New Features and Maintenance Things

Good daing~!

This is not a really big announcement but things for readers to look out for in Maroon Maru’s site.

First. I just added font resizer for reading accessibility. It’s available in the left upper corner for PC plus tablet users and above the title for mobile users. It’s awkward place, yeah I know that. I’ll fix it in the future with my limited ability.

Next. Email subscription! I just changed the plugin I used before, so please input again your email to subscribe :))

Lastly. Sometimes I experiment revamp the site here and there or updated plugins out of no where. When that happens, usually the site malfunctioning or not showing things. I want to apologize when that happens and disturb you when you’re reading. Please look out for those times and refresh or comeback after a while. Except when I announce a big maintenance, those are just a moment error and will be back in seconds.

You can reach me in the disqus comments to report, because I love to lurk there. Or you can find me in Novel Updates Forum when something big happened without me knowing!!

That’s it. Baing~!

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