Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 66

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#066 I don’t know what love is.

‘…I’m nervous for no reason.’

On my way to meet Kang Tae Yang.
I stepped out of the front door and renewed my determination. This is because the future will change 180 degrees depending on the outcome of today’s negotiations.

You have to get bigger before Kangsan comes back.’

It is not known when Kangsan, who has gone on a business trip abroad due to business problems, will return home.

What is certain, however, is that when he returns to Korea, he will put pressure on a political marriage in earnest.

What I need now is information and time.’

You need information about the enemy to prepare accordingly, and it takes time to grow that much.

Although the growth time has been greatly shortened by cooperation with Kangbyeol, time is running out because the fundamental cause has still not been excluded.

In other words, I need a card that can hold Gangsan’s ankle. Kang Tae-yang is the only one who is perfect for the role among my hand and hand.

I have enough cards to show you.’

Even if I don’t know anything about Gangsan, I know what Kang Tae-yang needs.

The reason why he didn’t ask for a meeting immediately after returning from Jeju Island was because he had to collect cards to negotiate with him.

“Thank you, Monster.”

I smoothed the envelope I had tucked away in my inner pocket. This is the most powerful card I can present to Kang Tae-yang.

– Heaven, you’ve got a hell of a life too. I thought I was bleeding now, but were you struggling alone?
– You can say no. I’ll do whatever I’
– Never mind. How can I refuse when a guy who has never said anything unfortunate in his life asks for a favor? I’ve had a couple of things from you in the whole time.

Moon Young-chul in his memory scratched the back of his head and sighed. But for a moment, he spoke to me with a more serious look than ever.

– Don’t forget you promised me. This is a real danger. The younger members also forced me to bring something that’s why I brought it. Never, ever should you step up. Just leave it to a guy named Kang Tae Yang.
– I’ll keep that in mind.

Moon Young-chul, who doesn’t even blink at anything, warned repeatedly, so I quietly put it in my arms.

When I went out to the place I had promised with Kang Tae-yang, a familiar face was waiting for me. His bodyguard is Ko Kang-chul.

“Let me invite you.”

Ko Kang-cheol, who bowed his head, opened the rear door. Suddenly, I remembered the day I first met Kang Tae-yang, so I almost burst out with a bitter smile.

I tried to stay calm and got in the car. Ko Kang-chul, who closed the door, immediately sat in the driver’s seat and started the engine.

Today, the car began to run forward with an unusually heavy exhaust sound.


How much did they run?
Before I knew it, the car was leaving the city. There I had a strange feeling.

“Where are you going?”
“You’ll find out when you go.”

an unhesitatingly I didn’t expect to hear a normal answer, so I turned my eyes out of the window again.

The car headed to a more remote place. The scenery seen over the dark tinting is unfamiliar. I opened my phone thinking where it was.

[Not a service area]

I can’t believe the president has a radio wave breaker on his vehicle.

I closed my eyes and leaned my back against the sheet. Maybe I’ve gotten used to the movements of these people, but now I’m doing quite a bit of work.

“We’ve arrived.”

It’s been quite a while.
The car stopped in a deserted mountain. When I looked outside, there was a magnificent hanok, and the waiting guards opened the door.

When I got out of the car, I saw heavy security. No matter how much I step in, I can’t get out of it easily.

‘…But you arrived safely.’

To be honest, I was a little nervous since the car completely left Seoul. I thought you were trying to bury me in the mountains.

It was good news for me, who was imagining a hole dug with a forklift or a construction site. I mean, at least there’s room for conversation.

After preparing my mind while coming, I stepped into the building without any hesitation.

“Are you safe?”
“Sit there.”

Kang Tae-yang welcomed me as I entered the interior. I sat across the table as he suggested.

Then the table began to fill up immediately. Until all kinds of delicacies were settled, we didn’t talk to each other.

“Take a drink.”
“Thank you.”

I calmly received the alcohol handed over by Kang Tae-yang, and immediately received the bottle and filled the empty glass.

