Picked It From Different World MTL Chapter 7


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The screen that changed after registering the name was similar to the screen of a mobile phone 10 years ago.

The blue background was similar, and the menu list at the bottom was the same.

“Are you sure you can’t make a phone call?”

Kyunghoon pressed the menu button. The screen changed, and a list of choices emerged.

1. Help

2. Awakened Guide

3. User information

4. Monster Encyclopedia

5. Phone Settings

6. Download the Awakening Support Program

7. General program download

8. Games

… … .

Most of the list was nothing out of the ordinary, but, as expected, it contained ‘Awakened’ information.

Kyunghoon pressed number 2.

[This manual was created to support the Early Awakened.] [One. Definition of the Awakened: Refers to a human who has changed due to increased mana, whose physical abilities are enhanced and mana can be used.]

Kyunghoon looked at his body. She knew that her body had been strengthened, but she didn’t seem to feel mana.

Kyunghoon tilted his head and continued reading the article.

[2. Registration of Awakened: Those who have been awakened can visit the Awakening Center and undergo an examination. Failure to register may result in legal sanctions. The location and phone number of the nearest Awakening Center is listed on the Internet and on this phone list.] […] … ] [For more detailed information, please call or visit the website or the Awakening Center. thank you.]

Unfortunately, important information was not included.

“If you just talk about it, it’s all about the internet.”

Kyunghoon sighed. There was also a world where an internet connection was a matter of course. So, all important information is missing.

I can’t even make a phone call, but the address of the Awakening Center remains in the cell phone number field… … .

‘Can I find you?’

If it was the appearance of the city I had seen before, it was difficult for the place called the Awakening Center to remain intact.

‘But there is no other place that knows the address.’

You can search the library where the records remain, but there is no guarantee that the library will be located in the same location as here.

I searched the Internet for [Yongsan 2 Operation, Yongsan Middle School] that I had seen from the other side of the world, but there was only the US base that was being relocated, let alone the building where the monster mouse was.

Kyung-hoon was disappointed with the unexpectedly small amount of information.

There was [Download Awakening Support Program] in column 6, but as soon as I clicked it, the phrase [Can’t connect] appeared. The phone did not work, but there was no way to connect to the internet.

He pressed user information 3 times with a sad face.

[One. Name: Kang Kyung-hoon] [2. Mana Rating: F] [3. Trait: Dimensional Mover] [4. Affiliation: None] [5. Unregistered status: Please register at the Awakening Center.]

It wasn’t very different from what we had seen before, but fortunately, now we can look further into each phrase.

This time he tried pressing the mana rating 2 times.

[Mana Rating: F] [You can increase the rank by absorbing mana. Current grade F. Due to continuous mana absorption, there is not much left until E rank.]

‘When did you say you drained the mana?’

As he looked at the screen, two memories flashed through his mind.

A strange aura that permeated when killing monster mice. And the aura he felt when he killed the monster cat today.

It all felt the same. The satisfaction of being filled with something lacking. A feeling of elevation as if one’s own rank is rising.

Various senses were mixed, but then something entered my body.

Was it mana?

Not sure yet. Kyunghoon moved on to the next one.

[Talent: Dimensional Mover] [Currently, there is only one registered rare ability. You can move to a specific dimension at regular intervals.] [The higher the mana concentration and the higher the mana rank, the shorter the time.]

“It’s like a parallel world, isn’t it?”

What I guessed when I saw the characteristic of [Dimensional Mover] was correct. A world that is similar but not the same. I’ve seen it in sci-fi movies.

The place he went to was a parallel world. It was a different dimension of Seoul.

In addition, it was possible to understand why the time for dimensional movement is different from the text below.

The difference in mana concentration. The mana concentration of this world and that world is different.

‘Maybe, because of that mana, mutations also appear, did I become an Awakened?’

Kyunghoon shook his head. I didn’t know too much yet. More information was needed.

[Twenty hours left until the next talent is activated.]

After checking the last sentence, Kyunghoon looked at his phone a little more and went to bed.

Tomorrow seems to be busy. There was a lot to prepare.

* * *

The next day, Kyung-hoon took a taxi to Jongno.

Jongno Precious Metals Mall. The largest jewelry store in Seoul was his destination.

“Are you going to see a wedding present?”

Hearing the destination, the driver pretended to be friendly and asked, but Kyung-hoon did not answer. It was because it was going the way it was for a completely different reason.

His inner pocket was full of various precious metals. All were precious metals brought from the other world.

He originally intended not to use it, but there was no reason not to use it, since he decided to take the risk.

Arriving in Jongno, he wandered around his jewelry store, selling gold pieces.

Items that looked too expensive were left out. He wasn’t in possession of anything, but he didn’t have to be suspicious.

He spent all morning because he only went to places far away, and he was able to earn 6 million won with that hard work.

It was quite a lot of money, but it was all the money I would spend anyway.

He had a light lunch nearby and headed to the Dongmyo flea market. Now that you have money, it’s time to spend it.

