Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 58

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#058 Ye Na is my family.

“Ye Na, do you really not want to travel?”
“I want to go to the beach last time.” Didn’t you? Listen to the sound of the waves, see Ba Dagulls.”
“Ye Na has an important mission.”

Ye Na turned around and pulled out her sketchbook. I’m not drawing anything in particular, it was her own signal not to disturb.

Kang Ba Da tilted its head when it saw him. I thought if I asked Ye Na, she would follow me. I didn’t expect you to refuse so stubbornly.

“What’s wrong with Ye Na?”
“I think you’re hooked on something like last time”.
“It doesn’t seem like I’m even drawing a picture. Maybe you’re scared about the last thing.”
“Then I’ll cancel this trip for now……” What?”

Step by step!
Ye Na, who was listening to the story quietly, quickly picked up a pencil. Then he began to pretend to write something hard on the sketchbook.

“You have to be sweet…”

Ye Na witnessed Kim Ha Neul and Kang Ba Da kissing in front of her eyes last time. Since then, Ye Na has had many conversations with Italy.

– The boss kissed you!?
– Yes.
– Mu, Mu, of course he is! Since you two are married! So how was it? Should I draw with her?

Ye Na, who couldn’t get the scene out of her head, completed a new painting with the help of Italy.

When Italy saw it, he nodded and couldn’t hide his excitement.

– God, I can’t believe I can’t see this precious thing in person.
– You’re so smart.
– What?
– Ye Na, are you interrupting?
– What do you mean all of a sudden?

asked Italy, tilting his head. In response, Ye Na continued to talk again, looking at only the finished painting endlessly.

– When Ye Na is not here, she looks happier.
– No, it’s not like that. It’s just that the way of love is a little different.
– What?
– It’s finally time to teach you what love is. Trust her!

The next day, Italy came to the nursery with dozens of comic books packed in. They were pure cartoons, commonly called ‘masterpieces’.

There are so many types of works, and from the 1990s to the modern era, all works were gathered.

– Ye Na, all the truths in the world are contained in this. Let’s binge watch it with her starting today!
– Binge watching?
– It means reading from beginning to end.
– Then can Ye Na know about love, too?
– Of course!

From that day on, Ye Na spent days and days reading comic books with Italy.

At first, Ye Na did not understand the content well, but she filled up her knowledge little by little under Italy’s passionate guidance.

– What do you think, is it worth reading?
– Yeah, it’s fun.
– As expected, he’s the best pupil of mine. You can call me teacher from now on!
– Hey, Ye Na read all of this.
– Okay, here’s the next book.

As a result, I gradually fell into the world of cartoons. Eventually, I understood the relationship between Kang Ba Da and Kim Ha Neul to some extent.

There was also a “childcare” among the comic books, and Ye Na realized a very important fact when she saw him.

“I need your own heart-fluttering time!”’

In the cartoon, there were scenes where the two usually have their own time, such as putting the child to sleep or leaving it to someone else for a while.

Ye Na instinctively grasped the ‘action she had to do not feel like an obstacle’ through the cartoon.

“Ye Na, are you sure you won’t go?”
“There’s a swimming pool and a duck tube”.
“There’s a wonderful view and a lot of delicious food.”

Whenever the two of them seduced me in a subtle voice behind me, my instinct to keep up was wriggling. Ye Na turned her head with superhuman patience.

“You really don’t want to go.”
“It can’t be helped.”
“Then shall we go on our own?”
“Hmm. I do.”

I heard the door close in Ye Na’s ear. As intended, Ye Na feels complicated because she feels upset.

She grabbed the pen with her lips sticking out. I wanted to release this mysterious frustration on the sketchbook.

“Ye Na can draw.”’

the blue sea of the waves
My sister and brother in a swimsuit.
Even a duck tube floating on Ba Da.

‘Ye Na is fine.’

Because Ye Na is a nice kid.
Ye Na is not abandoned.
If I do this, I can stay next to you.

My eyes were clouded. Desperately trying to swallow it, but once the dam collapsed, it was hard to stop. The moment I was about to burst into tears.

“Ye Na, you wanted to go, too, huh?”

Oh, my.
Kim Ha Neul, who suddenly appeared, hugged Ye Na and raised Ye Na. Thanks to this, Ye Na made eye contact with Kang Ba Da semi-forcefully.

She smiled brightly as always, wiping Ye Na’s moist eyes.

“If you cry, Santa won’t come”.
“…I don’t have Santa.”
“You showed me last time, didn’t you?”
“Ye Na, I’m not stupid.”
“What do you mean no?”

Kang Ba Da gently pulled Ye Na’s cheeks. Even if I shook my head here and there, Kang Ba Da rarely let go.

“Don’t stop…”
“Then will you go on a trip with your sister?”

Ye Na pinches her lips without a word.
At that time, Kim Ha Neul picked up Ye Na, rode a wooden horse, and rotated several laps in place. Then, a small smile spreads around Ye Na’s mouth.

“It would be fun to travel together. I’ll go eat delicious food and watch sharks.”

Ye Na’s eyes opened wide.
Since she opened her eyes to the painting, Ye Na, who has been looking for many nature documentaries, has become especially interested in sharks.

As much as I was sincere enough to memorize all kinds of sharks. This proposal was difficult to reject.

“But… “Ye Na, I’m disturbing you…”
“Huh? What do you mean?”
“You should be excited”.

