Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 21 

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#021 It was breathtaking

‘You’re being suspected.’

Kim Gu Reum says he goes to the bathroom out of the blue. Looking at her awkward movements, I sensed that the plan had gone awry.

“That’s why the kid who’s quick to catch on…”

I fully expected that Kim Gu Reum would make an unexpected visit. I found out in advance that I came to visit my parents in return for paying them enough money.
Thanks to this, he called Ba Da to plan a “play,” and the setting was perfect to soften his younger brother, who would be standing a lot.

Normally, I’d fall for this.’

Unfortunately, Kim Gu Reum was not normal. She managed to come to her senses when capitalism was almost falling for enriched chocolate.
The way he looked around was unusual. Sure enough, my crisis detection sensor is working actively. Kim Gu Reum must have noticed something.

“…Is it a couple item?”

Since then, I have reconfirmed the places where my younger brother had cast his eyes, and as a result, I realized the important blind spot of this operation.
There will be no couple items in the bathroom, so it is clear that Kim Gu Reum’s suspicion will intensify. The number of reversals was needed to reverse this unfavorable situation.

There’s no time.’

I don’t know when Kim Gu Reum will come out. There is no time to leisurely discuss measures with Kang Ba Da. The soundproofing is also the worst, so you’ll get caught.
So I took action immediately. While my brother went to the bathroom for a while, I couldn’t stand it for a moment and decided to show the couple acting affectionately.

Ba Da ssi will soon notice my intentions.’

With that belief, I got up and headed to the side of Kang Ba Da. I attach myself to her looking at me with questionable eyes.

“Oh, Ha Neul ssi?”
“Stay still.”

Come on.
It approaches Kang Ba Da neither too slow nor too fast. Speed control is essential to show Kim Gu Reum a plausible moment.
Kang Ba Da shined its eyes as if it had noticed my intention. She nodded as if she knew, and then pretended to be ashamed.

“Oh, there’s a lady in there, too.
“Just a moment.”

His face drew close to his nose. At this point, each other’s breath touches the skin. The pair’s eyes trembled as they met in the air.

When is he going to come out?’

Facing Kang Ba Da at such a close distance, it was difficult for the country to maintain its sanity.
The dizzying scent of vanilla mixed with the scent of Kang Ba Da stimulates the five senses. The man’s instinct wakes up as his mind goes blank.


a faint fragrance
thick lips that irritate the eyes
Even the beating of the heart.
Among the five senses a person has, vision, hearing, and smell reach their limits. All that remains is taste and touch. The burning brain stimulates desire.


It was only because of the ‘survival instinct’ that I was able to stop in that suffocating situation. I crossed the line here.I’ll be buried alive.
That’s the limit. There will be no big problem if Kim Gu Reum comes out before my patience is cut off. Now that I heard the door clinging close to me, I’m about to…


There was a sudden signal from the lips. Very soft and sweet, yet provocative. The sensation of someone knocking directly in my head.
I was embarrassed for a moment by the unfamiliar feeling I had never felt before. The moment I was quick to grasp the situation.

“…What are you doing?”

Kang Ba Da pushed my heart away. I hit it so hard that I was suffocated that I thought my ribs might have been suffocating.
But I can’t just sit around. I collected my clothes and cleared up my embarrassment.


I could feel Kim Gu Reum looking at this side with dim eyes. Obviously it went the way I intended it to.

“…What was that just now?”

I think there is still warmth on my lips. Unconsciously, my eyes turned to Kang Ba Da.
Each other’s eyes met in the air, and then turned quickly, no matter who came first.

“I’m going.”
“Hey, it’s not like that”.
“Just finish what you’re doing.”

Kim Gu Reum left the house, closing the door roughly. The two of us, left alone, faced each other awkwardly.

“Hey, Ba Da ssi…”
“This is enough, isn’t enough?”
“I had no choice but to deceive you perfectly. It was in line with Ha Neul’s rhythm, so don’t give meaning to it.”

Kang Ba Da that pours out words quickly
Kang Ba Da looked cold and stiff as if everything that happened just before was a lie. Thanks to you, I have calmed down too.
I think my tone is a bit higher than usual. Now that we have passed the close situation, we can fully understand it.

