Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 19

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#019 Grace in half, revenge in double.

“Ye Na, are you awake?”
“Oh, my”.
“Then should I go wash up with my sister?”
“With you?”
“If you don’t like it, never mind.
“No, I like it!”

Seeing Ye Na’s smiling face, Kang Ba Da’s heart calmed down a little. Although the plan to seduce Kim Ha Neul has gone awry, this is not bad either.

It’s like a real family.’

I felt strange as I took off Ye Na’s clothes. I feel like a mother.

“Ba Da ssi, I got you some water.”
“Thank you.”

It’s like a real couple that the division of roles is taking place. Kang Ba Da, whose mind was somewhat relieved by just that, took Ye Na to the bathroom.
It’s my first time going into a bathroom with someone else since I became an adult. It was not that I had much resistance because I was a child.

“…I’m embarrassed to see you like that.”
“Ye Na, can you be like this, too.”
“Sure. It’ll grow big.”

The bath time with Ye Na was more enjoyable than I thought. Especially when I entered the bathtub, I felt like my whole body was melting.

“You’re so soft.”
“…You can’t touch it too much?”

There were times when childlike curiosity was a little difficult, but even the appearance was cute, so it was not very uncomfortable.

“Ye Na, it was fun today!”
“Thanks to Ye Na, I had fun, too.”
“Of course.”

It’s an experience that I would never have done if I was alone. I’ve been locked up in the lab for half my life, and I’ll continue to live like that unless something big happens.

I want to go somewhere else.’

Ordinary amusement parks are good, and general tourist attractions are good. The desire to experience more diverse experiences rose like smoke.
It hasn’t been a few days since I met Kim Ha Neul again, and it was just amazing that I was experiencing so many changes.

“Ye Na, shall we come back again next time?”
“Yes, yes!”
“Oh, don’t jump in the water!”
“Laughing out loud!”

After the quite eventful bath, Kang Ba Da changed into comfortable clothes and came out. Afterwards, I talked with Ye Na while drying her hair.

“Ye Na can sleep here.”
“What about you?”
“My sister is going to sleep in that room.”
“Where do you sleep?”
“…My brother will sleep there, too.”
“Why only Ye Na?”

Ye Na raised her head.
There was a slight cloud in my bright eyes. Kang Ba Da, embarrassed to see him, quickly added.

“Because Ye Na is a princess…”
“I don’t want to.”
“I want to sleep with my sister and brother.”
“Ummm… Wouldn’t that be hard?”

Oh, my…
The water in Ye Na’s eyes began to drip. While Kang Ba Da was in trouble, Kim Ha Neul came out to the living room just in time.

“Are you done?”
“Oppa! Sleep with me!”

Kim Ha Neul, who was looking at the atmosphere for a while, seemed to have roughly noticed what the situation was going on. His eyes seemed to be troubled for a moment, but he nodded soon.

“Yes, Ye Na sleeps with her brother.”
“You too!”
“All together!”
“That’s a bit…”

In the meantime, Kim Ha Neul sneaked a look at Kang Ba Da. The look in his eyes seemed to be like, “I’m fine, but he won’t like it,” so Kang Ba Da pouted its lips.

“I’m fine”.
“What’s wrong with sleeping together? Right, Ye Na?”
“Yes, yes!”

All the water in her eyes was smoke, and Ye Na stretched out her hands with a big smile.
Ye Na, who grabbed one person each in her hand, quickly led the two to the bed, wondering if her mind would change. In the meantime, Kim Ha Neul sent a message to Kang Ba Da with his eyes.

“Are you serious?”

Who’s to blame in the first place?’

“No, no matter how much…”

“Say no to Ye Na.”


Shake your head.
Kim Ha Neul, who shook his head, sighed. So the three lay side by side in bed.
It was a king-sized bed, but it was cramped for three people to lie down at a sufficient distance.
Therefore, the three had no choice but to stick close like a family with Ye Na in the middle.
Ye Na even held their hands, so she couldn’t turn her back on them. Kang Ba Da and Kim Ha Neul unintentionally faced each other.

