Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 55

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#055 Do you want to die?

“The urgent work is almost over.”

Oh, my.
I stretched my hand away from the keyboard. It has already been a week since I participated in the soul fighter competition with Kang Ba Da.

The prize money, sponsorship, and advertising expenses need more time to be deposited. It’ll take about three months.

‘Well, I’m not in a hurry right now.’

I didn’t know the time in my life would come when I thought like this. The thought itself became relaxed because the storeroom was full of people’s hearts and pockets were full.

Space Bank
The balance is 119,243,210 won.

“I can’t get enough of this no matter how many times I watch it.”

I have 100 million in my bank account now. Not only has the annual reading been maintained so far, but the settlement amount has increased significantly as it absorbs new inflows.

I wondered how much it would come in if it went over 100 episodes and started to be released on other platforms, and how many times the profit would be if it became a webtoon.

But it’s hard to do anything right now.’

These days, prices are so high that some people ask whose nose 100 million won should be paid. It is difficult to find a house even if you pull a loan to the full right now.

However, it was not necessary to buy a car first, so even though I made money, there was no place to use it. It’s a hobby at most.

The house is getting smaller.

The living space has decreased a lot since I bought a lot of exercise equipment, including the car model I recently received.

Looking at this, I think I should slowly get ready to move. According to the execution, should I live with Kang Ba Da?

What to do with the house.
When is the right time.
What else should I explain to my family?

“…I have a headache.”

I shook my head and shook off all my troubles. It is not too late to worry about Ye Na’s legal problems after they are all resolved.

Right now, just consistently.
I can do what I can first.

: Ha Neul, the illustration is already done! I’m going to go see Ye Na this Saturday, is that okay with you?
: [The rabbit’s ears are shaking]

After checking the message, I replied immediately to do so. In the first place, I always leave my schedule empty for Kang Ba Da on weekends.

“My daily life has changed a lot, too.”’

I usually thought about going out once or twice a month, but I go out regularly after Kang Ba Da permeates my life.

I cut my hair, go grocery shopping to make lunch for Kang Ba Da, and visit the nursery several times a week. It was strange and strange to see me like this.

This isn’t bad either.’

I liked how I was changing little by little due to Kang Ba Da. Maybe she feels the same way as I do.

Questions that rose like smoke lingered in my head for a long time.

* * *

“Ha Neul, you’re really looking forward to it, aren’t you?”
“Don’t you think you should lower your expectations?” What are you going to do if you’re disappointed when you see it?”
“But I’m still looking forward to it.”

Kang Ba Da sitting in the passenger seat openly pouted its lips. I think I’ve been showing that often lately, but is it proof that I’ve become comfortable?

Whatever the reason, it was a big problem because laughter kept leaking out when I was watching.

“Well, I’m curious, too.”
“As expected, right?”
“Of course.”

First of all, Italy is involved, so it should be considered that it will be above average, but the question is how far the variable Ye Na can play.

As I was going to give it to Ye Na as a gift, it doesn’t matter if I scribbled it at all. It was inevitable that some expectations would arise.

“Hey! Ye Na came to meet you!”

As I crossed the pass, I began to see the nursery, and in front of the entrance, Italy and Ye Na waved toward me.

We finished parking with a smile at the cute look. As soon as she got out of the car, Ye Na rushed in with frequent steps.

“Ye Na, you’ve been waiting for a long time, haven’t you?”
“Uh-huh. It’s all right! I drew a picture with Smart Girls.”
“Oh, really?”

Ba Da patted Ye Na on the back and thanked Italy with her eyes. Italy also responded with a light smile.

“Everyone is waiting inside.”
“Hmm? Who else is there?”
“Teachers and children. Ye Na threatened that you two should watch it first. Thanks to you, everyone is anxious.”
“Ye Na only does pretty things.”

We hurried into the building before hearing the complaints of the nursery. As Italy said, people huddled in front of the studio.

“It’s finally here!”
“Why did you come so late?”
“Hurry up and show us too.

Nursery school children are beginning to cling to each other. Since Ye Na has been in the studio for over a month, everyone must have been curious.

“It’s a little later than usual.”

Even the director rushed us. By this time, the most heated was me and Kang Ba Da, which had not even been near the studio.

“Ye Na, can we come in?”

With Ye Na’s permission, we swallowed dry saliva and grabbed the door handle of the studio. Then I opened the door very carefully and went inside.

“… Huh.”

We lost our words when we saw the scenery inside the studio. This is because all the walls were filled with sketchbook paper.

It contained all the traces of Ye Na and Italy’s agony.

“…That’s amazing.”

I can’t believe it’s only been drawn for a month. I know because I’ve painted a picture, but this is an amount that I can’t understand no matter how fast my hands are.

Only Ye Na and Italy.
a sight that only two geniuses can make

“Come on, let’s go inside!”

Italy pushed our back, which was standing blankly. Thanks to this, my eyes naturally moved to one wall covered by a tent.

As if that was where the finished illustration was hung, Italy ran quickly and grabbed the tent.

“Are you all ready?”

The children who followed raised their voices. Then Ye Na ran away and stood next to Italy, clutching the curtains with both hands.

“Then I’ll reveal it. Three, two, one!”

The tent went down, and everyone looking at it opened their mouths wide. Dozens of illustrations on the wall caught everyone’s attention.

The lively characters were showing off their stories as if they were about to tear up the painting and pop out.

“Oh, my God.”

I also looked at the illustrations with my eyes wide open. There is no writing on it, but the story is naturally drawn in my head.

It’s alive. It’s moving.’

A fox character that looks just like Ye Na. With a large brush behind her back, she began her adventure, flipping around the paper.

