my heart wasn’t beating like before. I was nervous, but now I had a place to lean on.

Kyunghoon looked at the pistol in his hand. It was a gun that I luckily found a while ago.

Unlike cell phones, guns could be used over time. And this pistol looked very good.

‘It’s similar to the K5, is it modified?’

It was very similar to the pistol used in the military, but it was a gun with a strangely different corner. Moreover, the 9mm Parabellum bullets in the magazine were engraved with the patterns seen in rifle bullets.

‘Is this the only way the power will come out properly.’

He looked at the magazine with unbelievable eyes and joined the pistol again.

It was a little unsettling, but it was much better than a steel pipe.

Kyung-hoon quickly put on the rest of the equipment.

He put on his body armor and put his dagger in it. He put the lighter, ID and cell phone he had just found in his body armor pocket.

The iron pipe was thrown away. He picked up a decent weapon, but there was no reason to take anything to get in the way.

After checking his gear one last time, he sighed. He felt like he was back in the military.

“Think of it as reservist training. Reserve Forces.”

Kyunghoon relaxed and talked to himself. He doesn’t know what kind of bastard he’s sounding, but he had to meet him in his best condition.

Kyunghoon waited for a moment. A small sound was heard, but there was no sound coming down.

‘… … I’ll have to go up here… … .’

He grabbed his pistol exactly as he had been taught in the military, and lowered his body as low as possible. With that, he cautiously exited the room and approached the end of the hallway.

At the end of the hallway was an elevator that had stopped working. The elevator door was half crooked, so we couldn’t see inside.

Fortunately, next to the elevator was a door leading to the emergency stairwell. And next to the stair door was a sign indicating the current floor.


‘The third floor. It was also underground.’

It was expected because there were no windows around.

The stairs doors also had locks, but luckily they were all unlocked.

Kyunghoon carefully opened the door with his pistol in front. The stairs were quiet. And nothing happened while going up the stairs.

Kyunghoon stopped at the end of the stairs. This door was also unlocked, but closed as downstairs.


He looked at the sign and put his ear on the door.

sabak, sabak.

After all, it was the sound from this floor. The sound of several carefully moving footsteps.

‘There is something in this, too.’

Kyunghoon was worried. Either open the door as it is, or ignore it and go upstairs.

I wanted to ignore it and go upstairs, but if I made a mistake, I could be caught behind.

The worries didn’t last long. He didn’t know what had happened until he turned away because he was afraid.

He was nervous and scared, but the gun in his hand gave Kyunghoon courage.

He took one big breath.

‘Let’s just check the hallway.’

cut profit.

He reassured himself and carefully opened the stairway door. The door slowly opened, revealing the hallway on the second basement floor.

* * *

“Suck… … .”

Kyunghoon regretted opening the door.

No, it was a good thing he opened it, but he couldn’t help but regret seeing what was behind the door.

There were monster mice in the hallway on the second floor.

The appearance was not different from the existing mice. Sharp teeth and claws, a messy looking body and a long tail.

At first glance, it looked like a mouse, but the problem was the size.

Five mice the size of a Tosa dog were moving in the hallway. goosebumps went up It was a sight that would have made an ordinary person scream.

cut profit.

The old door on the landing eventually made the job. No matter how carefully he opened it, the old door could only make a noise.

The mice turned their heads.

chi chi chi chi.

Immediately they started running towards the door.

Tata Tata.

The rats approached quickly with the sound of a rattling on the floor. It was terrifying to see in a dream.

The blood disappeared from Kyunghoon’s face. But this was not the time to be surprised.

Contrary to the startled mind, the body moved properly.


Kyung-hoon first shot his pistol at the wall.

‘Slightly upper left.’

It was easier to get the zero point than expected. But Kyunghoon pulled the trigger and frowned.

Because the moment he fired his gun, he felt something sucking the gun through his hand. There was nothing wrong with my body, but I felt uncomfortable.

Moreover, the power of the gun was different than expected. The bullet didn’t go into the wall, it just exploded.

It was not something that could be made with a pistol.

But there was no time to ponder. The monster mice were very fast. The guy in the front was already approaching his nose.