Kang Ba Da and Kim Ha Neul look at each other blankly for a moment at Ye Na’s remarks. After a while, the two burst into laughter at the same time as if they had planned it.

“What, was it like that?”
“Ye Na was considerate of us. I also thought Ye Na hated her sister and brother.”
“Oh, no!”

Shake your head.
Ye Na shakes her head because she’s flustered. The two burst into laughter again at the sight.

Kim Ha Neul, who had been laughing for a long time, carefully lowered Ye Na. Later, she patted Ye Na’s head with a soft smile on her mouth as much as possible.

“Ye Na can be a little more childish.”
“If there’s anything you want to have or do, be honest with me. Sometimes I complain. Ba Da will solve most of the problems here.”
“…Ha Neul ssi?”

Ye Na watched the two people playing tricks on each other. It was very nice to see that. To the point where I want to draw.

“Ye Na, can I stay with you?”
“Of course. I want Ye Na to be with me.”
“Of course. Ye Na is my family.”

Although Ye Na couldn’t understand the meaning exactly, she felt that some unknown warmth wrapped around her whole body.

I feel like I’m inside a very strong fence. Ye Na closed her mouth tightly due to the soft and cozy energy that could not be expressed in words.

“Hmm? Ye Na…”
“Shh. I guess you want to say something.”

As she said, Ye Na quietly picked up the pen.
Place your hand on the sketchbook and carefully draw a line.

Draw a small picture of yourself next to your sister and brother that you just drew. Ye Na is smiling brightly.


It was more of a simple scribble than a painting. Of all the works that Ye Na has painted so far, this painting was her favorite.

Ye Na carefully picked up the sketchbook and held it out to the two. This was the only way to express your feelings most honestly.

‘…I’m scared.’

Will the faces of Kim Ha Neul and Kang Ba Da harden after seeing the picture? Maybe I’m being scolded for being rude. One thought or another complicated Ye Na’s mind.

Nevertheless, the reason she was able to pluck up her courage. This was because he had faith in the two people who had been steadily by his side.

“Are you giving it to us?”

In response to Ye Na’s answer, Kim Ha Neul and Kang Ba Da accepted the sketchbook together. Then for a while, the two who look at the painting without saying a word.

Ye Na tightly closed her eyes and waited for the two’s ruling to fall. The soft feeling that I suddenly feel above my head.

As I gently pushed up my eyelids, what I saw in front of me was Kim Ha Neul and Kang Ba Da smiling as usual.

“Is there anything else you want to do?”
“I think there’s still a lot of space left here. We’re going to see sharks and eat pork cutlet. Shall we fill up the rest after the trip?”
“…Can I do that?”
“Sure. Let’s go on a plane together.”

Ye Na smiled brightly.
It’s Kim Ha Neul and Kang Ba Da.
They looked just like their smiles.

* * *


It’s my first time riding an airplane. She could hardly take her eyes off the window, her eyes wide open.

“Hatnim suddenly came out!”

Today’s weather was full of clouds. Maybe that’s why Ye Na looked a little down.

As soon as the plane went up through the clouds, the clear sky filled the view. It was admirable even to me, so Ye Na must have felt even bigger.

“Unni, the clouds are below me!”
“Oh, you’really.

Kang Ba Da gave a pleasant laugh. Just looking at Ye Na’s sincere smile seemed to make this trip worthwhile.

Of course, I felt the same way as her, but the slight difference is that I feel as excited as Ye Na.

“Thank you. Thanks to Ba Da ssi, I’ve been able to ride all the first class.”

I’ve only been on a plane once before. It was a graduation trip to apply for the department, but at that time, there were many inconveniences because it was an economy class.

I waited a long time to check my luggage, and there were no spare chairs, so I sat on the carrier and waited.

Most of all, Ba Dats on the plane were so small that I had to go with my knees half hugged.

“As expected, money is good.”’

Dedicated check-in counter and premium lounge. In addition to boarding, there are spacious seats enough to lie on your back.

Compared to the economy class, fatigue has decreased significantly. The price has also doubled, but it’s worth paying.

“What do you mean by this? And horses are first class, actually business class. This is the best on domestic flights.”
“Yes. Actually, I was going to borrow a private jet from the group, but I couldn’t because my eldest brother is using it now. Next time, I’ll be sure to……”
“This is enough!”

However, the private jet is too big. I didn’t want to get that much attention when I only went back and forth to Jeju Island.

“Anyway, trust me on this trip! I’ve got everything ready.”

Suddenly I began to feel uneasy.
Of course, it’s not that I don’t believe in Kang Ba Da, but I think it’s a little different from ordinary people. This was because we don’t know how much the scale will grow.

What the hell did you prepare?’

I was worried because they told me to bring my body with me. Did he make a reservation for a travel agency?

The question was resolved immediately after getting off the plane. This is because someone was waiting with a picket saying “Welcome.”

“I’m here to pick you up.”

Jang Hyun-woo, the head of the security team who is in charge of guarding Kang Ba Da. He greeted us with a grave look on his face.

I thought I was nervous since then.
As soon as I left the airport, I had no choice but to sigh. Because some high limousine was waiting for us.

“Let’s move to the accommodation for now.”

Ye Na is just excited because she doesn’t know what’s going on with Kang Ba Da that looks elated for some reason. In the end, I decided to give up everything and acceptance.

“Let’s go.”

Our first family trip, so unforgettable, has begun.

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