Entertainment Life With A Camera Chapter 30

Idol Olympics. (1)

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“But purple doesn’t fit me well. I have a warm tone.”

Kim Hyun ripped off his clothe’s plastic packaging. All idols participating in iLympics had to wear the training clothes prepared by a sponsor.

“How does Hyung know that?”

“The make-up Chief let me know.”

Each of the members wearing a tracksuit yawned. The way to work to iLympics is also scheduled to be broadcast live this time.

They even lay out the red carpet and reporters take pictures on the way to work.

“The Chief is a real jackpot. Is this the so-called effortless look1꾸안꾸(kku.an.kku) an abbreviation of 꾸민 듯 안꾸민듯. Like dressed up but like not dressed up. It means someone looks dressed up yet didn’t put too much effort into it. ?”

Because of that, they stopped by the shop to get their hair and simple makeup done before leaving.

Kim Joo Young admired his face reflected in the window.

“What are Hyungs2Hyung in plural form. Hyung-deul is too much for me but… Please, understand my struggle. participate in?”

Park Seo Dam was to be placed as a field MC even for a short time.

“I’m 60m.”

“If Ian runs, it’s game over.”

“He won a medal already.”

When Ian answered, Jo Tae Woong and Kim Ju Young added reactions. Park Jin Hyuk said seriously.

“Isn’t it unfair to send an athlete out?”

“Even if I was an athlete, I couldn’t even play a few games.”

His position was a running back. However, how much an Asian player would have played in American Football?

Still, since an athlete was an athlete, he participated while thinking about challenging for the medal while he was at it.

“Tae Woong, Ju Young, and Hyun are archery, right?”

“And there’s a group relay too.”

“Let’s go for medal!”

Unheard-of idols barely go out for a single event. At least, Awy participates in 3 events. It seems they are certainly a rising group.

Manager Park Dong Soo smiled in vain at the conversations of the motivated members.

So was Black Rush and probably all idols would hate it horribly if they got a schedule for iLympics.

‘Are we really not going out?’

‘Uh, Awy is going out instead of you.’

Black Rush finally does not go to iLympics using Awy as a shield. It was the agency’s strategy to save its image appropriately by putting out only a group from the agency. Without even knowing such an inside story, Awy was very motivated.

“We’ll record all day long, so it’s good to win a medal. Even coming out on the broadcast.”

Well, it’s their first appearance so it’s reasonable to be full of energy. Park Dong Soo turned the steering wheel.

Awy’s droopy look from their next appearance was drawn vividly in his mind.

“You’ll have to work hard today. But if you see something that can injure you, just lie down. Don’t do anything.”

There were quite a lot of idols injured when appearing on iLympics. Some even stopped working on their albums due to injuries even though the comeback schedules were just around the corner.

The van carrying Awy passed Daehwa Station and arrived at Goyang Gymnasium. When the car stopped and the members got off, shutter sounds were heard from the surrounding.

They were proxy photographers3When a Homma can’t attend an event or other reasons, they hire a proxy photographer to shoot their bias photos. and Hommas who gathered to take pictures of the way to work. Ian waved his hand, looking around at the markings seen in front of him one by one.

Another group was already standing in front of the prepared red carpet. The group that will follow was also next to the red carpet waiting for their turn.

“Hello. We’re from Awy.”


The group that Lee Joo Hyuk greeted replied, but did not introduce their group. Tucking their hair to the back of the ear hesitantly, those are movements as if embarrassed of something.

“Okay! The girl group that follows is… ‘Mul Bang Gae’!”

[Whoa, Mul Bang Gae4Diving beetle. Yeah, it’s a bug name.. It’s been a while. Their group’s name still sucks.]

And those gestures made sense as soon as they went out on the red carpet.

[The name over there is unusual, that I even still remember. Their boss’s nickname was mul bang gae so that’s how the group was named.]

‘Isn’t that too insincere? So damned mean.’

Mul Bang Gae, who went out to the red carpet at MC’s call, resolutely shouted their group’s slogan since it was still in front of the camera. After a short photo session, they left without an interview.