You meet an old dog and get advice, and you meet a black leopard and you’re in danger. Don’t give up and keep moving forward.

Is that me?’

The overall color is black, and there are even large horns on one side of the head. It looks like the devil.

However, unlike his rough appearance, he played a role in protecting foxes by carrying them on his shoulders. on the pretext of going in the same direction

The act of ‘doesn’t leave me out.’

I made the story like that in the first place, but it’s another story to make it into a character and express it in a picture.

Above all, I quite liked the way Ye Na drew me. I sometimes think that I look like this to others.

“Is Ba Da a rabbit?”’

The character of Kang Ba Da has rabbit ears drawn on its head. Their nickname is “witch” too, but why is there such a gap?

apart from a little bit of sadness The process of the devil, witch, and fox traveling together was expressed in detail.

“This is how you expressed the fighting scene.”’

There was also a scene where the devil and the witch growled at each other, and the fox drew a rope with a brush and forcibly tied the two.

“Rainbow really worked hard.’

Around the end, a rabbit is bitten by a tiger, and there is a scene in which a fox draws a rainbow bridge so that it can chase after it.

How beautifully the rainbow was expressed, to the point where I could see that there were clearly more balls than other scenes.

The ending went well, too.’

The ending of this fairy tale is a scene where everyone is holding a festival together, and this scene was also perfect. Thanks to this, I was able to take my eyes off the painting only after watching it all the way to the end.

“That’s amazing. What did you think of Ba Da ssi…” What?”

I hesitated while talking to Kang Ba Da. This is because a stream of tears flowed from her eyes looking at Ye Na’s painting.

It’s hard to say anything to the solemn atmosphere. I quietly approached her and wiped away her tears.

“Are you okay?”
“Oh, yeah. I’m sorry.”
“Was it that touching?”
“…I don’t know. I just shed tears without realizing it.”

Kang Ba Da tilted its head with a confused expression. Ye Na’s painting seemed to stimulate something that could not be explained in words.

“I’m sure it’s amazing because Ba Da ssi’s heart moved, too. It’s such a waste to see just us.”
“Uh, yeah. The kids’ reactions are good, too.

The children still couldn’t take their eyes off Ye Na’s painting. The market’s reaction was also expected to some extent, as it was impossible to even speak.

If you print it with a copy machine, it will be difficult to present the same impression as now, but if you can deliver half of it, it will surprise people enough.

“Did you like it?”
“Tari, you worked hard, too.”
“Hey, I was practically only assistant. Our teacher Ye Na was in charge of almost all the designs and paintings.”

Ye Na puts her hands on her waist with a proud expression. I patted her head wildly because it was so cute.

“I’m thinking of making a fairy tale into a book by tying up pictures drawn by Ye Na. What do you think, Ye Na?”
“Yes. I thought people would like it if I made it into a fairy tale book and showed it to people around the world.”

This work was originally planned to be given to Ye Na as a gift, but looking at the results, I thought it was too wasteful for only us to enjoy it.

If possible, I would like to officially publish Ye Na’s name, but before that, I wanted to fully respect Ye Na’s opinion.

“I want to show people.”
“Woong! Ye Na is happy because everyone likes it.”

Ye Na smiled brightly at the other children’s expressions. As an artist, I didn’t know that feeling, so I was finally able to make a decision.

“Okay! Then let’s show Ye Na’s paintings to people all over the world.”
“Wait, what do you mean the whole world?”
“Let’s dream big about doing it.” It’s a picture-oriented book anyway, and the text itself is not that long, so it’s not difficult to translate.”
“…That’s true.”

Kang Ba Da mumbled his lips with a serious expression as if he was thinking about something, and soon nodded slowly.

“Yes, let’s try this!”
“Then I’ll have to get a publisher first.”
“Oh, it’s already there.”
“Leave this place to me!”

Kang Ba Da with the switch. I nodded quietly, knowing that no one could stop her at this point.

“Mr. President, do you happen to you?
“Of course your name should go in.”
“Thank you!”
“I’ll take your stake off you, too.”
“Well, really!?”

Italy’s eyes opened wide.
Originally, it was a deal that ended with an illustration fee like outsourcing, but you must have been truly surprised to hear that it would even take away your stake in the work.

“Yes, the role you played this time was that big. I have to take as much effort as I can to get motivated.”
“I’ll do my best -!!”

Italy bowed exaggeratedly, bending its waist 90 degrees. At the sight, everyone burst into laughter and a friendly atmosphere continued.

In this way, Ye Na’s official first work appeared in the world.

* * *

“What? You’re going to compile a picture of Ye Na and publish it as a fairy tale book?” How can you tell me such important news now!?”
“Sister, calm down for now and listen to me.”
“Do I look calm now!? How could you not invite me to a place like that? “How did I raise you in Ba Da…”
“That’s why I brought it myself.”

Oh, my.
Kang Byul snorted briefly, but quickly loosened her arms. She couldn’t hide her excitement when she saw the carefully packed painting.

“Then shall we take a look?”
“Wait a minute.

As soon as Kang Byul put her hand on the wrapper, Kang Ba Da grabbed her hand. Then Kang Byul stares at me as if she’s going to kill me.

“…Do you want to die?”
“Calculate first.”

Kang Byul also returned to her usual calm appearance with the stern gaze of Kang Ba Da. She folded her arms again and spoke in a low voice.

“I’ll listen to it for now.”

Although she tried to maintain a calm expression, her shaky toes represented her mind. She can’t hide her nervousness completely with Ye Na’s painting in front of her.

Kang Ba Da smiled leisurely when it saw him. She opened her mouth leisurely, convinced that her victory had already passed.

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