For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 23


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The leader who disappeared after pouring out a merciless attack. I shot a pitiful look at the manager hyung, who looked at us with salty eyes from behind, but there was nothing.

And soon after, Master Je-young, who looked particularly excited, came in and looked around us, clapping hands.

“Chicks, are you warmed up?”

“Ah, sir… . Aren’t we a little too big to be called chicks?”

Was the smallest Sebin in the team around 170cm? She looked taller than she really was because her face was so small and her limbs were elongated.

I’m on the small side and I’m 176cm, so the kids are generally long.

I’m still growing taller, so I hope I’m taller than 180cm… .

Teacher Je-young snorted at Him-chan, who pointed out the size of the members and was disgusted with the name chick.

“Thank you for not saying it was eggs. I’ve only just grown one step and made a chick. Himchan, do you want eggs?”

“Are the eggs okay?”

“From now on, in my time, Himchan is an egg, okay?”

Kyung-hwan caught the food that Je-young threw in and our Himchan turned into an egg. It seemed like there was something that Je-young had already taken, but it’s a pity… .

“Our Himchan’s face is just like an elvan egg.”

“Then, shall Chani do a steamed egg in front of us?”

“You look good… . Please look… .”

Himchan, who was shattered by the focused attack, pretended to be pitiful, but no one was deceived by that.

Was it from then, what did our Chan think of elvan stone eggs like that?

After a brief pleasant chatter, there was one victim, but everyone else was happy.

And for the next three hours, no one except for Je-Young laughed.

“You said you started exercising. What if you are still struggling with yoga?”

“I will work harder!”

After being pointed out that I lacked basic stamina, we rushed to the manager hyung and asked where he had to exercise.

The older brother, who was very special to us, took us to the company’s fitness facility and started working with the trainer from that day, but his physical strength could not improve in just a few days.

“okay. Even if it’s hard, do some basic exercise every once in a while. There’s a difference between dancing and exercising.”


Wherever they went, the people who were limping the day before were all immersed in the practice of dying with the light in their eyes.

I was told that I was going to do a profile shoot and a video, but it was a desperate struggle in my own right that I couldn’t go with a swollen face like this.

“Guys, are you eating in the meeting room earlier? We have to gather there again. The manager has something to tell you.”

For some reason, the manager hyung, who was very busy, told us, who had been resting for a while, to eat, then disappeared again.

“I want to eat kimchi stew!!”

“Don’t say nonsense and follow me.”

“Ah, if I go there after eating, I feel like I’m going to pretend… .”

“But if I don’t eat now, I don’t think I’ll be able to eat?”

As I murmured after Ha-jun, who took the lead while dragging Kyung-hwan shouting for kimchi stew, Se-bin jokingly opened his mouth first.

“Is that so? I thought I wouldn’t be filming at work in the afternoon… .”

“Still, I’m a little nervous. Taking a profile picture.”

“Our Sebin is cute. it’s okay.”

“I want to hear that you are cool too. Youngbin’s older brother… .”

Youngbin’s remarks, which were meant to cheer up Sebin, sadly only left scars. While we ate and ate more than anyone else, we constantly had small conversations.

I thought it was the same today as yesterday, but they didn’t say anything, but everyone felt that something was different.

The atmosphere of the other staff and also each of us.

It seemed like everyone was intuitively preparing for a busy debut by injecting tension into their bodies.

“Is it okay if I don’t take digestive medicine?”

“I think it’s still fine. What are we going to do?”

“I didn’t do anything, so why are you nervous every time you go to the conference room… .”

While we were going to the conference room, we chatted and asked each other’s stomachs. In the morning, I met the CEO and the manager there, but this time it’s the team leader.

Seeing that we sang separately without talking in the practice room earlier, it seemed like something important. There are so many speculations at this point, it almost seemed like the younger brother Line was a bit out of his mind.

“Oh, are you here? Did you eat?”

“Yep… . Did the manager have dinner?”

“You should eat in a little while. Sit down, guys.”

Did I say it was a Korean characteristic? When we say hello, we talk about rice whenever we have time.

There were so many people in the conference room that I wanted to turn around.

When I saw the hesitant children sitting close to each other, the people in the conference room burst into laughter.

I think we looked a little too insignificant.

“Why are the kids so nervous? Team leader Kim, now that I see you, were you the type of people who just roasted the children?”

“What do you mean, isn’t it?”

The person making fun of our team leader was an A&R team leader I had seen before.

“Oh, it’s Jihwan. Aren’t you going to hit me?”

