Entertainment Life With A Camera Chapter 26

Aggro Will Be Hyped.

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Eventually, Ian confirms his appearance in the short drama.

It would be heartbreaking to see radical malicious comments since he is also a human, but it was like advertising that he had no professionalism as he could not enter a decent work just because it was scary.

‘The kids will be okay, right?’

Nevertheless, the reason why he hesitated for a while was fear that the members would be dragged as members of the same group, that the group name would be harmed by solidarity responsibility or whatever, and the second was because he was worried about the fans.

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Because he was reminded of the few fans during P.I when he was stuffed and dragged all over the communities because of the slip of the tongue in the past or the Rising Sun Flag costume. They stayed up all night defending the comments by taking coordinates1A slang for the link. for each comment that became the best comments and writing corrections constantly since malicious comments should not be the best comment.2There’s a separate term in Korea for this movement to ‘clean up’ comments but I forgot. Fans make new comments and like or upvote good comments to become the best comments, as artists usually read these first and rarely scroll deep down.

Of course, there is no way that Ian, who debuted as Awy, would not have such fans. If their bias is cursed, the fans themselves will feel cursed too.

Some people said that they couldn’t even eat and lost weight sitting all day in front of the monitor to protect their bias, so he was bothered that he is getting into controversy on his own.

‘What should I do…’

It is absolutely necessary to have an advanced step in this kind of public opinion battle, but he doesn’t have any connections. And it was unclear whether Ian’s words would be trusted even if he talked to the agency.

[Just watch for now. It can become noise marketing.]

It’s frustrating, but Jin is right. There was nothing he could do for now.

‘Introduce me to some reporters you know later.’

[Just say it. I can secure 5 peo… Wait what?]

‘You were someone from that side, right.’

Ian glanced at Jin, showing that he had already noticed everything. Jin clicked quickly. It seems that the shutter moves quickly when he rolls his head.


“Choi Ian, you’re here. It’s time, why aren’t you coming? It’s all set.”

“Ah heol. I’m sorry, Hyung.”

Jin tried to say something, but Kim Hyun opened the practice room door faster.

‘Let’s talk later.’

Kim Hyun stared at the script Ian was holding.

“What’s the role?”

“It’s a college student with hearing impairment.”

“Woah, aggro will be hyped.”


How did he know when that attention seeker punk hasn’t even written on the forum yet? It seems you will automatically become an aggro detector if you appear on 3 survival programs.

Ian pressed the elevator button.

“I’m sure they’ll say ‘why non-disabled play a disabled role’ though?”

“Haha… No way. Would that ever happen?”

Ian admired Kim Hyun’s predictive ability. It will be controversial in the future.

It was claimed as whitewashing when a black role in the original work was cast as white in the movie and it was quite noisy when the heated debate broke out, but the movie succeeded.

Superhero Movie ‘Black Magic’ Pushing Ahead Filming Amid White Washing Controversy

No Explanation For ‘Black Magic’ Controversy. Screened Next Month

Of course, this was debatable enough. However, it was famous for its wrong handling.

And there was a case where it was argued as discrimination by saying that they didn’t cast a real homosexual in a queer movie, but the controversy quickly subsided when there was an opinion that it was reverse discrimination if it was too forced.

As more and more people realize about aggro in distorted political correctness, more and more people are holding back their words thinking that there is nothing wrong mentioned in the made-up controversy. Once swept away in controversy, it takes a long time to recover.

“There are more crazy people than we thought. Besides, we’re better sandbags because we’re idols.”

“That is true.”

Ian nodded blankly. Kim Hyun tapped Ian’s shoulder, wondering if he scared him too much.

“I’m just saying that. Nothing will happen.”

“But didn’t Hyung just scare me too much for that?”

“If you crush everything with your acting, the controversy will end. Did you see that marathon movie?”

“Saw it. But that person is an acting god.”

Besides, isn’t it when there aren’t many people as sensitive as now because it was a movie in the early 2000s? Kim Hyun laughed quietly at Ian’s reaction.