“Ye Na, success again!”

Ye Na, who is excited by the subtle atmosphere. When her operation succeeded, she smiled brightly and gave strength to her grip.

“…It’s warm.’

Is it because too much happened today? Ye Na closed her eyes without realizing it because of the soft touch of the bed she felt for the first time.
Ye Na fell asleep in an instant. Listening to her even breathing, Kang Ba Da and Kim Ha Neul held their breath on the contrary. I feel like I can hear you swallowing.


The room was too quiet.
Only the sound of each other’s hearts transmitted through Ye Na resonated quietly in my ears. The two couldn’t sleep long that day.
* * *

“You look tired. Are you okay?”
“Because I didn’t sleep well.”
“Oh, my.”
“It’s not like that.”

I dismissed Mr. Park’s misunderstanding. In the first place, I brought Ye Na in because I was afraid of saying this. There’s a kid in the middle, so he won’t think too hard.

“Hello, Mincheol.”

Come on.
Naturally, the gaze moved backward. As always, Kang Ba Da, who was held in one hand by Ye Na, was greeting the children in the morning.

“…It’s pretty.’

The actor was at the level of a slap, so the subtle situation of lying in the same bed with her kept waking up the man’s instinct.

– Wow! You’re so soft!
The bathroom wasn’t as soundproof as I thought. The voices of two people over the door stimulated the man’s imagination.
Later, when we reached the point of lying in bed together, the happiness circuit burned arbitrarily.

‘…The bed was much narrower than I thought.’

Even now, when I closed my eyes, the face of Kang Ba Da, which showed a clear presence even in the darkness, felt faint.
It’s still like this, but it must have been so cold at dawn. Without Ye Na, I would have been in big trouble.

Get a hold of yourself, drive.’

Fortunately, thanks to the relaxed schedule in the first place, I fell asleep late and rested well until just before leaving the office.
This level of fatigue is familiar because I have been suffering from insomnia all my life. If you drink an energy drink, there is no big problem driving.

“Now, let’s get on the bus.”

I stepped on the accelerator with all the children on board. He headed to the suburbs of Seoul with children and teachers who fell asleep immediately, perhaps because he lacked sleep.
When I saw the children sleeping, I could have felt sleepy without realizing it, but it was vivid thanks to Kang Ba Da sitting in the passenger seat.

“Where are you going?”
“A training center near Seoul. You will stay there while the nursery is being remodeled.”
“How do you go to school?”
“They said they would support the school bus with the driver. “Since I usually walked around, the commuting time itself will be similar.”

Kang Tae-yang’s support was certain.
I don’t know what you’re trying to do, but it takes about a month to remodel. In the meantime, the entire space for children to stay has been rented.

I think the money I spent yesterday alone would be 10 million won.’

It would be about the same if the bus fare and the accommodation fee were added. It would be ridiculous to add to the cost of food, souvenirs, and major remodeling.

‘…Who cares about whom now.’

If rich people play properly in clubs, they will break tens of millions of won a day just for alcohol. Considering the cost of entertainment, it is rather cheap.
Of course, I’m not in a position to be entertained, but it’s funny to refuse to donate on my own. At times like this, you should just say “thank you” and take it.

“See? My second oldest brother is nice, right?”
“I see.”
“Wow, it’s soulless.”
“It’s not really like that. “I’m driving…”
“I’m going to tell you everything.”
“Please look at that. For real.”

He could be killed.
He swallowed his last words.
Fortunately, Kang Ba Da also changed the topic with a light smile as if it was a joke.

“Thanks to you, there are a lot of fun things these days.”
“Is that so?”
“Can’t you play along with me?”
“Wow, that’s great news!”

Kang Ba Da burst into laughter when he showed an exaggerated reaction. I also took the wheel with a silly smile.

