Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 70

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#070 I bet everything I have

“Nice to meet you. Writer Kim Ha Neul.” My name is Shigenori Nishio. Please call me Nishio.”
“Nice to meet you. I’m Kim Ha Neul.”

We exchanged business cards and smiled. Nishio, who met through the introduction of Kangbyeol, was middle-aged in a neat suit.

At a glance, he looks like a businessman in Tokyo. He was a man with the scent of the elite.

“You speak Korean very well, don’t you?”
“Because my wife is Korean. I am also interested in Korean culture, so I am enjoying reading your works.”
“I’m ashamed. Shall we sit down and talk first?”

We settled by the window on the second floor of the coffee shop. Nishio nodded, looking down at the busy people.

“Every time I come to Korea, I feel that everywhere people live is similar.”
“That’s right. Especially Japan and Korea have similar cultures.”
“In that sense, I’ll be straightforward. I want to translate your work and present it to the Japanese market.”

Nishio’s impression, which was a good person, changed. There was still a soft smile around his mouth, but his eyes turned like those of a businessman.

Feeling like I don’t want to waste my time. I liked this side more than the formal conversation, so I continued the conversation.

“I don’t want it either, but <Life after marriage> is a contest, so complicated contracts are intertwined.”
“Oh, of course, I’m most envious of the work you’re currently working on.” The works that we would like to ask for are “Dungeon Restaurant” and “Dwarp Life.”
“…The work?”

It was such an unexpected proposal that I was dumbfounded for a moment. Both are my previous works that barely made me hungry.
While writing, I got to have my current cooking and design skills, but it must be a piece of work that is not interesting as a web novel.

Nishio added calmly, as if he had read my expression.

“Do you know <Dungeonbap>?”
“Yes, I’ve read it once before.”

Rice with dungeon.
It is a Japanese cartoon character who represents ‘Cooking Fantasy’. The story is about the main characters, who lacked food expenses, cooking and eating Dungeon’s monsters themselves.

“Then the story must be quick. Currently, “healing water” accounts for a considerable proportion in Japan. The trend of everyday life is slowly going beyond fantasy.”
“It’s because the economy is bad.”
“You saw it right away.”

The center of web fiction and light Nobel is always ‘proxy satisfaction’. It means that readers’ tastes are sensitively applied in the media.

Therefore, when the global economy stagnates, demand for daily necessities, healing materials, and chaebol products increases.

This is because I am inclined to improve the reality right in front of me rather than going on an adventure.

“Of course, it hasn’t come to the surface yet, but most people who have stayed on this floor for a long time have similar opinions.”
“But there’s something I don’t understand. That’s how much Japanese writers are drawing out everyday objects, right?”

Of course, if my work is translated and goes to the Japanese market, there is nothing more to hope for. They’re even finished.

However, if the other party comes with too good conditions, you have to doubt it first. Especially if you’re seeing someone for the first time.

“…It’s not like when I read a fairy tale.”

It is thousands of times more difficult than a children’s book, and it is different from a fairy tale book that only uses basic words to make it easier for children to understand.

There’s nothing you can’t do if you try, but the commonly called “cost-effectiveness” falls.

When I confessed my thoughts honestly, Nishio said with a bitter smile.

“In fact, the translation has already been completed.”
“What are you talking about? Oh, no way.”
“That’s not it. I’m ashamed to say it myself, but someone translated your work into illegal text.”

I was so dumbfounded that I couldn’t help laughing. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.

In fact, it is common in Korea to translate Japanese light Nobel or cartoons and distribute them illegally. There’s nothing you can’t do against it.

But that’s also a popular work, and I didn’t know there would be someone who translated a novel that few people know in Korea.

“The level of translation is also significant. If we look at some of our hands, we can submit them within a month or two, including illustrations.”
“…Should I like this or not?”
“As a writer, I think you’ll have a lot of heartbreaks, so I think you should release a more formal version.”
“That’s true, too.”

That made sense enough. It’s a situation that’s illegally sprayed in Japan anyway, so there’s nothing I can lose by officially publishing it.

However, the question here is whether there will be such a benefit for publishers. Even if translation takes less effort, it would be quite expensive to invest in illustrations.

As if he had read my troubles, Nishio took a bunch of papers out of his bag.

“The local response is good.”

When I checked, it was a collection of community reactions to “Dungeon Restaurant” and “Dwarp Life” and translated.

[Title: I want an animation]: The dungeon restaurant is really fun, so I hope you can hurry up and animate it politely.

└ I hope you don’t waste the merits of your work.
└ You might want to make a good drawing with good ingredients.
└ Official publication decision! Seriously!

[Title: “DWF Life” is fun!]: You can understand Dwarp’s mind by reading. Coates are really from this world www

└ I’m happy because it’s my favorite work.
└ I keep looking forward to the official publication!
└ It was fun because the style was classic.

It was a little awkward to speak because it seemed to be a translator, but it was not difficult to understand what the atmosphere was like.