Let’s not be in a hurry.’

The happening a while ago was simply an extension of ‘work’. It’s a long way between the two of us to share our true feelings. Yet.

“Thank you, Ba Da ssi.”
“I thought I needed a clear shot, too. I’m sure my brother was convinced by this.”

It crossed a big mountain.
I’ve cooked the most suspicious guy in the family, so I can manage this somehow on my line. It is indeed a satisfactory result.

“You keep increasing your debt.”
“Don’t worry. I’m going to rip it all off with interest.”
“That’s a little scary.”
“But I won’t look at you.”

Kang Ba Da drank tea with a light smile on its mouth. I also received the words with a shrug.

“You’re mean to my husband.”
“You’re not on my side.”
“Ha ha. I’m going to lose my belly button.”
“…I’m really not going to let you go.”
“I’m sorry.”

[Laughing]We cleared up the mood by exchanging light jokes. There was still a gentle warmth around the mouth.
* * *

“My lady.”

Despite the nurse’s call, Kang Ba Da did not answer. She remained motionless for a long time with her face buried in the pillow.
So the nanny carefully sat by the bed and stroked Kang Ba Da’s head. Her voice contains some concern.

“What happened?”
“…I made a mess.”

Kang Ba Da where ants speak in a crawling voice. Having been a nanny with her all her life, that alone gave me a rough idea of what was going on.

“How was your contraception?”
“Well, what are you talking about all of a sudden!?”

Stand up!
Kang Ba Da rose up in a panic. She hugged her pillow and stared at the nanny with a red face.

“Oh, wasn’t it about you?”
“…That’s true.”
“I heard you slept in the same room together. He also visited the young master’s house today.”
“I went to see Ha Neul’s brother. When I slept in my room, Ye Na was with me!”
“Ye Na, you mean the child at the nursery school, right?”
“Yes. How well the child follows me … No, that’s not the point!”

Kang Ba Da, exhausted with just a short question and answer, buried her face in the pillow again. Contraception, what the hell does the nanny imagine.

“I didn’t go that far anyway.”
“How far are you?”
“Did you kiss?” What about a kiss?”

The nanny, who inferred the progress after seeing the reaction of Kang Ba Da, smiled significantly.

“Who did it first?”
“…Half and half.”
“Who’s the winner?”
“…maybe I am.”
“Well done.”

Kang Ba Da, who was worried that she might have done something wrong, listened to the nanny’s reaction.
The nanny was the only one who knew all the truth about herself, including that this was a ‘fake relationship’. I had a lot of experience at the same time.

“Yes, of course. After that, it was an act, a deal. It’s okay if you didn’t say that.”
“Did you do it?”
“That’s a big deal.”

The sudden death sentence drained the strength of Kang Ba Da. The pillow fell to the floor.

“At times like this, can you just say it’s okay?”
“There’s nothing we can do about the situation that’s already happened. You have to accept the reality first, so you can come up with countermeasures.”

The nanny picked up the pillow and arranged it neatly. Putting the pillow down on the bed, she smiled leisurely as she looked at Kang Ba Da.

“How did you feel?”
“I don’t know. I was so distracted at the time. It was so short that it didn’t even touch for a second.”

Since Kim Ha Neul suddenly approached me, my head has already turned white. Honestly, I don’t even know how my lips met.

“…It was breathtaking.”

That’s all I can remember.
to be a little more precise There are so many things that I felt, but I can’t find a word that fits better than the expression “breathtaking.”

“Then how did you look?”

At the words of the nanny, Kang Ba Da recalled the situation at that time again. Come to think of it, what kind of expression was Kim Ha Neul making?

“I was flustered.”

Unlike Kim Ha Neul, he stepped back with embarrassment. No matter how much you said it was acting, isn’t it too much that you pushed it in first?

“…I don’t know. I don’t like it.”

Falling down.
Ba Da buried her face in the pillow again. thought the nanny, gently stroking her hair.

“So cute.”

He is already married and has children as early as possible, but what is this fresh feeling of a teenage student? When I was watching, I laughed automatically.

