Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 56

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#056 We need to hear from the killer.

“There are a total of three things I want to ask my sister.”
“Isn’t that too much?”
“Not at all.”

Ba Da shook its head resolutely. Kang Byul, who was looking at the scene with interest, raised the corners of her mouth and received words.

“Tell me.”
“First, I want you to introduce me to a competent translator. We want to export this fairy tale book to as many countries as possible.”
“I can’t believe you’re thinking about translation without looking at the domestic market. Does that mean you’re that confident?”
“Or I wouldn’t have come here like this.”
“Oh, my.”

Kang Byul sighed softly. For a moment, Kim Ha Neul looked overlapped on the face of Kang Ba Da.

He also showed a hint of confidence. It means that Ye Na’s work is outstanding, or something has changed inside Kang Ba Da.

“Maybe it’s both.”

This alone is a great development. It was a little insufficient to take out all the affection for the youngest and evaluate it only as a counterpart.

If he had changed his position and been a seller of Ye Na’s paintings, he would have lured his opponent by throwing appropriate bait.

When Kang Byul swallowed her regret, Kang Ba Da took a tablet out of her bag.

“What’s this?”
“It’s a sample. No matter how much you do, you’ll think it’s too gambling to trade without knowing what the product is.” Right?”
“…You’re my brother.”

Normally, it would have bounced here at least once, but Kang Byul’s brain was already full of curiosity about Ye Na’s paintings.

Therefore, Kang Byul received the tablet without hesitation and checked the picture, and soon after, her eyes opened wide.

“Is this really Ye Na’s drawing?”
“It’s a collaboration, to be exact. Ye Na’s proportion is much higher. “If you’re older, you’

Kang Byul bit her lips gently. She passed the image silently and gradually fell into Ye Na’s painting.

‘I thought I’d fully understand Ye Na’s talent.’

They were paintings that made me realize how arrogant I was.

It may be because it is a collaboration, but the public aspect has risen significantly compared to before. The person who helped Ye Na with her paintings is not an ordinary person either.

You can’t help but succeed.’

It was my intuition as a person who spent half his life in the art world. It’s a kind picture that anyone can easily understand without adding interpretation.

If the level of transmission to the tablet is this high, I didn’t even know what level the original would be.

“Oh, yes.”

Kang Byul sighed without realizing it as she looked at the picture that was cut off in the middle. The desire to see the next picture flooded in like a tidal wave.

“What’s the second condition?”
“I want to get recommendations from my sister’s personal connections.”

Kang Ba Da spoke with a very serious look.
I have no doubt that this fairy tale book will succeed, but there is an easier way to go, and you don’t have to go back.

Gangbyeol’s personal connections spread abroad. The influence was also great, so a simple mention would have a great promotional effect.

“All right, I’ll listen to that much.”

Kangbyeol gladly accepted the offer. Even if Kang Ba Da didn’t ask for this, he would have done it first.

For the elderly who are tired, Ye Na is simply a welcome rain of drought.

If you give them a little information, they’ll be scrambling to do it first.

‘That alone is a great benefit to me.’

Even Kang Ba Da wouldn’t know this: it’s a kind of bribe to throw at yourself. Maybe the real request is at the end.

“What’s the last one?”
“I want you to take charge of the overseas distribution network.”
“That’s the point.”

Kang Byul nodded softly. Quite a lot of things can be solved by Kang Ba Da alone, but this is bound to be difficult.

It is obviously foolish for majors to rush into overseas markets that have been in place for hundreds of years.

“It’s a charming suggestion.”

Kang Byul herself has connections that she has previously developed by trading art, so she can access overseas markets relatively easily through them.

If Ye Na’s fairy tale book is more than a sample, there’s no reason for her to refuse.

“What do I gain?”
“A monopoly of overseas copyrights. And the first sample.”
“Not the original?”
“Sorry, this is Ye Na’s present.”
“Five years of original rental.”
“Three years. Instead, I’ll allow an exhibition.”
“…You’re good at business, aren’t you?”

Ba Da shrugged its shoulders.
If Kim Ha Neul’s appearance keeps overlapping, is it just an illusion of himself? Kang Byul sighed in a strange mood.

At the same time, the head spun quickly and began to calculate. If you hold an exhibition with Ye Na’s paintings, what will you get?

If we move up overseas sales as much as possible, we can get enough copyright within six months or as early as three months.’

In the meantime, celebrities who have checked the sample will be amazed. People who wonder about the original will grow exponentially.

If you only pick some of them and invite them to the exhibition. They will generate new rumors again, and the value of the exhibition will rise steeply.

Two is enough.’

Once a year.
A very special exhibition that only opens twice in total.

If you can use this to sell the names of artists belonging to Atelier, it is a sufficient business. The gifts of the horseradish who want the invitation must be quite salty.

“50 per cent.”
“20 per cent.”
“Do you know what kind of Kang Taeyang you are?” Even the local bully doesn’t do business like that.”
“30 per cent.”

Kang Byul frowned in disgust. However, Kang Ba Da remained silent without changing a single expression.

Thirty-five percent. This is the Maginot Line I can offer.”
“Thank you, sister.”
“Only in times like this is you.”
“You know I love you so much, right?”
“…After hanging out with Kim Seo-bang, he became very sly. Show me the picture. Stop giving him a ride.”
“Here you go.”

