Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 20 

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#020 No, these people!

“It’s suspicious.”

No wonder he was teaching me a strange entrance from the moment I came in. The hospital room my father was using was a VIP room that would only appear in a drama.
The hospital room even has a living room and kitchen for families and attendants to use. I searched for a moment and found that it costs from 500,000 won to 5 million won a day.

There can’t be a convenient event like this.’

Which donation organization in the world doesn’t pay for the surgery, but rents VIP rooms.
It doesn’t make sense, costwise or imagewise. Still, I searched just in case, but as expected, I couldn’t find it.
Parents who are poor at the Internet may be able to deceive, but they cannot deceive themselves. Maybe that’s why you didn’t tell me you moved the hospital room.

‘Where is this man and what is he doing!?’

Kim Gu Reum swallowed dry saliva. A suspicious message from Kim Ha-neul came to her mind a few days ago.
: [Take 3,000,000 won]]: h.
I have often sent pocket money before, but I have never sent such a large sum of money. At first, I thought it was a common “fishing.”
: [3 million won] Done!]: What’s this?
: You don’t have money.
: Why are you ignoring me?
: Hey!
I’ve got the money for now. Bloody Nam-Yook didn’t reply to any text messages after this. I even chewed the phone.
I asked my parents and they said they won some lottery. And you got a suspicious story at the same time?

“This guy… No way…”

First place in the lottery?
Are you going to wipe your mouth with this?
I had that thought for a moment, but Kim Gu Reum shook his head quickly. Even if you really win, you are not a person who will spend money this recklessly.
Kim Gu Reum, who was agonizing, briefly thought of “Bitcoin,” but quickly erased it from his head.

That can’t be true.’

It completely ruled out the possibility of a coin. He is a human being who spent 100,000 won to study in the past, but whined for a month after recording “-87%.”
At that time, he said several times that he would never use coins, and what he said was a gentleman who kept it like a god, so it was never a coin.

You’re not doing anything dangerous, are you?’

Illegal lending.
I’ve touched the multi-level.
There are not many ways for Kim Ha-neul to make such high profits in a short period of time.
When I reached that point, I became nervous for no reason.

“Mom, didn’t your brother say anything else?””
“Oh, I heard your brother is getting married.
“····What, what!?”

a semi-unemployed person
This one word was enough to explain Kim Ha-neul’s current state. Of course, I’m making steady income from web novels. It is true that safety is greatly reduced.
Above all, Kim Ha Neul is a human being who has lived in a relationship. He’s a human being who was full and used to hide all the women who followed him because they liked him. You’re suddenly getting married now?

“Do you know who the other person is?”
“I’ve seen it in pictures.”
“Show me, too!”

Kim Gu Reum almost snatched his parents’ phone and checked the picture of Kim Ha Neul. Then his mouth opened wide in disbelief.

“This is your girlfriend?”
“Isn’t it pretty? My mom already wants to see her grandchild.”
“Mom, does this make sense?”

An unemployed man who is stuck in a room to write and never goes out once a week meets a woman like this? Does that make sense?
No matter how many times I look again, the beauty of Kang Ba Da in the picture did not make sense. I didn’t think I was going to be embarrassed, but this person is on a completely different level.

“Your brother is kind of handsome because he looks like his mother.”
“Oh, my son looks like me.”
“What nonsense is this man. “When Heaven was born, he cried that he was lucky that he didn’t look like him.”
“When did I do that?”

Although their parents shared an untimely saute, their words did not come to Kim Gu Reum’s ears. Her face grew worse and worse.

“…If you get married, will you live abroad?”

I heard that there are people around me who say they are getting married and get paid for selling my organs.
If you roughly gloss over living abroad after marriage and die in an accident, your family has no way to find out the truth.

“I haven’t heard anything like that.”
“Did you say anything else?” What?”
“What’s wrong with you today?” Usually, whenever he talks about his brother, he has a seizure because he doesn’t want to hear it.”
“Common sense, this is so weird!”

Kim Gu Reum told his parents what he thought was strange. Except, of course, for VIP rooms. You might feel guilty.
Perhaps Kim Gu Reum noticed that she was quite serious, her parents listened to her quietly. When all the explanations are over.

