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Next day.

Choi Yu Seong went hunting again as usual.

There was no need for a break because the will to achieve the E-Rank Max Level within a month of the goal was burning.

After following Choi Yu Seong for several days, Jin siblings sent him off with a more stable appearance than the first time.

It must have been a bit reassuring as he returned safely after going hunting alone several times.

‘Even so, they always don’t forget to say never let your guard down.’

The gazes of Jin Do Yun or Jin Yu Ri at Choi Yu Seong were always full of sincere worries and goodwill.

It was surprising truthfully.

The two were not actually Choi Yu Seong’s family.

And before possession, Choi Yu Seong was a person who clearly showed signs of annoyance, if not openly ignoring the two.

Why do the two of them care this much about Choi Yu Seong when all that was there is likely to fall apart?

He didn’t know much about Choi Yu Seong, who had little weight since the beginning except for the murder of Choi Wu Jae, due to the poor setting of the original. Even if there was a story, he couldn’t even know what it was about.

‘If there was a story, it wouldn’t be an ordinary story…’

Choi Yu Seong also had a normal social life, so he knew well that human relationships are not that simple.

Giving a favor does not necessarily mean the return is beautiful.

When a new employee who just joined the company seemed to be having a hard time, he gave support and kindness. Yet one day, made Choi Yu Seong a pushover.

Of course, it may be due to their characteristics as humans are so complex, but it was obvious that passionate support like the two was not simple.

Especially for those types with a lot of doubts and cold-hearted emotions like Jin Yu Ri.

‘It would be easier to understand if it was a rational emotion.’

There is no such emotion in the relationship between Jin Yu Ri and Choi Yu Seong, to put it bluntly.

On the contrary, Jin Yu Ri’s feelings toward him seemed somewhat close to motherly love as he once recalled.

‘Should I ask directly later?’

Why on earth do the two of them cherish the person called Choi Yu Seong this much?

When trying to ask, their face may turn red at something embarrassing, and may not be able to talk properly.

“… Maybe we should have a drink.”1Alcohol of course. Light beer sometimes is enough, but usually soju all the way.

Choi Yu Seong, who entered the dungeon now familiarly while talking to himself, closed his eyes and opened them.

A rather dizzy sensation passed by and a long dark underground cave unfolded in front of him.

Probably because it’s the entrance. There will be a lot of tunnels in a complicated and tangled form if proceed a little further.

From today, the hunting ground has been changed to a second-grade dungeon located in Mokdong, instead of the first-grade dungeon that was used until yesterday.

He must have gotten used to the hunting itself and gained confidence. It was the first time he came to a higher-grade dungeon, which gives him even a little more experience to accelerate his level up.

‘I’ve heard about it, but it’s the real dungeon atmosphere. It’s humid, wet, a bit sticky.…’

The feeling itself was not particularly pleasant compared to the plain field.

Choi Yu Seong checked the portal to return to the earth emitting blue light behind his back and opened the map that Jin Yu Ri had prepared in advance, which he had put in the deepest part of the battle suit.

‘In case it gets ripped off in combat.’

He was going to start by memorizing the shape of the road as much as possible.

There was no harm about it just in case.


Jin Yu Ri, who was sitting in a chair near the ‘Dungeon Square’ building made by the Awakener Association, looked up at her cell phone.

It was not noticeable because many people were passing by as it is located downtown. But surprisingly, there were quite many hunters entering the Dungeon.

“The people are definitely increased than our time, isn’t it?”

“Because the number of Awakeners is increasing every year.”

Jin Yu Ri’s question was answered by Jin Do Yun with a nod.

Even about eight years ago, when she was just awakened, news often reported that the number of Awakeners was increasing. Time passed again in that status, so it might have been an apparent result.

But the world still wants more Awakeners and hopefully, the number of hunters among them will increase.

It was an obvious matter.

A hunter is a combatant who can fight a fully armed platoon unit with just a rank D.

Also, only hunters can fight monsters that use bizarre magic that modern firearms don’t work with.

The presence of outstanding hunters on both attack and defense regardless of time and situation is an important resource that determines the status of the nation in this era.

“It’s already about 3 hours since he has been in.”

“He’ll also fill half a day today, right.”

“It’s amazing to think about it again. I didn’t expect Yu Seong oppa to change this quickly.”

“Maybe he had a big intention from the beginning.”

“That’s naive words like you, oppa.”

“Well. As you also remember, Young Master was originally a big vessel.”

Jin Do Yun refuted Jin Yu Ri’s cynicism.

The sentimental him had eyes glimpsed as if he was reminiscent of the past.

“It’s true that Yu Seong oppa was standing out compared to his peers when he was young. But if he was really a big vessel, he wouldn’t have been crooked.”