“What was it like before?”
“Hmm. I don’t know. Like an achromatic color?”
“Achromatic color?”
“Yes. It wasn’t that fun to live. I don’t really like people. Although I don’t really show it on the outside.”

That’s a bit of a surprise.
Kang Ba Da I saw was a typical image of an insider who smiled at everything and easily became close to others.

“You had no idea, right?”
“No, I knew it.”
“You’re lying, again.”
“Just by looking at the texts I usually send, I get the answer.”
“What’s wrong with my text message?”
“I can see everything.”
“…It’s hilarious, really.”

Kang Ba Da, which swallowed a light smile, closed its mouth. The atmosphere was a little subdued, so I asked first this time.

“Why do you hate people?”
“…It’s just that the front and the back are so different.”
“In what way?”
“They laugh without hesitation in front of them, but if they disappear for a while, they talk about all kinds of behind-the-scenes stories.”

Seeing that the face of Kang Ba Da has become darker, it must be an experience. You seem to care more about your surroundings than you think.

“Other than that, there are many people who come to me just by looking at my appearance and background. No, that’s practically everything. Should I say a little bit of skepticism that comes from that?”
“When I was a student, I thought about that for a moment. If my family was ruined, I would be able to distinguish between people who are really important to me. That’s what I think.”

In fact, friendship and love from dramas and novels seem valuable because they are difficult to exist.
How many relationships in life, in time, sometimes in money, are fleetingly lost. Even my family is turning their backs on me because of the insurance money.

‘… Well, it’s not that I don’t understand.’

There’s no such thing as “never,” but at least I’ll give everything I can if Jingu, Taesik, or Cheolsu asks me to help.
If there is an accident and only their children are left alone, I care enough for them to be raised as my own children. Maybe the other way around.

“Do you mean that you don’t have such faith in itself.’

The river sea had almost everything from birth. Maybe that’s why I lost my most important heart.
Isn’t it a similar reason why you offered me a contract marriage? Money must be the strongest symbol of trust she has ever experienced in her life.

“Whoa. It’s a very full and immature worry, right? Even though I’m not clean. I’ve just said it once, so I care. “
“It bothers me.”
“I’d like to hear more. Bada’s worry.”

I could feel the gaze of the river sea staring from the side. But I kept my eyes fixed on the front and continued to talk.

“Because we’re married?”
“···If it’s a joke, it’s really the worst.”
“I’m not kidding.”

The bus was caught in a signal.
I turned my head and made eye contact with the sea of the river. She didn’t look away either, so we looked at each other like that for a long time.
Whoosh! Whoosh!
The green light came on. I naturally turned my head in gear and stepped on the excel. The bus sped on the road again.

“Do you know what changed the most since I met you?”
“What is it?”
“I’m not afraid of my parents’ calls.”

It was a story about money.
Having had a lot of accidents, I had a sense of debt to my family, and maybe that’s why I felt frustrated whenever I talked to my parents on the phone.
My father’s illness, too.
My mother’s tears, too.
I feel like it’s all my fault.
So I tried not to face my parents if possible. Not looking, not listening, pretending not to know. Because it was the only way to protect my heart.

“I originally thought of calling once a month, but recently, I do it almost every three days. Most of them are from my mom’s side, but I didn’t hate them either. Because you’re always smiling.”
“The person who was always worried about money bloomed in the pot in the hospital room today, and my father farted.” You keep laughing while talking about these trivial things. I felt good, too.”
“···Did you?
“Yes, thanks to Mr. Bada.”

That’s all.
Even those who are fast asleep in the back are looking so happy. Something that would never have been possible if I were alone.
Naturally, sunlight permeated my mind watching them little by little. I’ve never been as comfortable as I am these days in my life.

“Bada, you said you can’t live in debt, right?”
“Yes, I did.”
“I’m the same. A long time ago, an Internet broadcaster BJ said, “Grace in half, revenge in double.” That’s now my motto.”

Even if I didn’t turn my head, I could feel the gaze of the river sea looking at me as if I were serious.

