Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 62

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#062 This is a funny guy.

Ten minutes before the incident.
Kang Ba Da lying on the bed with Ye Na sighed inwardly.

‘…Surely kids have a lot of energy.’

Oh, my.
Kang Ba Da smiled bitterly at Ye Na, who barely fell asleep after talking for a long time. If I let go of my mind even for a moment, I feel like I’m going to fall asleep exhausted.

walk around all day Even though she came, Ye Na talks nonstop for three hours without a tired look on her face.

“Of course, it’s not that I don’t like it.”

The fact that Ye Na, who usually doesn’t talk much, talks this much is proof of how much fun this trip is for her.

However, it felt like energy couldn’t keep up with me as I responded without a break all week.

I miss Ha Neul.’

The clock was pointing to one o’clock in the morning. It’s quite late, but I don’t think I’m going to sleep yet because I have severe insomnia.

“Should I go see your face for a second?”’

There was no particular impure intention. If I just hug you once, I think I can sleep comfortably.

Anyway, this is the last night. I was thirsty, so I thought it would be nice if the two of us could simply share a glass of wine.

“Let’s just taste it. Taste it!”

Kang Ba Da that rises very carefully so that Ye Na doesn’t wake up. She tiptoed out of the room quietly.

Her slightly excited steps stopped. It was right after the familiar voices of the two reached my ears.

“That’s my mission.”

…What does this mean?
Kang Ba Da was in shock as if it had been hit in the back of the head with a hammer. My head turned white and I didn’t think of anything.

Now I could only listen to the conversation between the two while holding my breath.

“The president is not that interested in you.”

As the conversation between the two continued, the strength gradually drained from the body of Kang Ba Da.

The brain rotates at will and puts all the puzzles together, and the truths that have been vaguely known but ignored are reassembled.

I managed to swallow the words that were about to burst out of my mouth. Kang Ba Da covered its mouth with both hands in case the sound of breathing leaked out.

“Please, my lady.”

I was suffocated.
Every time the nanny’s words continued, I felt suffocated and tears were about to burst out. It keeps overflowing even if you press it down.

In my head, I understood why the nanny made such a choice, but human beings did not necessarily move only with reason.

‘…I wish I were a bad person.’

If Kim Mi-jung was a bad person until the end, if she was thoroughly faithful to her role. I could have hated and hated to my heart’s content.

The nanny was not even allowed to hate her, knowing that she was also sincere about her feelings for her. In such a cruel situation, Kang Ba Da’s sea breathed in vain.

Let’s pretend we didn’t hear it. Sea, you weren’t here. I didn’t hear anything.’

Kang Ba Da has begun to deny reality. She got up from her seat, trying hard to squeeze herself in. At that moment, the atmosphere got cold.

Kang Ba Da, which stopped instinctively, felt something was wrong. For some reason, it feels like Kim Ha Neul’s eyes have touched him.

“Could you look at Ye Na for a second?”

Sure enough.
Kim Ha Neul began to climb up the stairs straight up. Surprised by this, Kang Ba Da quickly entered the nearby room and locked the door.

“Ba Da ssi.”

Kang Ba Da’s heart was touched by his kind voice as always. I couldn’t open my mouth because I was so sad that I couldn’t even speak.

All he could do was bury his face between his knees.

“Ba Da ssi, please open the door.”
“…I don’t want to.”

Because I know Kim Ha Neul will never step down if I don’t answer anything. Kang Ba Da managed to wring out its voice.

His voice was dripping like a wet dishcloth, making him uncomfortable to hear on his own.

“Let’s talk face to face first.”
“…Let me be alone for a moment.”
“If you don’t open it, I’ll break it.”
“I count exactly three.”

Kang Ba Da was embarrassed for a moment by the way he spoke full of sincerity, but in his mind, he thought, “Oh, no way.”

At the same time, an unknown irritation arose. I don’t want to show you this weak side of me. Why are you forcing yourself when you don’t want to see your face?

“One, two…”.
“Leave me alone!”

Kwajik –
With an incredible sound, the door handle that lost its mate fell to the floor with a snap.

Kang Ba Da, who was speechless for a moment while watching it, instinctively widened the street from the door. As soon as that happens, Kim Ha Neul pushes into the room.

“Are you really crazy!?”
“It’s crazy. To Ba Da.”
“So let’s have a conversation between the couple.”

Kim Ha Neul raised the corners of his mouth. I think they’re saying that I’m smiling sweetly. From the standpoint of watching, there was no other horror movie.

A distracted man sweeps up his hair with a dented doorknob in one hand. Who can be calm?

