For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 49


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You said black-haired beasts weren’t harvesting, but I got emotional for a moment and forgot about that.

“Are you moved by our Jihwa-ni?”


“So are you crying?”

“Oh, really!”

People who fell asleep in the bathroom were blown up on the radio that day, but I’m crazy!

It was good until the way back home after finishing all the itinerary.

The team leader reassured us that the PD seemed to like us and told us to keep working hard in the future.

Excited as we had already met fans in close proximity, we talked about the music room stage and mini fan meeting all the way to the dorm today.

How heartwarming would it be if it ended there?

Himchan, who was lying on the living room floor after washing first as soon as he came out of the shower, started to giggle at me.

“Don’t tease Hwan-i hyung!”

“Our youngest was soggy, too!”

“I wish you were completely stiff. Pay for the night.”

I took a deep breath as I watched Sebin, who was on my side, teased and flirted with me.

Himchan, who had been giggling, finally calmed down after I stepped on his back as I was lying face down.

“Ugh! Jihwan! it hurts! I’m going out of my way!”

“It would be better than logging out forever. is not it?”

“help me! Kyunghwan hyung! Youngbin hyung!”

“You see this and call it causation?”

“Okay. He should be a little bit mad.”

Kyunghwan and Youngbin, who saw Himchan’s SOS, laughed with the tip of their noses and turned their eyes to their cell phones.

“what are you doing.”

Hajun hyung, who came out after washing, saw me and Himchan looking at each other, and he sighed deeply and sat down on the floor.

“Himchan had a back pain, so I stepped on him a little.”

“Isn’t the brain hurting other than the back?”

“Wow, see our rapper hyung, Lime.”

“I don’t think he can do that… .”

In the end, Himchan, who was diagnosed with an incurable disease by Ha Joon-hyung, turned his body over and lay down looking at the ceiling of the living room.

“But don’t you feel very strange?”


“Today’s stage, Gulko, and the fans as well.”

Taking a deep breath, Sebin lay on Youngbin hyung’s leg and looked at Himchan, who stuttered to see if his thoughts were not in order.

It seems that living in the dormitory has a bad influence on the youngest’s mental growth, so I sighed.

“It’s a little bit like today.”

Kyunghwan hyung, who was lying on the floor in the living room as soon as he even brought a pillow, added his own words to Himchan’s words.

“So what is that?”

“What should I say? The inside of my chest tickles so much. I want to take it out and scratch it.”

“Uh, what is it? The expression is horror.”

“I am serious now. It’s a cursive.”

Despite Sebin’s bruise, Himchan, who had his lips puckered and placed his hand on his chest, muttered without hesitation.

“I guess this is what it feels like to be in love. I can’t! I want to write a letter to Gongka!”

“It’s good to write, but you have to get permission from your manager to upload it.”

The motives and intentions were very good, but he added a word because he was worried that it was Himchan who wrote the article.

“I remember that too… .”

“Stop playing around outside.”

“I know.”

As Himchan mumbled in a muffled voice to see if the angry team leader was still vivid, Hajun hyung, who was shaking his head, came out with a laptop.

“Let’s see the fan cafe together while thinking about it.”

The members gathered around Hajun hyung, who put his laptop on the table where he was eating.

Thanks to bookmarks and automatic login, we went straight to the fan cafe and were terrified by the album jacket photo on the main page.

“Ah, it’s so strange to see you again like this!”

“When I was filming, I thought it was really cool… .”

“Why is Jihwan doing so well in the meantime?”

“Did Sebin come out better?”

“Stop it, you guys!”

If we leave it alone, Ha-jun hyung, who knows that they are the younger brothers, who will chat all day even with photos, cut our conversation off.

“Where do you want to start?”

“Let’s start with the fandom name contest.”

There were numerous comments on the fandom name contest that I checked on the event bulletin board.

“Is this the way the staff collects comments one by one?”

“I see.”

“I’m counting all of these… ?”

“Did I have to do that… ?”

I confirmed that candidates would be recommended and voted for by next week, but I didn’t know that collecting opinions would be such a hassle.

“Lullaby. If you sleep with the album on, do you fall asleep?”

“Yes? Does our song make you sleepy?”

“It wouldn’t be a song so calm that I felt sleepy… .”

“puzzle. Unraveling the fans is Unravel.”

“Oh, this is kind of cool.”

“Sherlock. As we unravel Unravel, the representative detective name… .”

“I think that name is still copyrighted, but it might get caught… ?”

“With a similar opinion as above, there is also the name detective, detective.”

I looked hard up and down, but I couldn’t see any cotton balls.

Wasn’t that the original fan’s opinion?

“There are quite a lot of opinions about making it a mystery.”

“The opinions are very diverse and the meanings are very cool”

The members were nodding their heads because the fans’ ideas and explanations were plausible.

“The team leader told us to bring a name we want too. Do you have any thoughts?”

Hajun hyung looked around the members while reading the comments, and everyone secretly avoided their gaze.

“Did you not think about it?”

“No, I was thinking… .”

“Have you tried it?”

