Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing v3c14

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Kim Do Jin was planning to create a kingdom to help him fight as he had achieved in another dimension in this somewhat shabby and insignificant place.

“And there’ll be no worries about money soon.”


Baek Ah Rin tilted her head at Kim Do Jin’s sudden words.

“The friend I’ll bring to our guild soon has pretty much money.”


Baek Ah Rin tilted her head and asked.

Most people in the world are being deceived.

Kim Do Jin who appears on TV media is quite friendly, smiles well, and looks humble.

However, the real Kim Do Jin experienced by Baek Ah Rin directly, although for a short time, was quite different.

‘Full of confidence, shameless, narcissistic. Just thought that the center of the world is himself. Also has a bit of a psycho temperament too. This is for sure.’

Such Kim Do Jin said that he was a friend to someone.

Honestly, she even starts to doubt whether her ears heard it wrongly.

“It’s a name you also know well. It’s Choi Yu Seong.”

“Choi Yu Seong? Could it be that New Star of Hyesung Group?”

“…Not the good-for-nothing of Hyesung Group?”

This time, Kim Do Jin expressed surprise at Baek Ah Rin’s unexpected response.

“Ah. Come to think of it, you’ve been stuck in the Dungeon for over a week until this morning and came out. So, you don’t know. Choi Yu Seong, hm, what’s that. He broke your record for Goblin Fortress Dungeon Racing?”


“It’s still in an uproar, did you not even see the news as soon as you came out?”

“No time to see it. I washed up and came here straight to keep the promise with you.”

“I see. Anyway, it was incredible. A NewTube video also came up. What’s it, it’s almost 30 minutes faster than your record…”

“30 minutes?”

With his thick black eyebrows wriggling greatly, Kim Do Jin erased his relaxed expression and hurriedly took his phone from his arms.

The expression of Kim Do Jin, who opened the NewTube app and played the video from searching Choi Yu Seong’s name, changed from time to time.

‘This is amusing. What’s the relationship between the two?’

Kim Do Jin’s never seen shaking appearance.

Looking at his appearance as if appreciating for a while, Baek Ah Rin said in a playful voice.

“I saw the video and it was no joke. Isn’t Choi Yu Seong surely going to overtake you like this?”


Responding lightly and clicking his tongue, Kim Do Jin who silently watched the video smiled brightly.

“Choi Yu Seong… The look you have shown me is not everything, that’s it.”

“Uh? Kim Do Jin, are you mad?”

Not answering Baek Ah Rin’s question, Kim Do Jin immediately opened the closed window.

“What are you going to do?”

“Go to the Dungeon. Wherever Boss is created currently.”

“Suddenly? It just came out, right?”

“I have to show it again.”


“That I’m the best.”

“What… This crazy narcissism… Hey?!”

Showing light warm-up motions before Baek Ah Rin’s words were over, Kim Do Jin jumped from the five-story building to the ground without any regrets.

Baek Ah Rin shouted at Kim Do Jin, who was moving away, from the window.

“You crazy guy, we have to submit the guild creation registration certificate by tomorrow-!”

Fortunately, Kim Do Jin and Baek Ah Rin’s guild, Eclipse, was able to be established on the scheduled date.


In this era, the most direct way to feel your popularity is rather simple.

The number of Social Media followers.

Ferguson, a famous soccer coach of the Earth where Choi Yu Seong lived before, used the expression ‘wasting life’ while looking at Social Media, and in fact, many people made mistakes and spent useless time through it, but Social Media’s popularity did not intend to fade.

‘This world isn’t that different.’

In the afternoon after morning training, Choi Yu Seong returned to his room for a short break, abruptly launched Outstagram app on his phone. There was no need to install.

‘He already registered, huh.’

Well, the original Choi Yu Seong himself was an attention seeker, so it would be rather strange if he hadn’t done such Social Media activities.

‘The number of followers… 30? A lot less than I thought.’

This is the first time Choi Yu Seong directly came in contact with Social Media, but he knew how small 30 followers were.

‘Even a little bit famous people among the general public had more than tens of thousands, though.’

It is a fairly small number of followers for Choi Yu Seong, who was well-known in his own way even if he was a ruffian.

The reason was soon known.

“Ah, the account is private.”

At most, one photo was posted on Outstagram.

It was also just a selfie of himself that came out pretty well in front of the mirror.

Even the ID was created in such a way that could not be recognized at all that he was Choi Yu Seong.

‘Then what did the original Choi Yu Seong guy usually do on Social Media?’

If he installed Social Media, it means he wanted to get attention, but it is too quiet for that.

Fortunately, it was not difficult to find the answer to Choi Yu Seong’s curiosity.

There were several direct messages, the so-called DM, on Outstagram sent by Choi Yu Seong as a means of 1:1 conversation.

‘Kim So Ra, Min Hye Rin, Jung So Young…’

All of them are beautiful female celebrities or Awakeners who have performed quite well in the present or not-too-distant past.

