Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 27

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#027 Of course, I’m good.

“Congratulations, Ha Neul!
“Congratulations. Writer!”
“What do you mean, the grand prize of a contest?”

Pop! Pop!
Entering the Korean media, party fireworks exploded with a loud applause.
What’s all this?
While he was dumbfounded for a while, employees came and hung a flower crown around his neck and handed him a bouquet of flowers.

“Thank you for your congratulations.”
“Writer, first this way…”

Being unfamiliar with this kind of hospitality, I was awkwardly appreciated. Then my editor, Park Do Jin, quickly led me into the conference room.
indifferent eyes seen over the glasses
In the midst of this, a suit that doesn’t mess up.
Unlike his cold-hearted appearance, he is a warm-hearted person. So you were with the Daehan media until the end.

“What’s all this?”
“Our company won the grand prize for the first time. Thanks to the big hands, the company happened, but I can’t really feel it from the perspective of the employees.”
“That’s why you used me?”
“Hey, the word ‘use’ is too heartless. It’s a monumental work that our publishing company is back on its feet, so please take a look.”

I laughed at Park Do Jin’s sly appearance. Although he didn’t express it, this gentleman must have had a hard time, too.
I don’t really want to argue, but I was joking because I knew better than anyone else that they had struggled so far.

“Where did the CEO go?”
“He’s running on his own to gather employees and writers. He said he was sorry that he couldn’t congratulate me in person.”
“No wonder the number of employees increased a little.”
“Isn’t he kind of virtuous?” The time has come to reap what you sow.”

Of course, the Korean media was not a beggar from the beginning. Rather, it was a fairly popular place among management.
However, because of Choi Jin Cheol’s personality, who believes his personality like a stone, he was betrayed by his subordinates too much.

“You won’t make the same mistake.”

Park Do Jin said with a very serious look. Knowing the weight contained in it, I just had to nod.

“Anyway. You said you had something important to do about the contest, but this isn’t the end, is it?”
“Of course.”

We sat face to face with the table. Shortly after, Park Do Jin began to explain by sticking out a tablet with a PPT on it.

“Although it has not been disclosed to the public yet, I was told that <Life after marriage> is the target. This is the data we shared with the platform.”

Statistics came out when Park Do Jin passed the PPT. It is a graph showing the age and gender ratio of the readers who see my work.

“Your work is strangely high in the proportion of people in their 20s for Munpia. In addition, female readers can think of it as attracting the entire platform.”
“Well, right?”
“Thanks to this, the prevailing opinion is that it will work better in the series and other taffles. … That’s where the problem came in.”
Munpia must want to hold me for as long as possible.”
“That’s right.”

The situation in Munpia is not so good at the moment. Previously, a large number of readers in their 20s had made a big mistake, and the crack is getting worse.
As the number of readers in their 20s decreased, the genre they mainly consume leaned toward weakness. As the inflow decreased, the number of writers dying also increased sharply.
In order to survive, the writers wrote articles targeting Munpia’s main readership, those in their 40s and 50s, which in turn accelerated the departure of readers in their 20s.

And in the meantime, I appeared.’

An unprecedented indicator that unifies age as well as gender. It’s still a hot topic in many communities.
Now that my writing can only be seen in Munpia, curious people are naturally flowing in this way.

“In fact, it seems that they were doubtful over there before the payment was made ….”
“The transition result was a decisive blow.”
“Yes, no one expected it to be this big.”

I still can’t believe it. As such, my paid grade was not enough to call it “the best ever.”
The number of preferred works just before the fee is paid is 37,529.
The ratio of people in their 20s was so high that they were worried about how the transition would turn out, but more than half of them, or 20,000 people, followed the charge.
What is even more surprising is that new inflows are still increasing. In particular, indicators in their 20s are increasing noticeably.

“You’re coming back in your 20s.”
“It’s the power of signage.”

Cacao is <Temple Red>.
The series is called Volcanic Return.
The “signboard work,” which can only be seen on each platform, has the effect of attracting the influx of readers in itself.
Naturally, readers who are this influx don’t only look at my work. He goes around saying, “Is there another good work?” and the platform is activated like this.

“Is this a dream or a real life?”
“With the influx of readers in their 20s thanks to your work, genres such as academy movies and romance that were buried at the bottom began to shine.”
“To be honest, it’s burdensome.”
“It will get worse in the future.”

Park Do Jin who affirms.
I swallowed a bitter smile. Of course, I understand what you mean with my head, but my emotions could hardly keep up.
Who would have known that I, who was just such an established person until a few days ago, would become a star writer overnight.

‘…It’s overwhelming.’

I participated in five consecutive sessions on the first day of the fee.
Thanks to this, the number of updated sales on the day alone was close to 100,000, and even the management settlement was calculated to generate more than 5 million won in one day.

“My old-fashioned income jumped a lot.’

One of the advantages of this floor is that when new works are released, the income from old works is pumped up. Now I’m getting the effect very right.
Of course, we will know only when the exact settlement comes out, but the digits change every time we refresh with a little exaggeration. To the point of fear of the next settlement.

“So what do you want to do? Don’t tell me that Munpia wants to monopolize it, right?
“It’s not that I don’t have any intention of doing that, but there’s no reason for us to accept it. I was just asked a ‘please.'”
“What kind of request?”
“I was asked not to be involved.”

When he tilted his head at a completely unexpected remark, Park Do Jin scratched his cheek and continued to talk.

