Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing v2c21

Unedited Chapter
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Late dawn. A crocodile man covered with thick leather and scales was running along the Gangbyeon Expressway.

He moved in haste. From running on the road with his two feet, crossing the big Han River bridge with a single leap, and even sometimes jumping into the river to hide. But the movement was much faster than ordinary vehicles running at around 100 km/h because it was late at night.

After running like that for a long time. The crocodile man, who was submerged in the dark shade under the bridge with only the tip of his head and eyes floating, thought.

‘At this point, he can’t chase me anymore, right?’

Fear, trembling, and anger was mixed in the eyes that should have resembled those of a wild predator.

‘Fricking Korean Martial Guard Corps1경무단( Previously translated as Martial Police Corps. bastards!’

The crocodile man was not Korean.

His real name is Yevgeny, a Russian mafia and at the same time listed as an A-Rank Villain by the WPA2Author’s note: World Awakener Association. (Not sure what is the P from WPA, the author’s note is just a short explanation in Korean. I will edit this if I find the right acronym.) .

He had fled to Korea after a mass murder case due to friction between organizations in Vladivostok fifteen days ago.

He tried to stay quiet for a while in Korea as he entered through a disguised identity and false visa.

A lot of troublesome things will happen the moment he gets caught by the Russian Militia3 Author’s note: the Soviet Police in the past – a group of Villain Hunters in the novel. because of unnecessary friction.

A problem took place at a small lounge bar in Itaewon’s commercial district to flirt a woman to the bed as always.

The boss was quite a beauty, so Yevgeny was engulfed in a desire to embrace her somehow as soon as he saw her.

Although Yevgeny has traveled to quite a few countries, including his home country Russia, Italy, France, United States, Japan, etc. But he could bet there are only a handful of women as beautiful as her.

A whole bottle of vodka was injected into the body and his lower part began to exert strength. The conflict in his head intensified and soon decided to have an accident even if he had to leave Korea.

It wasn’t a difficult task.

Yevgeny unusually ignored the women who were looking curiously at blond blue-eyed himself and tried to wait until the bar’s boss left work.

By the time the store closes, there are always dark alleys no matter how bright downtown is.

Yevgeny, hiding deep in it, was having gloomy eyes waiting for the beautiful boss to leave work.

However, a variable occurred in an unexpected place.

From the back of the dark alley where Yevgeny was hiding. A presence quietly approached, swinging a huge Claymore to cut his head in half.

“What is this?!”

Asked Yevgeny, who avoided the attack somewhat instinctively, with his eyes wide open. But the mystery man wearing a mask of a rabbit character with large eyes that could only be seen in old animations did not answer.

Just simply swung the great sword out of nowhere once again. Yevgeny was frightened by the movement he couldn’t even follow and had no choice but to transform then flee without thinking about anything else.

He couldn’t understand it at first, but as he ran, he could soon guess that the identity of the mystery man was from the rumored Korean’s Martial Guard Corps.

‘Although I heard they act while wearing a strange mask to hide their identity…’

Yevgeny trembled.

This is because the big eyes of the rabbit mask, which would seem cute to some, remained creepy in his head.

‘He must have given up by now, right?’

The attack was fast, but the pursuit was slow as the opponent’s presence disappeared from the middle of the run.

Still, he killed his presence just in case. But even after 10 minutes, he couldn’t feel the presence of the bizarre rabbit mask anymore.

‘Since I’ve been caught, I have to leave Korea.’

The fact that Hunters in charge of Villains, Martial Guard Corps, chased him means that both his identity and situation have already been known to the Korean Association.

Lastly, it was very regrettable that he couldn’t do anything about the lady boss seen in Itaewon, but the pleasure of the lower part was not more precious than his life.

‘I just have to hide for another five minutes and then go out slowly.’

He was going to run straight to Incheon Airport right after.

Because he didn’t want to see the terrible rabbit mask ever again.

“The water temperature must be quite low, but you’re holding well. Is it because you’re a cold-blooded animal transformation type? Aren’t you cold?”

A rather low-pitched female voice was heard above Yevgeny’s head.


Yevgeny hurriedly rushed to the water and the river he had been hiding just now soared like an explosion.

The thick claymore split the river.

Yevgeny, who swallowed saliva inwardly at the tremendous strength, burst into laughter pretending to be relaxed.

“Puhaha! Zayats заяц. Shall we see if you can play well in the water too?”

“This is Korea. Speak Korean. You trash.”

As Yevgeny spoke a mix of Russian and English, the rabbit mask once again swung the sword, grumbling as if she didn’t like that.

Along with a loud bang, rain showers poured down on the roofs of cars running on the bridge of Banpo Bridge.

In the meantime. Yevgeny, who chose to dive deep into the Han River, cursed inside as he saw the impact of the water splitting in half right in front of his nose.

‘I expected it, but he was truly a monster.’

His animal instinct did not choose to escape in vain.

But wouldn’t it be a different story if it’s underwater?

Yevgeny is a crocodile man.

To be more precise, he inherited the power of the sea crocodile Porosus that can even swim in the sea.

Except on land, he didn’t think he would lose no matter how great the monster is if it’s in the water.

The fearless rabbit mask followed such Yevgeny and plunged into the water of the Han River.


Yevgeny, who thought of fleeing through diving, changed his mind.