The elevator door opened, and they entered the conference room.

In the conference room, a phone was set up on a tripod to broadcast the group’s Y-app live.

“Guys, sit down.”

“There is no Jin Hyuk hyung, though?”

“He went to the toilet. We have to turn on the live broadcast first.”

Everyone sat on the chair. A business card-sized paper lay face down on the table, with the group logo on it.

“I’m pressing start? Everyone put on live mode.”

Lee Joo Hyuk pressed the button on the screen. The members were full of anticipation and only stared at the screen.

“It’s dark?”

“What’s it?”

It was two minutes after waiting like that. Members gathered in front of the phone one by one at the still black screen.

“Is the company’s Wi-Fi weak?”

Park Seo Dam turned the setting window off and on.

“At a time when Jin Hyuk hyung isn’t here.”

“What’s with Jin Hyuk hyung?”

“You dunno? Jin Hyuk hyung is our group Yongsan Electronics Market3A popular place where you can buy and repair all kinds of electronics located in Yongsan, Seoul. .”

Ian accepted Jo Tae Woong’s words with an ‘oh’. This is because he remembered when the TV broke down before, Park Jin Hyuk touched it a few times and it was fixed.

“But, isn’t that limited to hardware?”

“Is it?”

“I will call Dong Soo hyung.”

Park Seo Dam jumped up and headed out of the conference room. When he tried to open the door, it opened from outside. It was Park Jin Hyuk.

“What happened?”

Hyung hyung! The broadcast is not working!”

Oh yeah? Park Jin Hyuk approached the phone for broadcast and looked closely at the screen.

“The live is on, though?”


“Screen mute, did you press this?”

When Park Jin Hyuk touched the screen, their faces came out as the screen turned on. Many fans have already commented.

-Woah finally on!

-Guys lolololol The broadcast is already on lolol

“Oh woah, the number of viewers is amazing.”

Without knowing that the broadcast was starting, they stared blankly at the fast-paced chat window. All the members’ eyes moved quickly.

Looking at the screen as if possessed by something, it was like cats with fishing rods in front of them.

“Guys, position! Position!”

Lee Joo Hyuk suddenly came to his senses and pushed the members to the back.

They rushed into each position, greeted as a group, and sat down on their chairs.

“Everyone, how have you been?”

As Park Seo Dam skillfully proceeded, the members flocked to the phone to check comments and stared at the screen.

There were many Chinese and Thai comments on top of basic English.

“Ah hyungs, don’t just look at the screen…”

Park Seo Dam gave them a signal. The members smiled awkwardly.

This is because it was difficult to imagine that this small phone was crowded with so many people, although they didn’t really pay much attention to it on the mafia game with MyKit since they played with each other.

“Someone asked how Imjingak was? How was it?”

Ian only picked questions from the comments and asked them back to the members.

“Honestly, it was so cold that I couldn’t remember.”

“It was fortunate that Ian bought so many hot packs and blankets the day before.”

“Then, will you go to Imjingak again next time if asked?”

Everyone laughed nervously at Park Seo Dam’s surprise question.

“Please open up the story about the broken mic.”

Kim Ju Young hurriedly read the comment. Lee Joo Hyuk and Ian put up a situational play with each other and told the anecdote of that time.

“It was on the verge of December 31, 2017…”

“Ah, too long. Summary please.”

Jo Tae Woong put off the candle. Ian continued speaking to Jo Tae Woong’s ear.

“I came to smash the stage, but Joo Hyuk hyung suddenly put his hands behind…”

“Argh! Sorry! I was wrong, sir!”

Jo Tae Woong pushed Ian away.

‘I don’t want to do it either, you punk.’

Ian expressed extreme hatred inside. Why did he do something like this? Because fans like something called relationships.

When Ian was active as Kim Yong Min during 2nd Gen Idols. It was a time when BGP, a.k.a. Business Gay Performance was popular.

