Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 60

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#060 She’s the one she needs.

Meanwhile, Kang Ba Da looked back and forth at her reflection in the mirror and nodded softly.

“…This is okay, right?’

A neat light blue color overall.
The top is covered with a typical bikini and a skin-colored cardigan, and the bottom is a skirt-shaped swimsuit with frills.

He showed his body in moderation but put his heart and soul into it so that it doesn’t look too cheap. I even had a heated discussion with my nanny for this.

“I’m so embarrassed to go out!”’

It was a situation that I had expected from the time I first planned to travel to Jeju Island, but I was embarrassed to show Kim Ha Neul in a swimsuit.

It’s not my first time wearing a swimsuit, and I often rented a pool villa with my friends, so I thought it would be okay.

“I didn’t gain weight, did I?”’

Kang Ba Da was in serious trouble by touching his stomach. Maybe it’s because of the increase in the amount of food I ate recently with Kim Ha Neul, but I think I gained some weight.

Since the trip was planned, I have been managing it by eating only grass, but I was worried about the pork cutlet I had just before. I’ve lost my head and emptied the plate clean.

‘…The nanny is so good at cooking that it’s a problem.’

It was a story with nowhere to complain, so Kang Ba Da swallowed its tears silently. It’s already been too long to change into a rash guard.

Kang Ba Da comforted itself with a lot of strength in its stomach. Still, the cardigan will cover it to some extent, so it will be okay.

What about Ha Neul?’

Kang Ba Da suddenly became curious about Kim Ha Neul’s body. Looking at your usual athletic abilities, I think you have a very well-balanced body.


The rising expectation made Kang Ba Da laugh without realizing it. After preparing her mind, she ambitiously turned the door handle.

“Are you here?”
“I’ve been waiting for a long time…”

Kang Ba Da barely held back a sigh that was about to burst. This is because Kim Ha Neul was wearing a tight rash guard.

“Although it’s not bare body!”

This side wasn’t bad either.
There were muscles that couldn’t be covered by rash guards. If you get wet, you will see quite a scene.

At the same time, he was conscious of Kim Ha Neul’s gaze as he looked through his body. It is quite cute to turn your head quickly.

When I saw Kim Ha Neul being embarrassed, unknown courage sprang up inside Kang Ba Da.

“How do you like my swimsuit?”

Kang Ba Da showed off her figure as if she knew nothing. I’m confident that I won’t be discouraged.

However, Kim Ha Neul only flinched for a while, but did not turn his head, and the smile of Kang Ba Da became thicker.

“You don’t like it?”
“What? You don’t like it, do you?”
“It’s pretty.”

Kim Ha Neul doesn’t turn his head again this time. Looking at him, Kang Ba Da, which made him want to tease him more, approached him.

“Just look at it properly and tell me. Did you think I’d like it if you said I looked pretty without looking at this side? Like a writer! Show me your rich expression.”

Kim Ha Neul exhales deeply. I rarely see such a cute figure, so the corners of Kang Ba Da’s mouth caught my ears.

“Should I slowly let it go now?”

Ye Na will have to stay a long time before she comes, so in the meantime, enjoy your time alone slowly…

Then suddenly, Kim Ha Neul’s eyes moved. I wondered why they were looking at me, but my pupils were moving down slowly.


Kang Ba Da was embarrassed by Kim Ha Neul’s gaze, which blatantly looked at her body, where she had been embarrassed until a while ago.

Kim Ha Neul’s scan, which began in the middle of the forehead, was done to the toes along the center line of the body. A strange sensation followed him around Kang Ba Da.

The process was slower and slower than expected, so Kang Ba Da was gripped by a shameful feeling as if it had been exposed all over.

“…Now, wait a minute!”

Kang Ba Da wanted to shake off this feeling quickly, but her lips could hardly fall off because her body was so tense.


It’s actually been about five seconds. The time, which had been felt endlessly slow, began to pass again, and Kim Ha Neul finally opened his mouth.

“I don’t know.”
“I need to take a closer look.”
“What, what!?”

Come on.
Kim Ha Neul suddenly put his face in. The red face of Kang Ba Da was flushed by the scan that started again right under my nose.

“Well, stop looking!”
“You told me to look at you properly.”
“That’s enough!”
“So why are you playing a joke that you can’t get your money back?” You’ll be embarrassed if you go in.”

See you.
Kang Ba Da, who noticed that Kim Ha Neul was making fun of him, calmed down his anger. She glared at him with a coy look.

“Oh, it’s the opposite this time?”
“It’s not like that!”
“Hey, don’t be shy and watch as much as you want. I.”

Kim Ha Neul, who opens his hands playfully. Kang Ba Da, which was filled with shame and anger at the same time, felt like I really wanted to feed water to that face.

Kang Ba Da hit Kim Ha Neul with all its might. Being careless, he lost his balance, and his upper body tilted completely toward the swimming pool.

Panicked, he quickly floundered his hands, but it was already too late to regain his balance. Just before his body fell into the water.


Kim Ha Neul grabbed the hand of Kang Ba Da with amazing athleticism. Kim Ha Neul, who strongly pulls Kang Ba Da as if he can’t be left alone.

According to the law of gravity, the two dived harmoniously into the water and stuck their heads out to the surface almost at the same time.

