TWG Characters List

This is compiled based on the recent translated chapter of Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing (TWG) and will be updated regularly. All named characters will be listed with their identifier(like role, job, or rank) and which chapter they first mentioned or appeared. If there’re two chapters listed, then the former is first mentioned and the latter is the appearance.


  • Choi Yu Seong (MC) [1-00]
  • Jin Do Yun (MC’s bodyguard) [1-01]
  • Jin Yu Ri (MC’s bodyguard) [1-01]
  • Chae Ye Ryeong (MC’s maid?) [1-10]
  • Kim Do Jin (Original’s protagonist) [1-00]

Choi Family & Hyesung Group

  • Kim Pil Du (Head secretary, Choi Wu Jae’s right hand)[1-03]
  • ‘Unnamed Woman’ (MC and Ji Ho’s dead mother)[1-04]
  • Park Jin Hyo (Min Seok’s bodyguard)[1-05]
  • Baek Cheol (Ji Ho’s bodyguard)[2-06]


  • The Prankster Who Likes Jokes (Loki)
  • The Oldest Hunter
  • The Noble of Magnificent Beard (Guan Yu)
  • Sacred and Divine Empress
  • Red Fangs Through The Dark Night
  • Culann’s Hound (Cu Chulainn)


  • ‘Jack The Clown’ (Duplicate Eye skill’s original owner)[1-08]
  • ‘Sword Star’ (Top world ranker)[1-09]
  • Park Ji Hwan (Reporter)[1-12]
  • Lee Jin Wook (Irregular)[1-12]
  • ‘Iron Wall’ Park Cheol Ho (S-Rank, Awakener Association)[1-14]
  • Ping Pong (Lionbear clan, Dimensional Merchant)[1-20]
  • Oh Ji Hoon (Alchemist, Experience Increase potion’s creator)[1-22]
  • Park Hyuk Jin (E-Rank, tanker)[1-23]
  • Min Young Hun (S-Rank, Vice President of Cheonsang Guild)[1-24]
  • Oh Hyeon Woo (President of Cheonsang Guild)[1-24]
  • Yoo Jin Hyeok [2-06]
  • Jenny (Yu Ri’s org) [2-13]
  • Baek Ah Rin (B-Rank, healer, buffer)[2-20]
  • ‘Crocodile’ Yevgeny (Russian A-Rank Villain, dead)[2-21]
  • ‘Unknown Man’ (Martial Guard Corps Leader)[2-21]
  • Ghost (B-Rank, Demon King Worshiper)[2-24]
  • ‘Slaughterer Queen’ Rachel Lopez (S-Rank, Demon King Worshiper)[2-26]