Kang Ba Da gently stuck out the picture, and the eyes of Kang Ba Da star, who checked the contents, began to get bigger and bigger.

“What do you think, Ye Na is the best, right?”
“…As expected, I should adopt it.”

The excited sister’s voice resounded through the room.

* * *

“Ye Na, it’s been a while.”
“Hello, auntie!”
“Yes, have you been well, Kim Seo-bang?”
“Thanks to you, thank you for inviting me to this special occasion.”
“…Thank you!”

When I thanked her, Ye Na, who was looking around, greeted me with a belly button. Everyone swallowed a silent laugh at him.

At the invitation of Kangbyeol, we were able to preview the new exhibition.

It’s an individual exhibition of atelier artists under Kang Byul, and they only show it to Ye Na before opening.

“Ye Na, I saw your last painting well. I almost shed tears after 20 years, so I have to paint my aunt later on.”
“…Do you feel sad when you see Ye Na’s paintings?”
“No, it’s because I’m so happy. My aunt really wants to have Ye Na’s paintings.”
“Ye Na will draw for you”.
“You promised?”

Kang Byul makes a happy smile when Ye Na nods. Kang Ba Da glared at him.

“That’s enough for me, too. You greedy little brother.”
“Oh, my”.

Kang Ba Da shook its head as if it could not be beaten. It was a stark fact that Kang Byul was giving a lot of consideration, so there was nothing to refute.

“By the way, Kim Seo-bang.”
“Yes, execution.”
“How far did you go with the youngest?”
“I guess it’s still a long way from seeing you angry.”

Ba Da quickly shut her up. I know what the context is, but isn’t execution a ‘sympathetic’ like Kang Tae-yang?

While I was pondering for a while, someone walked toward us and greeted us. He was a young man with a clean impression overall.

“Let me introduce you. This is Jean-Mael, my atelier artist. He’s the one who organized this exhibition.”
“It’s Jean-Mael.”

Jang Mi-L, who greets nicely. As Kang Byul introduced it herself, Kang Ba Da and Ye Na also exchanged greetings without any doubt.

“…What is it?”

But why do I feel so uncomfortable? My experience accumulated in dealing with numerous facts is signaling danger.

It’s not just because the rainy season looks like a parasitic orabi. What the hell is the problem?

“Are you Kim Ha Neul?”
“Yes, that’s right.”
“Nice to meet you. I’m Jang Woo-L.”

The rainy season asked me to shake hands. I held hands together, hiding my uncomfortable feelings. the unprovoked displeasure of the moment

I could feel quite heavy power from the hands I held together. I don’t know the exact reason, but it was clear that the rainy season was wary of me.

“A gentleman whose reputation is a painter…”

Can I use my hands like this?
I was not particularly curious about the reason. If someone shows unprovoked malice to me, you can make a good reason for it.


As I put strength into the hands I held face to face, Jang Mi-el’s expression began to distort more and more and more.

He keeps smiling desperately. The veins on his hands were so prominent that he seemed to burst at any momentarily.

“Now, wait, wait, wait.

When I let go of my strength, I hurriedly pull out my hand. After staring at me for a while, he tried to pull up the corners of his mouth.

“Oh, my. I’m honored to meet you. From now on, I’ll guide you directly, so would you like to move inside together?”

In response, I also followed suit with a soft smile. His eyes were still fixed on the back of the head of the rainy season.


“This is the main exhibition hall.”

When the full-fledged viewing of the exhibition began, Jang Mi-el acted quite professionally. His explanation was neat and easy to hear.

Thanks to this, Ye Na was able to watch the painting with a comfortable mind, and I didn’t make much of a tackle either.

“We selected only the best of our Atelier’s works, as well as the paintings that the director previously kept.”
“Whoa. Ye Na, do you like it, too?”

Ye Na moved freely from place to place with bright eyes and began to observe the painting.

In the first place, this meeting itself was for Ye Na, so we slowly followed her and chatted.

“Ha Neul, I’ll go to the bathroom for a while.”
“Yes, go ahead.”

while Kang Ba Da was away for a while Ye Na suddenly stopped walking. She looked up at a painting and tilted her head from side to side as if something was wrong.

“Ye Na, what’s wrong?”
“This picture is weird.”

Even if I look at the picture Ye Na pointed at, I don’t know what’s wrong. I think it’s one of the Kangbyul collections I saw last time.

I glanced at Kang Byul just in case, but she didn’t seem to know at all.

“Give me a hug!”

It was often the behavior Ye Na asked me to do when I wanted to see the painting from a higher perspective, so I immediately hugged her.

“Is this enough?”
“What’s wrong with you?”
“Ummm. It’s different from the last time I saw you.”

It was a farewell, not me, that answered. She spoke to Ye Na with a slightly stiff expression.

“Ye Na, what makes you look different?”
“The color has changed here.”

Ye Na pointed out the strange points of the painting without hesitation. I’m not sure what’s the difference even if I look at the part she pointed out.

The owner of the painting, Gangbyeol, seems to have been different. She looked at the painting with a rather serious face, and soon nodded slowly.

“…It’s a fake.”
“Someone changed my painting. It’s a very elaborate replica, so it’s hard to find it unless you doubt it and look at it.”
“That means…”
“You should hear the explanation from the criminal. Don’t you think so, rainy-day-

Kang Byul’s cold eyes turned to Jang Mi-el. He flinched and stepped back, receiving everyone’s attention.

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