Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 57

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“Give it a try.”

At Kang Byul’s cold tone, Jang Mi-el shook her hands as if she was falsely accused and denied it.

“Director, what ridiculous misunderstanding are you making!? Do you believe what a kid who didn’t even graduate from kindergarten now?”
“Ye Na is a good kid.”

While the two were arguing, Kim Ha Neul carefully lowered Ye Na and blocked her. It was to prevent possible accidents in advance.

“It’s so unfair! How long have you been with the director, are you doubting me?”
“I’m the one who should be unfair. “I heard it was dark under the lamp, but when I think about raising a guy like you while feeding him money, I get angry inside.”
“I don’t know!”
“Now that I see it, it was you who touched the drugs, right? No wonder, he said things were slow, unlike my brother. You were the one who made the data in the first place.”
“Oh, my God.”

Jang Mi-el’s expression hardened at Kang Byul’s words of conviction. His face, which was full of injustice until just before, had only a cold smile.

Kim Ha Neul knew what that expression meant. This is because it was a typical pattern for those who tried to eat and run.

‘Let’s keep him down for now.’

Kim Ha Neul quickly made a judgment.
Today, the exhibition was specially opened only for Ye Na, so there were only Kim Ha Neul and his companions inside the building. The guards are all waiting outside.

“I’m sure Jean-Mael knows this.”

Normally, I would call the police at this point and end it, but as Kangbyeol said, the story is different for members of the drug-related organization.

If he thinks he can’t run away and tries to take a hostage, he’s in trouble.

As soon as Kim Ha Neul was about to kick the ground, someone jumped out from the side of the rainy season.

“What’s wrong with everyone…” Oh, my.
“Don’t move!”

Kim Ha Neul’s expression hardened coldly. I was trying to subdue it in advance because I was afraid this would happen. Things went from bad to worse.

Holding onto Kang Ba Da, Monsoon took a jackknife out of her pocket and put it to her neck.

“Let go of the youngest.”
“Shit. If you don’t want to see blood, do as I tell you.”
“…What do you want?”
“Bite all the bodyguards in front of you. Bringing a car. Don’t be ridiculous. You know how many years I’ve been working under you?”

Kang Byul, who was staring at the rainy season with scary eyes, eventually took out her phone.

The moment the call was connected immediately and Kang Byul was about to speak. Kim Ha Neul stepped forward.

“Kill him.”
“… What?”
“Kill me.”

Kim Ha Neul’s cold words froze the entire exhibition hall. People stared at Kim Ha Neul with round eyes.

“Why? You can’t do it when I put it on the table?”
“Kim Seo-bang! What are you doing!?”
“Think rationally. Do you think he’ll let go of Kang Ba Da even if we do as we ask? If you’re dragged away, you’ll only get more miserable.”
“What the hell are you talking about?”

The excited Kang Byul pressed, but Kim Ha Neul did not budge an eye. He spoke in a voice that sank heavier than ever.

“Anyway, Ba Da ssi’s life is in danger. Then, wouldn’t it be right to get revenge?”

Everyone’s mouths were wide open when Kim Ha Neul said something. Not only Kang Ba Da and stars, but also the rainy season looked at Kim Ha Neul with eyes as if they were seeing a crazy person.

“I’m disappointed. I can’t believe a person who bragged about being a member of Daehan can’t even make a rational decision. I’d rather be a ‘leopard’ that appears in a fairy tale
“Is there a pun in this situation!?”
“Tut. Just leave this place to me, and move it to that kid or something else. I don’t think it’s a very good scene for the kids.”

The Leopard and the Kid.
Kang Byul’s brain began to spin fiercely at the unfamiliar word. Ye Na’s fairy tale passes by like a panorama in her head.

“Are you in your right mind?”

Kang Byul, who finally read Kim Ha Neul’s strategy, bit her lips. I’d like to say that it’s only possible in a fairy tale, but the situation was not good.

Kang Byul’s eyes suddenly touched Ye Na. When I saw her shaking with confused eyes, my head instantly cooled.

‘…The priority is to evacuate Ye Na for now.’

The current situation is too deadly for Ye Na. Moreover, the worst trauma of Kang Ba Da dying in front of your eyes must be avoided.

Kang Byul, who made the decision, turned her back on the scene and spoke in a small voice that only Kim Ha Neul could hear.

“Kim Ha Neul. I’ll follow your plan for now. But if the youngest gets hurt, you’ll die by my hand. Keep that in mind.”

Soon after, Kang Byul carefully embraced Ye Na. Covering her eyes so she doesn’t see this situation. I reassured her as much as I could.

“I told you not to move!”
“Shut up that mouth.”

Jang Mi-el made a noise to stop her step quickly, but Kang Byul continued in a cold tone without any emotion.