“That’s a good.
“Right? It’s weird for you to think, right?”
“Abby meant it was plausible that your brother was getting married.”

Kim Gu Reum opened his eyes wide as if he were talking about something. Looking at her, her mother nodded gravely.

“So, she’s saying that your brother can’t meet a rich, pretty, and true woman, right?”
“That’s right!”
“My mom rather wants to know why you think so. “It’s okay to look at Ha Neul except that he’s my son.”

No way.
These people are seriously ill.
Of course, it’s because Kim Ha Neul usually wears a shaggy hair or beard, but if you take care of it like the picture before, I’m a guy.
He graduated from Seoul National University, has a strong sense of responsibility, has a good lifestyle, is family, and is quite athletic! It’s still “Kim Ha Neul”.

“…This is not it. There can’t be.”
“Just in case, don’t say anything strange to your step sister. When else would your brother marry now?”
“You said you didn’t even see my face, but are you already a step sister?”
“You’ve already seen her face.”
“No… Ha.”

Kim Gu Reum sighed at the sly mother’s words. She picked up the bag quickly.

“Are you going to go already?
“I think I’ll have to check it myself.”
“While you’re going, check if there’s anything missing from the side dishes, and tell Sae-ah to stop by next time.”

Kim Gu Reum glared at his mother once and left the hospital room. Her parents burst into laughter at her back.

“The two are still on good terms.”
“Hoho. I know.”
“You’ll take good care of me even if I have another younger brother, right?”
“Tell me your back is better.”

* * *
After leaving the hospital, Kim Gu Reum headed straight to Kim Ha Neul’s house. I already knew the address because I brought side dishes several times before.

“Hey! Open the door!”

Thud, thud thud, thump!
When I knocked on the door, I felt a sign of movement inside. After waiting for a while, Kim Ha Neul, who looked completely different from what he usually knew, opened the door and came out.

“What are you doing here?”
“What the hell are you doing these days! You’re missing at least one step? Or pseudo?”
“Don’t eat the front and back.”

an obnoxious reaction from Kim Ha Neul
Kim Gu Reum burst into a passion in his heart.
Kim Ha Neul was always like this.
When there was a problem, I solved it alone without telling my family, and I took all the family’s problems on such a subject.
If I ask him because I’m frustrated, he’ll roughly gloss over it with a sour expression. There were several times when I almost died.

“You’re not going to tell me straight!” You’re… again.”
“Oh, my lady. Hi, how are you?”
“Yes, hello. What?”

Kim Gu Reum, who was reflexively saying hello, made a stupid voice. The unfamiliar voice that should never be heard naturally shifted my attention.

“That person is…?”

a woman standing behind Kim Ha-ne.
It’s definitely the person in the picture.
Kim Gu Reum’s first thought was “Wow” as he looked at Kang Ba Da, which he readily greeted.

“Your drawing style is different by yourself.”’

an old apartment
Although it was kept clean thanks to Kim Ha Neul’s personality, it was not able to change its unique atmosphere.
However, the atmosphere around Kang Ba Da completely changed the moment Ba Da smiled. How can a human face have that perfect proportion?

“It’s my first time seeing you. I’m Ha Neul’s girlfriend, Kang Ba Da. I look forward to your kind cooperation.”
“…Ki, it’s Kim Gu Reum.”
“I’ve heard a lot from Ha Neul. I only saw it in the picture for a moment, and you look much prettier in person!”

At that moment, Kim Gu Reum stopped all accidents. I would have dismissed it as a mouthful, but the aura coming out of my body was “I mean it.”

There are two cases.’

One is a really innocent person who doesn’t match his appearance. The other is when she is a ‘flower snake’ of great skill.


Kim Gu Reum’s eyes moved again. Kim Ha Neul frowned as if she was displeased at the gaze that looked up and down.

“What’s with your eyes?”
“I told you not to eat the front and back.”

Kim Gu Reum was speechless.
No matter how much I think about it, there is nothing to eat from Kim Ha Neul. Even if Kim Ha Neul wins the first prize in the lottery, it is the same.

I’ve checked all the last episode.’

Kim Ha Neul confirmed all the prizes before and after he showed abnormal behavior. The actual amount of tax-restricted receipts is at least 1.2 billion to 2.2 billion won.
It’s a lot of money, but it’s not necessarily the case for a woman like a Kang Ba Da. Even if you turn on the Internet broadcast right away, the chairmen will rush in.

