Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 61 

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#061 Let’s have a conversation.

‘Kim Mi-jung is under someone’s direction.’

I was able to grasp the situation based on the phone conversation I overheard last night. In a way, it is the worst situation.

Kim Mi-jung is like a mother to Kang Ba Da. She is the only person who has been by her side since childhood and filled her deficiency.

But if her identity was a spy sent by another family. Will Kang Ba Da be able to handle the fact?

‘… It must be hard.’

Although he doesn’t show much on the surface, Kang Ba Da is actually a soft-hearted person. There were a lot of trauma and deficiencies that were revealed implicitly.

Nevertheless, he looked stable and calm when he talked about his nanny. This means that Kim Mi-jung was a big support.

“The sky…”

If Kim Mi-jung is a spy, it is also important to find out who she is instructed by. The person that comes to mind right now is the father of Kang Ba Da.

He was hired by the chairman in the first place. Considering the use of extreme honorifics when talking on the phone, it is clear that he is quite a high-ranking person …

“Ha Neul-ssi!”

Suddenly Kang Ba Da grabbed me by the shoulder. Then I came to my senses and quickly looked around.

Ye Na, looking this way and inflating her cheeks, and Kang Ba Da, touching my forehead as if worried. Thanks to you, I felt sorry for the mistake.

“You were too absorbed in your thoughts.”’

Currently, our group had come to the aquarium. I came to see Ye Na’s favorite shark, but it seems that it was obvious that she was thinking about something else.

“What are you thinking about from before? You look very tired, did you feel uncomfortable sleeping?”
“No, I just came up with an idea. I’m sorry.”
“Older brother, ideas are important!”
“… Yeah. Thank you, Ye Na.”

Ye Na’s expression, which was pouting at the word “idea,” was relieved. She held out a small notepad and pen that she wore around her neck.

When I accepted it unexpectedly, I pretended to think of something and scribbled roughly anything on my notepad.

“Made, spy, scuffle? What is this?”
“What? Uh, well. That’s what I’m saying. “

Kang Ba Da, who peeped at the memo, asked with curious eyes. It was quite embarrassing because it was just a scramble for anything that came to mind.

It is even written according to the flow of consciousness, so the core contents are subtly written. I’m glad I didn’t write nanny.

These are words that are rarely related, but I quickly combined them in my dignity as an established writer.

“If it turns out that Maid, hired by a rich family, was a spy for the enemy, there would be a huge scuffle.”
“…What do you usually think of when you look at an aquarium and think of such an idea?”
“Oh, my. It’s amazing that there are so many different kinds of fish. Particularly, peace is maintained even though meat eaters are mixed together like sharks.”

Kang Ba Da sent suspicious eyes, but Ye Na opened her mouth with her eyes wide open.

“Oppa, sharks are nocturnal. When the lights go out, the fish in there are eaten.”
“Yes, sharks have good eyes, but they can also detect very fine bioelectricity through an organ called ‘Lorenzini’ in their nose. Even if your eyes get dark with this, hunt for food accurately!”
“Wow, Ye Na is smart!”

an unbelievably straightforward account of a child Thanks to you, Kang Ba Da turned away from me.

The fact that the fish in the aquarium are eaten by sharks when the fire is extinguished seems to have had no effect on Ye Na’s innocence.

“… Do they rather want to see it?”

For sure, it was a part where I felt that Ye Na was a little different from ordinary children. I shook my head inside and organized my thoughts again.

‘Yes, let’s focus on this for now.’

It’s not a problem that can be solved immediately even if you try to think about it, and maybe it’s not as serious as I think.

Kim Mi-jung will stay with us while we stay in the villa, so we have no choice but to wait and see for a while.

“Ye Na, there’s a hammerhead shark!”

For about a week after that, we traveled all over Jeju Island and made pleasant memories.

I’ve been on a viewing submarine.
I ate black pork and meat noodles.
We also look around the Osherlock green tea field.

I’ve done almost everything that can only be done in Jeju Island. In the meantime, I have observed Kim Mi-jung’s movements in my spare time. One conclusion has been reached.

‘…You must be a spy.’

Damn it.
Sitting on the bed as usual, I quietly swallowed my nausea. I just wished it wasn’t, but I became more convinced as time went by.

Kim Mi-jung talked to someone on the phone every day at a fixed time, at a fixed location. Thanks to this, I was able to gather information relatively easily.

Of course, most of what Kim Mi-jung said was “yes” or “okay,” but there were additional information that sometimes popped up.

Through this, I was able to vaguely infer who the opponent was.

“Strong mountains.”

The first of the Kang family and the next chairman with the largest stake in the Daehan Group. I didn’t expect his name to pop out of here.

It was the moment when my expectation that it would be the chairman collapsed. Thanks to that, my mind became more complicated.

“…I have a headache.”

What’s wrong with Gang San?
Why now?
For what?

Questions of one kind and another rose endlessly, and thanks to this, I couldn’t sleep for less than 10 hours during my trip to Jeju Island.

