For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 25


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My heart felt lighter after being beaten first, no, after filming first, but the feelings of the remaining members didn’t seem to be the case.

The next hitter, Ha-Jun, was not unfamiliar with the camera, so he took a natural stance.

His gentle smile made his sweet smile stand out even more by drawing a smooth curve on his lips with a soft smile.

The gray cardigan worn as a point contrasted with the dark cobalt blue shirt, and fell off as if indifferently along the slender Hajun’s fit, creating a calm atmosphere.

“Okay, Ha-jun. I’m going to tilt my head to the left a little bit. great.”

I felt it from the time I was filming, but this writer had a strange talent to make the other person relax while praising him.

Thanks to this, Ha-jun’s filming ended quickly, and Youngbin’s continued filming went smoothly.

Youngbin, who casually stretched a bouquet of red roses, stood sideways and stared at the camera with only his head slightly turned, and that expression further accentuated the sexiness of his natural face.

“Hey, are these guys from models? Everyone has a great pose.”

“thank you.”

It’s because our kids are so thirsty for compliments. haha

Finally, the youngest Sebin finished filming safely. The outfits given after that were sporty hooded zip-ups, pastel-toned knits, oversized printed tees and snapbacks, and overall had a lively feel.

When Kyunghwan, who had a stout body, took a variety of poses in a yellow knitwear with black letters inscribed in it, praise from the author continued to pour in.

As we watched it, we looked at the makeup designers and coordinators with respect and admiration.

“Hey… . I didn’t know that our Kyunghwan was good at yellow.”

“So. The yellow tee I wore at the dorm looked like Winnie the Pooh. How did you find clothes that fit so well?”

“Foot, everyone has such a good proportions, so I thought they would wash clothes well.”

The manager hyung approached us who were talking carefully because it was the first time we had seen each other, and said:

“I want to be friends with each other. These are the people who will make you pretty in the future.”

“Ugh, please take care of our poor children.”

“Hey! Why am I your child!”

“I’m glad everyone is so nice. We look forward to seeing you.”

The fact that the company gave us an exclusive team meant that we had high expectations, and it also meant that we had to burn our bones and flesh to do well.

All of this must be piling up in our debt.

“Anyway, I think the writer has a really good personality. How did you know that our members were weak at compliments… .”

“Is it just written on our faces? Do you want me to compliment you?”

“If that were the case, the trainers would have complimented us… .”

Ha-jun, who looked at the members with a little pity for exchanging voices, laughed emptyly.

“Hajun hyung, I think he’s smiling right now. what is that Heh heh, how am I going to take these bastards in the future? doing that.”

Himchan bravely said a word to Hajun who was looking at us from a distance away.

“It’s nice to know you well.”

And I was sunk by Ha-jun’s kind words.

“Why are you making such useless noises… .”

I bit her tongue slightly and looked at Sebin, who had already changed into the third outfit and started filming.

Although he had not yet grown up and had a youthful face, his dense facial features were already asserting himself.

Unlike Himchan, Sebin, who has been learning dance since childhood, has a very fine body line.

So, even though Himchan and Sebin performed the same choreography, she felt completely different, and that became another attractive point for the team called Unravel.

Wearing a loose-fitting silk shirt, Sebin wore a shirt a little longer than her arm, so half of her hands were covered by her sleeves.

When the coordinators were looking for another shirt, the writer hurriedly said that it feels good, and asked to go.

If Youngbin gave a point to her sexy appeal with her bundle of red roses, Sebin was holding an unfinished pale pink tulip in her stretched hand.

“My child is so pretty, go. Fans will love it.”

“Ji-hwan, don’t talk like a real inspiration. You’re breaking your image… .”

Sebin and the writer, who were talking about something around them, were busy filming, and Himchan, who finally started filming, became a different person.

Himchan, who wore a hoodie and snapbacks earlier, had a strong image of a naughty person, but now he boasts a model-like feeling.

Seeing her wearing black slacks in a dark gray China-collar shirt that fit her shoulders, I thought that she was an idol too, and a laugh leaked out.

Among the members, Himchan and Kyunghwan, who have exceptionally good bodies, came back to life even if they wore clothes that fit their body perfectly.

“Strong-kun, I’ll loosen up a little bit of power on your expression. No, don’t laugh too much.”

However, the poses and expressions were a little awkward compared to the other members, so I had to spend a long time with the photographer.

“Brother, he can’t act.”

“Yeah. Our Himchan will work hard to choreograph and make a puffo. haha.”

When I told my manager hyung who came next to me about Himchan, the manager hyung, who was laughing, shook his head.

Contrary to the fact that I was quite scared, the members were blooming brightly like flowers in front of the camera, so I was happy to see them all.

“Everyone was very worried, but they were very strict.”

“You cut it off so well as the first hitter, but what if we don’t do it as hyungs?”

