For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 12

Talk to Me(2)

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“Ji Hwan, if you want to fix all of this, you need to fix more than half of it.”

“First of all, all we have to do is check it out. If you arrange it anyway, you have to change it accordingly, so let’s not do it in advance.”

Only then did Him Chan, whose face was slightly straightened, sighed of relief.

Watching that, I smiled and laughed.

Even if Him Chan said so, he remembered that he dug very passionately into dance.

I didn’t understand why he was thinking of quitting, but I decided to treat him as if he would continue to stay together unless he brought it up himself.

At least Him Chan didn’t treat other members with a different face like Kim Woo Bin.

“We should change all the choreography for the chorus part. Sigh…”

I didn’t know how the arrangement would turn out, so I roughly wrote down the choreography part that we couldn’t touch and asked him to discuss it with the older members, but Him Chan was already thinking about how to change the dance.

Why do you like dancing so much?.

Suddenly, I felt a little stuffy for no reason.

“CHAN, shall we go to the members with this?”

“We? Won’t we go to the A&R team and come back here?”

“Will it be?”

“I don’t think you’ll start working right there anyway.”

Before I knew it, he naturally felt strange to see himself thinking and relying on other members.

Perhaps I am influenced by them as much as I am influencing them.

I was looking for a document program on my laptop, thinking about organizing what to put in the plan, and suddenly I talked to him.

“Ji Hwan, will we be able to debut?”

“What does that mean?”

I felt dizzy as if I had been hit while being careless.

I didn’t expect you to suddenly come in like this when you know the cameras are running everywhere we’re moving.

“We’ve been biting our teeth all this time after seeing that one thing. We have to debut. You too, me too.”

“Right. But why am I not confident more and more?”

Choi Him Chan’s inner thoughts that have never been shown to me before. Confused feelings and guilt flooded in at once.

I once stole Choi Him Chan’s heart without anyone knowing it.

“I think that disappeared a week after I came here.”

He deliberately smiled and spoke as if throwing, but the face of smiling helplessly looked so painful. I was so caught in my eyes that I thought about whether to use my skills or not for a long time.

Poing was the one who stopped me.

“I think it’s better to just listen to him now.”

“Should I? Will my use of the ‘internal friendship’ skill have an impact on him?”’

“I don’t know if that’s the case. If you’re not familiar with skills, I think it’ll get tangled up if you use several of them together, so just leave it.”

“Choi Him Chan, what’s wrong?”

I sat down in front of Him Chan, who was a little down, comforting me like that, saying that Poing would know a little better than me, who was clumsy and knew nothing.

“Team leader So Hyun said this before. We look very excited.”


“I was excited too, but you looked so excited when you were making the choreography.

“Haha, really?”

“Don’t force yourself to laugh. But why is the grass so low?”

In Him Chan’s hand, there was a lot of paper about which part of the lyrics had the choreography and how to change it.

Him Chan, who was glancing at the paper, smiled.

“I guess I was just a little scared. It’s really just around the corner.”

“I was so scared when I was lying down in the hospital. I’m afraid I’ll get fired from this team. My sister told me not to come home unless I don’t accept it anywhere because I’m really screwed.”

Is it because conscience suddenly popped out that I didn’t even know it was usually there? My heart seemed to beat in my neck.

I was so trash that I felt like I had to apologize to Him Chan even now.

Fortunately, Poing, who usually didn’t feel the weight, was so warm now that he was able to calm down.

I was just thinking about the four people and me of the Unravel that I liked.

Even so, Kim Woo Bin, who is different from the front and back, shouldn’t have done that to Him Chan, but he focused only on the fact that he knew the ending of this bloody survival program.

The person in front of me right now is also a person who has lived as a trainee for years at the risk of his future.

I got goosebumps all over my body as to how I naturally excluded this person from the picture I drew while sleeping, eating, and practicing together.

“Nim, pull yourself together. What are you thinking?’

“Poing. The future that I saw, heard, and experienced might be different here, right?”’

“Strictly speaking, it’s a different world there. So, it can be different depending on how you do it.”

“Chan, whether I fall or you fall, let’s be cool.”


This guy seemed to be half out of his mind.

My heart suddenly sank because I thought my skills had a negative impact on him because he was like this, who had been fine until before. I chose the horse that was hovering in my mouth and spoke slowly.

“We lived in the practice room every day because we wanted to stand on stage and be loved by people.”

“That practice room.”

“That’s right. That practice room. I know. I really want to do it in a cool way.

It’s going to be a stage that went through our hands from beginning to end.”

I thought I accepted reality, but I don’t think I did.

I was mistaken that I had adapted to my current situation in less than a week. My nature is so relaxed and I tend to move on well in everything, so I thought that I got better quickly even in this ridiculous situation.

