Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 36

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#036 Sex on the Beach

“Oh, oh, oh, yes.

I followed Park Soo-jung to the rooftop and uttered a small exclamation. Perhaps because the entire garden on the rooftop is decorated, the atmosphere is quite good.
The night view of the city sparkled over the railing, and people enjoyed talking about the scenery.

“Do you like it?”
“If you didn’t attend, you’d regret it.”
“That’s a relief. Our team members who worked hard as much as you were satisfied will feel rewarded, so please enjoy it to your heart’s content!”
“All right.”

Kang Ba Da nodded coolly at Park Soo-jung’s proud remarks. I felt deep inside how passionate he was for his work.

‘He’s a man of great ability.’

When I heard it on the way, he was about the same age as us. Nevertheless, he occupies the position of the “team leader” of a large company.
Elite out of the elite. At the same time, I’m a big fan of Kang Ba Da, so there’s no harm in getting close.

“What would you like to order?”

While organizing our thoughts for a while, we arrived at the cocktail bar set aside. When Park Soo-jung’s question was asked, Kang Ba Da shook both hands.

“I don’t know this side very well.”
“Can I recommend a song?”
“Yes! Please.”
“What about you?”
“For me, ‘Black Russian.'”

Two people looked at me as if they were surprised by my unstoppable spell. In particular, Park Soo-jung asked questions with her mouth drawn as if she was interested.

“Do you go to cocktail bars often?”
“No. I just worked at a bar for a while at the request of a senior I knew when I was a college student.”
“Oh, then you can make it yourself, right?”
“The relatively simple thing is.”

Park Soo-jung nodded as I shrugged my shoulders. Touching her chin and thinking about something, she slowly pulled up the corners of her mouth.

“Then, it would be better for the writer to recommend the cocktail, Hwangnyeo?”
“You don’t have to do that…”
“Well, actually, I only know what I drink. In this case, it’s better to follow the expert’s opinion.”
“I’m not an expert.”

Park Soo-jung gently pushed me on the back. Kang Ba Da was also looking at this side with curious eyes, so I had no choice but to take the gun.

“Let’s call it ‘screw driver’ without difficulty.”
“Isn’t that too high a prescription?”
“Then to the popular ‘Jun Buck’ …”
“It’s too sweet. Will it suit your taste?”

What is it?
Whenever I spoke, Park Soo-jung immediately tackled me. At first glance, you seem to have a lot of knowledge in this field.
Considering the steps so far, I don’t think he’s trying to tease me. Even now, “You know that!” ‘That!’ he looked at me with his eyes.

“How about that? I can’t remember all of a sudden. You know the famous one that starts with S.”
“…Are you talking about ‘Se-on-B’?”
“That’s right! Sex on B!”
“Hmm. That’s not bad either.”

Secton rain.
The official name is “Sex on the Beach”, a cocktail with a provocative name. The name is so explicit that it is usually abbreviated.
It is steadily loved thanks to its famous name, and it is not bad for beginners because it has a fresh and sweet taste of fruit base.

“That’ll be all right.”
“Then can you order it for me?” I’ll bring some refreshments with you. Oh, please order mojito for me.”
“Yes, sir.”

How good the drive is. Kang Ba Da was led away by Park Soo-jung in an instant.
I heard a non-pleading plea in my ear, “Please don’t call me Hwang-nyeo,” but I didn’t think Park Soo-jung would change the title.

“Black Russian, mojito, and a glass of Sectonbee, please.”
“All right.”

Thanks to this, I enjoyed the scenery for a while after I finished ordering from the bartender. I saw various writers huddling together and talking.
It wasn’t that hard to find out who was who because each had a name tag on it. There are some great writers who were far away not too long ago.

“Hello, type addict.”

Then a familiar voice spoke to me.
This is the writer of “Hot Saniga,” who recited today’s celebration. Various writers who participated in the award ceremony were also standing around.

“Congratulations on the grand prize. Everyone was just looking around to say hello to the writer, but eventually they came in like this.”
“Oh no, I had to say hello first…”
“I’m not trying to blame you. Everyone here is a fan who enjoyed reading the artist’s work.”

All the writers were looking this way with a soft smile around their mouths. The corners of my mouth naturally went up.

“It’s an honor. Maybe it’s a coincidence that I’ve read all the works of the artists here.”
“Hey, how many people are here…”
“You’re the writer who wrote <The Crazy Rich Man Makes Money Well>, aren’t you?” It was quite interesting to read because it was the main character with multiple personality disorder.”
“…You read my work?”
“Of course.”

Although I like original books, I always read works that are in the top of the best to analyze trends.
In addition, as today is a gathering of artists, I read all the works on the award certificate in case this happens.

“What about me?”
“Do you know my work?”
“You’re the one who wrote <Sacheon Dangga’s Drinking Whale>, aren’t The writer wrote “The Mad Man of the Mound”, and the writer wrote “Marriage Is Awesome”.

Everyone was surprised when a series of works popped out of my mouth. When I finally got all the works of the artists gathered here right, everyone laughed in vain.

“I can’t believe you’ve really seen it all.”
“The input level is really out of this world.”
“The winner of the grand prize is different.”

It was a rewarding part that was prepared in advance. Thanks to this, the atmosphere became friendly, and we had a pleasant conversation for a while.

“Gee, we should get going.”
“The back of my head has been burning for a while.”

