For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 37

So What(3)

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To Master Je-young, we were treated quite harshly.

Before I liked Unravel, there was a time when I used to laugh at the intensity of the work of a celebrity.

making money easy

And it was said that there is such a thing as a job in Buddhism.

To put it simply, it is a sin of speaking, but now that I think that my hardship is the vocation of my previous life, I want to break the brain of my childhood when I was easily teased about my snout.

That’s why my body was so hard right now.

Contrary to our expectations that we thought it would fit even if we danced while sleeping, looking back on the stage of the title song, neither I nor the members could hide their distorted expressions.

Why do my mistakes look so good? It’s my body, but it doesn’t move according to my will?

My arms are more straight, my legs are centered, keeping my distance from my mate.

It sure seems like it’s done right, but it’s still a long way off.

Three hours flew by as I checked the choreography once again, checked individual movements, and matched the group formation.

“Enough for today and go eat, chicks.”


Himchan, who had been promoted from egg to chick, gave a loud reply and sat down on the floor.

The answer was courageous, but his body looked like he was about to collapse, so it was like showing his body what the inconsistency in words and actions was.

Even though he always quarreled with the members, Himchan always had no end.

During that playful time, Kyunghwan and Sebin got involved in a bigger commotion, but in the end, thanks to Himchan’s prank, the hyungs laugh and I also laugh.

cute guy.

As he smiled and looked at Himchan spread out, that snout squirmed out another word.

“Why are you panting like a dying person and laughing like that again! Don’t laugh like that because you’re scared.”

“… I’d rather die than get sick.”

It was not intentional, but I came to understand the hardships felt by the eldest hyungs like this.

The members who lost a lot of sweat in the meantime lost their swelling and became taller faces again.

With that tall face, he was gasping as if he had eaten heat, and his pity was doubled.

“I want to eat something delicious. It’s like stir-fried pork.”

“Add fried kimchi to that.”

“I’m beef bulgogi… . With a lot of vermicelli.”

“I want to eat kimchi stew with pork in it too… .”

The murmurs of the incarnations of desire sounded like the whispers of the devil. However, what we had in front of us was a salad called salad, half a steamed sweet potato, and two boiled eggs, without any dressing.

I wish someone would give me some salt… .

I ate lunch with something to chew on, but my stomach was empty.

Feeling full but not full.

I felt full because I ate chicken or pizza, but it felt like I hadn’t eaten rice, so I felt like I had to eat a bowl of rice with bachelor kimchi again or boil ramen noodles.

When we returned with an unknown emptiness in our stomach, the support team members rushed in and decorated us like humans.

Finally, the last filming of Idol Creation, which had a lot of talk and a lot of weariness, was over.

Still, the members who are now quite idol-like and who do a lot of pretty things in front of the camera are amazing, but my mind keeps getting more and more complicated.

It seems to be going better than expected, but in the end, the given broadcast schedule is not much different.

After all, idols are all about fandom.

The size of the fandom increases the number of broadcasts that can appear and broadens the field of activity.

What do you need to do to get more fans?

Countless thoughts were tucking their tails in their tails, and their hands popped up on their heads.


“What do you think so much?”

“Oh, just.”

“It’s personal, or it’s a team thing.”

“Um, both?”

“You have a lot of greed, our Jihwan.”

Maybe it was because I had been thinking too much on my own, so I realized later that Hajun and other members were looking at me with sideways glances.

It seemed to cause concern.

“I was worried about how to get more fans.”

She shrugged her shoulders and opened her mouth openly.

The former Unravel are people who have been able to shine enough among themselves without people like me.

It is arrogance in itself how I try to control it, but in the meantime, I crossed the line by myself again.

“You should be fine.”


“anything. It’s all about dancing, singing and broadcasting.”

“Hey, what is that?”

When I grunted at Youngbin’s calm slurping words, Kyunghwan also helped with a word.

“But we’re still not very good. So maybe it’s less like you?”

“… I heard it and it’s like that again. Even just yesterday’s stage… .”

“Stop, don’t say more… . Because I feel like crying.”

I didn’t really feel it at the time, but after it passed, it was the first stage that was infinitely regrettable and regrettable.

Himchan, who is second to none when it comes to greed in Unravel, also became crying while watching the stage.

As we were immersed in self-criticism, an unfamiliar voice was heard.

“Young people are motivated and nice.”

“who are you?”


A man with a cool impression was suddenly in the practice room.

The members were embarrassed and tried to get up from their seats, but then a familiar voice was heard.


“Ah, hello, senior!”

Ha Yeon-soo appeared suddenly with a voice that had no choice but to be familiar.

“I came here for a concert guest appearance, are you with me?”

“Ah yes. Huh… The manager hyung went to the office for a while, and the team leader went out earlier, so I don’t know.”

“okay? Then, when Woojin arrives, would you like to talk to us again and drink this first?”

And the senior senior gave us refreshing fresh fruit juice.

“If your manager or team leader says anything later, they say that I gave it to you. It’s given to you by a senior, so how can you not eat it? Yes?”