Kang Ba Da took three steps backward without realizing it. Kim Ha Neul rattled in shock.

“Why are you running away?”
“Do you ask because you don’t know that?”
“I ask because I don’t know.”
“No, you look like Ha Neul right now. Ha.”

Kang Ba Da is speechless by Kim Ha Neul’s shamelessness The anger and anger that had been rising until a while ago disappeared, leaving only absurdity.

Falling down.
Kim Ha Neul carefully approached her. Kang Ba Da was stepping backward without realizing it, and the bed caught its leg and fell backwards.

“Be careful…”

Kim Ha Neul, who saw it, rushed quickly, but the speed at which gravity attracted Kang Ba Da was faster.

Kang Ba Da instinctively floundered its hand in the air, grabbed Kim Ha Neul by the collar and pulled him unconsciously.


The two fell on the bed in a friendly way.
Meanwhile, thanks to Kim Ha Neul’s amazing reflexes, they avoided hitting each other.
It was inevitable to be close enough to touch the nose.

The two people, embarrassed by the sudden situation, were just squinting their eyes. A little rough breathing from the previous activity tickled each other’s skin.


a renewed silence
The two men’s eyes were intertwined. Wearing a relatively loose nightgown in the form of a gown, I could see bare skin through the messy gap.

A dry sting that goes over without saying who comes first. The two, who had not spoken for a long time, turned their heads at the same time as if they had promised.

“…You’re not in the mood to kiss me, are you?”
“…If you know, come out quickly.”

Kim Ha Neul stood up with a dry cough. Kang Ba Da is trying to get up with this.

Suddenly, something hit the forehead of Kang Ba Da. When she opened her eyes wide in surprise, she saw Kim Ha Neul’s playful smile.

“What, what is it? All of a sudden… Huh!?

This time, Kim Ha Neul kisses the bridge of Kang Ba Da’s nose. Kang Ba Da, which could not understand what the situation was, pushed Kim Ha Neul away.

“Don’t! I’m not in the mood right now…”

This time, the left cheek of Kang Ba Da. Panicked, she shook and pushed Kim Ha Neul away, but he didn’t back down easily.

“One more time, really…”

A soft touch on the right cheek. Kim Ha Neul did not stop despite the warning from Kang Ba Da. He asked with a wicked smile.

“One more time. What’s that?”

Kang Ba Da stared at Kim Ha Neul without saying a word. I want to get angry at what the hell I’m doing in this situation, but something didn’t go my way.

If I say something, he’s about to kiss me on the mouth. It’s not that I don’t like it, but it’s weird to ask for it. It was a complicated feeling anyway.

“Aren’t you going to tell me?”
“…Get out of the way.”
“I don’t want to.”
“No, what are you doing!?”
“Just. Like this?”

The lips of each other met. Kang Ba Da, which had opened its eyes blankly, closed its eyes without realizing it because of a little long contact.

“But it’s not good to kiss this situation, right?”
“…I said, “Vicky! Come on!”

The hot-faced Kang Ba Da pushed Kim Ha Neul as hard as it could. This time, she pouted her lips as she looked at Kim Ha Neul, who was passing quite gently.

“…Really. Just kidding around. You don’t even know how I feel!”
“Of course he doesn’t know.”
“What did you say?”

Ba Da raised its eyebrows. Kim Ha Neul, who swallowed his laughter at him, lay on the bed with his fingers behind his head.

“I’m not a god. I’m the same person as Ba Da, so I don’t know unless you explain it in words.”
“So tell me. Ba Da ssi’s heart.”
“That’s enough. What am I doing here? Go get some sleep. What?!?”

Kang Ba Da trying to get out of bed with a sigh. Kim Ha Neul, who jumped up, grabbed her shoulder and pulled her strongly.

As Kang Ba Da struggled to escape, Kim Ha Neul suddenly put one leg on her waist and made her stand still.

“Why are you doing something you haven’t done before?”
“Ba Da ssi.”

Kim Ha Neul sang Kang Ba Da in a voice. In response, Kang Ba Da stopped struggling and quietly raised its head to face him.

Kim Ha Neul’s expression was quite serious. He said nothing, but Kang Ba Da seemed to convey his heart somehow.

What’s wrong with you?’

his eyes resembling the night sky The emotions contained in it were neither sympathy nor anything. I’m just looking at Kang Ba Da as it is.

The way he looked at her was so transparent that he even felt like he could see himself in his eyes.

“…I’m annoyed.”

Hold it tight.
The hands held by Kim Ha Neul trembled. Emotions that were out of control of Kang Ba Da began to flutter arbitrarily.

