Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 35

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#035 Let me tell you a secret.

“There will be a congratulatory speech before the award. We have a very special person here for this occasion. He wrote a very interesting writing book called <God of Web Novel>.
“If you’re the god of web novels, don’t tell me…”
“Is it him?”

People began to buzz at Park Soo-jung’s words. Then she opened her mouth again, thinking that she had taken enough time.

“Please welcome us with a big round of applause. “He’s the writer of ‘Hot San’!”

A thunderous roar erupted, and the neatly dressed U.S.-China year came forward. He greeted the audience with a microphone handed to him.

“Hello, I’m Hassanga.”

Clap clap clap, clap!
As if to show his popularity, loud applause and shouts erupted again. Kang Ba Da, which saw it, quietly turned its head toward me.

“Is he a famous person?”
“Very much. He’s a YouTuber, a doctor, and a web novel writer. We’re even in the top 10 percent in every field.”
“…Is that possible?”
“Well, he did it.”

I’m proud of living hard, but compared to that gentleman, I’m good.
In particular, he is famous for his works that utilize his expertise on this floor, and he is a person who mainly uses expert materials such as “I and Doctor” and “Joseon Myeongmyeong.”

“It’s a little embarrassing to welcome me like this. The organizers asked me to give a congratulatory speech, but it’s my first time experiencing this. I’ve prepared a short presentation for the writers.”

People voiced expectations.
Usually, the presenter wouldn’t like it if he spoke for a long time. It was possible because of his achievements as a writer so far.
Since then, Hassan has asked several questions to the audience and laid out his own tips, and the response was very good as the writers gathered.

“He even wrote a law book. It was well received because it borrowed the form of a web novel, not the existing explanatory writing.”
“Have you read that book, too?”
“Yes, it was more fun than I thought.”

I memorized galleries and all kinds of law books, so I didn’t have much information, but this atmosphere itself was very fresh.

“There’s wine here, too.
“Would you like to try it?”
“Can I do that?”
“I asked earlier and they said I could drink it. It’s a low alcohol, so you don’t have to drink too much.”
“Then drink with me!”

Above all, it was fun enough to spend time chatting with Kang Ba Da, so I was able to enjoy the atmosphere of the award ceremony.

“HOTSAN, please give a round of applause to the writer for giving a good lecture!”

Clap clap clap!
Meanwhile, the congratulatory speech ended and the award ceremony continued. Park Soo-jung, who took the microphone again, called the special and excellence awards.
Twenty-five or ten people came forward, respectively. From the excellence award, I was given time to talk about my acceptance speech even briefly.

“Next, there will be an award for the grand prize. We support 50 million won each, exclusive promotions, and webtoon production.”
“If you are called now, please come forward. Progeny e, Emptiness, Absolute Participation, Burnnuckle, Lewis Honggu. Please welcome them with a big round of applause!”

Clap clap clap!
The people who were called with cheers stood on the podium, and each person expressed their feelings.

“They’re all acquaintances.”
“It’s my first time in real life. I got a lot of inspiration from reading their works.”
“Hmm. I see.”

As such, the award was completed to the grand prize, and a simple recreation was conducted to raise the mood before the grand prize.
Quiz shows and simple games were held, and generous products such as various gift certificates were sprayed on the banquet hall, and the atmosphere became hotter and hotter.
Now we only have the highlight, “Grand Prize”. Tensions crept up. Even the surrounding cameras began to be conscious for no reason.

“…Mr. Neul.”

Why am I so nervous? I wasn’t making an important announcement, but my hands trembled to think that I was going to receive the grand prize.
From this time on, my head turned white, so my vision was narrowed, and I couldn’t hear the surrounding sounds well.

“Mr. Ha Neul!”

All at once.
Someone who suddenly holds my hand. When I looked up, Kang Ba Da was looking at me with a light smile around my mouth.

“Are you nervous”?
“A little bit.”
“Hmm. Ha Neul is nervous, too.”
“First of all, I’m a human being.”
“Do you want me to help you.