“Originally, a sleeping dragon crouched down and waited for the right time. Young Master must have had some big plan that we don’t know about.”

“It’s absolutely not that. Rather, it’s correct to say that some psychological change has come. But recently, someone who might have a new influence on Yu Seong oppa…”

Jin siblings, the two of whom simultaneously recalled the best rising star of this era who had somewhat arrogant eyes.

“No way. Because of Kim Do Jin?”

“… I don’t want to admit it.”


From the first time Kim Do Jin approached Choi Yu Seong, the two felt unknown anxiety.

And even now, that feeling wasn’t much different.

There were too many doubts about Kim Do Jin.

A genius of the era who suddenly appeared like a comet.

A personality that is highly regarded, though also arrogant, with beautiful swordsmanship that makes everyone admires.

The perfectionist, who seemed to had no blemish anywhere, first wanted a relationship with Choi Yu Seong.

In fact, it was strange to like Choi Yu Seong so much.

But what if Kim Do Jin caused Choi Yu Seong such a positive change like now?

‘Did that cheeky bastard make some kind of miracle?’

It was when Jin siblings, who knew Kim Do Jin’s true face to some extent, shook their heads at the same time.

“Jin Yu Ri, Jin Do Yun.”

Two men in dark sunglasses and black suits approached the two.

“What’s this. Are you doing Iron Wall cosplay?”

The words spouted leisurely, but Jin Yu Ri was somehow feeling uneasy.

‘Where are these guys from?’

Tempered body shape, eyes shining cold under sunglasses.

It could be seen by looking at it.

They never came with a favorable feeling.

It was a moment when the hand of Jin Yu Ri, who showed a smile on the outside, tried to grab the collar of the man on the left secretly but quickly.

The tip of Jin Yu Ri’s jaw also filled with a cold and cool sensation.

Jin Yu Ri, who quickly stopped her outstretched hand, had her mouth twisted.

“A good sense, huh?”

“That side is the same. You’re a lady with bad hands.”

With hands in his pocket, a blue haze rose from the man’s eyes looking at Jin Yu Ri’s face.

A very small blue light that could be mistaken for a dot was piercing under Jin Yu Ri’s chin.

‘The skill is not usual?’

She is an A-Rank flair-type Awakener.

She was even confident at speed within the same rank.

However, the opponent’s ability followed at a speed comparable to that.

He was not just a decent amateur, unlike the appearance.

‘Who’s it really? What’s the purpose?’

It was when Jin Yu Ri’s eyes filled with strange tension and doubts.

“Do you want to save Choi Yu Seong?”

As soon as the name came out, Jin Do Yun’s shoulders twitched.

The eyes of Jin Yu Ri, who raised her hand to block him, also sank coldly.

Questions and calculations had been left behind.

Heat-filled anger rose instead.

“Think carefully and talk. From now on, what you’re spitting out is talking at the risk of your life.”

The man didn’t budge even a single expression despite the harsh threat said.

“We’ve secured Choi Yu Seong by releasing people in the dungeon. If you want to save his life, follow me quietly.”

“Did you touch the Choi family? You seem to have quite a few lives.”

The man didn’t care about her sneer and turned his back.

Since then, Jin Yu Ri’s brows have been dug deep, looking at the back of the two people who walked away without hesitation.

‘It could be a trap.’

No, she was pretty sure it’s probably a trap more than 50%.

It’s foolish to believe and move on the word of a man who suddenly appeared.

It may be the right decision to run into the dungeon right away even if she becomes a criminal, rather than chasing after them.

However, there was too little information.

Jin Yu Ri had to make a rational judgment in such circumstances.

It would be better if those big men’s words were false.

‘After all, Yu Seong oppa will be able to come out of the dungeon safely.’

If that happens, there is another way.

In her pocket, Jin Yu Ri pressed the emergency call button on her cell phone then pressed the call end button after feeling the tone going about 3 times.

With this, she was lessened of great anxiety on the premise Choi Yu Seong would return safely from the dungeon.

What’s left is if at least one of the things the men in suits said were true.

Even though the possibility was extremely slim, Jin siblings could never ignore their concerns.

“Let’s follow.”

Said Jin Do Yun.


Jin Yu Ri, who spitted out a curse, nodded and raised her body.

In fact, the answer that the two would take was already set.

As long as Choi Yu Seong is at stake, this trap is bound to be deceived even though they knew it.

Even if the men in suits were higher-ranking Awakeners than Jin siblings, the two could not come to a different conclusion even if their lives were at risk.

‘If they hurt even the tip of Yu Seong oppa’s hair…’

A-rank Awakener? Or some giant organization?

