For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 28

Don’t Forget(3)

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“Shall we introduce ourselves first?”

“Then do it from your brother.”

“Only in such a case, find a leader.”

When we got up from our seats to say hello first, Gayoung laughed, saying, ‘Wouldn’t it be better for the customer to say hello first?

“Um, band idol… We are doing the same thing, and the group name is Dawn. Ah, but should I tell you my real name or my stage name?”

Gayoung, who started her self-introduction with a smile, paused as she tried to say her name.

The figure of Ga-young, who stood up from her seat and asked an absurd question, saying that she would do it first.

Seeing that, her Sebi grabbed her head and let out a deep sigh.

Even though she didn’t use a skill, she seemed to hear Sebi’s heart.

But she honestly thanked me for asking that question in the first place.

Right now, I was wondering what to say.

“Just tell me your name. It’s not broadcast anyway.”

Sebin’s eyes lit up for a moment at the sight of the kiss that showed the youngest Ontop by tapping the leader in a cool way.

No, Sebin. you don’t learn that Be patient yet.

She slowly reached out her arm and Sebin pulled the hem of her robe.

When I shook her head slightly to Sebin, who looked at me with her puzzled eyes, our smart Sebin nodded her head with a bright smile to see if she understood what I meant.

No, do you really understand?

At least, I want Sebin to grow up to be kind, upright, and cute like this.

Of course, Unravel’s Sebin, whom I liked, was also kind, good-natured, and cute… I can’t forget the scene where she smiled and sat on Youngbin’s bed because of her growing up buff.

Her face was cute, but her body wasn’t.

Shaking her head to shake the vague memories that came to her in that moment, I fixed her gaze on Ga-young, who continued her greetings.

She said, “She’s name is Ga-young Han, and it’s a name my maternal grandfather bought from her at a very expensive place. Haha, if you make fun of her name, I’ll show you hell.”

“Ah, bro. kinda… .”

“She is the leader in Dawn and her position is vocal. She also writes & composes lyrics.”

I don’t know anything else, but it seemed certain that Gayoung was a very pleasant person. Of course, she seemed to be often nagging at her members because of that.

“She belongs to Dawn and is playing bass. Her real name is Lee Se-yul.”

“I play both keyboard and electric, but I also sing. This is Kim Yoon-hyuk.”

Sebi looked kind, and I thought Kiss was a bit shy.

“Hello, this is Unravel leader Min Hajun. He is also studying rapping and composing.”

“This is Unravel Kim Young-bin. I am a vocalist.”

“I’m Baek Kyung-hwan. Like Hajun hyung, I rap and write songs.”

“This is Himchan Choi! I’m a little confident in dancing and a little less confident in singing.”

Seeing my cubs greeting each other one after another, I let out a small sigh because I wanted to introduce myself as if it were my own personality.

Choi Himchan should be trained separately later. after.

“Hello, I’m Gong Ji-hwan. I’m in charge of nagging in Unravel, singing and studying composition.”

“This is Unravel’s youngest member, Kang Se-bin. dancing and singing Take good care of me.”

Sebin’s eyes keep twinkling again.

It looked like she had to let her kiss and stick with her somehow.

“Hey, everyone is tall like idol aspirants.”

… ‘ said the statue with a very clear face and self-assertion.

Sebi had a handsome face with distinctive features that could be called the epitome of handsomeness, but she did not like to appear in front of people.

She and she, to my great surprise, believed that she had a normal face.

Among her siblings, did she say that Sebi was the most ordinary looking?

With such a personality, it was surprising that she was in an idol band. On the other hand, the story behind Gayoung’s struggle to seduce him was also understandable.

“thank you. But really, since we haven’t heard anything from the company, can I ask you all kinds of things?”

With some concern, Ha-jun asked a cautious question, and his kiss smiled.

“You can really ask. We don’t know much, but I’ll tell you.”

“Okay, who is that? welcome girls? It’s real to be dating the leader and the WWW vocalist there.”

“Yes… ?”

Suddenly Gayoung dropped a bomb into her conference room, and we all looked at them with dumbfounded faces.

“Gayoung-ah, would you like to follow me for a moment?”


Se-bi got up from her seat with her smiling face and grabbed Ga-young by the back of the neck and dragged her out of the meeting room. Soon, it seemed to be accompanied by the sound of something clunking and shouting ‘Wrong!’

“Never mind. It happens often.”

“Hahaha… . Yes… .”

“But is that true?”

“Chan… ?”

Himchan, unable to grasp the atmosphere, seemed more curious about the authenticity of the bombshell statement than the pitiful screams from outside the door. However, Ha-jun looked at him with a face similar to Se-bi’s smile and covered her mouth.

“Huh, I’m sorry. Our child is a bit immature.”

“it’s okay. You might be wondering. Who do you date every day No? This is the floor where you talk a lot. Unravelers are also careful. If there is a rumor about something wrong, the store will go away.”

As Keith waved his hand, he told the story behind the rumors he had seen and raised awareness among his members.

Until a certain amount of age gap has been accumulated, never get caught even if you are dating, and if possible, do not really have a difference in age in public dating, etc.