It’s been a while since I’ve been here, but Dongmyo hasn’t changed much. The street vendors I had seen in the past were still selling things on the spot.

From old antiques to old clothes and junk food. Like the merchants who migrated from the Cheonggyecheon shopping district in the past, everything was there except for the missing ones.

Kyunghoon walked towards the back of the market. When he went inside, the atmosphere was different from before. The solicitors also moved secretly, and the hanging objects were also colorfully colored in national defense.

He passed those who were grabbing it and headed for the depths. Fortunately, the store was still there.

[Han River Sergeant]

It used to be a store that I used to be a regular when I was in the military.

The store was lined with old canteens, military uniforms, and even rugs.

For some reason, the owner was nowhere to be seen. Kyunghoon spoke to a pretty lady who looked like a part-timer.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been here, isn’t the owner here?”

“Am I the owner?”

Kyunghoon was bewildered at the woman’s words. It must have been the old store.

“Isn’t this Mr. Jeong’s shop?”

At that, the woman stared at him. Kyunghoon also looked at her.

A woman in her early 20s with her hair tied back and only basic makeup. She certainly had a face she had seen somewhere.

“Uh, are you Kyung-hoon?”


The two recognized each other at the same time. Both were very happy.

“Are we seeing each other in five years? Wow, I don’t know.”

“Kyung-hoon is a different person because he has long hair.”

Instead of greeting each other, the two talked about their appearance one by one. After that, Kyunghoon asked a question.

“Are you the owner? what do you mean? What is Uncle Jeong doing?”

Eunhye’s face darkened for a moment at Kyunghoon’s question.

“I’m not feeling well, so I’m lying down.”


When I went here five years ago, Mr. Jeong was not feeling well. Her daughter Eunhye, who was still in high school at that time, would often help.

“Well, thanks to that, I was able to take over the business so quickly.”

Eun-eun quickly let go of her dark expression. Kyunghoon had to hide his pity at her smile.

“Then what are you here looking for? Haven’t you been discharged?”

When he was in the army, he had no choice but to obtain quite a few items from the private sector due to the nature of the unit.

He became a regular at this store after being introduced by his unit sergeant, and that relationship continued until he was discharged.

“Did you inherit all of your father’s work?”

“of course. Otherwise, how do you say you are the owner?”

As she spoke confidently, she opened her eyes and looked at her Kyunghoon.

“Are you sure you need those things?”

“this and that.”

Kyunghoon took out her note and handed it to her. It was a note with the items he wanted to buy.

Receiving her thoughtlessly, she looked at her note with a serious face. Items that were more dangerous than expected were included in the list.

Eunhye looked at Kyunghoon with her surprised face.

“Where are you planning to go to war?”

Kyunghoon shrugged his shoulders at her question.

“Oh my God, after being discharged, he became more dangerous.”

“Don’t worry, it’s not something you use against people.”

Grace was curious, but she didn’t ask any more questions.

“Well, it doesn’t matter.”

With her equally shrugged shoulders, she took her note and went inside the store.

“It will take some time to get some, is that ok?”

“Wait what?”

“Then take a look at the store.”


Kyung-hoon sat down on a chair inside the store and started looking at the store. The guest did not come. It seemed that the store was not doing as well as before.

A few hours later, while grunting with his military backpack, Grace returned.

“Huh, huh, luckily we were able to save them all.”

“great job.”

Kyung-hoon picked up the bag easily with one hand, and her eyes widened a little.

“It’s good.”

“How much is it?”

“It’s hard to find things these days… … Well… … 450 million, please.”

Kyunghoon handed him a bundle of banknotes at the words he came up with as an excuse.

“Come on, 500.”

“Oh, 500,000 won is a lot.”

“I’ll buy you some medicine for the rest. You didn’t even have time to go to the hospital.”

Anyway, this backpack contained items that were difficult to find in other stores.

It doesn’t seem like it’s going to end in one shot, so it was better to hand over a full tip.

Grace’s face brightened.

“I heard that a favor is not a refusal. I’ll take it well. Please always use it in the future.”

“Then can I get you some tea?”


After a while, Kyung-hoon returned home in a call van. Unlike the taxi driver, who was noisy on the way, the call van driver was very quiet.

He was several times worth the price. As it is a call van that mainly picks up customers from the Dongmyo market, it was very heavy.

That night, Kyung-hoon did a chemistry experiment in his bedroom after a long absence.

* * *

the next morning.

After finishing his preparations for departure, Kyung-hoon did his final check.

He looked like an American going to the battlefield.

He wears a U.S. military uniform and has a bulletproof vest on his chest. With a pistol, a long sword and a dagger around his waist, he looked into his phone one last time.

[Talent has been activated.]

On the cell phone it was written that his power had returned.

Kyung-hoon puts his cell phone in his inner pocket and pulls out his backpack.

Then he stretched out his hand toward the floor.

woo woo

A black hole began to open.

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