Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing v3c13

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Electric spark basically has the lightning attribute, but it also has the fire attribute as it ignites sparks.

If it had been a battlefield full of bushes like the terrain so far, even Elite Goblins with good physical strength would not be able to withstand and instantly die in this attack.

The chamber of Goblin Fortress’ final battleground, where Hobgoblin is located, is like the inside of a cave made of pure stone.

It was a pity for that fact, but it could be said as fortunate in a way.

‘If this place all burns down, I would have had a hard time escaping.’

Otherwise, he would have had to wait an hour for the Dungeon to be restored naturally by hiding at the end of the secret passage without bushes.

In any case, Choi Yu Seong landed at a rather safe spot even before the 5 seconds duration of Dancing Electric Doll was over.

‘It’s tingling!’

Despite wearing a battle suit with a fairly high electricity cutoff rate, a tingling sensation from the back of the head instantly filled his entire body.

But that time was a moment.

Choi Yu Seong unfolded Wind Stance rushed towards Hobgoblin, who didn’t know what to do with Electric Doll’s sudden attack and jumped up from the throne.

‘Stylish is at its best.’

Once again turning red by wrapping the fire attribute using Magic Spearmanship, the spear of Choi Yu Seong pierced through Hobgoblin’s shoulder.

A cool sensation of tearing flesh and breaking through bones.

The mixed disgusting smell of Goblin’s meat roasted and the fishy smell of blood came in through the nose in various forms.

At the same time, Hobgoblin grabbed Choi Yu Seong’s spear with one hand even with a pain-stained face, and shrieked.


The guy who boasts a thick forearm as he was one head bigger than most Goblins pulled out the spear tearing his shoulder, swung a rather unusually shaped curved sword, and hit Choi Yu Seong’s abdomen.

Although it could not break through the battle suit, Choi Yu Seong’s body stumbled for a moment at the intense blow that was transmitted like a blunt weapon.

Did not miss the gap, Hobgoblin’s curved sword flew toward Choi Yu Seong’s neck.

Escaping the crisis by unfolding Wind Stance, Choi Yu Seong wiped the blood flowing down his lips with the back of his hand.

‘You’re still a Boss Monster, that’s it? Quite a tough guy.’

Eventually, all the Electric Dolls disappeared.

The number of Elite Monsters left is about five.

And a somewhat wounded Hobgoblin.

‘Not bad. I can do it.’

Catching his breath, Choi Yu Seong immersed himself in the battle like crazy, and as a result.

After about 20 minutes of bloody battle, he was able to put the long spear blade in the center of wide-eyed Hobgoblin’s neck.

Your Level Has Risen.

Your Level Has Risen.

Your Level Has Risen.

Your Level Has Risen.

Your Level Has Risen.

E-Rank MAX Level Has Been Reached.

Please Challenge The Promotion Evaluation!

Seeing the messages that made his whole body gain strength, Choi Yu Seong swept up his sweaty hair and smiled brightly as he looked at the drone filming himself in the air.

‘That’s great.’

Isn’t the ending going to be a masterpiece no matter how you make it?


South Korea, no, the world was turned upside down after Choi Yu Seong’s Goblin Fortress Dungeon Racing video was released.

The article itself was one step slower than Park Jin Hwan, but the video edited much faster by Kim Jin Young surpassed 50 million views in less than a week on NewTube.

Everyone was expecting it to achieve 100 million soon.

Park Jin Hwan was also not pushed watching Kim Jin Young’s good performance.

Less than half a day after receiving an exclusive press video obtained from a well-known trusted sasaeng fan(?) of Choi Yu Seong, he edited, wrote a report, and released it on both the website and NewTube.

※Choi Yu Seong Already Won Against A Boss Monster Of 2nd Grade Dungeon Before? Feat. Sand Officer

Half a day after the second video posted by Park Jin Hwan was released, the first and second most popular videos on NewTube were all covered by Choi Yu Seong’s name.

Naturally, attention from all over the world poured on Choi Yu Seong.

United States, CNL.

※Who Is Choi Yu Seong Who Broke The Record Of Top Prospect Kim Do Jin?

※Genius Millionaire Hunter!

United Kingdom, BBD.

※Discovered South Korea’s New Talent

※Fearless Rascal, Revered As A Genius

Japan, NHN.

※Kim Do Jin and Choi Yu Seong, A Dragon And A Tiger

※‘Inwang1Not sure the meaning of the first hanja so… King of Blablabla. ’ Yamamoto Kyosuke. Korean Talents Are Only At The Starting Point. You Never Know When The Bubbles Will Burst, Don’t Make Hasty Judgments

Media outlets from the world’s leading countries reported news and articles, flooding requests for interviews.

It wasn’t just that.

Sitting in the chairman office of the company rather than the mansion’s home office after a long time, Choi Wu Jae was reading press releases from each country and smiled when he suddenly remembered receiving a call from Chinese President Wang Kai last night.

He then picked up the telephone and made a quick call somewhere.

The never-short ringtone rang several times and time went by.

It would have been quite surprising if there were other people nearby.

The supreme Hyesung Group Chairman Choi Wu Jae calls and waits for a long time.

It was a rare case.

Then, along with a click, a husky voice mixed with laughter came from over the receiver.

-Who’s this? What was the reason the busiest gent in Korea calls me all the way?

“Hohoho… Even if I’m busy, do what I have to do and live. You’ve been quiet lately. Is everything okay?”

