For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 7

I’ll be there(3)

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I fell asleep after seeing a ridiculous skill explanation, and I had a nightmare.

Ha Jun, Young Bin, Kyung Hwan, Se Bin, and Kim Woo Bin, dressed in stage costumes, were looking at me with cold eyes, and I was leaving the dorm with a suitcase. In the meantime, why is the skill activated and the criticism poured out from the children is visible.


Standing up in a bucket of cold sweat, I realized that it was a dream only after hitting my head against the frame on the second floor.


Why do you dream about something so loud and unlucky?

Before going to sleep, I couldn’t see the Poing next to me, and it seemed that it was still dawn that the sky seen from the window was dim.

I woke up from my seat with a chilling feeling that I would have a similar dream even if I fell asleep again like this way.

Now that I had a dream about “I Can Hear Your Voice, I was somewhat afraid that I would still have other skills such as “Generous Tree, Monologue, and “Internal Friendship.”

Fortunately, the faces of Young Bin and Se Bin, who share the same room, were peaceful.

I was so deeply asleep that I couldn’t wake up even with the loud noise I made that I had accumulated fatigue.

With a sigh of relief, I came out to the living room and checked the clock, and it was still a little less than five o’clock.

I felt like I fell asleep like I was going to faint around 12 o’clock yesterday. Since I slept enough to sleep, I decided to wash up and get rid of my sleepiness.

I grabbed my hungry stomach and opened the refrigerator due to insufficient dinner, but I don’t know when I brought what I saw, kimchi container, ion drinks, grass, and what’s in the chicken breast series.

I decided to make my own breakfast because I felt sad that I would cheer up even during practice if I had to eat well, and I took out a sad kimchi container that was taken out.

“I just need to use less oil.”

The chicken I ate last night wouldn’t have gone bad, so I put on a full rice cooker to eat and the other members to eat, and started organizing the laundry roughly.

Of course, I only packed mine, folded the rest, and stacked them on the floor. Find your own clothes on your own.

After washing up, I put on a roughly scattered training suit and looked around the living room, and fortunately, I felt like I endured the night safely as I had cleaned.

Just in time, he cried and laughed that the meal was completed in a good timing.

I’ve never cooked a proper meal for my mom and dad, but it was a little funny that I was cooking in an unusual place.

I didn’t want perilla oil, but it was a little disappointing that there was no sesame oil. Should I be glad that there’s cooking oil?

Sugar was just a few stick sugars that seemed to have been picked up from a cafe.

I don’t know who brought it, but I said thankfully that I would use it well and made kimchi fried rice.

Thanks to the well-fried kimchi, the smell alone made my mouth water. It is the standard to eat a crispy fried egg on top of it, but unfortunately, there was only an empty egg tray in the refrigerator.

What do they eat to live? Are you just holding out after eating at an in-house restaurant?

If I ate too much, I thought I would get hungry when I moved, so I did a little less, but since I fried a whole bowl of rice, I thought I could eat at least a bowl of rice unless I overslept.

I ate a little disappointing food and opened the table in the middle of the living room. He put it on the table as a royal fan and kindly left a note.

6 of you can share it.

An hour passed by and the clock on the wall of the living room was heading toward 6 o’clock.

“What? You woke up already?”

“Hey, are you up?”

It was Ha Jun who put a magpie house on his head.

Whether I didn’t sleep well or slept too well, my eyes were swollen, and my low-tone voice was going to the world.

“I’ll go and warm up first. Eat before you come back.

“No, let’s go together. Why are you trying to go alone?”

“I won’t run away. I just want to check what came to mind.”

That brother seemed to have yet to raise doubts about me. Ha Jun, who was in a hurry to get dressed, stopped and pointed to the table.

“It’ll be okay to eat.”

As he smiled and threw his horse, Pickup sat in front of Ha Jun’s table and picked up a bowl and a spoon he had piled up.

“You have to wake up Kyung Hwan and Se Bin, so eat more and cheer up.”

“Oh, you ran away on purpose.”

“…haha, no way.”

Baek Kyung Hwan and Kang Se Bin were famous for not being able to wake up.

There was also an interview that Ha Jun woke up two hours early to prepare first on a day when he felt like he would be late for work because of the two, and dragged the two drunk people around and took care of them for the rest of the time.

It must have been the same even when I was a trainee who is busy day by day like now.

Sneaking out, I left the accommodation after waving at Ha Jun with a clumsy smile.

He seemed to have a glare that seemed to be awkward behind his back, but he decided not to know. I didn’t even activate my skills, but I felt uncomfortable because I kept hearing Ha Jun’s feelings.