Ha Yeon-soo, who has a husky and refreshing singing ability, unlike her appearance, although she is closer to a beauty rather than a handsome man because of her thin and flowing lines. To us, he was like a direct senior senior.

When I saw the difficult person who participated in the evaluation sitting in front of us sucking a strawberry smoothie, we suddenly became incredibly friendly.

“But sunbaenim, won’t the fans feel sorry if we appear as guests… ?”

Ha-jun, who had been drinking strawberry juice without saying anything, alluded to Ha Yeon-soo and asked a question.

It was only natural that we would be insulted because we couldn’t do it. If you can’t stand that much, you won’t be able to become a celebrity.

What I was really afraid of was whether those people would listen to our song no matter how hard we worked.

“It’s still too early for us to go up as guests to sunbaenim’s concert… .”

As Youngbin hesitated, Ha Yeon-soo smirked.

“My fans don’t care about that. You’re not calling me my concert hammer.”

“That’s right!”

“Is this album a rock ballad? I feel the same way. So, there are songs that I collaborated with the band. So don’t worry.”


Sebin’s eyes were twinkling unlike her older brothers, who were worried about Taesan.

“I, sir… . Can’t you sign it? ?”

“Yes? However much.”

Sebin, who had brought a bag that had been thrown in the back corner, took out Ha Yeon-soo’s album and fan from the bag.

did you carry that with you?

“Hey, do you usually carry something like this?”

“Yes! I’m a fan of sunbaenim, so I’d like to get autographs someday when I see you at work.”

The eyes of the youngest, who spoke shyly, were not as shy as his voice, so he let out a sigh without realizing it.

She likes Sebin, who used to be too shy, to become more active, but she was worried about how her personality seems to be influenced by Himchan so much.

Sebin-ah, Himchan shouldn’t be… .

“I’m a steamed fan! Good good. Would you like to do three songs instead of two?”


“Let’s set the date to Seoul Maccon. That will help you more.”

“Thank you so much, but we can’t do it our way… .”

“Danwoo! Please bring Woo-jin quickly.”

Ha Yeon-soo was hotter than we thought and had a quick temper.

As soon as we found out that our Sebin is his fan, he gave up more time for his concert.

While Ha Yeon-soo was swinging us around like a typhoon, the manager hyung appeared, and he laughed blankly as if he knew he would, and went out with Ha Yeon-soo’s manager.

“Didn’t something just go by like a storm?”

“I don’t know what it is, but I think it was… .”

It was hard to come to my senses because I kept feeling like something was going on all day.

Still, we couldn’t delay the practice, so we got up joking around for vocal training.

Then, a second storm struck.

“Kids, Myeong-jun will appear on the radio at 11 o’clock today!”



It is a spectacle to see the children, who could not hide their embarrassment, open their mouths and look at Team Leader Sohyun.

He let out a sigh and covered his face with both hands.

I’m glad we didn’t see our cotton balls like this… .

First, after completing vocal training as scheduled, we gathered in the practice room and started braiding our hair.

“Jun-hyung, how about doing this?”

There were a total of two songs we could sing on the blue music note.

One title song and another song we take.

Even because it was conducted on a visible radio, it was great to make a face publicly, and it could be good news for the fans as well.

However, it was not uncommon for the schedule to change suddenly on the same day, so I was skeptical.

“Originally, there was going to be a new male idol named Zero, but one of their members was rumored to be the perpetrator of school violence and was cut off.”

“How did you not get caught by the agency and even debuted?”

If it’s a rookie idol and the company is small, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but I couldn’t go to a broadcasting station with a risk.

The idol debut of a reputable entertainment company is not as easy as you think.

Because there are many people who say that celebrities are public figures and set a stricter standard than others, most agencies revive the past of their trainees at least once.

Of course, if you have God-given talent and commit a crime you can bear, it will move toward money, and if the person is determined and hides the past, it can be temporarily covered, but… .

Unfortunately, the contract includes all of these things.

In the event that an individual’s deviation causes damage to the company and the team, he/she is liable for damages.

So, unless they have a good background, a person with an impure past cannot even become a trainee at a decent agency.

“I wanted to come out with talented kids from a small agency for a long time, but the victim said that they sent data to the company.”

“Oh, he’s done.”

“I feel sorry for the boys on the same team… .”

Of course, not all rumors can be trusted, but even just rumors are fatal to idols.

And the vacant position was returned to Unravel as an opportunity with the team leader’s ability and a little luck.

The company’s public relations team did not miss this timing.

I heard from my manager hyung that he had already announced plans to broadcast on the GIVE app and appeared on the radio, saying it was a surprise schedule on SNS.

“Well, in the end, I think these two would be the best, but what do you guys think?”

We had a habit of leaving papers and writing down when the members gathered and exchanged opinions.

Each of them scribbled down even nonsensical sounds on a piece of paper, but when they were put together later, unexpectedly useful things came out one by one.

It was in a similar vein from the brief meeting just before.

“I agree.”

“Me too!”

“I think this would be the best.”

I delivered the two song names that were written down like that to my manager hyung.

The time to prepare for the GIVE app broadcast was approaching.

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