Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing v2c22

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Myo, who answered the phone without checking who the opposite was, raised an annoyed voice.

“I told you to stop this! Damned mongrel bast…”

-Choi Mi Na. It’s me.


The swearing Myo quickly let down her voice.

It’s been a while since she heard the other person’s voice over the phone, but she couldn’t help but know who it was.

“Choi Ji Ho?”

-Although delighted, you still have no manners.

“Kikik, why? Want to be called oppa?”

-I refuse. I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

“That’s a good idea.”

The smiling Myo, Choi Mi Na, sat with her butt attached on a towering pillar above Banpo Bridge for a comfortable call.

-I think you’re still the same with the Martial Guard Corps Leader.

“Never mind. Just because you helped doesn’t mean you deserve to meddle. You know, right?

-Mi Na. It’s not that I don’t know how much you hate villains…

“Are all these guys called men the same? I’ll hang up the call if you’re going to nag. Main point. In 3 seconds. Three.”

-I’m thinking of using one of the three wish coupons.

“I’m glad to hear that. Tell me.”

Choi Mi Na calmly continued the call with Choi Ji Ho and increasingly frowned her face.

After cutting off the short call, she hit another blow on the head of the innocent Yevgeny’s corpse and sighed.

‘My gosh, you asked me to act as a nanny for that no-good ninth brat?’

Her head was already dizzy just thinking about it and felt like she was going to throw up.


Choi Yu Seong made an appointment with Kim Do Jin the next day, late in the afternoon.

And around noon, Jin Yu Ri headed to the dungeon to grow up.

Even though she made a schedule in a hurry, any Hunter of her level is welcomed with open arms in any party or raid team.

Jin Yu Ri, who was going to leave the house first, gave Choi Yu Seong the contact information of the so-called ‘Jenny’ that she told when they were trapped in the Room of Sacrifice.

“When I’m away, feel free to contact her if you need anything. She’s a smart kid, so she’ll do a good job for a lot of things.”

“Isn’t she the friend you tried to keep secret?”

“That’s when Yu Seong oppa is too turned on about women. Jenny is quite a beauty, you know.”

“How about now? I still don’t hate women.”

“But it’s not like you’re flirting with anyone. And, you’re clever enough.”

Choi Yu Seong shrugged at the smiling Jin Yu Ri’s words.

She said quite a bit, but the reason why she finally gave Choi Yu Seong Jenny’s contact information was obvious.

‘That I can be trusted now.’

A secret organization is not secret for nothing.

It should be as untraceable as possible even to those with the same influence as Choi Wu Jae.

To do that, the fewer people know, the better.

Also, don’t tell the information of a secret organization to stupid people who could easily expose them.

If it was the original Choi Yu Seong, there was a high probability that he would quietly brag to a barwoman that he knew a plausible secret organization.

It’s a secret, but it’s a secret that everyone knows.

Why, isn’t it common?

Jin Yu Ri didn’t want her hidden move to be revealed like that.

And as mentioned, now that she believed in Choi Yu Seong, she let him know of their existence.

He felt good emotionally as he was proud somehow and practically as it was like he had one more secret weapon.

And in the afternoon, he headed to the meeting place, Itaewon, with escort and driver Jin Do Yun.

He thought it wouldn’t take long because it was close to home in Hannam-dong, but when they got close to the downtown area, there was so much traffic that he thought it would take longer than expected.

Choi Yu Seong took out his phone and texted Kim Do Jin that he would be a little late.

“It would be faster to just walk from here.”

“… I forgot it was a busy weekend.”

Jin Do Yun, who took the steering wheel, spoke with a helpless look at Choi Yu Seong’s words.

“What, is that your fault? I didn’t know today was Saturday either.”

After living without the concept of date for a while, he forgot even the day of the week.

Choi Yu Seong looked at the streets of Itaewon street full of green and red decorations with strange eyes outside the car window and smiled.

“Come to think of it, it’s Christmas soon.”

“This year is coming to an end. Time seems to go pretty fast. There’s been a lot of things recently…”

“It’s going to be even busier in the future. By the way, don’t you want to date someone?”

“I don’t think I am qualified yet.”

Jin Do Yun had his face hardened to the half-light question and grabbed the wheel tightly.

This is because the fight with Baek Cheol just a few days ago came to mind.

‘…I think I have just uselessly woken up a sleeping wolf. Jin Do Yun is actually the type that gives too much strength into things.’

It was the same for himself who had no intention of dating, but it felt like he was swept away by the word and atmosphere of Christmas and asked a pointless question.

“Too much is as bad as too little. There’s nothing to worry too much about all the time.”

“I will keep it in my heart.”

It is unknown what he thought inside, but he speaks so well.

That doesn’t mean he can be persuaded by long talk, so Choi Yu Seong decided to shut up.

Just in time, a text notification came on his phone.

-Already 5 minutes late. You’re not kidding me, right?

-I’m not kidding, the car is really stuck.

-…I’ll go that way. Where is it?

Choi Yu Seong closed the message window of his phone and looked at Jin Do Yun.

“It can’t be like this. Stop on the side road when you get this signal.”

“Are you going alone?”

“It’s a downtown evening. It’s hard to cause trouble in this kind of place unless they’re really crazy. In all probability, perhaps the Martial Guard Corps is also dispatched just in case.”

