For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 11

Talk to Me(1)

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Poing didn’t feel very good.

I went out early in the morning and came back from my business for the contractor who complained that he wouldn’t be with me, but I can’t believe you made me spy as soon as I got here.

If you pat your hair a little and talk nicely for your hard work, your fatigue will be relieved and you will have the taste of trying harder.

Still, I silently spy on the sad fate of living only when this guy did well, and the atmosphere here was really chaotic.

There are only three people sitting, and the air is so heavy.

“So, Woo Bin, if you go with a heavy atmosphere, it’s hard to organize the stage and attract people’s attention.”

“Hey, but think about it. Your and my songs are the main songs, but if you trust Se Bin and go with dance, the atmosphere overlaps with the original song.”

“That’s why you need to rearrange it.”

“If you want the arrangement to be easier and more impactful, wouldn’t it be better to go with a completely different atmosphere from the original song?”


The two large humans continued to fight, and the smallest humans had already died black under their eyes, so even if they were left as they were, they seemed to fail on their own.

The humans in the conference room, where the contractor was earlier, were childish, but they felt quite good because of the smell of the bright atmosphere, but this place was full of only the smell of desire to stay longer.

Nongik, which is also an appropriate vitality, was not a desire, but an extreme emotion, so I thought I would have a headache.

Poing, who became unpleasant, took a good look at the face that was the source of the problem. It was because I had a feeling that that human being would cause an accident soon.

“Don’t tie it up. You have to tile it well.”’

I’m starting to worry about the contractor who’s clumsy and unable to do anything.

His new contractor was positive without grounds, and sometimes he looked really flat.

Even though the human age inside was not very young, he was sometimes like a 10-year-old child. I felt like I was leaving a child by the water.

Is this why it is easier for senior fairies to grant the wishes of other intelligent bodies?

A sigh came out automatically because there seemed to be no race that needed to be as much touched and cared about as humans.

Because it is that difficult, the path to intermediate fairy is on the human contractor.

It was a test in which the future depends on how satisfactory a human contractor could live without going against the fairy family’s premise.

While Poing was lost in thought, the meeting ended without a conclusion.

After repeating the same thing over and over again, the silence fell at the end of the loudest human voice to cool down for a while. Leaving behind such a conference room, Poing also went out to find Ji Hwan.

That unpleasant human being smelled so thick and sticky that I didn’t want to get too close. Compared to him, I think Ji Hwan is better even if he is a little child, and Poing trudged back to Ji Hwan.

The contractor was still good at petting, so I was desperate to take a deep sleep under the pet.

* * *

“Okay, how far did you go?”

Team leader So Hyun’s eyes were filled with hidden expectations and trust. I felt a little new because I could see that he was trying not to reveal those feelings to us.

Even if I pay a little attention, the eyes of the people around me tell me so much, so why didn’t I notice those things before?

The more I thought about it, the more I felt sorry for my previous “me, who lived a frustrating life, and I was angry because I looked like a fool.

It’s only been two days since I lived here as a disaster. If you tried to approach people around you a little more, it would have been nice if you had pushed your individual greed a little and focused on the team.

If the previous “I had maintained a good relationship with the team members, it would not have been discussed as an excluded member from the moment the first evaluation began.

All I did differently from the previous “me was to try to blend in with the team, but my view of me changed so much overnight.

Whenever I felt these facts little by little from people’s perspectives and speech, I felt a little sad that I swallowed a handful of very bitter medicine.

“Ji Hwan has a lot of ideas. Him Chan gave me a lot of opinions in directions that I didn’t think of, which helped me a lot. I’m going to look forward to Kyung Hwan’s editing skills.”

“Oh man, you must be an inevitable leader. Ha Jun, you’re the leader of Team A, right?

“That happened somehow.”

“As soon as we decided on the team, we implicitly decided like that. “I guess Ha Jun was the only one who didn’t know.”

Team leader So Hyun said nothing he did and how the team members gave him good opinions, but he was tongue-tied by Ha Joon’s appearance.

And Kyung Hwan added words in a good timing, leading to a warm atmosphere.

“Now, tell me what you need. I’ll help you if I can, but you have to take care of anything else. Make a plan so that you can report it yourself and bring it. “I’m going to give this to the manager myself, so you have to pay attention.”


Team leader So Hyun asked us to accept a laptop to turn the video around so that we can refer to the various stages of the original song.

“Guys, are you having fun?”


“You look so excited. “Do well.”

It was us who had been nervous and chased day by day. Nevertheless, he seemed to have been smiling throughout the conversation with the team leader so much that he did not recognize himself.

As soon as I heard that comment from the team leader, I felt confident that I could make a much better stage than the competition I saw in “Idol Creation.”

I didn’t show it in front of the team leader, but we left the office and were glancing at each other and laughing the whole time we walked in the hallway.

“Hmm, then I’ll go to the A&R team with Kyung Hwan first. Chan and Ji Hwan, the team leader said we could use the meeting room, so try making choreography while watching the video there or in the empty practice room.”

“Jun, are you excited? Your face is just smiling.”

“I know. You always scold me, but you know how to laugh like that.”

“I’m doubting whether I’m with Ha Jun right now or if he’”

“Hey, you guys should stop…”

The leader said it’s delicious to drive.

Him Chan and Kyung Hwan, who had already learned the taste of bullying the leader in the conference room, were pouring oil as if they would burn Ha Jun even if I made a small fire. It was a bonus for Ha Jun’s neck to turn red as if it were on fire.

