Website & MTL Projects


It’s been a while since I made announcement huh. Anyway there’s a few things I have to talk about.

Firstly, I should apologize for missing and not updating for two months(?) around August. My laptop broke down and my family got Covid so it was quite complicated. Additionally my anxiety got worse because of those and I couldn’t bring my self to focus on anything.

Back to now, I finally can update although not regularly. So, from this week on I’ll try to update following the schedule.

As a one man army running this, I also updated things on the website. Here’s the list:

  • New theme. Dark Mode function is available~
  • The missing Font Resizer is back in the footer widget.
  • Proper cover slide.
  • Some minor things.

Uh, it’s nothing huh.

Ah, I’m writing things to tell you about the project I’ve been pushed for a long time. It’s teaser and MTL! I’ll slowly post some MTL works every Sunday(since I get the raws manually) and for some title I’ll properly translate a few first chapters as teasers. Here’s some prepared titles:

  • For The Flower Road Of My Idol
  • Picked It From Different World
  • Lord of Money
  • Turn A New Leaf Actor
  • All-Time Villain’s Hero Life
  • CEO’s Fragranceful Stan Life

I think I’m leaned to entertainment novels, huh. Maybe it’s just me, but Korean entertainment novels are rarely translated.

I’ll try to bring back God of Blackfield that I pulled because Adsense denied me for those posts.

I think that’s all? Thank you nyang~!

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