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-Sacred Divine Empress is very displeased. She says there will be no way to watch Awakener Choi Yu Seong in the future.

At the same time, she left Choi Yu Seong.

He felt sorry, but he wasn’t disappointed.

‘The seat is empty.’

Therefore, other Gods, who stepped back in the seemingly already overheated competition and secretly coveted Choi Yu Seong, may also plan to take a step forward in the stake fight.

And the second, Red Fangs Through The Dark Night.

This one did not use a nickname that revealed himself openly like Wu Zetian.

So, it was somewhat difficult to find out through investigation. But fortunately, Choi Yu Seong remembered reading the name of this terrifying being in the original novel.

‘Vlad Ţepeş.’

When he started the investigation through this, a much more famous and straightforward name existed.

It’s literally Vlad III Drăculea.

The origin of humanoid bloodsucking monsters that are commonly seen in classical Western horror movies.

It was this Vlad Ţepeş, also known as the origin of vampires in modern times.

He was human in the beginning, like Wu Zetian, Guan Yu, and Cu Chulainn.

However, the legend and achievements were twisted in a completely different way from ordinary figures and eventually called an extraordinary being, the First Vampire.

For reference, countless races other than humans appear in Master Who Return To Modern Times as the novel progresses.

One of them is the vampire clan and the god they serve is ‘Red Fangs Through The Dark Night’. That is Dracula.

Dracula’s power and abilities were incomparable to other people who rose to Divinity from humans, as he gave birth to a powerful race called vampire.

‘Although considering his influence on Earth, he can be a stronger supporter than Loki…’

Choi Yu Seong swallowed his saliva and sent a reply of rejection to Dracula as well.

-Red Fangs Through The Dark Night leaves Awakener Choi Yu Seong with a cool smile.

He did not run wild like the Sacred Divine Empress.

However, it was much scarier.

As mentioned, Dracula has a stronger influence on Earth rather than Loki.

The vampire race who followed him couldn’t be seen, but it was expected because they were active in the dark.

Dracula even threatened in the message that Choi Yu Seong would regret it.

He only sent a message that he was smiling, but it was more likely he would retaliate in some way.

To be honest, he was scared to the point of trembling slightly, but he couldn’t accept Dracula’s offer no matter how many times he thought about it.

It’s not because his Skill doesn’t match him.

Rather, the reason for rejecting this one was simpler.

‘Because if I learn Dracula’s Skill, I’ll become a vampire too.’

Even if not immediately, slowly but eventually Choi Yu Seong also becomes a vampire.

It had no choice but to become like that.

To put it bluntly, considering Dracula’s first Skill he will give to Choi Yu Seong is likely to be ‘Bloodsucking’.

Even if you are sane, you have no choice but to keep in mind the situation in which you naturally turn into a vampire if you suck and eat the opponent’s blood.

This was because Dracula’s ability was as strong as that, but to be clear, Choi Yu Seong wanted to remain a human unless he was in a very unavoidable situation.

‘Even if you become a vampire, you can’t see the sunlight for a while.’

Is that all?

Powerful Demon Hunters from the Vatican will follow for the rest of your lives.

Now that he is working hard for lifelong safety, there was no reason to put another tag that would threaten his life.

‘And the third, The Oldest Hunter. It was really hard to find this one.’

The God with the longest time to track the identity while he was hospitalized was The Oldest Hunter, Scathi1 Other spellings I found are Skadi, Skade, or Skathi. This version is what the author put in raw. .

‘Although I’m actually still half doubted…’

There were also quite a few parts that were accepted as facts.

And if The Oldest Hunter is Scathi, it is no exaggeration to say that she is the strongest of the four remaining Gods except for Loki.

‘The God of Hunting who rules the Isle of the Dead.’

Scathi, a god not well known to people, is rumored to be the sister of Freya, a goddess of beauty that often appears in Norse mythology, and there was also a story that she was once a lover of Loki.

Whatever it was, her name was not well known but it was highly likely that she had strong enough power to form ties with prominent Gods in Norse mythology.

‘Because even Odin offered a deal to control her anger in the mythical story. No more words needed.’

Such a great figure paid attention to Choi Yu Seong before anyone else.

The reason is unknown.

However, it was known that Scathi liked men a lot. And the more handsome he is, the more she likes him.

It was a bit absurd, but it meant that Choi Yu Seong’s appearance might have led her.

Furthermore, it was understandable that Loki approached Choi Yu Seong faster than other high-ranking Gods.

‘What Loki and Scathi have in common is that they are half-god and half-giant.’’

The mythical story may not be all about the relationship between the two.

If there was any close relationship between the two Gods, it could be understood that Loki approached Choi Yu Seong at a high speed.

In that sense, the answer to Scathi, The Oldest Hunter, was put aside.

‘Scathi isn’t bad either if I can get a stable and powerful Skill.’

Choi Yu Seong looked at Guan Yu and sent a message of rejection as he had already decided.