Choi Yu Seong of the past had a 1:1 conversation with such women and left quite a lot of messages that clearly showed his black heart, asking if they had any thoughts on meeting him.

Choi Yu Seong’s face turned red as he looked at that because it was practically what he did although it wasn’t something he did.

‘What the hell has this crazy guy been doing.’

It was to the point he was envious of the original work’s world where the setting hole was everywhere at least at this moment.

‘What kind of setting is so detailed for a starting villain role who gets killed after hunting is over by the protagonist.’

A crazy situation that made his mind turn around.

Fortunately, there were few cases where it was replied.

‘About three people replied.’

Surprisingly, 3 out of about 20 women replied.

Of course, there was nothing with good sense.

“Crazy guy or nutcase is very gentle…”

There was even a case where dozens of incomplete letters ‘ㅗ’ were received.

“It’s all thanks to the family that he hasn’t been sued until now.”

Although it became the body he possessed, the original Choi Yu Seong was quite a trash.

‘And now this shame is mine. By the way, this punk also sent a message to Jo Yu Ri. He’s a very fearless guy in a different way.

Jo Yu Ri was a famous S-Rank curse-type Hunter who rose to the status of a Guild Master of Black Magic Society, one of Korea’s top 10 guilds with a woman’s body.

She wears very strong-looking makeup and is even actually famous for her spiteful personality. There were quite a few rumors that some male Hunters who actually flirted with her have become disabled for the rest of their lives.

‘It was even said that one man was also one of the top 10 Guild Masters.’

Anyway, he sent a message to such Jo Yu Ri asking if she had any thoughts about meeting him once seriously.

The reply didn’t come back, so it was even scarier.

‘I’m glad I know even now. Now, I have to run away if I see Jo Yu Ri even from afar.’

Feeling a part of his lower body was getting numb for no reason somehow, Choi Yu Seong coughed and closed the message window.

Of course, it is meaningless to send a message once again now to explain the story and make excuses that he had wised up.

‘This is just one more reason to become stronger.’

After giving one more clear motivation to his goal, Choi Yu Seong headed for the real first purpose of turning on the Social Media app.

“Let’s see. This is the search bar and the ID is…”

While Choi Yu Seong was focusing on morning training, Jin Yu Ri, who was looking at her phone next to him, suddenly burst into a big laugh.

The curious Choi Yu Seong asked why, so Jin Yu Ri was going to show her phone immediately but wrote an ID on a paper and told him to find out for himself instead.

Before entering the account, Choi Yu Seong smiled bitterly when checking the profile picture after opening the white paper folded in his pocket and searching for ‘@H_Mohammmed’ on Outstagram.

‘What the. It looks like he’s an Arabian prince, but he also does Social Media like this. But why is this person?’

With that thought, the hand moved to enter the account details.

Surprisingly, the picture at the top of Mohammed’s account was none other than Choi Yu Seong.


Choi Yu Seong pressed on his photo out of expected curiosity, and then coughed in vain instead of picking up the water that was on the table at Mohammed’s caption in English.



He is a favorite Hunter.

That’s why I’m thinking about it.

How much do I have to call to have him? hmm…1 I put the broken English of the raw as it is. Here’s the English TL of the Korean TL(???) by the author to better understand the author’s intention. ((I found a Hunter that I really like! That’s why I’m thinking. How much do I have to call to get him?))

Fortunately, Mohammed didn’t have the dangerous taste that Choi Yu Seong first worried about.

He is just a Saudi Arabian prince who has so much money (maybe more than Choi Wu Jae) and enjoys investing in quite a variety of ways for his hobby.

For example, buying one of the American Major League teams and rebuilding the team with a vast amount of money was a typical case.

‘Someone like Mansour of the Earth where I lived.’

As he got to know Mohammed little by little, the meaning of wanting to have Choi Yu Seong also became clear.

‘He’s setting up a Hunter team for Dungeon Racing. After all, many gentlemen regard this side as some kind of sport these days.’

He knows the intention, but there was no reason for Choi Yu Seong to be shaken by that.

‘It’s not as much as Mohammed, but I also have quite a lot of money.’

Around that time, a new message was posted on Mohammed’s Social Media feed.


About $1,000,000,000?2((Would 1 billion dollars be nice?))

One billion dollars exceeds about 1.1 trillion in Korean currency.

If Choi Yu Seong could use that money at his disposal, it could be seen that the things he could do would increase considerably.

“I will. I want to join that team. Prince.”

Instinctively speaking out loud without realizing it, Choi Yu Seong was trying to activate the 1:1 chat window when.


If he’s a S Rank Hunter. 🙂 3((If he’s an S-Rank Hunter I mean.))

“…This naughty gentleman is making fun of someone.”

Upset for no reason, Choi Yu Seong checked the time after closing Outstagram app.

It’s already been an hour.

The break he had in mind ended in a flash.

“This is really a time-consuming ghost. I shouldn’t open it if possible.”

It was Choi Yu Seong who felt the danger of Social Media for the first time.