Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 37

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#037 You didn’t forget my warning, did you?


My vision is blurred. Before long, Kang Ba Da realized that his body was shaking around.

Was I this weak at drinking?’

I haven’t drunk liquor or anything since I became an adult because it didn’t suit my taste. But it wasn’t to this extent.
Come to think of it, it was a rather rough schedule. I stayed up all night choosing a dress, and I went early in the morning to pick up.
After that, I went to the hair salon to touch my hair and got full makeup. Come to think of it, you haven’t eaten a proper meal.

If you do this… I can’t.’

Even if you try to open your eyes, you become more and more unconscious. I feel like I’m going to fall asleep with the feeling of my body floating up.

“Ba Da ssi.”

Then someone grabbed him by the shoulder. Kim Ha Neul’s face was seen through the briefly returning spirit and shaking focus.
However, the difference from usual is that animal ears are attached above Kim Ha Neul’s head. Even the tail wags back and forth.

“What is this? What is this?” It’s so cute!’

Patting. Patting…
Kang Ba Da patted Kim Ha Neul’s head without realizing it. Kim Ha Neul, embarrassed by this, hardened as it was, but she did not stop her hand.

“Ba Da ssi, you’re very drunk.”

Kim Ha Neul, who swallowed a small sigh, reached out to get her up. Then Kang Ba Da suddenly pulls him in and holds him in his arms.

“Oh, oh. Were you worried about me?”
“Don’t regret tomorrow and get your act together.”
“Okay, okay, do you want me to give you a snack!?”

I can’t communicate.
Kim Ha Neul felt that Kang Ba Da had already been out of his hands. Even if you hold a drunk person and have a conversation, you’ll have to pay attention to it.

‘Let’s see how far it goes.’

Now that I know that Kang Ba Da is very vulnerable to alcohol, I should also know about injections.
On the other hand, the current situation was interesting. I was able to see the active nature of Kang Ba Da, which is hard to see normally.


Except he treats himself like a puppy. When Kim Ha Neul refused to give up his hand, Kang Ba Da glared fiercely.
As KangBa Da was the original character of the Hwangnyeo, her stubbornness was great. I’ll never back down until I get my hands out.

“There you go!”

Ba Da of a river that rushes its head again Kim Ha Neul sighed because he felt strange that he was not in a bad mood or just happy.
Then Kang Ba Da took something out of the bag. It’s chocolate wrapped in the shape of a bottle.
Without saying anything, Kang Ba Da peeled the chocolate and pushed it into Kim Ha Neul’s mouth.

“This is… No way…”

As soon as I chewed the chocolate in my mouth, the smell of alcohol spread out. Thanks to this, we have found out what caused this situation now.
This is real chocolate with alcohol, commonly called ‘whiskey bongbong’. Even if the ratio is low, the prescription is so high that you get drunk if you eat a lot.

“Ba Da, how much did you eat this?”
“Do you want more?”
“No, it’s not that……”

Kim Ha Neul sighed with chocolate. I had wine, cocktails, and chocolate mixed with whiskey. People who are weak in alcohol are bound to get drunk.
While Kim Ha Neul was analyzing the cause, Kang Ba Da kept hugging him in her arms as if he were some kind of teddy bear.


How many dark history are you trying to make today. Of course, for himself, who has been in charge of all kinds of drunkards since college, this amount of drunkenness is as cute as acting cute.
In addition, I felt cute no matter what she did, maybe because her opponent was a Kang Ba Da.

“Oh, my God.”
“What, why are you talking down to me?”
“You’re speaking informally, too.”
“I’m older than you!”
“You have to be like an older sister.”
“… Mr. Lee.”

Kang Ba Da pushed away Kim Ha Neul with force. She glared at Kim Ha Neul with dim eyes, and he did not avoid his gaze.

“Never mind. Let me ask you something.”
“Do you really want to kiss me?”

Kim Ha Neul, who was greatly embarrassed by the sudden remarks, asked again. Then Kang Ba Da sneaked away and continued.

“You made me do it.”
“That’s it, sexy… What are you talking about?”

Are you talking about Sex on the Beach? What’s wrong with that? Kim Ha Neul, who could not understand the meaning, tilted his head.
After reading the question in Kim Ha Neul’s eyes, Kang Ba Da pouted its lips. She continued, stealthily avoiding her gaze.

“You knew, didn’t you?”
“Don’t pretend. I heard everything! If a man orders the drink and a woman drinks it. You said you wanted to kiss each other’s height!”
“What? Who said that?”

While Kim Ha Neul was talking, Park Soo-jung suddenly came to mind. Her suspicious words and actions passing by. Now I feel like a puzzle is being put together.
Of course, there was such a myth.
However, who cares about each of those things and drinks cocktails? Most people order it out of curiosity because of its unique name.

“…You took a shot.’

I should have looked into it from the beginning when I induced certain drinks, but I thought it was just trying to make fun of Kang Ba Da using a masculine name at best.

“Let’s talk about it later.”

This situation needs to be sorted out for now. It’s just a myth anyway, and Kang Ba Da is full of water. I’ll have to gloss over it and take you home.

“That’s a misunderstanding. How many people order alcohol with that in mind.”
“Then it’s not?”
“Why? If you say yes, will you kiss me?”
“Oh, I’m also from a Korean group!”

I don’t know what it has to do with the current situation, but in this case, empathy comes first rather than thinking about it one by one.

