Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 25

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#025 Are you free in the evening?

What if you’re an aristocrat who knows the secret of the empress?’

First of all, I thought about how to put the character ‘Gosomi’ in the novel. The concern was shorter than I thought, because the character was so simple.
the truth that at least one person might be around I don’t have any intention of recycling, so I set it as a one-time extra that’s good to use and throw away moderately.

“You should put in Park Seungmin, too.”’

Here, we can fully utilize the advantage of the main character, “Siel,” returning.
The main character knows who the opponent is, but the opposition is overwhelming absurdity. That’s the fun of seeing the regression.

“Then, the situation is…

It is a standard plot in which the villain, who noticed that the imperial woman put the main character in the palace, tries to use it politically, but is counterattacked.

“Is that true?”
“Yes, there are commoners in the palace now. It must have been brought by the Triad in the circumstances.”
“Why did the empress do such a thing…?”
“I’m a commoner who was active in the last attack on the empress. I covered it up thoroughly in my own way, but I can’t deceive my eyes.”

“Tra,” the eldest daughter of Midcons White writer, smiled coldly as she confirmed the information she had.
It is a disgrace that an imperial woman who made her social debut belatedly should never be caught bringing commoners into the palace for personal reasons.

“What should I do?”
“Treat the common people. I’ll drag him out and put him on the bench, and you’ll crush him.”
“Is that all right?”
“Enough is enough. Rumors are circulating that the empress cares about the common people very much. If an imperial woman goes out to save the common people, she will be punished for the honor of the imperial family. If not, it’ll be worth watching.”

However, it is enough to distort the expression of the empress. If you do that with a commoner’s life, it’s very valuable.

“The Imperial Woman’s Revenge…”
“You don’t have to worry. I don’t know why the girl who used to live at home suddenly comes out of nowhere. But it’s too late. It’s just a loose end.”
“I see.”

For me, of course.
Tra swallowed his last words.
Unlike himself, who is the eldest daughter of the popular Byun Jung-baek, the knight to carry out the mission, “X,” is just a long-term word to use and throw away once.
This powerful idiot is smiling insidiously without even knowing the obvious. It couldn’t be better for a long term.

“I see. Then I’ll take his neck…” Cough!”

Come on!
X stepped back, grabbing his neck. But I couldn’t walk a few steps, and my neck fell to the floor.
Blood poured out like a fountain from the body that lost its neck as blood vessels that had not yet recognized death fluttered. Tra’s body was hardened by the brutal scenery.

“……, how do you do it here?”
“It’s a place I come to often.”
“What nonsense are you talking about! This place is……”
It is not a space where ordinary people can enter. I will tear the limbs and throw them to the wild dog, and make the extracted teeth into necklaces and give them to the empress. Right?”
“…Mu, what.”

Siel intercepts what he has to say first. As soon as she felt a strange sense of wonder, her world began to turn upside down.

“I like you because you guys are consistent. You don’t have to hesitate when you kill.”

Tra’s neck fell to the floor. Now her eyes and mouth will never shut up for life. At least in this life.
After finishing all the work, Siel left his seat without a word. This is a secret space created by Tra anyway. You can’t find anyone but yourself.
Naturally, the two bodies will be lost. Having already been confirmed in the last episode, Siel turned around without hesitation.


The space where everyone left.
Mer, an unexpected empress, picked up Tra’s neck. Looking at the face of her feelings at the time of death, the empress made a sad sound.

“You left a trace, unlike your husband. “Did you mean to give me a present?”

Tra’s neck burned in an instant when Mer waved his hand. Starting with that, the whole space turns black.

“It would have been better if you asked me to go with you.”

Mer grumbled for a while, then suddenly disappeared as he first appeared.

“Well, I’m scared.”

For now, I wrote it as I felt, but the empress came out scarier than I thought. But I didn’t really have anything to revise.
The scene came out so neatly, and the side of Kang Ba Da that I got a glimpse of this time was not that different.

“You can’t be mistaken because you’re kind to me.”

It’s clumsy to think that good looks are everything to her. There’s no group as sober in human relations as rich families.
Furthermore, as a member of Daehan, if you are a Kang Ba Da who has received all kinds of education since childhood. I will never leave a person identified as the enemy alone.

It’s just a difference in degree and method.’

In fact, the Ko So-mi couple were half dead from a modern point of view. A few days later, I asked Kang Ba Da.

– I don’t think we’ll see each other anymore.
Such a vicious answer came back. I wouldn’t have killed you, but it’s probably hard to work in the same industry.

I’ll always be careful.’

Don’t forget who your opponent is. I don’t know what kind of weapon he might have hidden behind his smiling face. It’s not like I can go back like Siel.

“Well, anyway…”

This cider isn’t bad either as a plot for readers. Especially a glosser for my favorite reader, “The Imperial Princess.”
My novel is set in medieval fantasy. Isn’t the biggest advantage of being able to give readers hot cider as a gift?

The build-up is longer than I thought.’

The amount of the villains “X” and “Tra” in this episode is about three episodes, which is by no means small based on web novels.
If you don’t give them that certain cider, a large number of readers who ate a lot of sweet potatoes will leave. In that respect, the actions of ‘Siel’ and ‘Mer’ were appropriate.

“…Let’s wrap this up here.”

Oh, my.
I stretched lightly. It’s already been five hours since I looked at the clock. I lost track of time as I was concentrating.
I was reflexively picking up my phone to check the message, and there was a text that I had never expected.