“···· Is that right?”
“I’m a little narrow-minded.”
“That was a little funny.”
“It’s true.”

Before I knew it, the bus passed through the tollgate and entered the highway. As you slowly speed up, the car runs forward with a pleasant engine sound.

“I’ll give you half back.”
“Give and take. It’s time for Bada to take it from me.”

It may seem a little stiff, but it will come to her more comfortable. I didn’t doubt that.

“Mr. Haneul, I’m from a Korean group.”
“I know that, too.”
“No, you don’t know. What that means. Not at all, not at all.”

When I turned my head to her for a moment at a meaningless word, I flinched.

“We always get more than we give.”

This is because the river sea was looking at me with a sharp gaze that had never been shown before. with a cool smile around one’s mouth
* * *
When I arrived at the training center, people on the waiting side of Kang Tae-yang handed over the bus. The river sea also disappeared, saying something urgent happened.
Her cold smile was a bit uncomfortable because it was like an afterimage, but I decided to put my mind off it, not a problem that can be solved immediately.

“····Let’s just write.”

Back home, I grabbed the keyboard right away. Recently, writing time has been greatly reduced due to one thing or another, so stockpiling is slowly becoming dangerous.
If we continue to grow as it is, we could see enough paid screenings even if it was difficult to win the contest. It is absolutely impossible to take a leave of absence.


The page of my work habitually entered. Looking at the numbers on the screen, I panicked for a moment.

“Did I press something else?”

It’s definitely my work.
However, what is the number ‘504’ in the preferred work? It was “230” yesterday, but why did it suddenly double?

“·······There are recommendations.”

Between the description of the work and the subheadings, a new item called ‘Reader Recommendation’ was created. There I saw the title “A Warm Story of Men and Women for each other].
When I clicked on it, someone wrote a recommendation for my work in a sincere way. As I read it, I felt an unknown emotion.

“Did everyone feel like this?”’

Emotions fluctuate. I’ve written quite a lot of works, but this is the first time I’ve received a recommendation.
No wonder, web novels are inherently a good genre to read lightly in a mobile environment.
It is very laborious for readers who are busy living in the present life to turn on their computers, log in, and even enter the recommendation board to write carefully.

“Thanks to you, the inflow started to pop out because of TXT.”’

As my writings buried at the bottom of the deep sea were reflected on the surface through recommendations, the inflow, which was usually only 10-20, tripled.
Thanks to this, he broke through the barrier to entry into Toube, which was barely able to enter, and once again, as the inflow popped up, the number of good works doubled.


It was scary.
Why are there so many good things happening around me these days? In my entire life, the world has never sided with me.
At this rate, it might disappear like a bubble at some point. If that happens, can I go back to the way I used to be?
[It’s fun. Fighting!][It feels really good] Keep going.][There aren’t many comments] I’m enjoying it]It’s not my first time receiving comments like this. Why do I get so caught in the eye today? I had to sit in front of the keyboard and catch my breath for a long time.


a silent room
I grabbed the keyboard carefully.
Fill in the blank notes one by one with black. As a writer, there are already certain ways to repay the reader’s heart.
For a very long time that day.
I couldn’t get out of front of the keyboard.
* * *

“·····Mom, what’s all this?”
“Haneul wrote my family’s story and was chosen.” Thanks to you, your dad is also comfortable.”

Kim Ha-neul’s sister, Kim Gu Reum, who visited the hospital after a long time, felt dizzy after hearing her mother’s answer.

“The story was chosen?”

There can’t be such a convenient event in the world that allows you to use VIP rooms indefinitely.

“Where did you send your story?”
“Well, come to think of it, I never asked.”

Doubts are becoming more and more certain at the sight of the mother tilting her head. Kim Gu Reum hurriedly picked up his cell phone and began searching for related events.

Don’t tell me this guy made a mistake again.’

Do do do do do!
The speed of tapping the keyboard became faster, and the heavier Kim Gu Reum’s eyes sank.

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