“At first glance, you seem to have inferiority complex.”

The atmosphere in the tone is subtle. It seems that he was disappointed that he was completely excluded from politics within Daehan.
Kim Ha Neul instinctively reached out and patted the head of Kang Ba Da.

“I don’t care if Ba Da is from a Korean group or not. It’s the same Kang Ba Da for me.”
“If you want to be part of a true Korean group, I’ll help you.”

Kim Ha Neul truly thought so.
In fact, I’m just an ordinary web novel writer, but the important thing is my heart.
Kang Ba Da has been silent for a while. She was looking into Kim Ha Neul’s eyes with a cold subdued look.

“… a big-headed person He’s fearless. He has no idea what he’s talking about.”

a murmuring sea of rivers
Looking at him, Kim Ha Neul swallowed a small smile. This is because he looked just like the empress in the novel he had imagined.

“I’m Ba Da ssi’s husband. What??”

Kang Ba Da closed Kim Ha Neul’s mouth. Kim Ha Neul opened her eyes wide to the thick and soft touch that touched her lips.
While Kim Ha Neul’s head was getting complicated, Kang Ba Da’s body drooped like a broken doll.

“Ba Da ssi, Fah?”
“I’m older than you.”

Kang Ba Da did something splendidly and fell asleep. I shook my shoulder to see if it was completely ingrained in alcohol, but there was no response.
Kim Ha Neul’s nose was stimulated by the provocative smell of perfume suitable for the dress she was wearing at the moment, the scent of Kang Ba Da, and the smell of shallow alcohol.


Kim Ha Neul licked his lips without realizing it. Is it because of the chocolate that Kang Ba Da fed just before? It tasted strangely sweet.
Kim Ha Neul thought a lot while looking down at Kang Ba Da lying on his knees.

“…Oh, my.”

Security team members are still waiting in the parking lot. People on Kang Tae-yang’s side may be watching us somewhere else.
There are not so many options given. Not yet. However, as your social status goes up, your options will continue to increase.
If I become a great writer that the whole world recognizes. Wouldn’t it be enough to be recognized as the son-in-law of Daehan Group?

Do I really need to go back?’

Kim Ha Neul burst into laughter even when he thought about it. That’s a ridiculous goal no matter how many times I think about it.
Looking at the face of the coy Kang Ba Da somehow made me motivated. Kim Ha Neul carefully arranged her hair that fell down.
* * *
After the after party.
I left Kang Ba Da to the security team and came back home.
And the next morning.
A call came from Kang Ba Da.

– Did I make any mistakes?

“I told you so.”
– Did nothing really happen to us?

“Why? Did you dream of kissing me?”
– Lee, don’t say anything weird!
I don’t know if I really don’t remember or if I’m pretending. Looking at the reaction, it seems that the film is remembered as a broken tape.

“Don’t worry. Because nothing really happened. Ba Da ssi fell asleep drunk, and immediately the director took him.”
– …….
Let’s do it in moderation here.
Of course, even if Kang Ba Da is really out of film. It’s not going to disappear as long as I remember it clearly.
I don’t want to pass my first kiss like this. We’ll do it again when we’re sober. So that I can’t make any excuses.

– Ugh… I got it. I have to go to work soon, so I’ll hang up now.

“Have a safe trip.”
– Yes. Ha Neul, fighting!
The line was cut off. I stared blankly at the phone screen for a while and turned on the messenger application. Then I saw a pile of notifications.
: Did you get home safely?
: I didn’t mean to peek, but I filmed it because it was such a waste to watch by myself. I’m so sorry if it was unpleasant!
: Photo 1.jpg
: Photo 2.jpg
The photo showed Kang Ba Da lying on my knees and me tidying up her hair.
It was taken without prior consent, but it was an atmosphere that could never come out without it. Rather than being unpleasant, I felt grateful first.

“You helped me in many ways.”

Park Soo-jung probably controlled people from coming to the bench where we are.
Otherwise, no one would have come for such a long time.
Since then, when I carried Kang Ba Da on my back, he even saw me off to the parking lot so that I wouldn’t be misunderstood. I don’t want to argue about such a trivial matter.
: Can I keep this picture privately?
: I won’t reveal it anywhere else! I just like the two of you.
The message made me laugh. It occurred to me that this person was really rooting for us with all his heart.
I gladly sent a message to do so. You may hear a noise when Kang Ba Da finds out later, but that’s what you’ll think then.

“Well, my hands are itching.”

The soft touch that keeps hovering around the lips.
I decided to leave this feeling in writing before it disappeared. However, even if this episode is completed, it will not be released immediately.

“It’s not good if you notice it.”’

One day, the time will come to reveal it.
If we get a little closer.
What I’m allowed to do is just struggle.♬
Then suddenly the phone screamed. When I write, I always set it to silent. Except for some important people.
Also, some of them are set up separately so that you can tell who it is by just listening to the coloring. Thanks to this, I could immediately know who the opponent was.

“What’s wrong with this person?”

Even if it’s a rough future~♬
While thinking about it, a song with a fierce tempo continues. The lyrics were followed by a firm will to proceed without giving up even in difficult situations.
Finally, I took a short deep breath and pressed the call button. Since the opponent is the opponent, there is no option not to receive it in the first place.

“I got a call.”
– Don’t tell me you forgot my warning?
Kang Tae-yang’s voice over the phone was colder than ever.

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