No matter how powerful the Skill is, it is meaningless if it doesn’t match.

-Noble of Magnificent Beard smacks his lips out of regret. He gets up from his seat wishing good fortune in battles for Awakener Choi Yu Seong.

Indeed, as a figure called the Chinese god of war, the attitude of leaving is also polite.

Therefore, Choi Yu Seong felt more sorry, but he could not reverse the decision he had already made.

By the way, there were three Gods left.

‘Loki, Scathi, Cu Chulainn.’

Prankster Who Likes Jokes, The Oldest Hunter, and Culann’s Hound.

Somehow, only the Gods of Nordic descent remained.

It could be a simple coincidence, but Choi Yu Seong found this situation also interesting.

And of course, in terms of God’s status alone, Cu Chulainn was the most lacking.

‘However, he’ll be a great help to my spearmanship.’

The Skill that Cu Chulainn will pass on will be unconditionally related to spearmanship.

Scathi’s side was also known as the witch’s guardian, so it was highly likely to pass on Skill that was close to flair-type, especially magic.

‘And Loki is…’

Honestly, it couldn’t be guessed.

Shouldn’t he be just fairly versatile so it can be guessed?

Loki’s abilities were enormous enough to be called the best talent in Norse mythology, and it was more difficult to guess than Odin in a sense.

Just to guess, it was a fact that he would not give up a powerful ability that could be his signature.

‘I’m an inferior that’s not enough to reveal his roots from the beginning, and it’s not at the level I can handle.’

The powerful ability that goes beyond the level must be sealed and cannot be used, only neglected.

Wasn’t this the reason why Choi Yu Seong first rejected the offer of Odin(though it was surely Loki in disguise)?

Anyway, after much consideration, he was sure of his true name and finished guessing about his Skills.

Choi Yu Seong, who compressed the candidates so far, carried out the bold decision he had made.

‘All three. Okay.’

Sending a message of consent in the order of Scathi, Cu Chulainn, and Loki, Choi Yu Seong swallowed his saliva.

The Skills transferred by Gods are not affected by Fusion’s empty Skill slots.

In other words, it is possible to be given the Skills of various Gods at the same time in this way.

However, the above method may feel undesirable only from the standpoint of the Gods who want to take the lead rather than other Gods in stake fight for Choi Yu Seong’s Karma figures.

If so, there are two options the Gods can choose.

‘One is to simply withdraw their will to transfer skills and leave me.’

The second method is to transfer a Skill as they wanted, even if it is a little unpleasant.

As long as Choi Yu Seong responded to the messages, the decision-making authority is now reversed.

What kind of answer will the three Gods send?

Perhaps, at this moment, Loki’s message was not hidden and shown to the other two Gods.

Once a Skill is transferred, it cannot be given to another person again.

Therefore, if they don’t think they’ll get as much stake as they want, they have the right to leave here and the private message must also be disclosed.

This was an unbreakable rule set among the Gods.

Inside the car, there was a God who answered first among the particularly tense silence.

-The Oldest Hunter says it is an excellent choice and is delighted. Transferring a Skill exclusively for Awakener Choi Yu Seong.

As always, ‘The Oldest Hunter’ Scathi reached out first.

-Prankster Who Likes Jokes nods with a look full of dissatisfaction. Transferring a Skill.

Loki followed suit accepting the offer.

Up to this point, Choi Yu Seong’s plan could be considered successful.

‘Because it’s no different than saying that two powerful Norse Gods became my sponsors.’

However, Cu Chulainn seemed to have no choice but to give up in this case.

‘Because he lacks strength and influence compared to the two Gods…’

‘Culann’s Hound’ Cu Chulainn has a weak name value to greedily fight for the stake.

The best result Choi Yu Seong wanted was for Cu Chulainn to transfer his Skill first.

‘He’ll probably give up.’

If it is a rational judgment, it is right to give up.

However, Cu Chulainn seemed to have a little different idea.

-Culann’s Hound snorts and is willing to accept your arrogance. Transferring a Skill.


Choi Yu Seong unknowingly burst into an exclamation inside the silent car. Jin Do Yun, who was holding the steering wheel, tilted his head.

“Young Master?”

There was no time to get an answer.

Suddenly, three lights of purple, black, and blue began to swirl around Choi Yu Seong’s chest and brain.

Choi Yu Seong is accepting it with his eyes closed.

There was no way that Jin Do Yun could not understand the situation from the standpoint of experiencing it once.

‘The Gods are transferring their Skills to Young Master.’

And the number is as much as three.

Jin Do Yun held the steering wheel tightly while looking straight ahead in case of a traffic accident, but his head was filled with joy and thrill.

‘Oh my gosh. Who learned the Skills of three Gods during E-Rank? Madness Bernard? Time Walker Christian? Who else is there?’

The names of Hunters discussed as the world’s strongest passed by in his mind.

The point was that Jin Do Yun didn’t have that good head.

Therefore, he decided to send a message to ask Jin Yu Ri as soon as he got out of the car.