Everything didn’t matter.

‘I’ll kill them all even if I need to chase to the end of hell.’

Jin Yu Ri, who was grinding her teeth and taking steps to chase after two suit men, turned her eyes wide.

‘Just now…?’

Jin Do Yun also looked away with Jin Yu Ri and looked surprised.

Then they look at each other and frown on whether they had the same thoughts in their heads.

“… I don’t like it, yet there’s no way but to believe.”


At Jin Do Yun’s words, Jin Yu Ri nodded.


About 3 hours since entering the dungeon.

In the meantime, Choi Yu Seong tried to adapt to the underground cave-type field that he experienced for the first time.

The restrictions on movement that he was worried about were not significant.

The passage was wide enough for four or five monsters to rush at the same time.

The fact that it was darker than the wide field was also adapted in less than 10 minutes thanks to the effect of Sight Enhancement E.

There were only two problems.

The expected complicated road and the unique moisture and discomfort of the underground.

The difficulty of the road could be solved somehow through the map, but the latter was a little different.

‘It’s definitely more uncomfortable than when in the wide field.’

Choi Yu Seong pulled out the spear blade that penetrated the head of a Noll, the monster in the underground cave encountered while walking through the passage. He thought that the spear was unusually heavier than usual.

After shaking off the blue blood flowing on the spear blade, he put the spear in the back holder attached to the combat suit and opened the map to check the location.

‘There’s an empty lot if I walk about 20 minutes from here.’

Looking at a blue star drawn and marked by Jin Yu Ri, it was clear that it was a resting place where monsters did not appear well.

Choi Yu Seong first set his first target there.

‘Since I’m slowly getting used to the dungeon, so let’s take a short break then activate History to drive-hunting.’

Still, it was a decision that could be drawn because it was not that difficult to deal with the second-grade monster Noll, perhaps thanks to his hard work leveling up.

“Let’s go.”

Choi Yu Seong, who took steps with a rather light and powerful voice to shake off the dampness of the dark cave, stopped in place in less than 3 minutes.

Choi Yu Seong thought if he could hear the sound of people’s footsteps from the direction of the empty lot he was heading to. Then three hunters appeared.

Generally speaking, those are the number of people who make up a party.

The problem is that they were silently walking down the passage without talking to each other, but suddenly stopped walking when they found Choi Yu Seong. Choi Yu Seong felt his back cold with unknown tension and looked at his opponent in place.

The three people seemed to mumble something among themselves and then suddenly started running toward Choi Yu Seong.

‘What the hell is it?’

With some doubts, Choi Yu Seong turned his back and ran without hesitation.

‘To think that I didn’t feel so good…’

Sure enough, the men who didn’t say a word raised their voices.

“Catch-! It’s Choi Yu Seong!”

And two men, who were walking from the front in the direction where Choi Yu Seong was running, took out their respective weapons and ran as if they were responding to him.

Both front and back were blocked in the straight passage.

‘… Stuck between rock and hard place, huh.’

Choi Yu Seong, who had no place to escape, clicked his tongue then reached behind his back and grabbed the spear.

He was surprised but quickly regained his composure.

In fact, people who could target Choi Yu Seong were all over the place.

The Villains who want money, the siblings who don’t like him, and even Kim Do Jin.

‘I don’t know what is it, but I can’t just give it away.’

It was something he was prepared for when he entered the dungeon for the first time.

As human sight cannot be easily reached, the world inside the dungeon often loses a lot of the power of law.

In the end, there is only one perfect rule in the dungeon.

“Survival of the fittest.”

Thinking back, it was a familiar situation for Choi Yu Seong.

‘From birth until now transferred to a novel…’

The guy called life never let Choi Yu Seong live a smooth life.

‘It’s no different.’

Nothing has changed.

So, he was not afraid.

“Caught him-!”

Already in close distance.

At the sword raised by a close opponent with a bright expression, he bounced it off with the spear.

And he shocked another opponent who had been attacking from the back by stabbing a spear by avoiding.

“Ho, how?!”

“They said he’s E-rank!”

Choi Yu Seong, who broke through the blocked road with short movements, leaped forward and thought.

‘They say that this world is better even if you roll in a dog poop field.’2 A more complete version of this saying: Even if you have to roll in the dog poop field, this world is better than the underworld.

Therefore, even the suddenly unfolding world was inside a novel that was believed to be fiction, even if a terrible death worthy of a villain extra awaits at the end, he will not choose an easy and comfortable rest.

Even if he gritted his teeth, clenched his fists, and crawled on the floor!

‘I’m going to survive. Never giving up.’

That was the way of life chosen by human Choi Yu Seong.


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