“I have no choice but to face it myself.”

Today is the last night in Jeju Island. I thought that if I missed this moment, the opportunity would never return, so I finally took action.

“Yes, sir.”

After the call is over.
I went out to the living room at the right timing. Then Kim Mi-jung greeted me with a calmer look than I thought.

“You heard it.”
“Not everything.”
“Can you keep it a secret from the lady?”
“Depending on the content.”
“…It will be a long story.”

Kim Mi-jung nodded slightly bitterly and sat quietly in the chair, and I sat opposite her.

“How far do you know?”
“The fact that my aunt posts a report to Gangsan every morning. And after this trip, I’ll leave Ba Da ssi’s side.”
“That’s all you know.”
“May I ask the reason first?”

From the standpoint of closely watching Kim Mi-jung, she truly thought of Kang Ba Da as her daughter.

Since it was a simple act, the actions and expressions that popped out without being conscious of the moment were too real.

“That’s my mission.”
“…No way, from the beginning?”
“As you said. I was hired by Master Gangsan in the first place. I’ve been ordered to report all the peculiarities of Lady Sea.”

The shocking truth automatically made me laugh.
Obviously as far as I know. The chairman loved his wife so much that he refused to remarry even after his death. Instead, I heard that you attached a nanny to Kang Ba Da to fill her mother’s vacancy.

“The president is not that interested in you.”
“I heard that you cared enough to donate stocks since you were a baby?”
“It’s more like the ‘only’ you gave me.”

The puzzles that were misaligned start to be put together one by one. In addition, the wealth of Kang Ba Da is higher than that of the general public, and it is comparable to other siblings.

Right now, Kang Tae-yang alone is dominating the night streets of Seoul, and Kang Byul is also worth hundreds of billions of won just by selling paintings hung on private exhibitions.

Of course, each person gradually expanded their businesses to prove their ability, but there was a big difference from basic funds.

– My dad was so busy that I couldn’t even see him when I was young.
– What about the others?
– Most of my sisters and brothers went abroad to study. I spent a lot more time alone with my nanny.

A conversation with Kang Ba Da played in my head. This began to mesh with her situation, which was completely excluded from the politics of the group.

‘…I see.’

a natural conclusion
Chairman Hyun is completely indifferent regardless of whether he has affection for Kang Ba Da or not. It is important information, but it is not immediately available.

“The problem is Kim Mi-jung’s position.”

Aside from identifying herself as a strong mountain person, her behavior is suspicious. To be more precise, I’d say it’s sloppy.

“You talked on purpose in the living room. No, did you guide us to this villa with a radio wave breaker?”
“I’m sorry if it was unpleasant.”

Kim Mi-jung admitted the fact calmly. It seems that there is nothing more to hide after coming this far.

‘That’s the same for me.’

What’s more important than questioning what’s right and what’s wrong. It is to find out why Kim Mi-jung told me the truth and decide her future whereabouts.

When she looked at her silently, Kim Mi-jung slowly opened her mouth as if she had been waiting.

“Do you know that other people besides Miss Sea are competing for the next chairmanship?”
“To some extent.”
“Then it would be quick to explain.”

Apparently, four siblings, excluding Kang Ba Da, are fighting over their stake in the company, but some areas have already been divided.

Among them, Kang San is the most likely candidate for the next chairman, and he is currently building his position in the group as vice chairman.

“Mr. Gangsan seems to want to attract investment from outside to strengthen his position as the next chairman.”
“…Do you mean you’re going to make me marry you?”

Kim Mi-jung nodded with a heavy expression. I wondered if it would be possible in this world, but I thought that Korean groups could do it as much as they want.

No, Ba Da is a unique case.’

Naturally, the more money you have, the more difficult you choose your marriage partner. Right now, all of the other siblings except for Kang Ba Da married influential people.

I was optimistic because things have gone so smoothly recently, but the world where Kang Ba Da lived was originally like this.

“Who’s your partner?”
“I’m the grandson of the president of a famous savings bank in Korea. “As the international situation has become unstable recently, it is predicted that the attitude of loans to companies will deteriorate…”
“If Ba Da ssi’s political marriage takes place, we can solve that part to some extent. Do you know how big it is?”
“I don’t know exactly, but I think it’s at least 300 billion to 500 billion. In the long run, it will exceed 1 trillion.”

A sigh came out naturally. A few days ago, I liked that 100 million won was collected in my bank account, but this is too different even if the number of units is different.

…Is it rather small for a Korean group?’

Of course, 1 trillion is never a small amount of money, but the cashable short-term financial assets held by Daehan Group alone exceed 100 trillion won.

Even if it’s not, with the background of being a Korean group and the appearance of Kang Ba Da, we could aim for a political marriage with a much higher level than the president of a savings bank.

Even if they were not financially capable, they could have strengthened their influence on the political and business circles by choosing the NIS, prosecutors, and judges’ families.

You’re trying to test me.’

If you want to become a son-in-law of Daehan, you should show at least that level of skill.

