For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 36

So What(2)

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“I was going to come home because I suddenly called.”

“Crazy? Ugh, really. Okay, how was the stage yesterday?”

“He just wanted to see.”

As usual, the brief conversation with my sister ended lightly with a bit of vulgarity and grumbling. The other members looked excited as they talked to their families.

Jihwan hadn’t contacted his sister for quite some time.

Fortunately, after waking up here, I occasionally contacted them to reduce the awkwardness. Me and my sister needed time to adjust to each other.

On the other hand, the faces of the other members were bright even though they would have been in touch with their families in between.

For some reason, my heart suddenly swelled. He seemed a little lonely.

As soon as the contact was complete, team leader Sohyeon pointed to the file that Hajun had pushed.

“It can be difficult for public broadcasters to work, but for now, we are talking about a music room on the cable side. It will probably be confirmed by today or tomorrow.”

Although it was officially announced through the showcase that there is a group called Unravel, the appearance on music shows is different.

No matter how much individual Internet broadcasting is booming, it has not yet been able to beat public broadcasting in terms of influence.

Not only Korea, but also overseas markets had to be taken into consideration.

It’s not because the members are studying foreign languages ​​while pulling their hair out for nothing.

“First, idol creation will be finished with a debut showcase broadcast and today’s shooting. I’ll say goodbye in a little while, so don’t forget.”

As I was watching Ha-jun’s prints from the side, I felt dazed at the name of a radio program.


“Jihwan, why?”

“Huh… Manager, is this our confirmation?”


“Blue music notes… Is this a radio?”

Blue music notes.

It was a late-night radio with a strong fandom.

The person in charge of the DJ now was Lee Myung-jun, who is a second-generation top-tier idol and now more famous as a producer.

And personally, it was a thank-you pro who called Unravel in his previous life when he rolled up his first album and was terrified.

Myung-Jun and Ha-Jun became close personally on that radio, and Ha-Jun later became a daily DJ. I remember that it helped quite a lot in raising Unravel’s awareness.

“Ah, that’s almost certain. Myung-jun made a corner where only rookie groups were invited to introduce songs and interviewed for a while.”

“Oh, is it really for us?”

“We really want to go out here!”

“I want to go out!”

As is the case with all entertainers, it was rare for a program to call out singers who had just debuted on their own.

I don’t know if there is a bag that is reliable from the beginning because I belong to a large agency, or if there is a big topic of discussion.

Idols appear and disappear countless times in one year, but the positions they can appear on are extremely limited.

Until the idol group appeared for nothing, it was not called the head of a girl or boy who was hung up on entertainment shows, and one member who somehow did well feeds the team.

“And after the creation of idols is over, the company is trying to plan its own reality. It could be a collaboration with NTV.”

“Is it everyday?”

“Is that going to happen? If you guys have any good ideas, please tell me. Because both the CEO and the head of the department are thinking of you in a good way thanks to this album concept meeting.”

As Sebi said, the members know the best about our group, so it was necessary to actively express their opinions.

In order to create such an atmosphere, I have been working hard on the guns and went out a few times, and the members are no longer too difficult to express their opinions.

“Ah, the PR team talked about how to communicate with fans through the GIVE app in the evening. I’m going to be fan-friendly anyway, so I thought it would be good to communicate often.”

The manager hyung, who was quietly concentrating on the memo next to him, held out a piece of paper.

“This is the address of Unravel’s fan cafe. Sign up with the name you wrote down below and tell hyung. I’ll get you up to school.”

It tells you what to be careful about when leaving a message with him, and gives you a few recommendations, such as reporting aggro comments right away or telling yourself.

When I heard the word “up-up”, I remembered myself squeezing my head while solving the problem of going up in Unrable’s fan cafe before, so tears seemed to cover my eyes for a moment.

Unfortunately, however, the manager hyung’s worried pleas did not seem to be heard by some.

“Wow! Fan cafe!”

“Looks like we are real idols!”

“Then are there fake idols?”

“Guys… .”

Sebin, Himchan, and Kyunghwan, excited by the magic word fancafe, downloaded the app on their cell phone and signed up with a face that seemed to have everything.

Even today, the leader Ha-jun’s heart burns at the sight of the young sentient beings who are just as excited.

“Huh? Guys, I’ll call you for a moment.”

While the team leader took his cell phone and left the meeting room for a while, Youngbin asked the manager hyung.

“Woojin hyung, can you see our song uploaded?”

“I’m curious?”


Youngbin asked the question, but everyone answered in unison as if they were all curious about it.

Seeing these things, unity really seemed to go well, so I laughed.

Let’s have a good unity as usual, guys… .

The manager hyung, who smiled at us like that, held out his cell phone.


“The manager told me not to tell you, but I don’t think I’ll be able to see everything because I have a phone anyway. I will only show you the trend of yesterday morning.”

What was floating on the screen of the mobile phone was clearly the top 100 most popular songs, and our title song was engraved on it.

“Hey, is this real?”

“Oh my God! Is it real?”

“It’s a bit early in the morning, but the title song reached #48. The number of music video views right now is no joke. Weird things.”

Manager hyung’s face showed a lot of respect for us, but we didn’t really understand the situation.

Should I say that I lost my sense of reality because I saw a number that was so much bigger than I expected?

Usually, idol fandoms are ready for battle when a sound source is released.

It was to make a playlist with the music to be ranked, and to play it simultaneously on all devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, and PCs, that fans could use.

It’s called breathing, streaming streaming as if breathing, but this was not as easy as I thought.

I had to do it on all music sites as much as possible.

