Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 15 

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#015 Kids.

“Let’s use it before the persimmon disappears.”

I came home safely in a van with a bodyguard. After that, he immediately sat in front of the computer and grabbed the keyboard.
Reflecting on the conversation I had with Kang Tae-yang a while ago, I thought about how I could melt it into the novel.

“I’ve already sprinkled rice on the yellow house.’

The fact that the heroine of the novel, Mer, is the youngest member of the imperial family has already been thrown away. However, it did not mention how many people were above it.
Thanks to this, even if a new prince with the motif of Kang Tae-yang appears, there is no fear that the probability will be greatly distorted.

It’s a small tip that comes from jjam.’

Originally, when writing web novels, there are not many cases where each and every worldview is closely set and written.
Most of the time, it only sets the core, including a brief subject, genre, and main character. Most of the rest are filled one by one while serializing.

‘Then, inevitably, the probability will inevitably.’

Therefore, not mentioning the exact number helps to maintain probability.
For example, a typical example is not to pass over the number of floors of the tower from a climbing object or say what the main character’s family members are.
This is very advantageous in expanding the worldview or introducing new characters later.

“Let’s think of it as a family tree of the Daehan Group, tentatively.”

Even if it’s not specified in the novel, it’s certainly easy to use if you make a rough estimate. First of all, it was set to the same number of people as the family of Kang Ba Da.
Then naturally, Kang Tae-yang will become the second prince. The main character, “Siel,” is currently kidnapped by Mer and is in the palace, so it is not difficult to make a point of contact.

“Are you Siel?”
“You know what I’m asking?”
“You’re a cheeky fellow. I can’t die at my command.”
“That’s my wish.”

The Emperor of the Empire, Elios, looked at Siel and swallowed his laughter. The more you dig, the more interesting he is.
The youngest, who had no desire for life, finally came out of the room.I was wondering what was going on. I didn’t expect you to fall in love.

“Do you know who I am?”
“Is there anyone who doesn’t even know Lee Hwangja’s face?”
“No, ‘really’ my face.”
“As expected, you know. It’s amazing, right? People who know this secret can count it in one hand, but how do you know who I am?”

Siel remained expressionless.
There are a few things that I realized by repeating a lot of regression. One of them was the fact that if you were involved with the prince, you would definitely see blood.
This prince has the dark side of the empire, and he’s a madman who does anything for the empire. Literally anything.

“Isn’t it amazing?” You showed up whenever the youngest was in danger. Even if I were a girl, I would have fallen in love.”
“It’s a coincidence.”
“If coincidence overlaps, it becomes inevitable, and if inevitability repeats, it is said to be fate. But it’s a fairy tale story, isn’t it?”

Come on.
The emperor Lee leaned toward Siel. Then he spoke to him in a low voice.

“I don’t believe in fate. Isn’t it more reasonable that you knew there was going to be an accident? Or you purposely created a crisis of being the youngest.”

Lee’s voice was like a well-kept dagger, which made Siel’s throat cool.
However, Siel has also survived countless deaths. The time on the body was never light.

“You overestimate me too much.”

Come on.
Lee Hwang-ja opened the street and made eye contact with Siel again. The two stared at each other for a long time without saying a word.

“Hahaha!” Right? I’m sorry about this. I have so many doubts. There should be one or two crazy people who want to get the blood of the imperial family.”
“I understand.”
“Is there a secret to that arrogant tone?” Strangely enough, there is no repulsion. If you are a dragon, please forgive my rudeness.”

Ilios smiled lightly and relaxed his expression. In an instant, he returned to the expression of the emperor, not the shadow of the empire.

“Well, that’s enough of the jokes. Considering that I didn’t tell Mer about me, I’ll move on this time. But don’t do anything stupid.”
“As long as you don’t touch it first.”
“People will think you’re an emperor.”

Lee Hwang-ja, who was about to step down with his shoulders shrugged, suddenly caught Siel by the shoulder with his eyes shining.

“One more question.”
“What’s going on?”
“Are you sympathetic?”
“Please keep it going. “On the day your sympathy is broken, even if you are a dragon, I will spread the scales.”

Slap, slap.
Lee Hwang-ja, who tapped Siel on the shoulder, turned around. Looking at his back, Siel shook his head as if he were dumbfounded.

“It’s a pretty good pick.”

Certainly, it feels like the character is revived because it is made with a motif of a real person. I’m already looking forward to the reaction of readers.
Of course, in a web novel that flows into a main character-centered narrative, it is a very dangerous way to raise the charm of supporting actors too much.

“There’s also a thing called ‘kae-ttul-mul’.”’

There are some works that make you keep watching even if the probability collapses and the plot is like a dog’s nest.
It means works that maintain their reading with only conversations or small daily lives after creating several active characters.

“I thought you’d never have anything to do with me.”