“Yeah, the trending boy group these days, enters Awy!”

Ian and the members stood in the center of the red carpet and shouted group greetings.

“Stand closely, please.”

They stuck close to each other and posed at the reporter’s request. The red carpet host handed over the mic and asked.

“Today is your first time participating, so is there any resolution?”

“We are going to bring at least one gold medal today.”

Jo Tae Woong, who had received the mic, replied in historical-drama tone with a resolute expression.

At that moment, all the members who were situational drama lovers stared at the camera with serious expressions.

At the sight of it, the host smiled and continued the question.

“If Awy wins a medal and could get something from the company or president, what would you ask for?”

“We’re making a comeback in March, and that’s why we’re on a diet. We want to eat chicken after a long time.”

Park Dong Soo, who had just parked the car and entered through another door, was spying on Awy’s interview site just in time.

Well… Won’t Black Rush be the one who buys them chicken? They happily went wild after hearing they’re not going out whether they hate participating in iLympics that much. Even hanwoo5Korean beef. That premium type of beef. is possible if they say it well.

As Park Dong Soo thought so, his eyes met Ian, who was staring at him at some point.

It was said that he was good at finding people like a ghost, and it’s true. Park Dong Soo got goosebumps for nothing.

Only Ian knows the truth that it’s an actual ghost who told him.

* * *

When they entered the stadium, the idols who came first and were on standby were each looking for their fans’ seats or talking to the staff.

Of course, Awy were also looking for their fans’ seats, but Ian was able to find their fans even without the help of Jin’s markings.

A banner, written in a concise cursive font on a white background, was hung on the railing.

<You’re our welfare AWY>

The quickest way to get to know the news of an idol’s participation in the iLympics was at the official café.

When a notice is posted on the official café about the support banner for iLympics, fans will make a draft and send it through email to the person in charge.

Then the company produces the banner with the final decided draft.

-Mydol iLympics banner notice is outㅠㅜㅠㅠ

-Are the banner notice all out now?

-If it didn’t come out now, my babes wouldn’t be coming out, right?

Therefore the moment a banner notice is posted, whether it is their bias group or another group, it is relayed on social media and other communities.

“Shall we go up there for a while?”


Ian pointed to the fan seats.

Seats are emptied in the front and filled in from the middle section. As Ian and the members approached the audience seats, the fans’ cheers grew even bigger.


Awy leaned back on the railing where the banner was hung and greeted the fans. Fans didn’t forget to take out their phones and film them even as they screamed. Almost all of them were showing their phones instead of their faces.

“Can you move your head to the side in that position? We want to see your faces, not your phones.”

Some fans swallowed their breath. In the meantime, everyone turned their heads to the side as if it had been delivered all the way to the back. Some also lowered their phones down.

As Ian tried to remember everyone’s faces with exaggerated nods, laughter erupted from the front.

Ian ignored the blue marks given by Jin. It’s not good to recognize people who come often too well.

According to Jin, when the singer and frequent fans become old-timers6고인물. go.in.mul. Literally means stagnant water. A slang term usually used in the game community refers to those who play the same game so much for a long time that they become experts. , there are cases where the first timer who sees it will get hit by reality and decide to unstan. Whatever it was, the appropriate line was important.

“Guys, don’t get hurt!”

A voice instigator raised her voice from the back seat. All the members laughed at the clear high-pitched voice.

Since a personal comment brought luck, a few words were thrown from all over the place such as ‘it’s okay not trying hard’ or ‘just lie down and sleep’. Later on, anything they were saying couldn’t even be understood.

“We will work hard. Breakfast will come out later, so make sure to eat.”

Said Park Seo Dam from the side. After all, it is a virtue for Koreans to take care of meals.

When Ian turned around and looked towards the stadium, the singers were gathering in the center. Lee Joo Hyuk went down first, saying that they should go.

“We’ll come back later.”

Other members also turned their backs one by one. Ian waved his hand to the fan seats and went down last.

The fans were stunned looking at his back and chatted with the people on either side.

