For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 24


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“I don’t know when our debut date is, but if the first album was a seasonal song, I thought I would get tired of it or get cold quickly. So, I was thinking about a topic that doesn’t go out of season, and I’d like to listen to it whenever I’m having a hard time or thinking about it, and this came to mind.”

As I was speaking, I couldn’t even figure out what this was talking about, so I was spitting out almost nothing. I myself, who is not very good at speaking, was very frustrated when this happened.

Team leader Joo-young, who seemed to have fallen into thoughts for a moment while listening to my story, added her thoughts.

“I thought about it when I heard the story, how about something like this? Fear of interpersonal relationships, fear of school, fear of family, fear of prejudice… . In this way, members hold positions one by one and gradually release them. If I do this, I think the album will become a series.”

“Wow, I was talking about this while I was talking, but you’re clearing it up.”

When I was surprised and looked at the team leader and said admiringly, Team Manager Sohyun, who was laughing next to me, helped me with a word.

“The A&R team is not for everyone. For now, Jihwan keeps his opinion and you guys talk about it too.”

Once I accomplished my goal of conveying opinions to the people of the company, I rubbed the sweat from my palms onto my pants due to the tension in the meantime.

“I think this would be good. A little lively and cute unrequited love? I feel the same way. It’s the first album people see… we love you so much So can you take a look at us?”

“You mean that the person you confess to is becoming a fan?”

Perhaps because I started the story first, the members also started expressing their opinions one by one. The concept of a rookie look is something that can only be used for the first time, so there were people who wanted to keep it alive, and there were people who wanted to join a group with a slightly stronger feeling.

“Are you guys so talkative?”

For a long time, as the members actively spoke their thoughts, Team Leader Sohyun looked at each other one by one as if it were a new surprise.

“Actually, the concept that the company talked about for a while was about how to brighten up the atmosphere a bit as summer approaches. I didn’t know you had so many ideas.”

“How terrifying Team Leader Sohyun is usually, the kids talk like this.”

“Ugh, really! Team leader Joo-young, are you going to do this in front of the kids?”

“Heh heh, that’s a joke. you guys know It’s a joke.”

Fortunately, the company said that it would positively accept our opinions, and he liked our positive attitude.

And after the A&R team had a meeting with the first filter, Team Leader Joo-Young and other team members left the conference room, leaving a message that they would finalize the team’s final concept and talk about it tomorrow.

“Now, let’s go to the studio. I’m sure I sweat a little bit and the swelling has gone down after a while. Everything you eat in your company’s canteen is recorded, you know?”

“Yes… .”

The members, who had just been full of energy, shrank again insignificantly. It was because the body moved a lot, and it was like saying that the only thing I could eat in the future was protein and grass.

In the meantime, I still occasionally made them eat chicken and meat, but now I have not been able to meet fatty foods for a long time.

So we split into the team leader and manager’s car again, and we drove for a while and got off in front of a certain building in a quiet place, and while the team leader said hello to the photographer, we were looking intently inside the studio.

“Guys, come and say hello. Writer Park Yeon-woo. It’s a very difficult person to meet, but we barely got permission, so let’s do well, shall we?”

“Hello! Take good care of me!”

The formula of ‘hard to meet = very expensive’ came to mind, and I also thought that if I don’t do it well, I’ll get scolded a lot.

“Ugh, it’s not like that. Haha, I heard a lot about you from Jungyun. They say they are debuting this time? what’s your name?”

“Ah, our kids call it ‘Unravel’. Say hello to each other.”

Countless question marks appeared above the members’ heads as the team leader calmly told the writer the name of our team.

Still, we had time to introduce ourselves one by one, telling our names and ages, and when we were told to take a break while setting up with the assistant writers, we rushed to the manager hyung.

“Hyung, has our group name been confirmed?”

“Huh? Didn’t the team leader talk about it during the meeting?”

“I didn’t hear you… .”

“It has been confirmed as Unravel. You should know that.”


When I asked why the manager hyung was so busy all day, it seemed like he was bringing in the coordinators who would decorate us pretty, and finding and bringing hair and makeup designers.

I sat quietly as asked to sit, and a few more people came in with a bag of luggage and started taking out the clothes from the bag.

When he politely greeted those who will take care of us in the future, he complimented us saying that everyone is handsome, polite, and kind.

And we were all praised so much that the clowns roared a little.

As I was being run over by the same practice and competition every day, I was tired of compliments because I lived receiving more criticisms about my shortcomings than saying I did well.

Nara should also become a praise bot for the members.

After everyone corrected their expressions once, we looked at the manager hyung with pitiful expressions again.

“Yes? Why, what do you need?”

“Hyung, but we don’t even know what the concept is… . Can I just take a picture?”