“…I hate you.”

I barely uttered a word.
Kim Ha Neul was still silent.

“…I hate you.”

The vision is blurred.
The accumulated anger explodes all at once, and then loses its direction and runs around. The hand of Kang Ba Da hits Kim Ha Neul’s chest.

“No nanny, no dad, no big brother… ” I hate everything.”

Tap, tap.
The swing of the hand is getting stronger and stronger. Kim Ha Neul did not run away despite his childish whining. Just looking at her as always.

For some reason, Kang Ba Da, who could not face him, lowered his head and just said whatever came to mind.

“You’ve been obedient. You did everything you were told. But why do you keep wanting more from me?”
“How much more do I have to take to get rid of my temper?” Now I don’t have anything. . . . “

[Slurping]Sadness trickled down. Just before it wetted her cheeks to her chin, Kim Ha Neul reached out and wiped her tears.

No one has spoken since then. Kang Ba Da just vomited tears, and Kim Ha Neul held her in her arms and patted her without a word.

The night was especially long.
The two spent the night together.

* * *

“I want to wear sunglasses, too!”
“I can’t do this.”

Ye Na’s face became sullen at the firm refusal. Kang Ba Da, which seemed to be in pain, opened its mouth again, and Kim Ha Neul suddenly intervened.

“Ye Na, please understand. Ba Da’s eyes are swollen right now… Argh!”
“Don’t talk nonsense. Ye Na, I’ll buy you a new pair of sunglasses. Got it?”
“Oh, my.”

Ye Na tilted her head but did not tackle the delicate atmosphere of Kang Ba Da.

“Did you pack all your luggage, miss?”

At that time, Kim Mi-jung talked to me from behind. As a result, the expression of Kang Ba Da hardened slightly, but Kim Mi-jeong only smiled softly as usual.

“Please take good care of yourself.”

Kim Mi-jung bows deeply. Kang Ba Da, who noticed that it was a goodbye, couldn’t say anything with his lips chewing.

Hold it tight.
At that time, Kim Ha Neul carefully held the hand of Kang Ba Da. After a moment of flinching, she looked at Kim Ha Neul and Kim Mi-jung alternately and sighed soon.

“Thank you for all this time.”

Only then did Kim Mi-jung raise her head and look at Kang Ba Da. Kim Ha Neul, who was looking around, quietly moved away with Ye Na.

Ba Dats left for just the two of us.
For a moment there was an awkward silence. First, it was Kim Mi-jung who bore the weight.

“I’m sorry.”
“Is that all?”
“Give me a common excuse. It was to protect you. It’s because I love you. There are a lot of comments like that. Say something.”
“What kind of face would I be?”

Kim Mi-jung just bowed her head with a calm expression as if she had given up everything. Looking at him, Kang Ba Da slowly tapped its lips.

“Take responsibility.”
“It doesn’t end just by running away like this. If you really thought of me as a daughter, stay with me and repay me.”
“My lady.”
“Never mind. I’ll do as I please this time. I’ll give you a year or two off, so go on a lot of vacation that you haven’t had before. By then, it will be organized here.”

Kim Mi-jung, who understood the meaning of the word, opened her eyes wide. Her pupils trembled and began to get wet little by little.

Kang Ba Da turned as if there was nothing more to say. Kim Mi-jung bent deeply once again, looking at her back turned.

“Thank you, miss.”
“…Give thanks to Ha Neul when you come back.”
“Yes, I will.”
“Hey! Hurry up and come!”
“Yes, I’ll be right there.”

After saying that, Kang Ba Da took a step toward the two people waiting for him.

There was no hesitation in his steps.
She never looked back.

* * *

“You’re pretty smart.”
“Should we take care of the nanny side as scheduled?”
“Leave him alone. I don’t want to be hated by our youngest. Just keep an eye on the flies so that they don’t get tangled up.”
“I’ll forward it to them.”

Gangsan, the eldest son of Daehan, rubbed the corners of his mouth. Anyway, it’s a problem because it’s hard to manage my expression when I talk about the youngest.

“If I pull the schedule as much as I can, when can I go back to Korea?”
“The expected period is one year.”
“Try cutting it in half.”
“Yes, sir.”

The secretary, who received the order, bowed his head politely and left the room silently.

Gangsan, who was left alone, raised his glass while looking at the night view of Texas. The night view of the city reflected in the wine shakes.

“…Kim Ha Neul, this is a funny guy?”

The mountain emptied the wine at once. A small smile hung over his face in the glass.

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