[NEWS] The Webtoon of ‘Entertainment Life With A Camera’ Is Out!


It’s been a while since I made an announcement. Please forget what I had promised in the past and never believe me if I make another promise.


You read the title right!!!

The webtoon version of Entertainment Life With A Camera IS OUT on Ridibooks!

The webtoon came out as RIDI Only line up on the site’s webtoon category so I just realized it TODAY, because of the webtoon + web novel promotion event that also came up on the site’s web novel category. I only wander around the novel category’s fantasy section so…. I’m late on the webtoon’s news that came out a week ago.

There are 12 episodes already out to read. The prologue and 2 episodes are free and the rest is 300 won per episode. Oh, the English translation is available on Manta as ‘My Second Life as an Idol’ and is updated every Tuesday.

I’m so happy that ELC is adapted into webtoon!!! Hohohoho

Here’s the link to the Ridi page, Manta page, and…




I present you…



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