However, I had not yet fully recognized the existence of these people, and I was unconsciously dealing with the people next to me based on the Unravel of my previous life.

I can’t believe I’m trying to cut people however I want.

I was doing a lot of trash.

“I’m weird today, right?”

“Choi Him Chan, you’ve always been weird.”

“What are you talking about?”

Fortunately, I relieved my mood by playing a light prank on Him Chan, who returned as usual.

“You should go to the park of truth, too.”

“The park of truth”?

“There is, when I sit side by side with Ha Jun, I feel solemn and I have to tell the truth.”

“What? I don’t like it for some reason…”

“If you don’t like it, do you sit side by side with me or tell the truth?”

“Argh! Hey! Pretend to be popular!”

“Oh, my. That scared me. I almost cursed. Wow, surprised..”

I didn’t even hear the door open, but I guess Ha Jun and Kyung Hwan were watching us from behind.

“You two were filming a youth drama, so I left you alone.”

“No, I’m not. Did you have a good trip?”

“Okay, I just did a rough sketch, but I’m going to talk to you guys more.”

“Have you thought about the choreography?”

Naturally, we gathered together again and began to exchange opinions on the choreography and the atmosphere of the song.

In the meantime, I looked at Him Chan’s face and atmosphere from time to time, and later decided to drag him out to a place without a camera and talk.

Fortunately, it wasn’t as sagging as before. No, like a person who decided to do something, he even looked light as if he had shook off something that was pressing him heavily.

“Ji Hwan and I checked several stages, but we can never create the same atmosphere as seniors. The stage will look very empty because there are too few people. So, our conclusion is that we should change all the parts that are big and big into four people.”

“Most of the songs are group choreography…”?”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. That’s right.”

“Then do I have to listen to everything?”

“No. Then we can’t do it on our own. I have to reduce what I can reduce and change what I can change, but I have divided it by lyrics.”

When Him Chan handed over the paper that he had worked hard to organize to Ha Jun and Kyung Hwan, the faces of the two became slimmer.

“…we must be very busy for a week.”

“The members need to give me the final song so that I can make sure the choreography and take it to Jeyoung.”

“Don’t be scared of me…”

He patted Kyung Hwan’s shoulder, holding his head.

“I’ve decided the direction. How far can Ji Hwan and Him Chan go?”

“Are you talking about the vocal range?”

“Uh, you have to roughly tell me so I can change it. Or I can sing this song, just tell me like that.

“No, let’s go to the recording studio together. If we do it together, won’t we get more diverse opinions?”

Ha Jun’s face, who asked me to go with him, looked very excited for some reason, but I never wanted to follow him.

“Haha, we’re practicing dancing…”

“Don’t say anything that’s not funny and follow me.”

I don’t know why Min Ha Jun always makes scary noises with such a friendly smile. Don’t you already know that it’s scarier?

Me and Him Chan, who could not run away, were taken to the recording studio in the form of being surrounded by Ha Jun and Kyung Hwan from both sides.

* * *

On the way to the recording studio with four people, I heard someone crying.

It was a voice that was suppressed and crushed in a mess, but it was definitely our youngest voice.

“Isn’t this Se Bin?”

“Hey, it sounds like Se Bin’s voice.”.”

Ha Jun raised his hand and covered our mouths. Ha Jun beckoned to Kyung Hwan, dragged us to the recording studio first, and then carefully approached the place where the sound came from.

And as expected, our youngest was sitting with a teary face.

“Why are you crying, Se Bin?”

“You guys go first. I’ll talk to Se Bin and go.”


“I’m surprised. Talk to me later.”

Him Chan, who usually loved Se Bin a lot, was angry at Ha Jun’s words to go first, but Kyung Hwan and I dragged him from both sides and gave him a chance.

“Chan, if we were there, Se Bin wouldn’t be able to talk comfortably.”

“Why are you crying when you were fine before?”

“…Let’s not make a fuss for now. I’m at the company.”

I had to admit that there are stories that change teams and flow differently, while there are stories that flow the same somehow.

But what I saw in idol creation was a scene where Se Bin, who exploded with disappointment between Ha Jun and Se Bin, cried and confronted his brother during the arrangement.

Se Bin is a child who has a clear subjectivity when it comes to singing or stage, so if she fought on the spot, she would not come out alone and cry secretly.

Thinking of various situations, when I peeked at Poing, Poing, who met eyes, sighed deeply and asked.

Are you telling me to go and watch it?’

“As expected, our Poing is a genius! You know everything even though I didn’t tell you.”

“Sigh, you. I’m really not going to let you go.”

Thinking that it was fortunate to have Poing, I looked at Kyung Hwan and Him Chan.

I came inside because it wasn’t very good to be crowded in the middle of the hallway where people attended, but I, Kyung Hwan, and Him Chan all looked at the door with a worried face.

What’s going on with Team B?

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