– The cover is complete! ٩( ᐛ )و
A line in the notification window.
The cover that I asked for a few days ago seems to have already been completed. Normally, I would have to wait for two weeks to a month, but how did I finish it already?

“… Did you draw it by flying it?”’

Anxiety struck me for a moment.
Maybe it’s because it’s an art job, but some of the illustrators sometimes did things that were socially difficult to understand socially.
Or suddenly disappearing.
I’ll draw a picture roughly.
Or postponed indefinitely.

I don’t think he’s that kind of person.’

He is known in the industry for his ‘fast hands’ and ‘clear work handling’. There was also a long backlogged But I can’t believe I got an answer in just a week.
I carefully checked the message, swallowing my uneasiness. Then I saw a long message sent by the opponent in advance.
: It was a fun painting after a long time. I’m disqualified as a professional, but I couldn’t get anything else done after I saw the picture, so I worked on it first. It’s a secret!
: I sent the picture by e-mail. Watashi will work all day and night for 5 days and (。•́︿•̀。) send a message and faint right away -!!!
: And if you need an illustration related to this person, please contact me first. It’s a must. It’s a must! Then bye.
…This person is not in his right mind either.
I thought he was a unique person even before I asked him to do it, but the character is so clear that I wonder what kind of person he really is.

‘Well, all I have to do is work well.’

If you express it like that, I think it means that you worked sincerely. I checked the email with a little excitement. And.

“Oh, my.”

I couldn’t take my eyes off the monitor for a while.
* * *
– What the hell did you do?

“You mean the cover, right?”
– So, did you pick up a spaceship somewhere? How can an illustration of that quality come out in a week?

“It’s all thanks to you, Hwang.”

I laughed when I received a phone call from CEO Choi Jin Cheol. That’s true, every time I refresh, my previous work went up, and I, as a writer, was embarrassed.

– Did you see the gallery?

“Yes, I’m watching it now.”

Originally, Munpia is not a place where illustrations and covers are so important compared to other web novel platforms.
But now, the response was so hot that I wondered if someone was manipulating it from behind. Maybe that’s why Choi Jin Cheol contacted me in a hurry.
[Title: <Life after marriage> Did you tell her?]: That’s so cool. I heard that the hot “Soonaejjang” worked on it, and the illustration quality is crazy. After watching this, I hit her twice in the drama.
└ What’s that, Chewy Duck?
└ You still don’t know this;
└ [Link]└ WOMAN: WOMAN, the city.
The illustration describes the first time the empress met the main character. The scene where he looks down emotionally at the main character who saved him.
Of course the model was the ‘Kang Ba Da’. Asking her for understanding and asking her to paint the picture she got last time as a subject.

I’m glad I put it on the cover.’

It was a good move to boldly put it on the cover even though it could be misunderstood as a “lady” because it was of poor quality to be used as an illustration.
Even if I didn’t promote it, people spread the illustrations here and there on their own, and naturally, it had a tremendous promotional effect.
[Title: Imperial Princess, tell me, Lekka!]: To be honest, I got off because there was no probability that the main character would save the princess. I was convinced by the illustration, so I binge-watched it again.
: [Imperial Princess.jpg]└ a change in autumn
└ I knew Soonae-Jjaeng was good at drawing, but was it this much? The quality is completely different from other drawings.
└ Isn’t it because the model is crazy?
└ Oh? Come to think of it, I’ve seen this face before.
└ I found your account. [Link]└ Wow, the illustration is legendary, but it’s prettier in person. Does this make sense?
Along with that, the Instagram of Kang Ba Da became noisy. There was a controversy over whether it was okay to use other people’s pictures freely.

– I gave him permission myself.
It’s all sorted out in one sentence. The ripple effect of 1 million followers was greater than expected, and the number of views jumped like crazy.

“Most of them are imaginary…”

Some of them actually read my writing, and some of them became real readers. The consequences of that are now at hand.
Today’s best 1st place!
<Life after marriage is a hit>

“This is crazy.”

Such words came out of nowhere.
It’s not a dream even if you pinch your cheek.
Although it has been steadily on the rise, I never expected it to soar to No. 1 in just one day with the cover on.

“…What a shot in life.”

Explosively stacked notification windows.
I didn’t even dare to check, so I was just staring blankly at the screen. Such a sharp rebound only a week before the competition is over.

– Ha Neul, congratulations on the grand prize.

“Isn’t that too much of a guess?”
– No, it’s not. With this momentum, we’ll catch up with the previous No. 1 masterpiece within today. Subscriber statistics and referral fees are also overwhelming. Besides, if anyone sees that picture…

“You want to make it into a webtoon.”
– As expected, it’s Kim Ha Neul. It’s easy.
Webtoonization is guaranteed at the top of this contest. It guarantees a huge influx of money to the writer, regardless of how much the prize is.

“Of course, it’s hard to make a webtoon with that quality.”

Even if the painting is downgraded a little, it has proved that it is marketable if it attracts this much attention.
Moreover, there is no reason to drop it from the standpoint of companies that operate according to the logic of money.

– (Laughs) I told you. You’ll succeed one day. Get out of here now! Let’s have a big get-together!

“I have a previous engagement.”
– You’re lying. What do you mean by a promise.

“If you have nothing more to say, I’ll hang up.”
– Hey! You ungrateful…
I hung up without a trace of regret. Then, I pressed number 1 straight away and called someone else.
It was not a particularly calculated action. I just thought that if I had to share my joy with someone, that person would be the first.

“Ba Da, do you have time in the evening?”

Maybe it’s because I put too much energy into it.
The hand holding the phone trembled.

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