Kyung-hoon pointed his gun at the monster mouse.


His posture was stable thanks to his improved strength. The bullet went exactly where he expected it to go.


The bullet pierced the monster mouse’s head, and the mouse rolled forward. At a glance, it was an instant death.

There was no need to waste bullets. He fired right at the next target.

bang! bang!

The second and third monster mice also had holes in their heads.


Monster rats were lying on the floor.

It was a strange feeling. I’ve never been this good in the military. You only hit the heads of those that move faster than wild dogs.

It was something I couldn’t understand, but it was helpful anyway, so I decided to postpone the question.

Kyunghoon aimed his gun at the last two monster mice.

However, the moment the first three monster mice fell, the movement of the monster mice changed.

He jumped into the door open on both sides. They were smart guys.

Kyunghoon lowered his gun and frowned.

As time went on, it became different from the reality we knew. His own body and gun were strange, but so were the monster rats.

It could be genetically engineered or anything else that made the little mouse so big, but the translucent film that had formed over the mouse’s skin before the bullet was struck was utterly incomprehensible.

The translucent membrane tried to block the bullet, and the bullet was forced through the membrane and lodged in the head of the monster mouse.

“okay. Think of it as a game. It would be more convenient.”

It was too realistic to think of as a game, but I couldn’t stand with a blank expression every time I saw a strange sight.

Kyunghoon pulled out the dagger that he had stabbed into his body armor. The iron pipe he had thrown away downstairs came to mind for a moment, but he was not confident enough to wield it with a pistol in one hand.

‘Retreat or attack?’

With the pistol placed on the hand holding the dagger, Kyung-hoon was immersed in thought.

If he had both jumped into one door he could have attacked without thinking, but he was afraid he would be caught after jumping through both doors.

If it was intentional, they were really smart guys.

Still, when he knew what kind of enemy he was going to face, Kyung-hoon felt a little bit of the tension that had been soaring endlessly.

Moreover, his weapon worked against them. In this situation, he had no reason to step back.

Kyunghoon looked around.

‘Is there something available?’

Unfortunately, there was only a corpse of a monster mouse in the hallway.

‘for a moment?’

He approached his body. When he looked up close, he was even more creepy.

The carcass was about the size of a medium-large dog, at least 30 kilos tall.

He put the dagger back into his body armor and grabbed the dead rat by the neck and lifted it up.


It was as expected. It was easy. It sounded so easy.

’10 kilos. It feels less than that.’

It was clear that his strength had grown if only the rat’s carcass remained.

Worries about the body resurfaced, but first of all, the worries were put aside. Everything that was available had to be used.

Kyunghoon gave strength to his arm. And he threw the rat carcass he was holding like a bag of rice towards one door with all his might.


The flying corpse knocked on the half-open door. As expected, a monster rat popped out of the door.



The monster rat bit the corpse that had hit the door, and at the same time, Kyung-hoon fired a gun.

The bullet hit the monster rat’s head with precision.

A translucent membrane appeared again and tried to block the bullet, but the bullet tore the membrane and took the mouse’s life.

Key profit!

Just as the bullet pierced the monster’s head, another monster came out of the door opposite.

It was clear that he had jumped through both doors on purpose. It was really cool. Attacking the back with one bait? It was not something an ordinary beast would do.

was an outsider.

The monster rat that jumped out of the door stopped his steps with a startled look. The target was invisible.

“The problem is that I pretended to be too smart.”

Kyung-hoon shot the remaining monster mouse.


Knocking down the last one, he looked to his left and right with a nervous expression on his face. There was nothing more moving.


Kyunghoon let out a breath he had been holding back. His whole body trembled. He thought he wasn’t nervous, but he was still nervous.

He barely relaxed and checked the magazine.

“Are you 6 feet left?”

Six shots were fired, and the remaining bullets were hit. The problem was after I ran out of bullets.

He couldn’t move around where these monsters were wandering with only a dagger or an iron pipe. You had to search through them all to find bullets or other weapons.

Kyung-hoon once again checked to see if the monster mice were dead.

all were dead After death, a translucent film did not appear. When I stabbed it with a dagger, it pierced my flesh.