“Puha! Oh, come on!”
“If you thought about leaving others out, you should have prepared to leave yourself out. … “Haha!”

Kang Ba Da splashed water on Kim Ha Neul. Kim Ha Neul’s eyes, which were hit by water head-on while talking, sank coolly.

Kang Ba Da flinched at the sight. She quickly raised her hands and expressed her intention to surrender, but it seemed too late to stop Kim Ha Neul.

“Ah! Come on… Wait a minute!”
“You hit me first and there’s no such thing as a brief moment!”

Puff, puff, puff!
Kim Ha Neul’s hand spun like a motor and sprayed water on Kang Ba Da, and a switch went into her eyes, which were steadily stepping back.

“You want to try it now, don’t you?”
“Who started it first?”

There was a spray of water between the two, and a small smile hung around each other’s mouths.


“Are you okay?”

a sunbed sea of rivers Ye Na, who squatted in front of her, fanned her with her hands.

Kang Ba Da smirked at the cute consideration, but did not forget to send a fierce look at Kim Ha Neul.

“Why is Ha Neul so fine!?”
“Even if you argue that with me…”

The fight between the two, which began with a fierce water fight, spread to all kinds of games.

From a simple swimming game to throwing a ball into a tube, all kinds of matches continued. At the end of it, Kang Ba Da was half exhausted.

“Oppa, play with me, too.”
“Yes, let’s go! “Boom boom!
“LOL! It tickles!”

Kim Ha Neul flew over the pool like Superman, holding Ye Na up as if she was tired. Looking at him, Kang Ba Da felt some sort of relief.

‘…I wouldn’t have been able to do it alone.’

Ye Na also lost her energy after working hard, but her energy quickly recovered because she was old.

As always, Kim Ha Neul’s presence came as a sense of stability, especially at this moment.

“More than anything, it’s fun to play together.”’

From the middle, I just had fun regardless of exposure. The joy that I never felt when I came to the pool villa with my friends.

It was a greater strength than I thought to have someone who could passionately pour out energy together and accept it.

“Are you having fun?”
“Yes, thanks to the nanny.”
“Don’t mention it. I had time, so I made your favorite vanilla cold brew.”
“I just needed this!”

Kang Ba Da supplemented sugar and caffeine at the same time while drinking the drink given by the nanny. Then I felt a little lively in my body.

Kim Mi-jung placed simple snacks and drinks on the table and sat down on a chair. His eyes remained fixed on Kim Ha Neul.

“You’re a good man.”
“Don’t you think so?”
“Yes. She’s the one you need now.”

Kim Mi-jeong did not turn her head even at the counter gate of Kang Ba Da. However, the way he looked at Kim Ha Neul seemed quite serious.

While Kang Ba Da was speechless for a moment at the first sight, Kim Mi-jung turned her eyes.

Her face, looking at Kang Ba Da, suddenly returned to her usual warm expression.

“Since I met you, you have changed a lot. I always felt like I was going to be in my arms.”
“Is this the heart of a parent who sends a daughter? It may sound presumptuous, but I’ve always regarded you as my child.”
“What do you mean new?” I’m just like my mother.”

Kim Mi-jung swallowed her laughter. However, Kang Ba Da somehow felt that the smile was not light.

“What’s the matter, Yoo-mo?”
“No, it’s nothing to worry about. It’s a little later than that, but I’m thinking of preparing dinner. Would you like a barbecue?”
“Yes, yes, yes.”
“Then I’ll be ready right away.”

Kim Mi-jung immediately got up from her seat and went into the building. Kang Ba Da staring blankly at its back.


At that time, Ye Na called Kang Ba Da in a loud voice. When I turned my head, Ye Na, who was in Kim Ha Neul’s arms, was waving her hand to play with me.

Kang Ba Da thought for a while looking at the direction in which Kim Mi-jung disappeared, and eventually got up.

* * *

Well, of course it’ll be like this.’

Entering the room, I sighed as I saw a bed too large to lie down alone.

After the water play, we enjoyed a barbecue and a simple chat and then dispersed to our respective rooms. Ye Na followed Kang Ba Da.

‘…There are too many bedrooms.’

The room was overflowing, perhaps because it was made with the assumption of a group guest.

Of course, I didn’t think it would be a big deal (?) where Ye Na and Kim Mi-jung were together, but it was a shame.

“I can’t sleep.”

Damn insomnia.
I couldn’t fall asleep even though I worked so hard. Lying alone on a spacious bed, I finally got up from my seat.

I looked at the refrigerator earlier and it was filled with beer and various side dishes. I thought a simple drink or two would help me sleep.

You should force yourself to sleep.’

Tomorrow’s schedule was quite tight, so we’d better hurry up a little. With that in mind, I went out to the living room, and there was a visitor who came first.

“Yes, I know.”

Kim Mi-jung, who seems to be on the phone with someone.
I didn’t mean to eavesdrop. My intuition as a writer kept holding me back. Eventually I listened to her voice holding my breath.

“Yes, I will prepare without a hitch.”

Although I couldn’t hear the voice over the phone, I could roughly grasp the situation with Kim Mi-jung’s answer.

Judging that I heard everything worth listening to, I quietly returned to the room.

Sitting on the bed, I bit my lips and thought about how to accept this situation.

“…Your aunt is a spy?”

too heavy a truth
I ended up staying up all night.

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