Frankly speaking, I don’t have much. First of all, family and wealth are nothing to show off. Seoul National University is the school’s academic background, but there are literally thousands of alumni.

It’s obviously a pillar western position.’

It’s the same for the eyes of the mountains.
If he really intended to use Kang Ba Da as a sacrifice for a political marriage, he would have extended his spell much earlier.

According to the story, the chairman’s neglect seems to have been carried out for a long time. It wouldn’t have been too difficult if it was a mountain.

The timing is weird no matter how much I look at it.’

After all, KangBa Da only owns a part of the stake, but does not participate in the management of the company at all. It’s the same for a son-in-law.

Most influential people, however, have ‘ambitious’. He even won a business card called “Daehan Group’s son-in-law,” but would he try to stay still?


I can assure you of this.
He will definitely try to win even a small management right using Kang Ba Da’s stake and the background of his parents’ family. This means that the pie is reduced.

I don’t know if Gangsan holds a strong stake in Kang Ba Da, but in an ambiguous relationship like now, it’s like drinking poison on its own.

Ba Da ssi’s existence is close to a variable.’

A joker card that is weak to take the initiative herself, but can be quite a significant backer if she supports someone else.

Other Kangs who are looking for a turnaround would not know. From Gangsan’s point of view, the west side of the pillar should be welcomed.

‘…I’m sure it’s about here.’

This is a message from Gangsan to me. It is clear that if you want to take Kang Ba Da, at least prove it worth that much.

I’m already preparing a marriage annulment lawsuit.’

Gangsan must also know that we submitted a marriage registration form. Nevertheless, showing his cards means that he is confident.

Although there are few reasons for the court to admit the annulment of marriage. How many things can’t be solved if a large company pours money into it?

Not only the judge in charge, but also me and Kang Ba Da were likely to be pressured to conclude with “a case where there is no marriage agreement between the parties.”

It must be hard for me alone.’

I don’t want to open my hands to others, but I can’t help it right now. We have no choice but to bring out all possible means.

Even if I do my best, I don’t know if I can rub it against Gangsan or not. I’ll have to try something first. But the thing that bothers me.

“Did the nanny get kicked out because she covered us up?”
“Maybe it’s a punishment for reporting your marriage registration late.”
“…I’m sorry.”
“It’s not something you should apologize for. Rather, I am truly grateful. To be honest, I’ve been in a lot.”

Kim Mi-jung’s face also showed a bit of ease, perhaps because she just said it.

There must be a mixture of guilt that you have deceived Kang Ba Da, which you consider as your real daughter, and the refreshing feeling that you have told a story that you can’t tell anywhere else.

This is why I’m scared of affection.’

At first, he would have stayed with Kang Ba Da without much emotion, but as he spent more time together, he truly regarded her as a daughter.

However, if you turn a blind eye to the given task, it would not be strange to be replaced anytime as it is now, so you must have endured it while festering your stomach.

“I’m ashamed, but can I ask you a favor?”
“Go ahead.”

Suddenly, Kim Mi-jung got up from her seat and bowed deeply. Surprised by this, I quickly raised her up, but she didn’t budge.

“Please, my lady.”

Kim Mi-jung’s body began to tremble. I couldn’t bear to speak at her sincerity. I was just listening in silence.

“I said I would replace the child’s mother presumptuously, but I couldn’t get my smile back. But meeting with Master Ha Neul made her laugh a lot. I’m happy. So, please… “

Come on.
Then I suddenly felt a movement. I quickly raised my head and looked at the railing on the second floor, but nothing was immediately visible.

But I intuitively realized that Kang Ba Da was eavesdropping on our story.

“Could you look at Ye Na for a second?”
“What? Ye Na is with Ba Da girl…”

Feeling something was wrong, Kim Mi-jung looked up. Her face gradually turned pale enough to be seen under the dim light.

“I’ll go first.”
“Yes, yes!”

I chased the crowd up the stairs quickly. Then I felt Kang Ba Da leaning against the wall flinched and ran away.

Kang Ba Da quickly entered the next room and locked the door, and the house fell into a deep silence.

“Ba Da ssi.”
“Ba Da ssi, please open the door.”
“…I don’t want to.”

The voice of Kang Ba Da, already wet with water. Experience has shown that such a man should never be left alone. It just keeps getting more depressed.

“Let’s talk face to face first.”
“…Let me be alone for a moment.”
“If you don’t open it, I’ll break it.”

There was a sign of flinching from the inside. But I couldn’t feel the movement to open the door, so I finally grabbed the door handle.

“I count exactly three. One, two… “
“Leave me alone!”

Smashing only the doorknob, I pushed straight inside. Then Kang Ba Da stared at me with an expression of absurdity.

“Are you really crazy!?”
“It’s crazy. To Ba Da.”

I swept my hair over Kang Ba Da and approached Ba Da. Then she flinched away.

“So let’s have a conversation between the couple.”

I smiled as kindly as I could. Kang Ba Da took three more steps back.

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