It was a moment to wake up in peace.

A faint light rose from the dead monster rats. It looked like shining smoke, or it looked like a mirage.

It was a mysterious sight. Kyung-hoon forgot to be vigilant and watched the light spread blankly.

The light that rose from the monster mice was scattered in all directions, and some of them flowed into Kyunghoon’s body.

The very next moment, the light disappeared. It felt as if that had never happened in the first place.

“Is it a fantasy?”

Kyunghoon looked around with a puzzled expression.

It was then.

whiz. whiz.

The phone vibrated in my pocket.

When I took it out of surprise, the text appeared on the screen.

[Your mana has increased.]

One line of sentences let me know that what happened a while ago was not an illusion.

‘Mana’. Again, there were more unknown things, but I decided to postpone the question first.

He put his phone back in and started rummaging through the second basement.

Unfortunately he didn’t find anything until he got to the last room. There were rooms with traces of the fight, but unlike the lower floors, there were no objects left behind.

And the last laboratory we arrived.

“Is it a nest?”

Unlike the previous rooms, the last laboratory was full of objects.

Old cloth and dry grass. And wires and unknown objects were lying on the floor. At first glance, it looked like a nest of animals and mice.

One side of the nest was full of bones.

Fortunately, there were many other objects in the lab that looked like a nest.

“It’s a pistol magazine. Body armor is useless, and this phone is broken. By the way, what about the sword and the shield? I don’t understand at all.”

Unfortunately, there was nothing to eat. Shining things appeared in Kyung-hoon’s eyes as he regained his taste.

Rings, necklaces and bracelets made of gold and silver. They were precious metals that looked expensive.

“Are they the ones who like shiny things?”

As he opened his eyes and looked at the accessories, he quickly swept away the gold pieces. Whether it was a dream, a game, or a fantasy, there was no reason to leave these treasures behind.

Unfortunately, no firearm was visible except for the 9mm pistol magazine. Kyunghoon took the sword that was stuck to one side instead.

‘It’s a place I really like patterns.’

It was a realistic looking sword, but the blade of this sword also had a strange pattern engraved on it.

Fortunately, the scabbard that was with them had a belt attached to it so that it could be worn around the waist. Unlike iron pipes, swords were sufficiently possessed.

Kyung-hoon, who even had a sword, looked around and smiled absurdly.

He wakes up in an unfamiliar place to find weapons, kill monsters, retrieve treasures from nests… … .

“Is it a game?”

It seemed like a system window would appear in front of me, but now I had to get out of here quickly.

There were other people using this nest besides the monster rats he had killed. The tooth marks on the pile of bones were much larger than the teeth of the monster rat he had killed.

Kyung-hoon quickly ran out of the hallway, went through the stairs, and headed to the next floor.

Fortunately, the hallway on the first basement floor was quiet. Kyunghoon looked around the hallway behind the door and headed to the next floor.

It was now the ground floor.

In front of the stairs, the door on the ground floor had iron bars and several layers of iron gates. It was a facility that seemed difficult to get into with any number of troops and firepower.

But all those defenses were broken and crumpled. As elsewhere, it was broken long ago by someone.

After passing through the broken grate and torn iron gates, Kyung-hoon walked down the windowless hallway.

A bright light was shining down at the end of the hallway. The background, which had previously been seen as a gray tone, began to be dyed with a full natural color.

Kyunghoon came out of the hallway and stood in the bright light.

The lobby was on the first floor of the building. High ceilings and marble floors. A building that was once very luxurious. But now, it was abandoned, full of dust.

Kyunghoon’s pace as he passed the lobby gradually slowed. His happy expression hardened, and his eyes looking out of the lobby showed an unbelievable look.

Kyunghoon slowly came out of the exit.

A destroyed city was before his eyes.

High-rise buildings were half-collapsed, and small buildings were turned into ruins.

Roads were destroyed, cars were shattered and covered in dust.

I looked around with a blank expression and looked at the signboard on the broken road.

The letters engraved on the half-slanted sign caught Kyung-hoon’s eyes.

[Yongsan 2 operation, Yongsan middle school]

The ruined city here was Seoul.

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