“Don’t stay outside and come in for now.”
“Oh, hey, hey, hey, hey.
“You can just call me sister comfortably.”

Kang Ba Da smiled lightly as if it were in a good mood, and held Kim Gu Reum’s hand and led him inside.

“I’m the youngest in my family, so I always wanted to have a younger brother. If you have any questions, ask me everything.”

Kim Gu Reum could hardly come to his senses due to the pouring goodwill.
While Kim Gu Reum was spacing out for a while. Kim Ha Neul served some refreshments. It is a chocolate that looks flat like dalgona.

“Try it.”
“What is this?”
“It’s chocolate from a brand called ‘Dvov e-Galle.’ It’s where there’s an anecdote that Marie Antoinette didn’t want to take bitter medicine, so she made medicine chocolate.”
“…It looks very expensive just by listening to the explanation.”
“That’s not really. But it’s still a snack.”

The explanation of Kang Ba Da naturally turned my attention. Seeing Kim Ha Neul nodding his head lightly, it seems that it is not as expensive as expected.

“It smells amazing.”

Even though I don’t really like chocolate, it’s a scent I’m reaching for without realizing it. Kim Gu Reum carefully picked up the chocolate and put it in his mouth.

“…It’s delicious!”
“May I have one more?”
“As much as you want.”

The chocolate contained cacao content along with the French royal family’s sentences, which were 72, 85 and 99 percent, respectively. Kim Gu Reum savored the taste by putting them in his mouth sequentially.
The sweet and bitter flavor spreading in the mouth. The reason that I was holding on to melted down with chocolate. How can the personality of a person who distributes these things for free be bad?

“Do you like it?”
“I’ve never tasted this before in my life. It definitely says 99%, but how does it taste like this?”
“If you like it, I’ll send it separately next time.”

I almost called him “unnie” without realizing it. She managed to straighten her face with her mouth closed. A stream of cold sweat flowed down my neck.

‘…I almost got it!’

Kim Gu Reum quickly looked around. When I regained my coolness, I noticed artificially created environments one by one.
It’s my first time seeing a dehumidifier and an air conditioner with natural wind running. And luxurious chocolate. What do these mean?

“To make me feel good.”

People are greatly influenced by their surroundings. The resulting change in mood has a significant impact on negotiations.
In fact, if you lower the temperature, people are skeptical, and on the contrary, if it’s too hot, your whole body feels drowsy and it’s all annoying.

It’s an optimal environment.’

It’s like I set a trap in advance because I knew I would come. Once there was a catch, everything began to be suspicious.

“Come to think of it…”

The two said they were about to get married. However, the current position, including himself, is exactly drawing a “triangle.”
Three people usually sit like this, but the problem is that the table is rectangular.

“At times like this, don’t couples usually sit together?”’

Come on.
When I look around the house, doubts grow stronger. No matter how you look at it, you couldn’t see “the stuff of Kang Ba Da” here.

“What’s wrong with you?”
“I’ll go to the bathroom for a while.”

When I checked the bathroom, it became more clear.
There is only one toothbrush.
No matter how neat Kim Ha Neul’s personality is, if he is with her even in an unexpected visit, it means that he often visits her. How can there be no trace like this?

‘…It’s all fake!’

A conclusion has been reached.
Their marriage is a fake.
I don’t know why, but it must be related to the money sent by Kim Ha Neul. I feel like I’m involved in something dangerous, but how can I get my brother out of here?


Kim Gu Reum was thinking for a long time while holding the door handle. A quiet conversation was heard from the outside. She immediately put her ear to the door.

– Ha Neul!?
– Stay still.

– Oh, there’s a lady inside.

– It’ll only take a second.
…No, these people are now!?
Kim Gu Reum, embarrassed by the secret sound from outside, quickly opened the door handle. Then the absurd scenery before my eyes.

“…What are you doing?”

Kang Ba Da pushed Kim Ha Neul in surprise. His ears are red, and he is ashamed of himself. Even Kim Ha Neul turned his head and pulled his clothes down.
At the ridiculous sight, Kim Gu Reum lost all his doubts.

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