The young master is more careful than I thought.’

I heard you have a cool personality, so I thought you’d be able to reach a conclusion in any way soon. I wonder when this will happen.
It doesn’t matter if we do it after the wedding. It’s better to get hit first, so there’s no harm in experiencing it in advance.

Can I help you a little bit?’

The nanny, who reached that point, whispered a plan carefully in the ear of Kang Ba Da. After hearing the whole story, she looked up.

“Will it work?”
“There’s nothing wrong with trying, right?”
“…Yes, I didn’t even think I would succeed at once in the first place. Now that it’s like this, I don’t care what I can do.”

Crack it!
The determined Kang Ba Da hugged the pillow strongly. Her eyes burned resolutely.
* * *

“All of a sudden, chills…”
“Aren’t you overdoing it these days?”
“Hmm. I’ve been working hard lately. Well, are you saying you’ll put a cover in my novel anyway?”

I was sitting face to face with Choi Jin Cheol, the representative of Korean Media, and talking about my work, <Life after marriage>.
Choi Jincheol is a person who made a relationship with me since I was a student. There is a slight age difference, but we are like brothers and sisters.

“Yes, I think this piece will definitely pop up. In Munpia, the cover is not that important, but it’s a hundred times better than nothing.”
“That’s right. Wasn’t the company in a bad situation?”

I don’t want to say it out loud, but it was definitely going to be ruined. Even the author’s gallery told me not to go.
It’s enough to share a story like this with a message. I was told that I would suddenly release a cover in the midst of a hard time, so I was worried for no reason, so I was in the midst of visiting.

Our writer Kim’s news is slow. We received a large investment this time, so we can now put in a lot of promotions.”
“…Did you get scammed?”
“Hey, you don’t have that much trust in me?”
“At least in terms of management.”
“I have nothing to say about that.”

It’s so fast.
Choi Jin Cheol scratched his head and sighed. Then he waved his hand as if it was not something to talk about now.

“Never mind. Do you have any ideas for the cover?”
“Not really. I think it’s a miracle to see paid-for pictures in the first place.”
“Hurry up and think about it. We don’t have enough time to pick before the contest is over.”
“Even if you say so…” What?”

Then there was a sudden vibration. This unique frequency is obviously a message. I’ve turned off all the other notifications, so it’s probably Kang Ba Da.
: [Picture 1]: [Picture 2]: …
: [Picture 15]: I want to change my profile picture, which one looks the best?
The moment I saw the picture, I couldn’t help but laugh. This is because there were pictures of cute poses that were not like Kang Ba Da.
a light V-shaped photo
A picture of a mini heart with your hands.
There is even a photo of him pretending to be fatal by slightly biting his lips. No, it’s hard to say “Chuck” when it’s Kang Ba Da.

“There’s a cute side to it.”’

While appreciating the picture, I pressed ‘Save the entire picture in a bundle’. I’m going to keep these things like this.

“Wow, I’m getting goosebumps.”
“Your expression right now. You’ll get dark when you look in the mirror, too. What are you looking at?
“I just thought of a suitable picture.”
“Oh, really? What is it?”

Go ahead.
I put down my phone and grabbed a pen right away. Immediately after, he drew the composition that came to mind on white paper without hesitation.

“Hey, are you serious?”
“Yes, I mean it.”
“I don’t think it’ll be easy to use as a cover.”
“That depends on the situation. I’ll also contact the illustrator myself.”
“We should pay only”.
“That’s it.”

While talking like that, Choi Jin Cheol smiled coolly. After a little discussion, the introduction of a new illustration of <Life after marriage> was decided.
The important story is over.
I’m about to get out of my seat.

“By the way, Ha Neul, did you see that?”
“The genre novel gallery.”
“Hmm? Is something wrong?”
“Someone reviewed your writing there.”

Did someone execute my writing in public? An uneasy feeling wrapped around me like a snake. Choi Jin Cheol hurriedly added, as if he had read my expression.

“First of all, it’s not a bad thing, so don’t worry.”
“It’s better to see it in personally.

Choi Jin Cheol held out his laptop to me. After confirming the content, I could not hide my absurd feelings.

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