In fact, the fact that Kang Ba Da held my hand gave me enough room in my mind, but seeing her meaningful smile made me curious about the content.
Looking at her with half curiosity and half tension, her smile deepened. Maybe it’s because I drank wine, but my lips look redder than usual.

“I’ll tell you a secret.”

Come on.
Kang Ba Da leaned toward me. Then, he beckons lightly as if to bring his ears.

“It’s Ba Da’s secret?”

I’m curious what it is.
I don’t know what that has to do with this situation, but the purpose of relaxing itself has been achieved. The problem is that the vacancy is filled with anxiety.

You’re not drunk already, are you?’

My face color is still fine.
It’s not a high-dose alcohol in the first place, so it’s unlikely that you’ll get drunk after a few drinks. You don’t know anything about people.
While I was thinking about this and that, I could see that the expression of Kang Ba Da was gradually hardening. I quickly put my ear to it before it was too late.


The hot breath and low voice of Kang Ba Da stuck in my ears. She slowly opened her mouth as she swallowed and held her breath.

“Actually, I’m an empress.”

Oh, I see.
I didn’t know what to react to, so it hardened. Then Kang Ba Da continued with a low smile.

“You were surprised, weren’t you?”
“Oh, yes. Well, I see.”

The secret, which was completely different from what was expected (?) was completely drained. Did you really think I wouldn’t know the identity of the empress?
Kang Ba Da tilted its head in response to the lukewarm reaction. She spoke in a slightly higher tone than before.

“I’m an empress”.
“Wow – what an amazing secret.”
“…You don’t believe me, do you?”
“No, I believe you. Really.”

Thank you, Sea0707.
Thanks to you, the tension is gone!
Of course, I couldn’t say that, so I glossed over it moderately. In the meantime, all the games have already been completed, and the atmosphere of the background music has changed.

“Now, shall we move on to the highlights? The Grand Prize for the Most Competition in the World! The winner is… This is ‘Type Addict’ who wrote <Life after marriage is awesome>

My pen name was called.
There was applause from countless people.
I patted the back of the slightly pouty Kang Ba Da and spoke in a low voice that only she could hear.

“Thank you. I’m relaxed because of course.
“To say something you don’t mean it.
“I mean it”.
“It’s fun.”

Ba Da of a river that turns its head pretending to be sulky Even though it is weak, he clearly shows a cute behavior, as if he has a good feeling of drinking.

“Then I’ll tell you a secret, too.

Kang Ba Da looked at me with questionable eyes. At this, I quietly swallowed my laughter and went on stage.

“Congratulations on the grand prize. Writer!”
“Thank you.”
“Can I ask you to introduce yourself briefly?”
“Of course.”

As it was the grand prize, unlike the previous people, it seemed that there was quite enough time.
I was told in advance through an e-mail, so I readily received a microphone.

“Hello, I’m Kim Ha Neul, who is currently using the pen name of a type addict.” Nice to meet you.”
“Can I reveal my real name?”
“I want to decline being called an addict in real life. I must have given the pen name too roughly.”

The atmosphere was good, so he smiled generously at the audience no matter what he said. Thanks to this, I was able to respond to the interview with a more comfortable mind.

“The writer will soon receive 100 million won in prize money. It’s quite a large amount even excluding tax, so how are you going to use it?”
“First of all, I will send a gift to my parents. I’m also planning to donate some to the nursery where I go to volunteer work.”
“You’re great! Is there anything else?”
“I think I’ll use the rest personally for my savings or for my hobby.”
“That’s a model student answer.”

That’s a fair thing to say.
Hundreds of interview articles alone have been identified to elicit appropriate answers to this question. A more stable answer would be difficult.

The viewers’ reactions aren’t bad either.’