“Where did Poing go?”

He said he would be with me, but he seems to be with me only when I sleep, so resentment against Poing has risen.

When I inhaled, I smelled the cool and humid air unique to the early morning air that had not yet received sunlight.

The reason I tried to go to the practice room first was that I needed to objectively check my current level.

It took a little while to walk, but thanks to the cold air, my head seemed to work better.

I confirmed that the choreography managed to follow, but in the vocal lesson, I couldn’t know my range exactly because I only practiced singing for about four minutes with my own part set.

I don’t know for some reason, but yesterday I didn’t take individual vocal lessons.

The company was allowed to enter 24 hours a day anyway, and anyone could use the practice room before 9 o’clock.

In fact, I used a skill when making kimchi fried rice.

He activated the “Generous Tree for Ha Jun and Young Bin, and was about to see if their skills had changed.

After bowing to the security guard, he went into the smallest practice room and began warming up his voice, fumbling his memory.

It’s ridiculous for me to sing with the exact note, so I thought I should adapt in advance.

So, the song I chose was the OST of the drama that ended not long ago.

I think it was a historical fantasy drama, but I heard that the OST was so popular that I heard it.

“The title is… Was it ‘Only You’?”

Both the main actor and the child actor remembered them as people who acted quite a bit. It was also famous for being a drama in which an actor who plays an adult directly sang an OST.

In fact, all the songs I remembered were songs from the Unravel or songs that had not been released yet.

As for me, who went through something like Time Paradox yesterday, I was scared that I didn’t know what would happen after singing a future song in advance, and this was the only song that came out when I fumbled over the song I remembered.

Do you want me to be born with all kinds of abilities and remember the lottery number?

Something felt strange as I calmed down and sang.

After the part where breathing should have passed, the sound of the range that could not be made naturally flowed out, and even after the song was over, I was overwhelmed with unknown emotions and dazed.

Ji Hwan was always this good?

“I in my memory was always scolded for not being able to contain emotions in the song and for not being able to sing clearly. I also remembered hearing abusive language to stop singing so-called cool songs and to quit being a singer.

After hesitating for a while, I couldn’t overcome the desire hidden deep in my heart and decided to sing one of the songs in the Unravel.

No one will come into the practice room where there is someone, and even if they get caught, there will be no sound source because the song has not been released yet, so I thought it would be okay to roughly hum it alone.

The album of Unravel was easy to listen to, but there were a lot of difficult songs when singing along. The tears that countless Somungchis would have poured out calling the Unable a deceitful man seemed to be as much as the Han River if they added a little bit of a lie.

Of course, I was one of the fans.

There were quite a few songs in the album that were different from the title song. Among them, I liked the song “Graduation Ceremony, which made me feel like a crush that I had never done because it was fresh and sentimental.

It was a song that contained numerous sorrows and sorrows that I often hummed alone because it was a song that I couldn’t sing in front of others.

When I hummed this song while editing pictures in the room, my sister opened the door and came in and scolded me mercilessly to sing when I was alone and not ruin the children’s songs.

Thinking about it again, it’s a heartbreaking memory.

But somehow, I thought I could sing really well now, so I felt like my mouth was itching like crazy because I felt like I had to sing this song right away.

The complacent mind of being alone anyway and the mind fight to think about yesterday and to be careful eventually resulted in a clear victory.

I, whose tension has risen rapidly, hummed the melody of the song and comforted myself, saying, “I’m going to sing just one song and warm up today.”

I don’t want to lose you, I can’t tell you and I’ve hidden it

Allow me just one day today.

I won’t be more greedy.

If we say goodbye and part ways today,

We can’t promise when the next time will be.

Friends calling us over there, let’s pretend not to know for a moment.

Don’t laugh and listen to what I’m saying poorly.

There is a story I couldn’t tell you because I didn’t want to lose you

I like you so much.

That’s why I couldn’t tell you.

And it seemed that the story that I couldn’t tell would never happen.

It was because cold sweat was flowing down my back because of the presence behind my back.

“What song is that?”

“Hello, director.”

“Yes, yes. Bye. The song I just sang. Whose is it?”

There was no way for me to know why he was here at this time, not even the team leader, but one thing was clear.

I felt like I was doomed.

“I just remembered…”

“It’s quite official. Did you make it?”

Having been struggling without saying anything, I felt like a laser was coming out of Jeong Yoon’s eyes, so I just wanted to cry.

You’re so careful that you can’t die!

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