Cajibul is like walking on a “single-line” throughout the series of works, so if you slip even once, you can’t undo it.
For example, the character’s character is destroyed, or the main character is eaten by the supporting character’s charm. When such a scene begins to explode, the lotus poison falls endlessly.

The difficulty level is too high.’

Nevertheless, I can try to dig in because even if the writing collapses, there is a way to make ends meet. Another reason is that the response is better than I thought.
[What about the Imperial Princess?][When will she come out?][Hwangnyeo, please increase the screen time]]Look at this enthusiastic response.
More than half of the comments are about the empress. I don’t know if I should be happy or worried about this as a writer. For now, I just decided to enjoy it.
Above all.
I think the yellow lady here is satisfied.
[Title: Hwangnyeo sent a donation]100,000 gold.
Now, each plum is sending a donation.
Just a simple calculation, she played the role of 1,000 readers, so I just let go of my mind. Of course, there were times when the donations went down.

– It’s 50,000 won today.
This is why it was usually the case when the empress did not appear in the episode or the psychological description of her was wrong.
[The Imperial Princess is so stupid]][There’s no princess today]][The Imperial Princess wouldn’t think like that]]In such episodes, I repeatedly wrote comments and deleted them so that only I could see them. Somehow, it was a Kang Ba Da that was becoming a vicious reader.
I thought it was too much of an overindulgence to say “Imperial Princess, Imperial Princess” under the nickname “Imperial Princess,” but it was more helpful than I thought.

‘I have a pretty good feeling about it.’

Surprisingly, Kang Ba Da’s point is accurate, so it is interesting that if you modify the contents by referring to her words, the readers’ response will improve.
Even if you can’t make a big correction to what’s already been posted on the site, the details have come to life in the Imperial Girl’s lines and small actions.

‘…The writer says it’s better to edit it once and then watch it.’

Perhaps thanks to this, my novel, which had 90% of male readers, gradually increased the proportion of female readers to 30%.
Of course, the important point is that male readers did not leave in the meantime. A truly miraculous thing that has only increased its purely female readership.

‘Now you’re on the official Tubbe.’

My writing, which was creeping up little by little, was finally listed as an official Tuber. It’s still at the bottom, but it’s an amazing change compared to the first time.

Should I just ask Kang Ba Da to be the editor?’

Kang Ba Da was such a talented person that he felt that way. I seriously pondered about the anecdote of a writer who said that the couple was writing together.
Of course I stopped thinking.
If you pretend to know, “Ba Da is an empress, right?” you will have to be really conscious of her from now on.

‘…Let’s just pretend we don’t know each other forever.’

If you are swayed by the reader, the work eventually collapses. If you are not going to write a work just for Kang Ba Da, the current distance is just right.
Turn it off.
After I finished writing, I stretched. Since then, he has reflexively picked up his smartphone and checked the notification.


A strange name appeared in the message window. Kang Taeyang. Why did this gentleman contact me?
No, I’ve never exchanged phone numbers. It’s a problem to call my number as if it’s

Now you’re not gonna be surprised by anything.’

I checked the message with a sigh. Afterwards, overshadowing the resolution I made earlier, I had no choice but to be surprised once again.

‘…The rich are on a different scale.’

Suddenly having a headache, I lay down on the bed with a smile.
* * *

“Everyone wears seat belts.”
“It’s hard to stop by the bathroom in the middle, so if you’re in a hurry, hurry up and go.”
“Oh, my”.

Some children got out of the car quickly. The guys who follow the director to the bathroom. Looking at him, he talked to me as if he was amazed by Kang Ba Da.

“Have you ever driven a bus?”
“I was tired of driving when I was in the army. I usually drive a 25-seater minibus, but sometimes I drive a large bus when I apply for the division.”
“I see. That’s amazing.”

a nodding river
I looked at her and recalled how this strange situation happened again. The culprit was none other than Kang Tae-yang.
: Cleaning around the nursery is done.
: But looking at the picture, the facilities were really bad. If we’re going to spend our foundation money, we should do it properly.
: I’ll take care of this on my own, so you go play with the kids. Secretary Jang will contact you.
Since then, a two-day plan with the children’s travel schedules has been sent from the equipment department. It’s going to be a perfect remodeling.
It was a planner that didn’t take any account of this situation. Originally, web novel writers had no major problems because they had free schedules only with stockpiles.

‘Well, the kids like it, too.’

I don’t have enough money to wear and eat, so there’s no money to go play. In the meantime, school friends bragged about going to play with their parents, so they must have felt sick without knowing.
In the meantime, he declared that he would take the bus to the full course, so it is natural that the nursery school was overturned.
It happened because of me in the first place, and I decided to donate cool for a few days for their memories. The problem is.

“But why is Ba Da ssi here?”
“…Are you complaining?”
“No, it can’t be.”

She seemed to be included in the “kids” that Kang Tae-yang said.

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