At the bottom of the podium was a large monitor prepared for the host. There was a chat window on the screen, and the chat was coming up in real time.
: That’s the standard.
: I think it’s Jo Jung-seok.
: Is the chat level real?;;
: Cameraman, please film the empress!
: If I catch you, I can get 100,000 people.
Currently, the number of viewers is about 70,000, which is small, but it was natural because it was not a year-end award ceremony that invited famous singers.
It’s rather a lot. If you look at the chat, more than half of the people remained to see the real life of Kang Ba Da even for a moment.

“Then the next question. Do you have any goals or bucket lists?”
“There’s a lot I want to do. To tell you everything, the award ceremony schedule will be extended to two nights and three days.”
“Then just three of your biggest goals!”
“Well, first of all, I want to make my name known to the world as a writer. I want to stand at the center of the Korean Wave following idols and dramas.”

Oh, my.
People exclaimed at the grand ambition. Since the people gathered here are web novel writers like me, they must have similar greed inside.
His works are made into cartoons and animations and aired on TV and theaters. People all over the world are enthusiastic about this.
: That’s a yes.
: I hope the domestic animation market will grow.
: You can watch an animation of “The Empress”? shivering
Readers will be very happy to see their favorite characters on the screen. It is the wish of everyone in this market.

“As a member of the media team, I really hope you can make it happen. What about the second one?”
“I want to live a long and healthy life.”

Health is the most important thing.
People laughed at the standard answer. Park Soo-jung also nodded as if she was satisfied with the softer interview than expected.

“What about the last one?”
“I want to be with my precious person.”

Park Soo-jung, who did not understand the meaning at once, tilted her head. However, quick-witted netizens seem to have already noticed.
: a madman (Laughs)
: How dare you?
: : ( ´-ω・) ┏√守━── ⦔
: I must have warned you.
: You’re kidding, aren’t you? Please someone tell me it’s a lie!
Come on.
My eyes moved naturally. Even though it was quite a distance away, I could see Kang Ba Da at a glance.
Kang Ba Da made eye contact.
I didn’t shy away from that gaze either.

“I want to share everything in the future with my precious person.”

There were belated cheers and hot eyes from around me, but I had a strange feeling that there were only two of us in this large space.

“How is it?”

“It’s boring.”

“It’s classic.”

‘…I didn’t say no.’

We talked only with our eyes, and we smiled silently around our mouths.
* * *

“This concludes all the awards ceremony for the world’s best competition. We have an after party ready, so please participate.”

Clap clap clap, clap!
The award ceremony was successfully wrapped up with applause. Coming down from the stage, I headed straight to Kang Ba Da.

“I’m back. The Yellow Lady.”
“Well, don’t call me that!”
“Why? It’s so catchy and nice.”
“…Don’t do it if you tell me not to.”

I swallowed a smile lightly. She said she was an empress a while ago, but it seems embarrassing to call her.

“Great job!”
“The team leader had the hardest time.”
“I can’t deny that. But thanks to you two, the atmosphere was great. Thank you very much as the person in charge. You’re going to attend the after party, right?”
“Well, I don’t know.”

Park Soo-jung opened her eyes wide when she seemed to be worried. She said, holding the hand of Kang Ba Da in a moist, wet voice.

“Will you attend, Hwang-nyeo?”
“Well, if you call me that… “
“I’ve also prepared a lot of desserts that you like! You don’t have to stay long, so just taste it. Just taste it!”

As expected, Park Soo-jung was quick-witted.
It quickly finds out that Kang Ba Da has virtually the authority over whether to attend the after party and targets it persistently.
Also, as a big fan of Kang Ba Da, she seems to have prepared a lot of high-end desserts that suit her taste. This would be almost an outsider.

“Even if you say so…”

Kang Ba Da peeped at me. I want to go to the after party, but I think my opinion is bothering me. If this is the case, I have no reason to refuse.

“Well, wouldn’t it be okay for a while?”
“If Ha Neul ssi says so…”
“Thank you! Just follow me!”

Park Soo-jung, who starts the guide with energyfully. We, who swallowed our laughter at the back, slowly followed it to the party hall.

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