Downloading music files and giving gifts were the basics of the basics.

Even some music sites stopped working if they played a song for too long, so I had to check it in between.

It wasn’t just the music site that mattered. We had to pay attention to the number of views of the music video.

It was only when all of those efforts came together that I could give my youngest the title of No.

Of course, it is early in the morning, so it is good to avoid large idol groups with large fandoms or music thugs, but I wondered if Unravel already had such a strong fan base.

A moment when everyone was stunned. The manager slammed the door open and entered with a bright face.

“Guys! Your pussy has been caught!”


“I love you boss!!”

The entire conference room seemed to vibrate at the team leader’s shouts like lions.

At that moment, the members jumped up from their seats and shouted as if a sense of reality was rushing in.

“And think about going to Yeonsu-san’s concert as a guest. I think Yeonsu looked good in your evaluation.”

At the team leader’s words, all the members who were running around froze together.

A guest, a guest!

“Is this your concert?”

“We are so honored, is it okay?”

Ha Yeon-soo was a popular ballad singer and had a fairly strong fan base. As a result, it was clear that the standards of the fans would be very high, so I was worried that if an idol who had just debuted came out, I would be insulted.

“In that case, Mr. Yeonsu’s manager said that he would come and talk to him after a while, so I’m going to your practice room and practicing! If you need anything, tell Woojin!”

Excited, the team leader left the conference room as quickly as he answered, leaving only us and the manager hyung.

Do you think something similar happened to this?

Oh, even on the day I went to take a profile picture… .

The manager hyung, who took a deep breath and washed his face, looked a bit old in the meantime.

“Hey, you set your debut date and the team leader kept going to the broadcasting station. But this guy’s PD guys turned the team leader over and over.”

Unable to know the exact inner circumstances, we tilted our heads at the word peep peep.

“I wanted to make your music room stage a little bigger, but the team leader was very annoyed because everyone took off their feet and pushed each other. Since the old days, the team leader has put a lot of effort into that, but he showed that kind of attitude… . But again, we are not in a position to say anything.”

The bitter smile on the manager hyung’s face was somehow salty.

“The manager is also in trouble.”

“We should do better, well… .”

“Guys, let’s go.”

While we were struggling with practice, I realized once again that the people in the company are working hard for us.

There is nothing easy or comfortable, but I went through them one by one and eventually made my debut.

Now, as I was warming up in the practice room as familiar as the dorm bed, Master Je-young came in.

“Did you come with chicks and eggs?”

“Oh really! What is an egg!”

Himchan, who was crying, grumbled, but Master Je-young only laughed.

You should’ve run into someone who would do that.

“Sam, but how was our stage?”

“Did you see the stage?”

“I saw it.”

It was Teacher Kim Je-young who guided the members’ dance from one to ten until now.

A person who put his heart into dancing and sold that one thing to die.

In the future as far as I know, Je-young always had a big influence on the members’ choreography.

“Jihwan and Kyunghwan put too much strength on their shoulders. I told them to match each other, but I didn’t tell them to dance with the wall hanging. If you go too far, people will feel embarrassed.”

Himchan’s eyes widened as he wanted to hear praise.

“Sebin and Himchan are doing well in the parts you need to give points, but why do their lower bodies keep shaking during group dance? I told you to clean the floor well.”

“sorry… .”

“Youngbin was half a beat faster on the bridge. know? Ha Jun-ah, please distribute your stamina well. The title track went well and you can see how tired you are from behind.”

The members, who had only heard good things so far, were blown away as soon as they arrived, and they died of exhaustion.

Just like me, Sebin’s profile with her corners of her lips lowered is even pitiful.

“Tell me what you did well, not what you did wrong… . cheer up.”

When I grumbled at my brooding cubs because I felt sorry for them, Je-young, who laughed bitterly, said a word.

“Is the stage over? Aren’t you standing on stage in front of you? The kids who could do better were nervous, so they weren’t as good as they were, but what kind of compliment is it?”

I was so sick of the fierce criticism that I had to look at the floor of the practice room without saying anything.

“I debuted. okay. But what? Do you know how many idols who made their debut and were buried as they were, say that? Does everyone else only talk about hope? So, do you think you are very excited?”


“I’ll be fine… .”

All the minds that had been floating endlessly sank to the floor.

Yes, it was her only debut showcase stage.

But it felt like I had really accomplished something, and my heart floated in the air like a balloon full of wind. It hurt even more to know about Je-young’s concerns.

Although his voice was firm and stern, it was filled with worries about Unravel that could not be hidden.


“Aww, creepy, nigga! away!”

As I ran and hung on my waist, Himchan, who was noticing, also hung up.

In the end, Teacher Je-yeong, who sat down in her seat, came out and looked at Him-chan with an absurd look.

“thank you! I will work harder!”

“Still, give me a compliment from time to time!”

The other members, who were slowly approaching me, also started murmuring around Sam Je-young and chirping.

“No, these! I scolded you to come to your senses, what are you doing?”

“I like it!”

“Ugh, these burns!”

Master Je-young, who was stunned as he looked at us hanging on, eventually laughed as if he was frustrated.

“Someone said something while holding weight.”

“Now that you’ve finished talking, you should give me some compliments.”

“that’s right! There must be something coming and going!”

“What comes and goes, what comes and goes.”

Master Je-young clicked his tongue briefly and eventually tapped Him-chan on the shoulder who was nearby.

“Still, for the first stage, I didn’t tremble much and did well. It’s my first time, so I’m watching.”

Himchan, who got a word of praise, smiled broadly as if he had everything in the world.

That one word was too sweet.

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