Certainly, Japan has a much higher proportion of purchasing books than in Korea, so there seem to be more voices than expected for official publication.

“As you can see, this is the situation.”
“If it comes out with Ye Na’s fairy tale book, it will be a hot topic, right?”
“That’s right. In the long run, I want to sell my company until <Life after marriage>, which is currently in series.”
“You’re honest.”
“You’ve already seen through it all.”

Nishio readily acknowledged his purpose. It was rather a good feeling to come out so confidently That’s how confident they are.

I think so, too. Nishio’s company is a prestigious company with a high tradition in the Japanese publishing industry.

There’s nothing bad about it.’

It is a proposal that I have no reason to refuse from my point of view that I have to bring as much money and fame as possible within six months. I nodded and received the words.

“What are the conditions?”
“I heard you’re in a hurry. The volume of the work is seven volumes each. We will be responsible for publishing up to three books within a month, and after that, we will release one book a month.”
“Is that all?”

Then it’s a bit disappointing.
It’s definitely not a bad offer, but if this is the end, there’s no reason to sign Nishio. Other companies will offer similar conditions.

As if he expected my reaction, Nishio smiled and took out a new ball of paper. It turned out to be a manuscript of a cartoon.

This is my novel, isn’t it?’

My eyes grew when I checked the manuscript.
This is the first episode of “Dungeon Restaurant” mentioned earlier.

He still has only the composition and the character, but it was a part that showed how much Nishio worked hard for today.

“You’re good at various things, too.’

This is fun.
In addition to picking up only the necessary parts in the first episode, it excellently captured the image of the character that I had imagined only in my head.

I liked the unique sensitivity that is different from Korean webtoons. Definitely <Dungeon Restaurant> and <Dwarp Life> may fit more with this side’s sensitivity.

“Who drew this?”
“I’m a rookie. However, I have 10 years of experience in assist, and we will guarantee my sincerity and skills.”
“When can you start working?”
“If you sign us, we’ll start drawing right away this evening.”

I can see where Nishio’s confident smile came from. Because I brought an offer that I couldn’t refuse from the beginning.

In terms of genre, Japan has a much larger market than Korea, so there is a good chance that my profits will jump several times.

“Mr. Nishio.”
“Yes, go ahead.”
“From an expert’s point of view, do you think the two works have the potential to be animated?”

The difference between being an animator and not being an animator is huge. Not only will it be a simple influx, but it will also be possible to sell various goods by securing a diverse fan base.

In fact, there is a cost of publishing, and there is a limit to profits because straws are plugged in here and there, but if you go in here, it’s a different story.

At my words, Nishio touched his chin anxiously, and nodded slowly.

“In the case of <Dwarp Life>, it will be difficult to animate immediately due to the unfamiliar appearance of the main character. It would be possible if we got an overwhelming score.”
“I see.”
“However, <Dungeon Restaurant> is possible because all the characters, including the main character, are attractive and there are many related precedents.”
“Thank you for your honest opinion.”

This is a good chance. You’ll have to see if it’s successful, but it’s meaningful to enter the Japanese market.

At the same time, it was a moment when I was confident about how to raise my value.

Writers should write.’

That will soon be the way to prove the man named Kim Ha Neul. I talked to Nishio with a smile around my mouth.

“Did you eat?”
“Not yet.”
“Let’s go eat with our media representative. I know a good restaurant around here.”
“Hahaha! I look forward to it.”

We shook hands with force.
It was the moment when it was decided to enter Japan.

* * *

The meal with Nishio ended happily. We signed the contract, and after that, Park Do Jin decided to take charge of the job.

After returning home, I sat right in front of the computer. Leaning against the backrest, I checked my future plans.

We need to extend the pipeline.’

If Ye Na’s fairy tale book continues to be reprinted, it will raise about 230 billion won, but it will be difficult to prove my worth by itself.

In the meantime, Nishio inspired me.
I don’t know how much profit I’ll make in Japan, but it’s clear that it’s closer to the minimum target of 100 billion won.

You should do what you can right now.’

I moved my mouse and opened the folder. There were countless writings in it.

a collection of numerous studies since high schooling since high school Hundreds of records that I kept because I didn’t have the courage to disclose them to the public.

Among them, there were many that seemed to be no problem even if they were put out right away. It’s a non-mainstream genre such as science fiction, horror, and cyberpunk, so I left it out.

Now is not the time to save.’

If the profit is small, shouldn’t we sell that much? If you use your name value now, you will be able to earn more than average profits.

In fact, as <Life after marriage> has been on a high march day after day, the income from the old work has also increased to a jaw-dropping extent.

‘I bet everything I have.’

Of course, there have been many deviations from the web novel format, but of course, it is much faster to revise than to write a new one.

No matter how valuable the name is, I don’t know if this will work in the market or not. Throw dozens and you’ll get a few.

The sound of the keyboard filled the room.

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