Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 63

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#063 You… It’s piled up, right?

“Baby shark!”
“Ye Na, do you feel good?”

Ye Na, wearing sunglasses, nodded as hard as she could. She was singing with her feet bobbing back and forth.

Thanks to this, we were able to soothe our tired minds a little bit. I sincerely thought it was a relief that Ye Na didn’t know the complicated circumstances of adults.

“We’re here.”

The nursery was beginning to be seen before my eyes. Then Ye Na becomes visibly sullen. Kang Ba Da quickly continued.

“Let’s travel again next time.”
“Yes. I had fun thanks to Ye Na.”

Ye Na is humming again because she’s happy to hear the word “Next.” We smiled quietly at the sight.

“Come to think of it, I have a present for two people.”
“A present?”
“Would you like to open the drawer there?”

When Kang Ba Da opened the glove box in the passenger seat, three palm-sized boxes came out of it.

The names of the three people were written on the boxes beautifully wrapped in different colors. Looking at him, Kang Ba Da tilted its head.

“What is this?”
“Open it.”
“Ye Na, too!”

After handing Ye Na a present, Kang Ba Da began to open a box with her name on it. When the contents were revealed, the eyes of Kang Ba Da grew.

“Ha Neul, is this…”
“As you can see, it’s ‘Wonder Woman Bearbrick’ that came out a long time ago. Whenever I drove a Scarlet, I always thought of it, so I searched hard.”

I waved the bearbrick hanging from the car key. Perhaps because it was old, it looked worn out here and there in the face of time.

“Hero-related products must have been difficult to obtain because they were so popular. It’s not even released yet, right?
“So it took some time.”
“Ye Na is like this!”
“Oh, you’re a bat girl.”

Ye Na, who opened the gift, raised her voice. Fortunately, it seems to like it.

“Then, Ha Neul…”
“I’m Superman.”
“I can’t stop you. Really.”

Ba Da shook its head in bewilderment. At the same time, seeing that he had Bearbrick in his hands, he seemed to like it.

While we were talking, we arrived at the nursery. After passing the gate, as I walked inside, a familiar face approached me.

“Boss, did you have a good trip?”
“Thanks to you. Why did you come out today?”
“Because of the art class. I talked to the director and decided to look at the children’s paintings from time to time.”
“That’s a good thing.”
“I’m also trying to meet the graduation requirements. Well.”

He shrugged his shoulders as if Italy was no big deal. Come to think of it, there’s something left over here, too.

“When will you be a model?”
“Oh, I think you can take it a little slow. It’s been a while since I had a chance, but I’m going to improve my skills by drawing with Ye Na for a while.”
“Sure. But our schedule may not fit, so don’t make it too urgent.”
“All right!”

Italy responding with an awkward salute. Since we got used to each other’s faces, we often looked like that in reality, beyond messages.

“Smart sister, look at this!”
“Oh, is it Batgirl?”
“Yes! It’s Ye Na’s!”
“Cool. Even sunglasses. Ye Na, you had a lot of fun”.
“Yes, yes! I saw a baby shark…”

Ye Na showed the bearbrick she received as a gift and began to chat about what had happened. I’m glad I took him.

“Where is the director?”
“He went to check on the adoption family.”
“Really? I can’t see you today. Then, Ye Na, please. Say hello to the director.”
“Yes, I will.”

Italy nodded softly, and after a brief greeting with Ye Na, we left the nursery.

“You worked hard, too, Ba Da, too.”
“Ha Neul had the hardest time in the middle.”
“Oh, my. I can’t deny it. In that sense, I want to go home early and rest today. Would that be okay?”
“Sure! I’ll take you home.”
“No, you must be tired, so you don’t have to go back and forth twice. I can take a taxi from here.”

Kang Ba Da tilted its head for a moment in response to an unusual reaction. But she couldn’t find a logical loophole, and she nodded soon.

“Yes, of course.”
“Thank you for your understanding.”

Kang Ba DaBa Da left the nursery first in a Scarlet, and I held my breath for a moment until the sound of the engine completely disappeared.

After entering the back alley, I took out my phone. A call that connects immediately when you press the saved number.

“Where should I go?”
– I’ve sent a car nearby. I’ll give you the address, so come over there.
“All right.”

I hung up and took a deep breath. I am sorry for lying to Kang Ba Da, but from now on, it is a problem that must be solved only with the power of “Kim Ha Neul.”

“With the help of Ba Da ssi, it’s time for the guests to come.”’

While I was collecting my mind, a message with an address was sent. When I went there, there was a black Mercedes standing.

As he boarded the back seat, the driver looked down through the rearview mirror. I also gave a light greeting and asked for a start.

A vehicle moving forward with a powerful engine sound. I quietly arranged my thoughts, leaving myself completely in the chair.

‘The enemy of the enemy is my friend.’

The first step in realizing the word in personally. It was to bring the people of the Kang family to my side.

* * *

“Our Kim Seo-bang has a very thick face? The door you broke is a posthumous work of a famous overseas designer, so it is impossible to repair it.”
“That’s cheap enough. You knew who Kim Mi-jung was. I’m sure you kind of expected this to happen.”
“If you’re here to argue, you’ve got the wrong number.”
“I’m not arguing, I’m here to make a deal.”

Kang Byul’s eyebrows were raised upward. She glared at Kim Ha Neul with a sunken look, and soon offered her a seat.

