God of Blackfield 007

1-4. Haven’t been beaten properly, right? The students were crowded and the chick named Eun Sil was in front with her arms folded, looking at what he would do. It seemed that she was getting annoyed. “Hurry up, you bastard. I’ll let you eat that bitch once.” Kang Chan briefly looked at the kid named… Continue reading God of Blackfield 007

God of Blackfield 006

1-3. Bullies? At the beginning of the afternoon class, Kang Chan was sitting inside the counseling room with Teacher Seok Kang Ho. “Huh really.” Seok Kang Ho glanced at Kang Chan’s sighs. “Any cigarette?” “You can’t smoke in the counseling room…” “Hwak!” “Sir.” “Don’t talk informally.” Seok Kang Ho raised his angular chin. When he… Continue reading God of Blackfield 006

God of Blackfield 005

1-3. Bullies? Until the next morning, Kang Chan tried to find out how to get on public transport to school and spent time finding out what class he should enter in the third grade. Honestly, it was a reborn life. The wealthy house that he hoped so much. Kang Chan, who wanted to study properly… Continue reading God of Blackfield 005

God of Blackfield 004

1-2. School Zone The three people stood in front of Kang Chan and watched him and the kids alternately. “What’s that?” “This, they’re the one who brought it.” “Who?” Kang Chan smirked. Was that so important. “Answer it. Who had it?” Kang Chan turned his head and saw the kid with blood on his back.… Continue reading God of Blackfield 004

God of Blackfield 003

1-2. School Zone Kang Chan, who had been wearing shabby elastic pants and a T-shirt, opened his wardrobe then took out jeans and a black round T-shirt to put them on. All he needed now was money. But then, Kang Chan was reminded of the money he had saved before. He would not be able… Continue reading God of Blackfield 003

God of Blackfield 002

1-1. Blackfield The second time Kang Chan was conscious, his nose was also sore besides his head and neck. “Wateeeer.” “Doctor!” ‘Please don’t call, but bring water.’ “Wateer.” After a brief fuss, his mouth finally felt wet. They didn’t give water, but a damp cloth. But who cares? Anything was good if it could calm… Continue reading God of Blackfield 002

God of Blackfield 001

1-1. Blackfield Blowing hot heat and dusty sand broke into the barracks. “Today’s operation is to neutralize the head of the Sunni follower group, SISS. The participants are five squads with a total of 49 people, including us. The enemies are individually armed, and the expected troops ranged from 350 to 500 people.” Commander Shahran… Continue reading God of Blackfield 001