Ha Jun, who usually showed a friendly smile only in front of the camera, smiled comfortably in front of the members.

Ha Jun always worried about fans even during his unbelievable activities, as his obsession with taking care of the members was so severe that it was noticeable.

In the year Se Bin became an adult, I still remember the self-help story that Young Bin told on a drinking broadcast under the pretext of congratulating the youngest’s escape from minors.

I think it’s something Ha Jun and himself (Young Bin) have to deal with without saying that they’re worried about other younger brothers, but even Ha Jun sometimes feels sad because there are so many things he wants to deal with alone without telling himself.

At that time, the expressions Ha Jun and Young Bin made became tears buttons for numerous Somungchis, and it was a little embarrassing, but I also cried.

So I decided to work behind the scenes to create an atmosphere where Ha Jun and all the members can lean on each other, embrace each other, and cooperate.

While returning to the conference room with a laptop, Him Chan was away for a while because he was going to the bathroom, and I sat in the conference room first and warmed up my stiff shoulders.

The first competition that starts now and the second competition that will be held in a row.

And the fact that there is not much time left until the final vote kept me nervous.

“I came out.”

“Wow, our talented fairy is here. You’ve done a good job.’

The camera was still spinning, and I didn’t know who and how to come in, so I couldn’t stroke the Poing on my knee and comforted him slightly.

He looked exhausted for two days, where and what he did during the time he was away from me.

‘Nim, I think the other team is doomed. It’s a mess there.

“What’s wrong with it’s like that.’

“The two big humans continue to fight without a conclusion, and the small humans sit with faces that give up.”

“What are you fighting about?”’

“A human being with a lot of desire pushed a ballad with a song as the main song, and a human with a cold impression opposed it.”

“Kim Woo Bin is always the same regardless of whether the team changes or not..”’

‘Don’t get involved with that lustful human being. It doesn’t smell good.’


According to Poing’s explanation, fairies can feel their unique scent depending on human emotions or conditions.

He also added that it is quite difficult to endure the scent and get used to it.

As more detailed stories were about to take place, Him Chan entered the conference room.

“Ji Hwan, did you watch the video?”’

“Oh, no. I was a little spaced out while you were in the bathroom. “I thought so hard earlier that my head asked me to rest.”

“I’m trying to make it awkward. Let’s focus on their choreography first.”

It was too much for me to talk to Him Chan and talk to Poing at the same time because I couldn’t multi-play. Poing comforted him by telling him to finish talking a little later and to rest.

‘I have to work on this first, so let’s talk about the details later. Poing, take a break. You look so tired.’

“I’m so proud of you for noticing now, you punk.”

Poing, who left a story that seemed to be a curse but was not a curse, stretched on my knee as if I had lost strength all over my body, and I still felt awkward and slightly stroked Poing’s back.

Him Chan was covering the camera, so I thought he wouldn’t be caught strangely.

“I think we need to simplify all the choreography for the group dance scene.”

As a result of watching the official music video, broadcast appearances, and representative stages, it was concluded that it was difficult to save all the group dances.

There were a total of seven members of Limitless. Naturally, there were many dances that required some number of people, such as making symmetrical shapes by holding a knife-like angle or changing seats by crossing each other.

But we were four people. It was obvious that the stage would look very empty if that choreography was brought as it is.

“Or can we change the choreography so that all four of us can do it?”

“Which direction?”

“For example, here, this part.

The scene shown to Him Chan was a scene where seven people made a large V-shaped formation, and one in charge of the vertex came out to the front, and the rest of the people crossed.

“Since there are four of us, let’s do a dance where two people face each other like a mirror.”

“Oh, you’re saying we should do a group dance for 4 people.”

“I think that would make it look less empty.

I didn’t know anything about dancing, but fortunately, I became a fan of Unravel and watched quite a few idol stages through videos. In particular, it was quite common for rookie groups to reinterpret and perform the stages of existing senior groups at the year-end awards ceremony. Different dance and directing reinterpreted in their own colors. I was a little used to watching the stage thanks to my accumulated experience.

“I think it’s better to do that than look empty. There are so many things to do…”Should I check first?

“I think it would be good to organize it by considering only the parts that need a lot of people or fit the formation first, and write down some of the images and feelings we think of and ask Jae-hyung for his opinion.”

In the first round of the competition, the company’s focus is not on individual members’ skills, but on the convergence of members, communication with company departments, and active appeal of opinions.

No matter how much we fly and crawl, we are trainees, and even if we debut in the future, we had to get help from many departments in the company.

Unfortunately, however, the members were not able to act actively in the “Idol Creation I saw.

They just tried to hand over the arrangement or do it on their own without asking for appropriate advice.

Therefore, I tried to draw a picture of receiving advice and help, but the direction was to speak out in the team, and the members actively exchanged opinions to create a stage.

Only then, based on these experiences, it seemed that the members could make their own songs or choreography and write lyrics.

In the future, more and more people will demand expertise from idols. The public’s eye level is rising, but idols were forced to fall behind if they could not escape the framework created by the company.

When I was a fan, idols who wrote and composed songs themselves received more favor from the public. As a result, more and more idols were releasing mixtapes containing their own emotions and colors on free music sites.

Before such idols increased further, it was obvious as if it was a fire that it would be beneficial to preoccupy them first when there was still a little rarity left.

While I was thinking about many things, Him Chan’s face, which checked all the choreography that needed to be changed, has already become thinner.

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