A predator’s anger was reflected in the eyes of the sea crocodile trembling with fear.

Either way. The rabbit mask, who jumped into the water with Claymore on his back, spread out her hands.

‘Although I don’t know what you’re trying to do…’

Yevgeny’s wide crocodile mouth drew a cruel smile.

The bite force of sea crocodiles is considered the most naturally occurring predator in the ecosystem.

What would happen if an A-Rank Hunter dealt with that biting force, which is several times more powerful than a hippo that is generally thought to be terrifying? Once bitten, even an S-Rank Hunter cannot escape.

‘I’ll chew and swallow him whole.’

It was the moment when Yevgeny, who rushed through the water, opened his mouth wide.

The rabbit mask clapped her outstretched hands.

It was just that.

The water fluctuated like a lie, causing waves, and soon a vacuum space large enough to see the bottom of the deep Han River water was created.

Yevgeny was also nearly swept away by the immense monstrous strength, but the rabbit mask quickly reached out and grabbed his unique crocodile long snout.

The surrounding area was still flowing with the water of the Han River, but it was a strange situation as if only the two were on the ground.

The rabbit mask threw the crocodile toward the park at once and ran.

The split water of the Han River quickly finds its original place and fills it.

Yevgeny flew through the darkness of the night in the short gap when the water was filled back, smashing the stone wall stairs in the park and got stuck between them.


The rabbit mask scattered her wet long black straight hair and thrust a fist into Yevgeny’s abdomen as he vomited blood.


With a scream, the entire thick stone wall stairs collapsed as if they had been hit by an earthquake.

Even if he was a physical type A-Rank Awakener, he had no way to withstand such monstrous strength directly hit on his abdomen.

Yevgeny, whose transformation has been released, rolled back his eyes and pulled out his tongue.

The rabbit mask, who waved the stone powder and dusty clouds in all directions as if it was annoying, grabbed Yevgeny’s head with her left hand and lifted him.

“What? Are you dead?”

The rabbit mask with her head tilted strongly slapped Yevgeny’s cheek from side to side.

“Keok, kekeok…!”

“Still alive, huh.”

Along with those words, when the right hand of the rabbit mask slapped Yevgeny in the face once again.

Crackack-! Along with the sound of bones breaking, the A-Rank Villain’s neck turned widely to the other way.

“Just how nice it would be if you were obedient when I tried to kill you in one shot without pain. You Villain Crocodile punk.”

The rabbit mask, who casually adorned the death of the notorious A-Rank Villain, looked around.

Utter chaos.

After such a fuss was made, rumors must have already spread here and there.

“I’ll get a call soon.”

With a frown, she scratched the back of her damp hair as if she was annoyed, took off the cumbersome rabbit mask, and threw it into the Han River.

Surprisingly. The face revealed under the mask was the beauty boss from the Itaewon lounge bar who Yevgeny harbored lewd feelings for.

Speaking of the devil, her cell phone rang just in time.

“Uh, why?”

-A disturbance around Banpo Bridge, Han River Park has been reported. The Villain Crocodile is…

“I had no choice but to kill him due to excessive resistance during the process of suppression.”

-…killed again, huh. Myo4卯. Hanja for rabbit., what do you think of my words as a leader?

“Didn’t I say I had no choice? Although like that, he’s still an A-Rank.”

-It doesn’t make sense that you had no choice with your skills. Myo. I respect you a lot and fully understand your situation. However, this Crocodile was a special request from the Militia. He should have somehow been alive and sent to Russia.

She looked at the grotesque corpse of Yevgeny, who hung loosely on one hand with his neck turned around, with indifferent eyes. She showed her annoyed feeling while sweeping her wet and heavy bangs.

“Ah, so what? If you’re calling to nag me, I’ll hang up.”

-The Banpo Bridge…

“I didn’t break it. Just broke down some stone stairs in the park. I’ll cover the repair cost on my own. You know, right? I have a lot of money.”

-Myo, accepting you into the Martial Guard Corps was also a very dangerous adventure for me. It’s even going on right now.

At the somewhat threatening remarks, the woman called Myo frowned greatly.

“That’s why you’re getting a lot of money from me in the name of that risk allowance. Leader. Don’t be mistaken. Our relationship is clearly unfolding out of a thorough business interest. If you say something like you’re making a sacrifice…”

Myo clicked her tongue shortly and her gaze headed toward the crowds who heard the commotion in the dark.

“Let’s stop here. People are flocking. I’m going to withdraw.”

-…Got it. Myo, I’m just asking. But can you listen to me at least once a year?

“I’ll think about it. And this guy, he called zayats to me.”


“It’s Russian. Don’t be a finger prince5핑프(ping.peu). An acronym of ‘Finger Prince(ss)’.A term to call someone who never lifts a finger and expects or asks someone to do everything instead. , search it on your own. The corpse will be at the usual place.”

Myo jumped naturally into the air to avoid the crowds and hung up the phone.

Myo was grumpy for nothing and hit the hanging Yevgeny’s head once more. Then she looked at her chest, which was somewhat flat because(?) she was wearing a battle suit.

‘XXck. Still, treating me like a man is too much.’

Zayats is a noun for male rabbits in Russian.

She felt quite nasty.

But in the meantime, her cell phone rang again.