Jean-Mael. Don’t even dream of turning yourself in. I’ll somehow take it out and drag it back in front of me.”

Kang Byul takes Ye Na out with her sad words. The momentum was so fierce that Jang Mi-el didn’t even think of catching her.

“Haha, hahaha, hahaha…” You dorks.”
“Did you realize that now? You know the way this family thinks. The victim is a fool.”
“You always get more than what you give me or something. They suck up other people’s blood, but they also cherish their families terribly. You won’t die if you don’t.”

The rainy season swallowed dry saliva. The hand holding the knife trembled slightly and stabbed the skin of Kang Ba Da, and a stream of blood flowed from her neck.

Kim Ha Neul smiled coldly when he saw it. Facing that expression, Jang Mi-el seemed to see Kim Ha Neul and the devil overlapping at the moment.

“Let’s make a deal.”
“What nonsense are you going to say again.
“You know I took the wrong hostage, right? Kang Byul wouldn’t know, the stupid girl caught by you now is half the child of the family.”
“I was going to suck some honey because I had a lot of wealth and a half-and-half face. It really bothers me in many ways.”

Kang Ba Da flinched noticeably. Jang Mi-el also lost her words for a while due to Kim Ha Neul’s madness, which is several times thicker than herself.

All the good things we saw until just now were acting. Although I thought it couldn’t be the case, there was a slight suspicion of “by any chance.”

First of all, he was a person who worked for Kangbyeol while hiding his identity.

“Hurry up and poke. I’ll pretend I missed it and let you go.”
“The marriage registration is over anyway. If she dies, all her property is mine. So kill and run before the bad girl comes back. You idiot.”

The monsoon season frowned. I think he’s bluffing. You speak so realistically that I don’t know what’s true.

Isn’t that how people’s psychology is? I don’t want to do more when I’m told to, and if I do what the other person wants, I feel like I’m bowing down and entering.

Eventually, Jang Mi-el bit her lips without being able to do this or that.

“What are you doing, you stupid punk!”
“Shut up! I’ll take care of it…” Argh!”

Jang Mi-el’s hand, who was trying to raise his voice in anger, momentarily lost strength, and Kang Ba Da, which did not miss the gap, bit Jang Mi-el’s hand.

In an unexpected attack, the knife fell to the floor. Soon after, Kim Ha Neul, who ran out like lightning, grabbed him by the wrist.

At the same time, Kim Ha Neul put himself between the two and used his weight to put the rainy season on the floor.

“Oh my god!”
“…You’re really behind.”

Angry Kim Ha Neul’s fist crushed Jang Mi-el’s face. Almost at the same time, bodyguards waiting outside came in.

Nevertheless, Kim Ha Neul is trying to hit Jang Mi-el’s face again, unable to calm down his excitement. But just before, his hand paused.

Kim Ha Neul, who suddenly raised his head, stood up after passing the rainy season to the bodyguard.

“Ba Da ssi, are you okay!?”
“Let me see. Your throat seemed to bleed earlier. First, disinfect it…”

Kang Ba Da lightly pushed Kim Ha Neul’s shoulder. Kim Ha Neul’s embarrassed body hardened.

But for a while.
A bitter smile settled on Kim Ha Neul’s face. It was to save Kang Ba Da.But, because I’ve said quite a lot of terrible things.

“I’m sorry.”
“Don’t make excuses.”
“I didn’t mean it.”
“I know. I know. I know.

Ba Da of a river with its head down
Transparent drops of water dripped down on the red carpet. Her clenched fists trembled pitifully.

Kim Ha Neul, who was reaching out without realizing it, paused. The lost hand grabbed the innocent air without doing this or that.

“I’m sorry. I know you lied to save me. But my heart hurts so much. I know in my head that Ha Neul loves me, but I guess that’s not how I feel. “
“Ba Da ssi.”
“Just give me a minute for now. I’ll be all right soon. Soon, back to the original…?!?”

Kim Ha Neul grabbed the face of Kang Ba Da with both hands. She opened her eyes wide in surprise. When I was staring blankly at Kim Ha Neul with wet, moist eyes.

“I’ll let you know for yourself.”

Kim Ha Neul’s lips touched Kang Ba Da. Her eyes opened wide in the sudden situation.

Kang Ba Da is about to retreat in a moment of embarrassment. But Kim Ha Neul grabbed her waist and wouldn’t let her go.


The last water left by the snow of Kang Ba Da drops and falls to the floor.

The two, who looked into each other’s eyes for a moment without saying a word, kissed each other again, regardless of who was first.

Once, twice.
Each time their lips met, their distance became closer and closer. Ba Da caught Kim Ha Neul by the collar very carefully.

“Will you do the rest at home?”