Fans like it, so Kim Yong Min also made a few BGPs to attract attention, but it was a time when he really didn’t want to remember.

[Aggros were so bad back then. Perhaps you were even on the egg accounts’ list of idols with severe BGP?]

‘Because of that, I was cursed a lot when coming out on P.I.’

Now in 3rd Gen, is it gone? No. It’s called relationships4The term ‘shipping’ in international K-Pop culture is used both in ‘friendly’ and BGP extensions but have a quite negative tone in use. This word in Korean is quite neutral in meaning, so I don’t use the term shipping as it is. these days, so it’s good to tie up close members.

In Awy alone, Lee Joo Hyuk and Park Jin Hyuk were tied together as Two Hyuk and the same-aged Jo Tae Woong, Choi Ian, and Kim Ju Young were tied together and called Triples. There were also many other relationships besides those.

The problem is that although some people sell relationships as genuine friendships, some people sell them as an extension of BGP.

‘This is fan service. Fan service.’

[Yap. Yap.]

Most people like it if you do it a few times, so he did it with a smile even if he hated it inside.

“Come to think of it, I saw Imjingak Parrot too.”

“That’s right. That person cheered for us very hard even though it was cold, so we were all touched.”

“Can’t that person post proof on the fan cafe?”

Ian also did not forget to thank the passionate parrot.

In addition, they talked about mafia and pictorial shoots with MyKit.

[One person keeps asking your nationality.]

‘I know. I was ignoring it.’

“When Ian first came into our company, I thought some kind of light was walking in.”

“Didn’t you open your mouth wide enough for your chin to fall out then? I should’ve taken a picture of that.”

Ian smiled and responded to Jo Tae Woong.

When Awy successfully exploded, ‘pro disturbed’5 프로 불편러(pro bul.pyeon.reo). Someone who is pro in expressing their discomfort. Those too serious netizens who usually have an extremely conservative view and make strong objections, even on a not-so-important matter. who couldn’t see them doing well naturally started their engine.

Among them, they focused on targeting Awy’s most popular, Choi Ian. So at first, they turned their attention to his skills when he had nothing to drag because he has a handsome face and a good body.

However, he sings well and dances well enough, so there is nothing to drag.

“Joo Hyuk Hyung doesn’t get angry that much. We call him Buddha.”

-Choi Ian where r u from?

Not to mention acting, but now they’re digging into his nationality. His profile doesn’t write where he was born, but it seemed he lived in the U.S. from Mystagram’s posts. So, it started with ‘then perhaps is he an American?’.

“We’re going to the Idol Olympics. This isn’t a spoiler, right? Since the article came out in the morning.”

The members also ignored that comment which kept spamming and answered other questions.

What’s wrong with Choi Ian being an American? That is in the military service. The military service issue is a problem that all Koreans become sensitive to.

Celebrities who avoid military service will probably be dragged until they die.

For that reason, they will grab something to nitpick and then start vroom vrooming, saying if his parents gave birth on an expedition6That one case which planned childbirth in a foreign country, especially to give the baby the nationality of the birth country.  or calling him a black-haired foreigner. It’s enough just to make a controversy.

‘Talk however you want.’

Nevertheless, why doesn’t Ian give a proper answer? They will drag him whether he answers as they want or not. So, he was just trying to gather energy and sue later.

‘I don’t care if they only insult me. It’s okay if the other kids do not get cursed.’

Moreover, such a forceful claim does not work for Ian and other netizens.

They don’t just drag Awy. They just produce malicious comments and rumors in all directions. Some who were dragging in this group also doing it in that group, so they received several letters of complaint when sued later.


‘If the lawsuit announcement is posted later, fans will send evidence on their own.’

So, in addition to Awy’s fans, other group fans will also find and send the evidence.

‘And I’ll send the notice after suing.’

You will probably see a miracle that 400 pages of comments disappear at once when they clean their comments. But it will be late by then. It’s probably after the sue is filed already.

Considering that time, Ian could endure some malicious comments.

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