It was common for Martial Guard Corps, Hunters in charge of Villains, to be on standby in downtown areas hiding their identity in case of sudden events or terrorism.


There are many talented people in the Martial Guard Corps.

And in fact, it was quite rare for big incidents and accidents to take place in these downtown areas.

‘Now I’ve decided not to let my guard down, but…’

It doesn’t mean to just curl up and hold breath without doing anything as if I were scared.

With that mindset, you can’t even hunt dungeons.

The important thing is to be always aware of the fact that accidents can occur and have insurance.

Before getting out of the car, Choi Yu Seong confirmed that the position tracker attached to the pocket inside his coat was working properly and nodded.

“The location will be known in real-time anyway, so park and come.”


Jin Do Yun, who stopped the car on the side road and dropped off Choi Yu Seong and left. Choi Yu Seong, who went out to the street alone after a long time, was enveloped in a somewhat strange feeling.

‘Now that I think about it, I was always with Jin Yu Ri and Jin Do Yun.’

How long has it been since we’ve been so far apart like this?

It felt awkward, but he wasn’t afraid.

‘First, since it’s Itaewon.’

There may be various insurances, but there was a separate thing he believed in the most.

‘There is the lounge bar that Choi Mi Na is using as a hiding place.’

The reason why the second daughter of Hyesung Group, also famously known as a monster, is hiding in Itaewon was simple.

‘Because she belongs to the Martial Guard Corps and hates Villains.’

She, who is called the incarnation of a finical and terrifying personality which seems to have no one to stop at this point, also had her pain.

It happened when Choi Mi Na was about 5 years old.

Villains invaded the mansion where Choi Wu Jae with a different mother and Choi Mi Na lived together.

As Choi Wu Jae was abroad at the time, he had no time to deal with it. So, it was an incident that resulted in many victims.

Above all, the memory that remained intensely in Choi Mi Na’s mind was the death of her mother, while she had to hide behind the closet and watch in secret space.

Choi Mi Na, who couldn’t even burst into tears and crouched down holding her breath, was too young, weak, and miserable.

It is a rather natural step for her to enter the Martial Guard Corps.

Surprisingly, Choi Wu Jae does not know that Choi Mi Na is currently in the Martial Guard Corps.

If he had known, he would have strongly opposed it, saying not to do useless things. And no matter how Choi Mi Na, who is famous for doing whatever she wants in the whole family, she would not be able to completely go against Choi Wu Jae’s will.

Accurately, Choi Mi Na’s position was like this.

She wants to catch Villains, but they are so clever and vicious that it is too much to pursue without any information.

However, if she runs a private organization that can roll such information, it will certainly be seen by Choi Wu Jae.

Therefore, Choi Mi Na joined the Martial Guard Corps.

The identity and affiliation of each individual within the Martial Guard Corps are known only to one person in the country, the Leader of Martial Guard Corps.

The information of Martial Guard Corps members is strictly abided by the principle of confidentiality even to the chairman of the Awakener Association just in case.

The problem is why the Leader of the Martial Guard Corps accepted Choi Mi Na.

Even though it is clear that if Choi Wu Jae finds out about this, the risk of the Leader of the Martial Guard Corps will be not simple.

As always, there is no detailed description of this setting in the original work.

‘Choi Mi Na is the last move anyway.’

Fortunately(?) Choi Yu Seong was not very curious about what the truth would be.

In fact, it’s better not to bump into her.

Choi Mi Na, who hates evil people, didn’t like Choi Yu Seong who usually used to act like a good-for-nothing, and she did not think that it would have changed much just because it is now.

‘Rather, it’s a relief if she doesn’t think I’m worse because she thinks I’m managing image.’

Anyway, the last bastion is Choi Mi Na.

Just in case the future has changed, he also investigated the lounge bar run by Choi Mi Na which appeared in the original novel last night.

‘Fortunately, nothing has changed here.’

Both the Lounge Bar and Choi Mi Na are still in Itaewon.

No matter how much she hates Choi Yu Seong, she will not let him die when a dangerous situation comes.

That’s the reason why he dared to choose Itaewon as the place of appointment.

‘By now, Ji Ho hyungnim would have asked for that. Ah. Come to think of it, how much does Martial Guard Corps have to do with hyungnim?’

His thoughts wander here and there in his mind while walking on the street.

No one recognized Choi Yu Seong because he deliberately wore a hat, glasses without lenses, and even a mask to confuse his image.

‘It feels like a celebrity for some reason.’

In fact, few people don’t know about Choi Yu Seong in Korea of this world, so it’s not wrong.

‘I indeed have an attention seeker skill, but I don’t need to draw useless attention for a day like this.’

The important thing is the conversation with Kim Do Jin.

Choi Yu Seong thought probably Kim Do Jin was thinking the same.

It was a thought he had until he faced Kim Do Jin who proudly appeared on the other side of the crosswalk with a huge crowd behind him.

‘That crazy guy. If I look closely, he’s also a bit of an attention seeker.’

Come to think of it, Kim Do Jin never hid or hid his appearance when heading somewhere even in the original novel.

Thanks to this, there were always accidents and incidents but Kim Do Jin did not care at all.

Rather, he just used all of those things as a stepping stone for his growth.

‘If it’s like this, isn’t it meaningless for me to cover my whole face?’

Will Kim Do Jin recognize him in this state?

It was when he was worrying because it was burdensome to approach and talk to him.