“Black tea or coffee?”
“Cool water will do.”
“…That’s the same for both of you.”

Kang Byul sighed and sat on the chair. She shakes her head as if to ask her to do something. Kim Ha Neul opened his mouth.

“Please make an image.”
“Why, do you want to be a model?”
“If necessary.”
“I don’t think you’ll be recognized by your big brother for that.”

Kangbyeol knows exactly how the current situation works. It was the right choice to come to her first.

“That’s up to the use.”
“What kind of image do you want?”
“I’ll leave it up to an expert. Especially if you’re a man of high artistic insight like the director.”
“Even if you gold it, nothing comes out.”
“I’m serious”.

Kang Byul rubbed her temples as if she was in trouble. Then suddenly, he picked up the phone on the table and instructed the secretary to bring something.

“Leave it there and go out.”
“Yes, sir.”

The secretary put down two glasses on the table. I put down a sweet-scented latte in front of Kangbyeol and a black coffee in front of me.

“Don’t hesitate to drink.”
“I asked for water”.
“If you’re really going to leave the job to me, you’ll have to drink coffee instead of water from now on. It’s also a very strong guy.”

Kangbyul who enjoys the flavor of latte. I looked at the figure and slowly lifted my glass.

A dark black espresso without a single cream. No, this is “Lungo,” which has a stronger bitter taste by lengthening the extraction time.

‘…It’s a very unique taste.’

This is also a kind of test.
It’s a kind of message from Kang Byul to me. Here, we should savor the bitter taste as slowly as possible according to the intention of the examiner.

After a while, I emptied the glass neatly, and a small smile spread around Kang Byul’s mouth.

“Be careful. He’s a hot guy.”
“Don’t they usually warn you before you open your mouth?”
“You knew everything and drank it, but you’re exaggerating.”
“The aftertaste is bitter. with ignorance.”
“In the future, you’ll feel like it’s sweet.”

A warning that the road ahead will never be easy. Of course, I’m fully prepared for Ba Da. I have no intention of going back now.

Kang Byul continued, putting down a coffee cup on the table, as if she felt my determination.

“Yes, I know what Kim Seo-bang wants. I think this is enough. But this is a deal, right? I need to get something, too.
“This will clear up all debts.”
“You’re not going to say you don’t know, are you?”

It’s not fair to say that I let you borrow a villa once. Of course, one of the doorknobs was slightly damaged, but the life of Kang Ba Da is much more precious than that.

If we put Ye Na’s share here, the scale will tilt sharply toward us.

“If you’re too greedy, you’ll get hurt. “It’s not like I don’t know what it means to help you at this timing.”
“I’m sure you’ll get some hateful hair from your big brother.”
“Not a little. It’s hard to swear at my family with my own mouth, but as an enemy, I really don’t want to go around.”

Kang Byul shivered slightly. Even for her, who doesn’t budge at all, the existence of a strong mountain seems to be too much.

“Don’t worry. You won’t be able to handle the execution alone.”
“What? Don’t tell me you are you…”

I didn’t bother to answer and just shrugged my shoulders. Kangbyeol is smart, so this alone will be enough to understand his intentions.

If you’re scared of tigers, you should gather hunters.’

Although Kang San is a strong candidate for the next chairman, it has not been confirmed yet.

Of course, I would refuse if I asked him to face Gangsan 1:1 all of a sudden, but if there is someone to hunt with, it’s a different story.

“I haven’t talked to my brother yet.”

You can say the opposite to Kang Tae-yang. Of course, you need to add something extra, but the price will be much lighter if Kang Byul joins.

Kang Byul looked at me with suspicious eyes, as if she had read my thoughts. He looks like he can really do it.

“There must be only one thing that’s hard for you to persuade.”
“I’ll take care of that.”
“I wish I had grounded confidence.”
“First of all, I showed you all the cards I had. Now all you have to do is decide on the execution.”

Kang Byul looked at the empty coffee cup on the table, and soon nodded slowly.

“Have another cup of coffee.”
“I won’t say no.”

I don’t know how many times I filled my glass that day. By the time I felt caffeine was flowing in my veins instead of blood, I had a stronger ally than blood.

* * *

After returning home from a conversation with Kang Byul, I immediately sat in front of the computer. When I turned on the Internet, a familiar platform appeared.

[Notice 999+]

A huge pile of notifications in a week. When I checked quickly, the response was still good except for some malicious comments.

[Yeoncham, Yeoncham, Yeoncham][You’re piled up, right?][Photographer, did you lose your initial commitment?] You didn’t do that to the previous ones. I’m getting dizzy. Hurry up!]

The shouts of readers who could not know the contents of the transaction with the platform, so I swallowed a pleasant smile and pressed the writing button.

“The day has finally come.”

Episode 100 is just around the corner.
Next week, as the monopoly of Munpia is finally released, my novel will be posted on other platforms, and the restriction of “no participation” will disappear.

I started to book the posts I had saved one by one. Because the amount was so large, it took a long time just to copy and paste.

There are a total of 50 reserved episodes.
About 20 episodes of this are left for emergency use.

“Of course, it’s impossible to earn a trillion won just from web novels.”

It’s enough to have a variety.
beyond mere money You can prove that it is worth it to a person named Kim Ha Neul. So that anyone can only acknowledge me.

I picked up the phone again, recalling the face of Gangsan, who was watching from somewhere.

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