I’ve never seen this before.’

a bottle of wine embroidered with gold dragons on a red background
It is obviously Koryang liquor from mainland China.

I raised my glass with a slight nervousness because the frequency of Koryang liquor soared from 30 to 40 degrees if it was low to 50 to 60 degrees if it was high.

“Let’s drink.”

Oh, my.
I managed to swallow a burst of exclamations. It was so hot that I could feel the entire route of alcohol.

At the same time, a very strong and sweet fruity scent stimulated the tip of the nose. It’s a very attractive flavor even though I don’t really like alcohol.

“It smells good. What kind of alcohol is it?”
It is the most famous ‘Mao Taiju’ in China. They’re the ones who mature for at least five years before they get on the shelves.”
“Thanks to you, I’m drinking precious alcohol.”
“There are as many as you want, so drink comfortably.”

I can’t do that.
Price aside, alcohol has too much alcohol. I think it’s about 50 degrees from the swallow.

Soju is usually drunk at bars between 15 and 20 degrees, so it’s about two to three times the simple number. If you drink without thinking, it’ll really go away.

“Take it.”

Of course it wasn’t something I could control at my own disposal. Kang Tae-yang kept speeding up as if he was being chased by something.

“Do you like the nursery?”
“Thanks to that, the children have regained their age-appropriate smiles. Even skinny children have gained weight these days.”
“I heard the youngest comes every week.”
“The children follow like mothers.”
“Is that so?”

The wine goes in without a hitch. Fill it up, empty it again. We emptied a bottle quickly.

“You also met your parents, didn’t you?”
“Yes. I told my in-laws and they asked me to exchange sons and daughters. He seems to like Ba Da ssi more than I do.”
“Whoa. I guess so.”

Kang Tae-yang laughed for the first time. As expected, people become lax whenever the story of Kang Ba Da comes out.

I didn’t miss the opportunity to compliment Kang Ba Da. He probably already knows most of the content, but it feels different to hear it directly from the person concerned.

“You seem to be doing well.”
“It’s all thanks to you.”
“His mouth.”
“Isn’t that my charm?”

Let’s have a conversation and have another drink. When each other’s faces turn red. Finally, Kang Tae-yang brought up the subject.

“I’ll ask you point-blank.”
“Ask me.”
“Do you still remember the warning I gave you?”
“Yes, I’m still sympathetic.”
“…I like that one thing.”

Ggul ggul ggul ggulp gulp~!
We emptied the glass without a word again. Immediately after receiving a new bottle from the employee, he filled it again.

“There’s no problem, is there?”
“I’m a first-degree physical.”
“Then are you gay?”
“If so, I would have been the first to ask you.”
“A disgusting fellow.”

Ggulp! Ggulp! Ggulp-
By the time I emptied another bottle like that, Kang Tae-yang stared at me with dim eyes and said.

“Do you love our youngest member?”
“I hate lies.”
“Is that so?”
“I ask you again. Our youngest, do you love Kang Ba Da?”

I couldn’t answer hastily this time. It’s been a long time since I felt a tingling sensation, and I was just holding out with my mind.

In the meantime, when questions came in, rational judgment was blurred. Half-leaning myself to instinct, I asked myself.

“Am I in love with Ba Da ssi?”’

What is love in the first place?
I’ve never thought so deeply about it. I’ve only heard about it through numerous media outlets such as novels and movies.

To me, love was simply ‘knowledge’. Until I meet Kang Ba Da.

I filled the glass once again. Immediately afterwards, he poured it into his mouth without hesitation. With the heat, my consciousness became clear even for a moment.

“Actually, I’ve been in a bit of a bind lately.”
“In my novel, there is a character called ‘The Imperial Princess’ that was created with the motif of Ba Da ssi. However, whenever the empress comes out, the time for review doubles.”

As I spoke, I laughed at myself for being dumbfounded. Because this was my own embarrassing secret that I really couldn’t tell anyone.