“It’s a contest where ‘webtoonization’ was at stake in the first place, so monopoly is impossible. If it goes over 100 episodes, it will be released in the series. I’m in a position to delay this as much as possible.”
“You must have seen my previous works.”
“Yes, the writer hits at least two consecutive times if you charge it.”

It was a struggle to make a living in my own way. I participated twice a day and tried to keep my limited annual reading as much as much as I could.
Even when the “Sweet Potato Section” came out, he did not hesitate to participate in the third and fourth consecutive games. In this case, the monopoly will be lifted in less than a month, so please refrain from it.

“It’s not bare mouth, is it?”
“We’ve nailed it.”

When I passed the PPT, the platform’s proposals were neatly arranged. Looking at it, I couldn’t hide my surprise.

“First of all, they are basically supporting the works that won the contest.”

Starting with exclusive promotions, cookie support, front banners, etc. I put on pretty good stuff. Rather, it is hard to fail.
It is hard to believe that it is a collaboration between Korean Media and Hakko, who were just about to lower the signboard.

“From the back page, if the writer accepts the condition of ‘no annual participation’, it is a condition that he will receive.”

New Coverage Support.
Fixed the preferred work banner during the exclusive period.
The above two are also unconventional for Munpia. However, compared to the profits that will be drawn to the annual meeting, there is a feeling that it is lacking.

“You’re going to adjust the ratio?”
“Yes. (7.5 : 2.5).”
“It’s not even a complete monopoly. But does it make sense that the platform, which is famous for being honest, adjusts the fee first?”

The original Munpia ratio is (7:3). The artist takes 70% and then shares the profits according to the management and the set ratio.
It’s a very sensitive issue as tens of millions of won goes to and from one decimal point, and I didn’t expect to suggest this as a condition.

“That’s why your work has a strong impact. Of course, there is a strict confidentiality clause that will never be disclosed.”
“Why are you doing this?”
“Naver recently acquired Munpia. Of course, there are some web novels on Naver, but it feels a bit different there, right? I guess we’re going to take this opportunity to expand the market as much as possible.”
“It’s unconventional, though.”
“The writer will be the only one.”

Park Do Jin shrugged his shoulders. There was a hidden meaning in his gesture, ‘What do you want to do?’

“Then of course I’ll call.”
“I knew you would.”
“Instead, as soon as the monopoly is released, it will be about 20 sessions.” I hope it doesn’t matter.”
“…Please look at that.”

We ended the conversation pleasantly, exchanging silly jokes.
* * *
After the meeting with the Korean media, I headed to the cafe that I had already decided. As soon as I entered the entrance, there was a person who caught my eye.
Kang Ba Da had a laptop spread out on one table, and he seemed to be struggling with something while chewing on the straw.

“He’s cute when he’s like that.”’

I walked towards her, swallowing my laughter. Kang Ba Da did not raise its head even though it came right next to it because it was so concentrated.

“Ba Da ssi.”
“Oh, when did you get here?”
“Just now. Have you been waiting long?”
“No, about half an hour? I lost track of time because I was looking at the research data.”

Talk, talk!
Kang Ba Da beat the laptop. What is the subject that makes her so focused?

“May I ask what kind of research you’
“Of course, the topic I’m studying now is <Endangered Animals and Future Prospects according to the 1.5℃ Global Warming Scenario.”
“It’s kind of apocalyptic.”
“It’s very closely related. Do you want to listen to it?”
“All right.”

I ordered coffee and sat down. Then, Kang Ba Da shows the laptop screen and starts chatting.

“First of all, if the global temperature rises by 1℃……”

Abnormal drought persists, and about 10% of land life goes extinct.
Climate change deaths surge to more than 300,000.
Recently, honeybees have frequently disappeared. Bees who mistook the weather for global warming go out to collect honey and freeze to death due to the rapid daily temperature difference.

“Thanks to this, countless honeybees are listed as endangered.”
“The problem is worse than I thought.”

Kang Ba Da looking at the data with a serious face. I’m sorry to be serious, but all I could honestly think of was that she was cute.

“Are you listening?”
“Of course, about 60% of the world’s crops are harvested through honeybees, so when bees disappear, great famine comes.”
“That’s right. So…”

But I didn’t listen to her in vain. This is because the view of Kang Ba Da was interesting and the theme itself was interesting.

“I’ll try this later, too. I wanted to write Apocalypse or Cyberpunk novels at least once, so it would be perfect to set as a background.”
“I’ll help you then.”
“I’m honored.”

Oh, my.
Kang Ba Da, which had been talking for such a long time, suddenly stopped talking. Then he opened his mouth with an embarrassed face.

“…I’m sorry. I was too excited to talk. There’s a separate reason why I called you today.”
“It’s all right. I had fun, too.”
“Then I’m glad. Anyway! The reason I called Ha Neul today is to use the ‘wish coupon’.”

I let out my voice. I made a bet with Kang Ba Da before on “Can I win the grand prize?” and she won beautifully.

“What kind of favor are you going to ask…”

The eyes of Kang Ba Da are unusual. She already has everything, so what can I ask her to do?
Of course, I’ll say it in a realistic way, but it’s a problem because her reality is quite far from me.
Looking at Kang Ba Da with some nervousness, she opened her mouth very slowly.

“Say ‘nuna’ to me.”
“Hurry up.”

Kang Ba Da with a triumphant expression. Looking at him, I was speechless for a moment.

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