They were all lessons that became blood and flesh.

To be honest, when the members are in their 30s, there is an atmosphere in which fans pretend to be ignorant of the dating of their favorite celebrity.

They also support me in meeting good people.

But if you get caught up in dating rumors when you have to work hard for a while, just after debuting… The feeling of betrayal at that moment was obviously something that could not be expressed in words. Unless you want to destroy the group you belong to, dating is something you should never do.

Anyway, Unravel in my memory is famous among idols, so there was never a dating rumor.

If an idol really cares for and loves their fans, at least they shouldn’t put a dagger in my fan’s chest.

Ga-young and Se-bi, who came in immediately, sat down pretending not to know, but why did Ga-young’s face become emaciated in the meantime?

No, you shouldn’t tell me. There were many things in the world that were better to pass without knowing.

“I have a lot of friends who study composition. I think that’s good. You know it best, about your group.”

Sebi smiled as if nothing had happened and she complimented us.

As always, our members, who are weak in praise, are shy, but little by little, they began to open their mouths to see if they had developed an inner intimacy.

“What sequencer do you use? I use Cubase, and they say the logic is good.”

“Which microphone is good for recording?”

“Is there a big difference between the master keyboard and the synth?”

And the dawn members paused for a moment at the flood of questions poured out in an instant, but then they laughed and shared their knowledge with all their heart.

And the other members, who were not able to participate in the Q&A, started asking questions related to their future, such as whether they were very nervous when they went on stage, or whether there was really a fight in the waiting room.

It was startling and surprising at first, but our good-natured members were able to enjoy a fruitful and fruitful time with our early morning seniors.

“Wow, these guys are so active. Are you okay?”

“Can I go to hyung’s studio next time?”

“Come anytime! welcome Oh, is the album preparation going well?”

It was a short time, but I succeeded in making a pretty good impression thanks to Gayoung’s hard questions and friendly treatment.

“Nope… . I got the concept, but the team leader said it would be difficult to choose a song.”

“What kind of concept do you think it is?”

Finally, the waiting target bit the bait.

I did not miss the gap, walked over to the seat next to me, explained our concept, and started adding various seasonings.

“The A&R team says they want to hear our songs, but I’m at the level of crawling now… .”

“The concept for the first album was a little tough. But wouldn’t it be fun?”

“Is that right? That’s what Jihwan hyung was talking about.”

Sebin, who was having fun talking with Kiss, pricked her ears to what Gayoung and I were talking about, and she helped out.

“The company seems to be quite determined and prepared.”

“Look at this, will it be fun?”

Informing outsiders of our concept is something we shouldn’t normally do, but I decided to take the risk.

They are close friends with the CEO, and we couldn’t miss it because it was obvious that it would be even more profitable for us to receive a song by attracting their interest.

“Ah, come to think of it, I think it would be nice if it felt like a song that hyung made in the past. Why, there is a song called Between Dusk and Twilight.”

“You know that song? Hey, I was a real fan. Shall I make this?”

And finally, the words I’ve been waiting for the most came out of Gayoung’s mouth.

“Huh? really?”

“I don’t know if the company will accept my songs, but I really like the concept.”

“Wow, if you do, we really appreciate it!”

Unable to hide the burst of joy, I grabbed Gayoung’s hand.

Our children who watched the scene showed bright smiles without hiding, and the dawn members who looked at the leader who had just received the job seemed liberated.

“Look, let’s call the old man.”

And after that, it was a breeze.

When Ga-young said that she liked her Unravel members and wanted to write one of her songs, CEO Park Jung-gyun immediately asked to change her Ha-jun and instructed Ga-young to explain her concept.

After the phone call with her representative, Gayoung said with a squint in her eyes.

“If you said it first, you would be dragged away later and you would be very broken.”

“brother… thanks!”

“It was nothing. If everything goes well, I’m also craving for some copyright fees thanks to you.”

In this way, my efforts to safely pave a flower path for the future of the children shone today, and I shouted to myself.

Guys, I did it! You have to!

Since then, many advices and stories have come and gone, and Gayoung’s question for her cell phone number has made us look like stray dogs.

“Ah… . Are you also confiscating your phone?”

“Yes. Hajun-hyung has a phone for company contact, but… .”

“Ttt, these aren’t the kids who would do anything else because they have a phone.”

Gayoung, who was muttering in disapproval, tore the paper with the concept description on it and wrote her number on it. Sebi and Keith, who watched the scene, took Gayoung’s pen and wrote down their number.

“If any of our bad leaders are harassing us, tell us.”

“that’s right. If that person accepts too much, he’ll go on forever, so he beats him well.”

It seemed like the idol industry was the best way to drive a leader.

The team leader, who came in after a while, smiled as if it was ridiculous to see us and the dawn members were friendly until the end, and, following Gayoung’s insistence that we should eat together if we got close, even joined her in-house cafeteria.

Although the all-you-can-eat menu was very different, it was a friendly time in its own way.

So the members of Dawn went home and we spent the same time as normal days and started building our bodies.

And in the evening two days later, we were spread out in the dormitory and received surprising news from our team leader.

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