Suddenly, the cold voice from behind surprised the two people and widened the street.

Then the two came to their senses and realized that countless people, including Kang Byul and her bodyguard, were watching them.

“…Sister, brother, sweetheart.”

Ye Na holds Kang Byul’s hand and looks up blankly at the two. Kim Ha Neul and Kang Ba Da’s faces turned red.

* * *

“Fortunately, there is no PTSD (Psychotrophic Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). I think Ye Na’s defense mechanism worked.”
“Defense mechanism?”
“It was said that the devil and the witch defeated the villain. It’s a kind of play, that is, it seems to have recognized it like a situation in a fairy tale you drew.”
“…Can I take it in a good way?”

Kang Ba Da opened its mouth with anxious eyes, and the doctor nodded as if to be relieved.

“Of course, I’ll have to watch it in the long run, but that’s my opinion as a doctor.”
“That’s a relief.”

Kang Ba Da arranged Ye Na’s hair, who fell asleep next to me. He must have been exhausted from various psychological tests today.

The doctor, who was closely watching the scene, spoke in a low voice.

“What about you, Ba Da?”
“It’s not common to have a knife in your throat, is it?” In particular, since Ba Da has experienced similar things before, the existing trauma may have become stronger.”

At the doctor’s words, Kang Ba Da looked into the air for a while as if he was agonizing, and then quietly opened his mouth.

“I don’t think so. Rather, I feel better than before. Thunder is not as scary as it used to be.”
“It’s a positive change. What encouraged you?”
“My husband.”

Kang Ba Da answered without any hesitation. When I thought of Kim Ha Neul waiting for them outside, a natural smile was drawn around my mouth.

“Just thinking about him makes me feel very relieved. Whenever I’m scared, he always comes running to me. Sometimes I feel like I’m too dependent.
“Do you feel anxious?”
“A little bit. Now I can’t even imagine life without him, but he seems to be getting out of my hands.”

Now money doesn’t mean much to Kim Ha Neul. As a mega hit, you get enough money to make a living without your own support.

Perhaps that’s why these days, I’ve been paying attention to the women I saw in Kim Ha Neul’s graduation album and the comments that flirt with the broadcast.

But for a while.
Kang Ba Da pulled up the corners of her mouth very slowly, fiddling with the bracelet in her hand.

“But it’s okay now. I believe in Ha Neul. After going through this, I thought that he would always be there for me.”
“You met a good person.”
“He’s too much for me.”

The two looked at each other and swallowed their laughter. Shortly after, the doctor continued to talk, covering the medical chart he was looking at.

“That’s it for the consultation as a doctor. After that, as a senior who got married first, he gave me advice.”
“Why don’t you go on a trip?”
“Yes. Since you’ve been through a lot, I thought it would be nice to spend some quality time with your family to calm down your surprise.”
“… hmm.”

As Kang Ba Da began to worry with her lips curled, her doctor quickly pushed her back.

“Don’t think too deeply. I’m just talking to my husband lightly. You understand?
“…Yes, thank you.”

A trip. A trip.
Kang Ba Da nodded slowly, muttering the word in her mind that somehow gave a deep echo.


“Give me Ye Na.”
“Yes, thank you.”

Kim Ha Neul naturally took over Ye Na.
He smiled cutely at Ye Na, who fell asleep without knowing the world, and at the sight, Kang Ba Da felt her heart pounding again.

“What did the doctor say?”
“He said there’s no big problem.”
“That’s a great relief.”
“I know.”

The two headed to the parking lot talking about small things. Meanwhile, Kim Ha Neul turned his head toward Kang Ba Da as if he remembered something.

“I have a favor to ask of Ba Da ssi.”
“What request?”

As Kang Ba Da tilted its head, Kim Ha Neul continued to talk again with a smile around his mouth.

“I’m going to use the wish coupon I got last time.”
“It’s been a while since the expiration date.”
“Are you really going to do that?”
“I’ll listen to it for now.”
“It’s not a big deal. Let’s go on a trip together.”

On the contrary, when the opponent suggested a trip, Kang Ba Da was embarrassed for a while. Then Kim Ha Neul turned his head and opened his mouth.

“Fortunately, nothing big happened. I think you need to rest. There’s nothing like traveling at times like this.”
“… Is that your wish, Ha Neul?”

Kang Ba Da gave a playful smile as if it were absurd. Then Kim Ha Neul shrugged lightly and received the words.

“You don’t like it?”
“I didn’t say no.”
“Then you’re going on a trip together?”
“I’ll think about it a little more.”
“You’re so sweet”.

The two burst into laughter at Ye Na’s sleep talking, which came in properly.

After that, the two decided to go on a trip together.
Towards Jeju Island, where the blue sea shines.

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