When I glanced back, Kang Ba Da was glancing this way a little away. Park Soo-jung is smiling at me.
I understood at once what it meant to say that the back of my head hurt. Apparently, Park Soo-jung doesn’t even open her mouth, but for some reason, her ears are loud.

“I ask for your understanding.”
“Let’s have a drink together next time.”
“I’m honored.”

I exchanged numbers with the writers. Later, Hassan stepped back with other writers, saying that he would contact Hassan separately.
Park Soo-jung quickly approached with Kang Ba Da as if she had been waiting for this time.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t pay attention.”
“It’s okay. It’s a valuable opportunity to talk to other writers. I’m rather sorry that I seem to have disturbed you.”

We waved our hands and apologized. Park Soo-jung, who was looking closely at the scene, intervened.

“You two are dating, right?”
“Well, of course!”

Kang Ba Da, slightly embarrassed by Park Soo-jung’s intense gaze, folded her arms with me. For a moment, I gently closed my eyes at the touch of my arm.
It was only for a moment, but I felt as if I had seen the birth of the universe by mastering the three worlds.

“…Ha Neul ssi?”

Kang Ba Da tilting its head as if it doesn’t understand why, and Park Soo-jung, who quietly bursts into laughter as if she understood why I’m hardened.

“I can roughly see what it’s like.”
“Here. This is the cocktail we ordered earlier. The ice melted a little, but the taste wouldn’t have changed much yet.”
“Oh, thank you!”

As Kang Ba Da fell from me, the moment of eternity ended. I swallowed my regret for no reason and was handed a cocktail.
When I took a sip right away because I was thirsty, the unique aroma of coffee and the bitterness of vodka harmonized in my mouth, awakening my spirit.

“You should try it too, Hwangnyeo.”
“Well, it’s good. I thought it would be vague because I heard there was a vodka in it.”
“Whoa. Right?”

Park Soo-jung laughed low when she confirmed that Kang Ba Da was drinking cocktails. The expression was so insidious that it was like seeing a villain from a cartoon.
As a result, Kang Ba Da tilted its head. Then Park Soo-jung looked at me and whispered something to her.


Kang Ba Da is surprised by what they heard. Park Soo-jung quickly blocked her mouth.

“Is that true?”
“Believe it or not. Anyway, the intruder will leave now!”

Park Soo-jung raised one fist toward Kang Ba Da and left a message to “fighting” and disappeared at a quick pace.
Unable to understand, I stared blankly at the back and turned to Kang Ba Da.

“What did you two talk about?”
“Rice, I didn’t say much.”
“That lie is too obvious.”

Kang Ba Da shook its head from side to side as if it was getting drunk. My face turned red whether I was originally not good at drinking or whether I had accumulated all at once.

“Are you okay, Ba Da?”
“Yes, yes!”

It’s not okay at all.
I don’t know what Park Soo-jung said to Kang Ba Da, but it seemed clear that it was a pretty mischievous joke in the circumstances.

“Shall we sit over there and rest?”
“…There are too many people over there.”

When I was looking around for a suitable place, Kang Ba Da carefully grabbed my sleeves. When I turned around, she pointed to one corner of the rooftop with her head down.
Maybe it’s because it’s a little far from the main party, but there was definitely no one around.

“Can you walk?”
“I’m not drunk!”

Excuse me, but your pronunciation is cracking.
I managed to swallow a horse up to the top of my neck. I’m sure you’ll get upset if you bring this up. For now, it’s probably best to just follow along.

“Then let’s go there.”

Kang Ba Da nodded softly. Still holding onto my sleeve.
* * *

“Let’s sit over there.”

Kim Ha Neul and Kang Ba Da came to the corner around the corner. There was a wooden bench constructed like a shelter, and the two sat a little apart.

“So what did the team leader say?”
“Ca, maybe I forgot…”
“If it’s hard to say, I won’t ask you any more.”
“No, it’s not like that. Oh.

Ba Da shook its hands in embarrassment. I don’t want to lie to Kim Ha Neul, but it was because it was too difficult to convey Park Soo-jung’s words.

– The name of the cocktail that you’re holding right now is “Sex on the Beach.”

– What’s the name of the drink?
– It’s unique, right? This drink has a very special meaning. If a man makes you do this and a woman drinks it, it means you want to kiss each other.

– What?!?
– You worked as a bartender, so I’m sure you don’t know what it means. Hu Hu Hu.
As soon as I heard that, the atmosphere of alcohol that had been piled up in Kang Ba Da suddenly rose. Thanks to this, I was confused about what to accept and how to accept it.

Ha Neul wants to kiss me!?’

Since then, I can’t make eye contact. When I looked at Kim Ha Neul, only my lips kept coming into my eyes and my head went blank.

“Just stay here for a second. Let me get you some water.”

Ba Da caught him by the collar without a word. It was an unspoken sign not to go. Kim Ha Neul scratched his head and sat down again.


There was an awkward silence for a moment, and suddenly, Kang Ba Da looked at the liquor in question in his hand. There is still about half of it left.
I want to ask Kim Ha Neul directly if he really wants to kiss himself. But then it’s like a confession.

“Mae, not sober!”

Whether you really kiss Kim Ha Neul.
Whether you ask me the meaning of ordering this cocktail.
Either way, I needed more booze.
gulp gulp gulp~!
After finishing his agony, Kang Ba Da emptied the glass at once.

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