“What to do. So sweet, crazy…”

“Actually, I wanted them to wear white. But isn’t purple nice too?”

“Because the kids’ fit is all good.”

Those at the front were typing fast on their phones.

-(Video)As soon as the kids entered, they came to our sideeeㅠㅠㅜㅠㅠㅠㅜ

Saying they want to see our face and asked us to put our heads to the side, crazy damned handsome damned sweetㅠㅠㅜㅜ

As soon as the fans posted the story, the likes and retweets quickly went up.

The singers gathered to find those who wear the same color training suit as instructed by the staff.

When a magnificent sound ended, the voice of the moderator on the relay seat rang out at the stadium.

“Idol Olympics 2018 Lunar New Year’s Day Special! It’s starting now.”

The opening ceremony is not held at the beginning, and the game starts right away. The first was a 60m run. The men’s and women’s qualifiers and finals will be held.

The waiting time was long because it was conducted after each group’s short interview.

[They’re looking at you.]

Ian felt the prickly gazes around him. They couldn’t stare openly because fans were watching, so they’re pretending to be looking to the side or looking to the back and made eye contact.

Jo Tae Woong who noticed the gazes patted Ian’s shoulder from the back.

Hiyeol~ Popular guy.”

“Be quiet.”

Kim Hyun, who was sitting in the front, turned around and looked at Ian.

“Manager hyung asked me to watch over you well.”

“Yes? Why is it?”

He leaned close to Ian and whispered as if he was conducting an espionage operation.

Seeing the corners of his lips twitching, is it warming up for a situation drama again?

“Comrade Ian, didn’t you have to be careful in places where men and women gather in groups like this?”7He used a North Korean tone here.

“But, it’s not just me that has to be careful, aren’t Comrades supposed to be careful too?”8Ian also uses a North Korean tone here.

“Comrade Dong Soo has ordered us that Comrade Ian be under special surveillance.”

Jo Tae Woong joined forces in the situation drama and everyone giggled at each other, then Lee Joo Hyuk asked “How many times have you been reported as a spy?” to Park Jin Hyuk.

What unexpected things would happen if young men and women of similar ages gathered in groups. It’s socializing, exchanging contacts, and dating.

Even without phones because they couldn’t get first in the music shows, don’t they contact each other through acquaintances?

As he had received a note before, the focus of the manager and members was Ian. But on the contrary, Ian decided to keep an eye on the members.

‘There’s no way I’ll be in a relationship.’

In the past, there were not just one or two celebrities who had been rebuked from all directions and declined in popularity.

The decline is just not that obvious in Lure and Lovely Day’s case revealed by FactFix since they have strong fandoms already built.

But if you looked a little deeper, there was an uproar as fans told them to leave the group from hashtags events to fax mails flood.

It’s been less than a year since he made his debut, but if it’s revealed that he’s in a relationship? Just imagining it was terrible.

Just in time, the first qualifying group finished the interview and started the game. The first-place record was 7.79 seconds.

“Ian-ah, medal is possible right?”

“Well… It’s been a long time since I worked out… I’m not sure. It’s not even a grass court.”

Ian uttered unconfident words with his mouth, but he was not confident to lose inwardly.

[It’d be better not to win a medal, tho…]

‘Why? Still, isn’t it good to come out in the broadcast?’

[If you won a medal, isn’t it possible for sport variety shows to cast you? Such as that military variety show.]

Ian, who got up for the qualifier round, paused. If it’s the demon-like broadcasting station bastards, isn’t it reasonable?

‘No way… Does that program still exist? Isn’t it abolished?’

[It got season 2.]

‘My gosh.’

Ian stroked his arms for nothing at the chilly feeling. Military service even on a variety show!

People from the same qualifying group were walking up the track, each looking for their positions.

Ian got out of his thoughts and bent his knees to stretch simply.

He answered, “I will just work hard.” in the interview.

These qualifier interviews will be edited and won’t be broadcast anyway.


When a staff member signaled, the people who participated in the qualifier round took a pose.

And then bang! As soon as the sound of the starting gun was heard, Ian rushed forward as if he was the one being fired.

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