[Blog] An Original Story (Years After You) Synopsis

To fill up content, I decide to put my original’s story synopsis I once posted in NU here. It’s from a novel I’m writing for more than 5 years but no more than a draft and its not in English. Whether I’ll post some chapters is unknown since I have no time rewrite in English. Anyway here it is~

Hiski. 22 years old. A fine art student.
I have a good family with two little brothers and a petite girlfriend.

One day I woke up in a classroom. Let me correct that. In a high school classroom.
It wouldn’t be weird if I slept at a lecture hall, but a high school classroom?
At first I thought I turn back in time, but nothing I recognized.
Maybe I switched body with someone. It’s even possible if I transferred into some alternate world.

But, I finally realized what happened after repeatedly woke up in the same body.

All of the memories of my ‘previous life’ was just a mirage.

‘I’m just an alter.’

I lived my awake time living as the body’s owner.
Acting as a scatterbrained otaku wasn’t that easy, but not impossible.


I found someone who keep my fluttering self intact.

Please be tolerant with my not-so-smooth English.

It’s just a glimpse and probably some details are different in the original (that if I decide to post the chapters in the future). Anyway, thank you for reading!

( ^>ω・^)ฅ ~☆・゚+。*゚・.+

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