For Himchan, who keeps getting confused because of us, we sat together at the back of the studio.

“Am I?”

Youngbin said something stupid to me, who was bewildered.

“Being in front of the camera made me feel very skinny. What were you thinking and laughing like that?”

“Huh… . well?”

um, you guys?

It was too embarrassing to say that I was thinking of Unravel.

I knew that the Unravel that I was good at and the Unravel now are different, but that didn’t fade my heart.

I want my children to not be insulted because I do better and I work harder.

It was too unfamiliar to say in front of the parties the desire to be loved more and to fly higher and longer.

When both group and unit shoots were successfully completed, it took longer than expected.

“Wow, it’s already night.”

“It takes a lot more time than you think.”

The fact that we were able to film without getting tired even though the actual time had passed more than the actual time was that we were able to start filming without being too nervous thanks to everyone’s kindness.

Of course, it seemed to be because of the increased tension as the debut, which was approaching by taking a profile picture, became more realistic.

The studio staff and the writer left our team leader with a message that we would like to see them often in the future, as they are very polite and kind kids.

“Just do it now. Whenever I meet anyone in the future, I always greet them politely.”


The company always emphasized the need to have a good personality, and Hajun told the members the stories of various trainees he had experienced whenever he had spare time.

He told a lot of stories like a living witness of the history of trainees, such as people who were expected by the company because of their outstanding talents acting like a thunderbolt and being kicked out before their debut, and groups that debuted at the best and then went bankrupt because they made a mistake.

‘Me’, I couldn’t make friends with people and I was always alone, but Himchan and Hajun were pretty close here and there with the trainees who had gone through the company and the trainees I knew before.

Ha-jun even said that he had a few close friends in other groups that had already debuted and had established themselves to some extent.

“My brother, you’re cheap.”

“Yes? What is Insa?”

Ah, the snout of this damn bastard again.

“Hey, why the opposite… .”

“Do these fortress kids use such words?”

“Haha, I was just talking with a friend, but I stopped without knowing it… .”

Lies beget lies, and like this, my mouth makes mistakes again.

“Anyway, he seems to have a lot of friends. I have no friends.”

“Even we didn’t know you were such a main character.

Kyunghwan threw a word at me, who smiled clumsily, and everyone started to accuse me of the previous ‘me’.

From murmuring that it was difficult to talk because he didn’t smile well and hardened his face every day, I thought his personality was chaotic, I was worried about whether I could become an idol with that personality, etc.

“Stop it because I was wrong… .”

It wasn’t something I did, but the karma I had to deal with was small and insignificant, so I had to be teased by the other members I met when I arrived at the company.

Obviously, only me, Hajun, and Kyunghwan were in the same car, but when I got off and met the members, they were all talking the same thing.

“What, did you talk about me in that car?”

Sebin gave me an awkward smile as I followed the members while grumbling, and that gave me all the answers.

You’re not on my side, you’re not on my side

He said that a simple greeting video for publicity was taken by emptying one of the company’s conference rooms.

It was a video of each person taking a simple interview, greeting a group, and having a short conversation, but the boat had no choice but to treat the camera with a more tense expression than when taking pictures.

Usually, when filming huchang, most of them were practicing, chatting and playing with each other, but this was the first video to be officially uploaded under the name Unravel.

After all the schedule, we changed into comfortable clothes and spread out on the floor of the practice room.

“Isn’t it odd? It was usually very difficult to come to the practice room, but in the end, this is a place where I can lie down comfortably.”

“Don’t do that because it looks like I’m suddenly salty… .”

When Kyunghwan and Himchan started arguing again meaninglessly, we, who were more tired in spirit than in body, laughed and laughed.

Tomorrow, the full-fledged concept will be decided and the song will start to be chosen.

The company apologized for the sudden change in the broadcast schedule and voting system, and said that it would select 50 viewers who applied for the broadcast and send them autographed CDs later.

Among them, I heard at first glance that they would give invitations to the showcase stage.

However, the members thought that it would not be a very good thing to say in a situation where how many people might come to the showcase right now.

I started to wonder if there was anything better.

If the event was held, the company was at fault, but it was obvious why they were grinding the members and adding them to the reward. However, there was nothing that we, who could not even debut, could give.

Wouldn’t it be more realistic to shoot coffee coupons instead?

Many thoughts ran through my head, but I couldn’t think of a proper way to do it, so I took a deep breath.

Then, I suddenly remembered Poing.

I can’t access the internet, but can I poing?

Then I think at least you can see people’s reactions in the community.

“What, why are you smiling like that?”

“Yes? What am I?”

“You just smiled like a black curtain. What were you thinking?”

Without realizing it, it seemed that the deepest feelings were revealed on the face.

I’ll try to hide my expression a little more.

“Hey, it’s not a black screen. Who is as meek and can live without the law?”

“Put saliva on your mouth.”

It was a sound that couldn’t even be eaten.

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