Oh please… . Now, if you say so… .



“Did you quit?”

“Gong Ji-hwan!”

“I never said that! Oh, chief!”

Wow, I’m shivering

Following the members, the eyes of 6 people, including team leader Sohyun, flew like a knife and pierced them as if they had made a promise. His eyes were so sharp that he felt as if his skin was stinging.

“Clean, I never said that Jihwan would quit.”

“Hajun-hyung, this seems to require interrogation as a human being.”

“Acknowledgement, team leader, we had a close time with the members for a while… .”

“No! Chief, I’m really dead!”

I desperately looked at Team Leader Kim Joo-young and shouted, but the person was making a fire to be sure.

Suddenly, Kyunghwan and Himchan grabbed my arms from both sides and looked at Hajun. In the meantime, I believed that only Sebin would be on my side, but… It seemed that I was not on my side in this place.

“Guys, stop it. Jihwan couldn’t have done that.”

“Captain Sohyun! Anyone who believes in me… !”

“If she quits here, she might be beaten to death by her older sister. I was kicked out of the house.”

“Hey, great.”

No one really was on my side.

I usually drove Hajun and Himchan to change the mood, but everyone rushed in as if they were waiting for the day, and after that, I was bullied for a while.

Thanks to my pitiful sacrifice, the atmosphere in the conference room became more friendly. I didn’t know that such a sacrifice would come… . will take revenge

“Come on, stop messing around and sit back, guys.”

Team leader Kim Joo-young, who set fire to this prank, didn’t seem to be saying anything, but I endured it as I was still a trivial trainee. I’m sure I’ll get revenge someday

“You haven’t formally greeted the A&R team yet, have you? These are the people you should see often and talk a lot in the future.”


“Okay, we don’t stir fry like Team Leader Sohyun, so don’t worry. haha”


“Hahaha… .”

Our team leader seemed to be friendly with everyone in the company, so I felt a little relieved. Teacher Je-young and trainer both were friendly to Team Leader So-hyun and only talked about good things.

“I think the CEO was impressed with how you organized and arranged the stage for this contest. He told me to invite you to the concept meeting for the debut album and to listen to your stories a lot.”

God, are you there? Did you hear my heart?

We wanted to somehow make up for the fact that our previous debut concept was a piece of shit, so I wanted only the leader Hajun and Kyunghwan, who wrote the song himself, to attend the concept meeting and convey our opinions.

It seemed that the voice of my earnest heart was transmitted to the representative’s heart.

“For now, I will only outline the outline. Don’t be too nervous and tell me what kind of story you want to tell.”

“I thought it would be better to hear from you first, because if we talk first, we will be swept away.”

When the two team leaders started talking about giving and receiving, the other members also fell into trouble. Depending on the debut album, it was difficult to open his mouth easily because there was a lot of difference between creating a black history or making a name for yourself on a stone tablet.

So I’m gunning

“I would like to have a main story that our team can carry with us for a long time to come. For example, growth.”

“growth? Isn’t that too common?”

“It’s common, but I think it’s a story that can be resonated with.”

It’s a problem I’ve been thinking about since I learned how to compose.

What kind of songs do people like?

What kind of songs do we have to show and what kind of performances do we need to make more people listen to our songs?

As time passed, we wanted to make a song that we and our fans could think of one by one and laugh together, and I wanted to make a song like that.

“The word growth is too broad. Please be more specific.”

As we were talking about the whole team, Youngbin, who usually didn’t talk much, was also interested and asked a question.

“For example, something like this. The scariest thing is a little different for each age group and each person. When I was in high school, I was afraid of going to college, and I was afraid of getting a job when I went to college. In the meantime, there will be people who are afraid of interpersonal relationships.”

It is harder than you think to put the thoughts in your head into words.

Especially the ones that make the other person understand or persuade the emotional and sensual parts of my thoughts.

“Each person overcomes them, bury them deep in their hearts, and eventually loses, but somehow they live. I’m just saying that it’s okay because it’s not wrong and it’s normal.”

Some were looking at me with a tilted expression, some frowned, and some showed me to look at me and talk more.

I felt thirsty for some reason, so I grabbed the bottle of water in front of me and drank a little.

“I thought about what it would be like to sing something like a debut album, starting with the fear we face and getting out of it little by little.”

“It’s our first album, isn’t it too heavy a topic?”

“Isn’t everyone’s target for fear very different?”

And from then on, the A&R teams who didn’t know their names and knew only their faces, who were always passing by, started asking questions in earnest.

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