“It’s really cool to see what the fans mean and what they wrote, but I thought it was too childish.”

“me too… .”

It was said that the will of the fans beat the will of the members.

It’s cute, but it’s also funny, so Sebin, who was hesitant, raised her hand as she was fed up.

“Hey, I have one thing in mind.”

“Oh, our youngest. What?”

“Oh, hey! brother!”

When Sebin, who was still soft, stabbed Kyunghwan, Sebin, who pushed Kyunghwan with his foot, said to Hajun.

Uh, pushing with that foot is what I often do with Himchan… .

That’s why you said you have to be careful about drinking water in front of children. haha.

“Hey, I’m not going to sit still for a moment. So, I came up with a name for cotton balls.”

“Well? A ball of cotton?”

When Youngbin hyung looked at him with puzzled eyes, Sebin began to unravel what he had in mind.

“Seeing our fans just gathered and cheering for us, it was both cute and pretty. So I wanted to give it a cute name.”

“Sebin, who the fans will love the most, seems to love the fans.”

“Because I’m going to grow up great, right? Anyway, that’s why I thought of a bunch of yarn and a cat playing next to me. But the yarn is not cute, so it’s a cotton ball.”

“Uh, is it okay to hear that?”

Was this Sebin’s opinion?

The members who listened to Sebin’s words agreed that it was plausible, and Hajun hyung took notes.

“Let’s talk to the manager tomorrow. Let me know if you think of anything else. I will deliver it to you at once.”


We checked the bulletin boards of the fan cafe one by one, and the bulletin board where we left our greetings was not entered as an tacit agreement.

It’s me, I’ve already checked all the other members’ posts, but the other members seemed to be a bit shy about that.

“Hyung, can’t we search our name on WeCam?”

“Maybe fans have uploaded a video.”

Himchan suddenly spoke to Hajun hyung, who was slowly trying to clear his seat.

He had previously told the company not to read articles or comments.

He hasn’t gotten a big reaction yet, but we don’t know what kind of comments he’ll get.

As an extension of his, we knew that fans would upload videos directly to Wecam, but we didn’t go into it because we didn’t know how long our video would be or what the reaction would be.

“I’m curious too.”

“Let’s search just once today.”

Youngbin hyung was also curious, so he secretly added. If you were really curious, you could have looked at the cell phone you were given, but it seems that the members didn’t check whether they were following the company’s instructions.

I was about to get up from my seat with the thought that it would be rare for children to listen so well, and I sat back with my buttocks attached.

“Think of monitoring and let’s see.”

Hajun hyung was also curious, so he opened the WeCam site by putting the word monitoring in front of him.

Everyone’s eyes gathered on Hajun hyung’s fingertips. When I moved the mouse to the search button, I was nervous about what this was.

When I clicked the magnifying glass button that means search with a clicking sound, search results began to appear.

“Wow… . It’s a lot more than I thought.”

“Would you like to see one?”

“That one, the one on top.”

A little excited by the number of video thumbnails than we expected, we looked at the thumbnail list.

Various videos such as analysis of the new idol Unravel, analysis videos of music videos, and direct cams of the showcase were shown, so I felt like my face was getting hot.

Following the youngest’s opinion to check the video at the top, I clicked on the video called Unravel’s birth that someone posted.

And within two minutes of the video being played, Youngbin hyung hastily covered the laptop.

“No, why did you put this video in!”

“Ouch! I’m crazy!”

I felt as if I had just seen something I had never seen before.

Why did you put this video in the middle anyway?

Weren’t you our fans? ?

It was around the beginning of the idol creation shoot.

There was a time when idols were told that acting ability was essential, but it was a detailed video cut out for each member at that time.

“Hahaha… . What is this?”

“Stop finding out.”

The emotional shock was so great that even the angry members refused to monitor it, but at that time, Jihwan at the time, not me, was acting, so I was proud of myself.

But I decided not to look for it.

It must be the video I saw with my sister in my previous life. I didn’t wonder. never.

Anyway, that’s my face now.

As soon as I saw it, I saw a future that would be greatly shocked.

“The number of views for this is so high… ?”

“What kind of image do we lose to our fans?”

The members seemed shocked to see that the fans who used to write only such good things in the official cafe and write down the name of the fandom with pretty and cool meanings liked us after seeing this video.

“It’s just that the fans look cute at things that we think are black history. I haven’t been able to show a lot of stage yet, so there’s nothing I can do about creating an idol.”

For the sake of the members’ mental health and to alleviate misunderstandings about the fans, I, a former and current fan and member, started hitting the shield hard.

I also had a history of giggling while watching children’s funny videos in the past, so I got stabbed a little or very little.

“If we do more great performances in the future so that the fans can see more of our performances, many videos will be buried when creating idols.”

“Is that so? We must work harder… .”

“It’s been a month since we started, it’s been two months. I can’t help it.”

“I have to do only cool things in the future.”

A single WeCam video has an unexpected effect that inspires the members’ motivation.

But… .

Yeah, it’s not true. It will probably last a lifetime. Guys… .

We decided not to reveal the truth for the sake of the mentality of the members who are still soft.

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