“Didn’t the manager tell you that too?”

We couldn’t even answer yes, and made a gloomy expression on our faces. The coordinators and designers who were preparing the costumes also coughed as if our expressions were funny and struggled to manage them.

Fortunately, the team leader was talking with the photographer, so it seemed that this story was not heard.

And the manager hyung’s face now had resignation.

The small murmur seemed to be a resentment towards the team leader, but we all pretended we didn’t hear it and kept our casual expressions.

“First, I’m going to take a casual outfit as an official profile to be posted on a search site. And I will take a total of three photos of you, which will be used for company home and publicity, one with a lively feeling and one with a calm feeling.”

After hearing the manager hyung’s words, I turned around and saw the coordinators who were smiling brightly at us, picked up their outfits and showed them to us, and we all gave thumbs up and listened.

Fortunately, it must have been that they weren’t the Codys of Unravel that I knew before.

There was a lot of lamentation with the cotton balls about the previous coordination.

Our children’s faces and statures are probable, and even if we put on clothes and put them upright, there are likely to be 5 trillion and 5 billion stories, but I don’t know why they dress in a style that they will see three or four times on the street when they walk around Dongdaemun.

If anyone knows the reason why they are so obsessed with checks and paint their tops and bottoms with checks, please tell me.

I wanted to express my gratitude to the coordinators who picked up neat and basic items that were enough to blow away my anxiety and worries in one shot.

The clothes given to us at first were those with the basic base color set to cobalt blue to give a sense of unity.

“Anyone who is ready to take a few shots as a test, would you like to come first?”

It seemed that our team didn’t have to worry about teamwork.

As soon as the photographer finished speaking, everyone looked at me, seeing how well we worked together.

“Isn’t it the rule of the country for a leader to step in like this?”

“I can’t help it because I’m not ready. Haha, Jihwan fighting.”

“Ji-hwan, you’re the whitest and most handsome, so you’ll get a good picture. I believe in you!”

“Brother, fighting!”

As I was pondering the feeling of betrayal with the support of the soulless members, the smiling Cody approached me and checked the clothes once again.

My outfit was a round tee with black check on a cobalt blue base, and black jeans with scratches here and there.

As it was the first profile picture I took, the author smiled warmly and tapped my shoulder to see if I was nervous because it was the same on my face.

“Did you say Jihwan-kun? Come on over there. Yes, stand there in a comfortable position in the middle.”

How did you just stand? He seemed to lose his mind for a moment, but he was able to quickly clear his mind.

It’s a test shoot, but I had to be careful because I wouldn’t make a good impression if I messed up, the first hitter.

Do you have a skill to use at times like this?

After activating the ‘inner acquaintance’ skill for the writer, I took a little bit of the burden off my mind and took a stance.

First of all, since I activated the skill, I will look friendly like someone I’ve seen for the first time, so wouldn’t it be less scolding? It was a shallow mind.

He turned his body slightly to take a slanted position, with one hand hanging down and the other in his pocket, looking straight ahead with only his face.

“I’m fine now. Lower your chin a little, and relax your eyes a little.”

The clicking sound of the shooting and the comments that followed were friendly enough to make you think that the author’s personality is on the soft side.

Fortunately, when requesting a posture correction, the explanation was detailed and easy to understand.

So while I was working hard to appeal to the team image, the members who watched it shrugged their shoulders saying that it was good that Jihwan sent it first, and a smile was also on the face of team leader Sohyeon, who was looking at the monitor next to the writer. .

“My bastard, he’s handsome.”

“Hey, boss? The kids said they didn’t even know the name of the team or the concept.”

“Oh, I forgot I was in a meeting. I’m sorry, Woojin.”

Team leader Sohyeon, who was looking at the filming with a proud heart that she was the one I picked, but that she was very handsome, smiled refreshingly and apologized to the manager hyung’s question, who had become a little sullen in the meantime.

“I took a test shoot for a while, can I use this as it is? Come and check it out.”

Next to the writer who called to monitor, not only me but also the members all approached and started watching.

There were countless pictures of several poses, such as standing pictures and pictures taken while leaning on the back of a chair for props.

In the meantime, the photos that the artist pulled out and enlarged looked good-looking to me.

“Jihwan-kun’s mask is just my taste. The more I take pictures, the more different poses come to mind.”

“Thank you for a good look.”

Whether the skill effect was over-exerting or not, the team leader next to me liked it more when I greeted the writer with a pat on the shoulder and was satisfied.

“Now, let’s go to the next members as well. So today’s filming will be over soon, right?”

After finishing the first costume shoot in an instant, I smiled at the remaining members.

“Fighting guys.”

This was the freedom of those who were beaten first and finished.

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