-Thanks to you, I’m spending my latter years very peacefully.

“Your grandson is pretty cute, so when will you show his face?”

-Ah, I have to show him! Whose request is it. Isn’t this Baek Joon Kyung doing this well now because of you.

Baek Joon Kyung. If Choi Yu Seong had heard this name, he would have been surprised yet also understood Choi Wu Jae’s unfamiliar appearance.

Former President of the Republic of Korea from an S-Rank Hunter.

He led the team in the most front when Choi Wu Jae was in his prime as a Hunter. Although he stepped back and retired from the political and Hunter jobs, he was still called one of the nation’s living legends.

“You’ve done so much for me. By the way, we haven’t seen each other in a long time, so let’s play golf? Also to show your grandson’s face at the same time.”


Perhaps it was Choi Wu Jae’s unexpected words, but Baek Joon Kyung across the phone expressed a strange tone.

-Aah… This friend. Now that I see, you called me to brag about your kid brat! Yeah, didn’t Choi Yu Seong have a big accident in a clever thing this time?

At the words of the quick-witted friend, Choi Wu Jae shook his head from side to side.

“What bragging, it’s just a little something to talk about. Ah, but there’s a little bit of trouble. Well, I was going to sleep last night, but suddenly I got a call. Has it been 10 years? There is that gent, right. Wang Kai.”

-Chinese President? Are you talking about that old snake? Come to think of it, he was still alive. But why is that friend?

“Ah, well. If I send Yu Seong to China, he said he will drive about 30 trillion won in sales to Hyesung Group every year.”

-That stingy man gave a big generosity. I think he likes your son quite a lot. So?

“What’s with so. Does 30 trillion make sense?”

-Of course. If the snake said that much, he would have asked you to transfer your ninth kid’s nationality, so there is no chance. I’ve heard a bit of rumor, but that Yu Seong guy. He is the treasure of the country, a treasure. Don’t even think about letting him go anywhere. Then I won’t forgive you.

Choi Wu Jae’s lips twitched as Baek Joon Kyung’s stern voice made him feel better for no reason and nodded.

“Such a given sound. Not just 30 trillion, I don’t even care about 300 trillion. And to give some king or something, oh dear…”

-Harharhar! This friend, it seems you have a lot to brag about now. Yeah, golf. Let’s play it. When would be a good time?

“If you’re okay, right away is nice too.”

-Right now? Here is Goseong, though? Isn’t it afternoon when you arrive?

“Ah, it doesn’t matter. It would be perfect if I go by car, eat lunch, then play golf.”

– Harhar…! Who said this friend isn’t active, very energetic. Yeah, see you when you arrive.

“Then wait a little bit.”

Hanging up the call, Choi Wu Jae got up from the chair wrapping him, and connected the intercom to the secretary’s office.

-Yes, Chairman.

“I’m going to Baek Joon Kyung. Tell them to get ready immediately.”

-Alright, sir.

While the intercom was cut off, Choi Wu Jae dressed in sportswear that looked several times lighter than the outfit he wore to the company and a thick padding jacket over it. Then as he hummed, he suddenly stopped and trembled.

“…This. If that friend Pil Du was nearby, he would have said something again.”

Choi Wu Jae shrugged, briefly remembering his right arm who was out in England for work.

‘These days, there are many things that make me feel good thanks to Yu Seong brat.’

I’ll have to think of a gift to give to Choi Yu Seong while playing golf today.

Making such a decision, Choi Wu Jae left the chairman’s office with light steps.


A shabby eight-story building without sunlight located somewhere in Jongno, Seoul.

A new sign was hung on the fifth floor which can only be reached by climbing the high stone stairs directly with two legs since there was no elevator.

Hunter Guild, Eclipse.

Inside, Kim Do Jin tilted his head as he entered a space just over 30 pyeong that was not even organized yet.

“Is this all?”


Immediately behind such Kim Do Jin, Baek Ah Rin, who was putting her hands together like a sinner, replied with a weak voice.

“I remember exactly that you wanted an office building.”

“…That was the goal. But this damned land price in Seoul is very expensive. The building I was aiming for was exactly 10 times more expensive than here! Wahaha!”

Bursting into big laughter, Baek Ah Rin scratched the back of her head and cried out.

“So, did you only buy one floor of this building?”

“No. I just bought this room. Still, I can see my goal out of the window here.”

Looking around the inside of the room once again at Baek Ah Rin’s detailed explanation, Kim Do Jin nodded lightly.

“Not bad.”

“Yeah. For my greed, I’m sor… What?”

“There must have been quite a few places that offered to support if you had hung our names. Isn’t starting in a small place like this means you rejected everything?”

“Oh, that’s true but… Since it’s usually more preferred to start with support.”

“Good job. Once you start borrowing someone else’s hand, you have to repay them in some form. And the work I’m going to do myself can’t be valued with such a penny.”

“The price of the building I want to buy is over 80 billion, though?”.

“I’m Kim Do Jin. In the future, my ransom will be 10 times higher than that.”

“Hhm… So arrogant.”

Whether Baek Ah Rin looked at him angrily or not, Kim Do Jin stood in front of the window with the best sunlight in the room and looked at the city landscape filled with quite a few somewhat suffocating buildings.

‘An area where purchases are not allowed unless for guilds…’

It was roughly predicted where it would be.

But that’s all, he didn’t pay much attention to it.

‘Baek Ah Rin is a good colleague. This much is not a losing business.’

Anyway, the two are now on the same boat.