“When I write while thinking of Ba Da ssi, I keep getting poems, not web novels.” “I keep feeling in the sentence that I have to convey information.”
“I have to leave the story, but the main character and the princess are just playing around. It’s frustrating for a writer. That’s why every time an imperial lady comes out, the time to review increases threefold.”
“Crazy guy.”

[Laughing]Kang Tae-yang shook his head and filled his glass as if he was dumbfounded. I also smiled face to face and received a glass.

“Brother, I don’t know what love is. I’m ashamed of the name writer, but I don’t know how to accept and express it at all express it.”
“But one thing is certain.”

I put an empty glass down on the table. Then, he took out the paper bag he had kept in his arms and pushed it toward Kang Tae-yang.

“I can break all the rules I’ve set so far for Ba Da ssi.”

The smile quickly disappeared from Kang Tae-yang’s expression. It was as if the best master in martial arts magazine blew away his drunkenness at once.

Kang Tae-yang opened the envelope without hesitation and checked the contents. As time went by, his pupils grew bigger and bigger, and his short breath that he had not yet cleared out came out.

“Where in the world did you get this information……” No, that was a stupid question. Well, I never thought I’d get a clue where I didn’t think I’d get it.”
“Do you like it?”
“A sly little brat. If everything in this is true. I’ll give you whatever support I can.”

The identity of the paper I handed over was the personal information of a “drug designer” who recently entered Korea. The one Kang Taeyang is looking for with his eyes on.

He was the one who was distributing new drugs in Korea, manipulating Jang Mi-el, who held Kang Ba Da and held hostage.

I didn’t know Monster was a detective.’

I thought he was a gangster because his impression was so bad. I asked for help just in case, and it was a person on the police side.

He was a famous drug investigator in the past, but he was forced to take off his clothes because he was attacked by malicious drug convicts.

However, I still eat with my juniors because I have such a good personality. Thanks to you, I also got valuable information.

“It seems that they are fidgeting because it is difficult to touch them hastily. Rumor has it that the Triad is behind it. “
“I know that much. That’s why we have to exterminate it as soon as possible before nesting.”
“Please take good care of yourself.”
“You worry about me now.”

Kang Tae-yang raised the corners of his mouth as if it were ridiculous. He immediately called someone to hand over the paper and put on his clothes.

“That’s enough for today. You can take the car that came and go back. Don’t think about cutting in.”
“I want to live long.”
“Of course you do.”

Kang Tae Yang just left. I lay down on the floor as I was relaxed.

I’ve never been pushed back on my drinking capacity anywhere.’

That gentleman is a real monster. I’m sure you drank the same as me, but how can you walk out? My head dropped automatically.

The drunkenness that I had tried to postpone came up at once and made my head dizzy. I had a headache as my vision began to spin.

Then I heard someone coming into the room, picked me up on my back, and moved somewhere. It must be high steel.

“…I miss Ba Da ssi.’

Suddenly, the face of Kang Ba Da came to mind, but I fell asleep without being able to take it out of my mouth.


Jawl- Jawl- Jawl-
I was awakened by an unfamiliar touch. At the same time, I began to feel something damp on my face.

“Oh, my”.

I tried to get up right away, but I quit because I had a violent headache. His eyelids were so heavy that he couldn’t open his eyes.

Jawl- Jawl- Jawl-
In the meantime, a strange feeling continues. Gradually, I woke up and began to feel anxious.

Someone is licking my lips.
It was clearly felt.

“Bom! You can’t do that!”

The texture of licking my lips with a familiar voice disappeared. I managed to open one eye with all my remaining strength.

It’s an unfamiliar ceiling.
Nothing amplifies anxiety more than that.

“This is…?”

His voice cracked so much that it sounded like he was scratching a blackboard. As soon as I barely turned my head, someone came into the room.

“Ha Neul, are you coming to your senses!?”
“…Ba Da ssi?”

The blurred vision gradually focused. Then what I see is the worried face of Kang Ba Da. At that moment I realized.

‘…wow, I’m screwed.’

I managed to swallow the urge to burst.
It was none other than the bedrooms of Kang Ba Da that I opened my eyes.

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